Sunday, October 05, 2008

These Bastards Are Capable Of Anything It’s Not A Time For Complacency Or Taking Things For Granted

Much of the news this weekend is about the McCain Palin campaign signaling that it intends to go negative big time with personal attacks on Barack Obama’s character. We all know this really is an indication that the Republicans realize that they have NOTHING when it comes to winning based on the issues, especially on the number one issue the economy. A fact elegantly pointed out by Frank Rich in a NYT column today where he makes the case that the ambitious Palin is now the de facto leader of the ticket and that the grumpy McCain's mental and physical health is again a major question mark.

But in the Naval Academy trained mind of John McCain and his cast of borderline lackey criminal advisers where everything is framed as a war or battle to win, any defeat will be taken as devastatingly personal or “waving a personal white flag”. So look for even more erratic or desperate behavior out of the team of mavericks.

As Democrats we must all make an effort to finish the job at hand of electing Obama and all other down ticket Democrats. We must continue to act like we are behind, not ahead and take absolutely nothing for granted.

Nor is it a time for complacency because the polls continue to show the Obama campaign taking what appears to be an insurmountable lead. Things could change drastically during this last thirty days of the campaign given the history of such things, and the inevitability of a Republican October surprise.

Because the lying corporate bastards that run the McCain campaign, including the sack of shit phony candidate himself and his barely competent running mate Sarah the liar Palin are capable of just about anything in these last days of the election in their hope against all odds of pulling out a Republican victory.

Of course I realize that no politician has entirely clean hands, but these Republican weasels have taken it to the level of an art form in recent elections.

Complacency by Obama low information or under engaged voters who, believe that the election is probably won and could, decide not to show up to vote is a plausible possibility, especially in Blue States. This factor maybe true in Washington State where it appears Obama will win convincingly. But it could be more problematical in battleground states where the vote will probably remain too close to call given the erratic reliability of many polls this year and Republican propensity for criminal activity connected to voting.

Here in Washington State lower turnout by Obama supporters who think their votes are not needed will only help elect a conservative extremist like Dino Rossi Governor. An extremely distasteful local possibility should it actually happen.

We need every vote and every supporter to make sure that Obama wins big and that we carry Governor Gregoire and other down ticket candidates like Darcy Burner to victory.

The other factor could be a manipulation of votes through use of gamed voting machines or outright attempts to use phony voter fraud campaigns or voter caging to brand Democratic voters ineligible to vote. Republican attempts to disenfranchise voters here and around the country are a reality and probably going to be a factor. We must not forget that it’s the same criminals who stole the last two national elections who are still pretty much running the show for the Republicans now.

Voters cannot be placid about their right to vote. Now is the time to make sure your registration is in order and in Washington State if you are not registered you have till October 20th to register in person at your county elections department. Talking to your neighbor and friends or volunteering to work on a get out the vote (GOTV) campaign is also very important.

As Obama indicated, “This is a war for the soul of America”. We must remain vigilant and work to make sure every Democratic voter is properly registered to vote, engaged and prepared to fight for their right to vote if it is challenged.

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