Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oregon Congressmen Earl Blumenauer Rallies Obama Supporters In Portland

Here's the video of Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer rallying Obama volunteers on Saturday morning prior to the begining of a massive voter registration drive in Portland. In the speech he attacks Hillary Clinton and John McCain for their support of the suspension of the gas tax. He talks about the cost of the Iraq war and the direct effect it has on providing badly needed social services in this country and Senator Obama's environmental policies and what they will mean to Oregonians.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Video Reporting From Obama Campaign In Oregon

This past weekend I was in Portland, Oregon working on the Obama Campaign big Oregon voter registration drive. The accompanying video features images from the Northeast Portland Obama campaign field office that led the state's field offices in the number registered. The weekend ended with a "registration" barbecue and everyone in the neighborhood was invited. Yes we can register!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Billary Dickory Barack

Hickory Dickory Dock,
The cat ran round the clock,
The clock struck seven 7,
She wanted to get 'em,
Hickory Dickory Dock!


Hillary had a 9.2% lead over Barack Obama. She gained 200,000 votes and gained 14 delegates.

The national numbers after Pennsylvania:

Obama is ahead by 156 Pledged delegates. Obama is ahead by 600,000 votes (500k if you count Florida)

Let's make the most conservative assumptions about the outcome of the remaining races:

Guam, even
North Carolina, 58%-42% Obama
Indiana, 54%-46% Clinton
Kentucky, 60%-40% Clinton
West Virginia, 60%-40% Clinton
Oregon, 56%-44% Obama
Montana 56%-44% Obama
Puerto Rico, 60%-40% Clinton
South Dekota, 54%-46% Obama

That would leave Obama at 1,920 delegates at the close of the Primaries and Clinton with 1793. This leaves Obama ahead by 127 Pledged Delegates. He will then need only 35% of the remaining 308 Superdelegates to meet the 2025 magic number to win the nomination.

Clinton as the terminator. I ask myself last night what it would be like if there were no Reverend Wright or bitter-gate? Clinton exploited both these issues, especially the bitter-gate gaff, to the hilt. The problem is they are both Republican talking points and she continues to damage the Democratic Party and Obama positive ratings by her unwillingness to be magnanimous and continue regurgitating this type of political swill.

Oh I forgot she's a Clinton. Hillary apparently waits for some unforeseen scandal or catastrophe to take place so she can exploit it in her favor. Problem is if it doesn't happen she continues to damage the party success and Obama's electability.

Thanks to Matthew a 7th CD Obama delegate for the stats...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Need Your Vote To Become A Delegate To The Democratic Convention In Denver

In case you may of missed it. I am a 7th Congressional District Obama delegate running for one of the 7 Obama National Delegate slots from the 7th CD to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August. I was elected to be a 7th CD delegate at the 34th Legislative District caucus on April 5th. Approximately 237 delegates elected from the legislative districts caucuses comprising the 7th CD will be voting on May 17th to choose their Democratic National convention delegates.

I am a loyal and unshakable Obama supporter and have worked continuously for his election locally and in Texas and Oregon begining in early January. I continue to be actively involved in the campaign to secure the nomination for Obama. Which I am sure will be accomplished soon in spite of Clinton's narrow victory today in Pennsylvania.

Like many of you I am dying for a change of direction in this country. If you've been reading my blog you probably noticed that. I was sitting at my kitchen table in December and decided I would do anything to change the politics of this country. That manifested itself in my eventual support for Barack Obama and lead to many excellent adventures.

I am looking for your vote or your official endorsement, (email me) which I would be honored to receive. Especially if you are a elected 7th Congressional District delegate or know a delegate you can persuade to vote for me who is not running for a National Delegate spot themselves. I invite you to visit my Obama 7th Congressional District delegate website for more information.

Yes we can!

Daniel OBrien
Vashon, WA

Does Hillary's Nuclear Umbrella Idea Mean She's Crazy Or A Closeted NeoCon?

Hillary developing "nuclear umbrella" policy proposal aimed at protecting Israel and apparently other unspecified monarchies and undemocratic Middle Eastern countries if they were attacked by a nuclear weapon possessing Iran raises many questions. But in the midst of the presidential campaign where the main issues seems to be voter bitterness and flag pins the implications of what Clinton is proposing with this policy have apparently lost out to the horse race centered when politicians attack each other narrative given to us unwashed masses by the media establishment folks.

For god's sake what could be more important then the degrees of patriotism of Barack Obama's pastor?

The policy first came up in last Wednesday's debate and was further described by Clinton in her interview with Keith Olbermann on Countdown yesterday. It says that if Israel is attacked by Iran the United States would use nuclear weapons for a " massive retaliation". This is what she said in the debate "Well, in fact, George, I think that we should be looking to create an umbrella of deterrence that goes much further than just Israel. Of course I would make it clear to the Iranians that an attack on Israel would incur massive retaliation from the United States, but I would do the same with other countries in the region." Many observers close to this issue think this is the same old NeoCon dogma that's been floating around for years. Bloggers at Daily Kos and others have raise that question given Clinton's religious leanings and political associations of late.

This new and dramatic policy proposal by a potential US president you'd think would garner an appropriate response of concern from the press and Barack Obama given the implications it would have on future diplomacy with Iran and the whole rest of the damn world. Diplomacy with Iran is something Clinton has been pushing as a campaign talking point in opposition to Bush/Cheney and McCain's current saber rattling approach aimed at Iran.

Isn't this sort of the ultimate form of saber rattling and not likely to make the Iranians that open to being diplomatic with what they may see as dangerous gamesmanship by the infidels and enemies of Islam. Also the question as to exactly what despotic Middle Eastern nations Clinton is meaning to protect with the threat of total nuclear destruction of Persia begs a explanation. What would exactly constitute an "attack on Israel" or one of these unspecified nations that would trigger the nuclear response by the US? Historically speaking Iran has always used surrogates to attack Israel. So if Hezbollah or Hamas, at Iran's bidding, attacks Israel does that mean that the US goes nuclear to, as John McCain likes to say. bomb bomb Iran"

But, then again it's only nuclear war I guess and therefore not as significant as why your not wearing your freaking flag pin so why should anyone make a big deal out of it?

Clinton Obama Grilled By Today Show's Ann Curry

Ann Curry of the Today show has a reputation for being sort of ditsy when it comes to interviews. But she did a good job this morning on the Today show with both Clinton and Obama. A much better job with Clinton I think then the vaunted Keith Olbermann did on Countdown the last night. Here are the candidates back to back responses to questions.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Clinton Machinist Union Backer Pushing Weather Underground Story And Flag Pin Questioner Turns Out To Be Not So Typical

Boeing machinist union members for Obama should be outraged I would think:

Seems that there’s more proof of Clinton and ABC network problems with ethics and conflict of interest as it relates to the stupid debate questioning last Wednesday night. Debate flag pin questioner Nash McCabe turns out to be a known Clinton “ringer” and a Clinton backer and Machinist Union official is apparently behind the negative Weather Underground William Ayers story. This is the same Machinist union that brought us the anti-Obama union president and nitwit Thomas Buffenbarger who remarks prior to a February Clinton rally drew wide condemnation.

Hey any of you production workers at Boeing care that your union is participating in this kind of questionable conduct in your name?

Israeli Lobby Often Successful At Suppressing Truth

Jimmy Carter is taking lots of heat because of his meetings with various leaders of Hamas. One Republican in Congress even called for the revocation of his passport. That's a pretty good one for a man who is an ex President of the United States responsible for engineering the Camp David Accords during his term in the white house. The latest attempt by Carter is seen by reasonable people as his belief that talking with Hamas is better then not talking. Blessed are the peace makers I'd argue.

Carter also wrote a book “Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid" that lead to him taking enormous amounts of abuse and flack from the Jewish Lobby because of the books pro Palestinian slant. So much for freedom of speech. He was labeled antisemitic and demonized for writing a book that attempts to explain the history and politics of the region from the perspective of a man who many would admits is probably one of the most knowledgeable about the subject.

It's rather ironic in this country how any narrative put forth by anyone that is the least bit critical of Israel is immediately attacked and discredited. Politicians live in fear of being associated in any way with an affront to the all powerful Jewish lobby or the official Israeli position. Stories about what is really going on in the Middle East, as it relates to Israel, often aren't even published here because of Jewish control of the media or fear of reprisals from pro Israeli organizations. This leads to Americans often not getting the facts or the truth about what is really going on in Palestinian territories.

But life there for Palestinians if often deplorable under the boot of Israeli occupations. As Israel's main ally the United States often gets the blame for the sins of Israel in the eyes of the Arab world. This leads to more hatred of America and recruits for extremist organizations liked Hamas, Hezbolla and even Al-Qaeda.

The suppression of real news about Israel doesn't exist so much in Britain or Europe. I was interested to see The Independent, a respected British newspaper, newly published shocking stories and testimonies that reveal abductions, beatings and torture, where Israeli soldiers confess the horror they have visited on Hebron during the Israeli occupation there. A news story most US newspapers won't cover.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Hip Hop The ABC Debate Debate

Yep, even Soulja Boy hated last night's debate on ABC. A remix of this song:

hattip to: Julia

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Further Indications That The Election Of Obama Means Death To The Status Quo

Trying to explain the meaning of the ABC presidential debate:
“We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics. And they will only grow louder and more dissonant in the weeks and months to come.” from Barack Obama’s concession speech after New Hampshire primary January 2008
Last night I think we got a glimpse of what the begining of the end of the final throws death rattle of the establishment look like in it’s moribund attempts to discredit, defeat or stop Barack Obama’s enormously successful campaign for the Presidency of the United States.

I think we often fail to see and understand properly in the day-to-day reality show gotcha nature of the modern presidential campaigns what Obama’s eventual election will represent. The establishment and their mouthpiece, the main stream media, and the likes of politicians like the pathologically lying Hillary Clinton know that the campaign is now entering the end game and they are about to lose their shirts.

To them Obama’s successful candidacy represents death because it would finally put a president in the white house who would be more allied with the people against the status quo powers to be, that they represent. Yes, even these cute stuffed shirt ill informed co-opted surrogates who main job is life is to continually sell us this phony ABC Disney style patriotic feel good bowl of warm shit bill of goods in the form of the American nightly cable and/or broadcast news are facing the reality of what a Obama victory would mean to them.

They will not die away easily for there is much for them to lose.

The political game changing nature the election of Obama is a real possibility so it is not just Hillary Clinton who is attempting to throw the kitchen sink at him. It is every major corporate media power and individuals, the likes of the Clinton "ass kissing" news commentator George Stephanopoulos, who personally profited in some form or the other from, consolidation of unregulated media power, war, death, plundering of the nation’s treasury, destruction of the government institutions set up to protect the people against unregulated abuse of power or destruction of the environment, criminally negligent medical and drug companies, gun nuts, those opposed to a modern national health insurance system, fair tax opponents, purveyors of the general corruption of our constitutional rights and powerful radical right wing religious groups including the likes of the Catholic Church, the Jewish lobby and the other assorted power hungry bigots, the idol rich, criminals gangs, phonies, and Republicans et al.

No one should be under the illusion that change will be easy. But we must have it if we are to save the nation. This is our moment for action and resolve. Our faith in the general common sense of the American people makes us hopeful. I think they are up to the challenge.

Yes we can!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Conducts The Jerry Springer Show Of Political Debates

By far the worse ever debate. Stupid

I'm so freaking angry at George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson for the stupid, meaningless, and shallow, nitwit questioning on the ABC network Democratic debate tonight I could kick both their asses. This is proof positive that ABC is controlled by the right wing and driven by a Disneyland mentality of all American politics. It was the Jerry Springer show of politics. This type of TV journalism is the exact reason why we are in Iraq bogged down in a stupid war. The modern main stream media continues to not do the necessary job of getting at the truth. They aren't smart enough or brave enough to ask the real questions that need answering by the potential presidential condidates. They do America a disservice and don't deserve the broadcasting license that we the people granted them.

The only question they didn't ask of Obama was, do you beat your wife? I called ABC and demanded a apology for this defining and revealing moment in the status of TV news journalism. I recommend you call to if you feel the same way. Here's George Stephanonpoulos voice mail at ABC 818-460-7477 press 2 then 6 then 639. Don't let them get away with this crap.

Springsteen Makes It Official He's For Obama

The endorsement I've personally been waiting for is that of this working class hero, who all too often has through his unique music seen into the hard scrabble heart of the working class and cut through the bullshit and fear and the acceptance of the same old shit sandwich line of political dog crap . Bruce Springsteen believes Obama has a unique vision for America. The planets are beginning to align. Now some music.

Not All Women Over 50 For Clinton

This Moveon.org produced commercial is really swell.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Nephew And Al Gore At Super Secret RSA Conference

It's always nice to see a member of the family shake hands with the real president of the United States. Here's a photo of my nephew Alex Kirschner and Al Gore taken at the super secret RSA conference in San Francisco. Gore's appearance at the conference was so secret that the press was banned from attending. Alex, who is from Seattle, apparently played a key role in organizing the conference attended by 18000 people interested in information security. Things like government officials losing their laptops that leads to someone stealing your credit card number I guess. My nephew and I will have no further comment except it looks like Al has lost some weight.

Obama Response To Pennslyvania Remarks Criticism

In a townhall meeting today in Terre Haute, Indiana Barack Obama answered the critics of the remarks he made at a fund raiser in San Francisco. Watch the video here.

"Who Won't Just Tell You What You Want To Hear..."

Everything Barack said matches the same thing I personally experienced in rural East Texas when I was there working on his campaign prior to the Texas primary. Except the people actually do vote overwhelmingly there FOR Bush in spite of their situation. A couple of times when I thought it was safe enough to have a exchange with a group of them I'd ask why they would continue to vote for people who really don't have their interest at heart. It's was baffling to me.

It's bend over and take it in the ass and then be the good old boy that your are and climb down off your compost pile and go vote for me at the polls. So I can stick it to you for another four years. Here's the Obama quote:
"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania (or Texas) and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
These poor white folks in East Texas come back was Barack Hussein Obama was going to take their guns away or that he was a Muslim or that he didn't wear a lapel pin or that he wouldn't swear on the bible, or that Muslims were all terrorists, or he's for abortion, or he going to not protect our border, or some mostly wacky wedge issue bullshit out of left field crap along those lines. It's not important I guess that I can't find even a fucking minimum wage job around here. Or that the trailer has a hole in the roof I can't afford to fix. Or that I can't seem to find the meaning of life or what I'm really looking for at the Walmart, local McDonald's, liquor store or meth dealer.

Awe shit I'll just throw another beer can on the pile in the front yard in front of the doublewide. One rather reasonable couple told me that he voted "conservative" because "down here we go to church". I told him that in the North some people thought it was impolite to wear religion on ones sleeve and that they went to church too and people believe in god everywhere, not just in the south. He then ask me. "did I know if Obama was really a Muslim". Like I had some inside information to confirm his suspicions based on something he seen on the FOX Network.

As I see it what Obama said here is the kind of truth telling we need. Something that your supposedly not suppose to say in overly PC uptight America. Now Hillary and McCain will try and twist and spin it into something else entirely. Obama's an elitist or condescending so on and so forth with normal media feeding frenzy and it's always funny how these "stories" seem first to appear on Drudge and the content starved so called legitimate press turns in to something rivaling the novel War and Peace.

How a black man raised by a single white mother who worked organizing poor people for a better portions of his life could be elitist is going to call for a real spin job by the likes of Clinton, the atypical east coast snob pandering liberal elitist, or McCain, who's job is fucking the working class poor with every breath he takes.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Whoopee I’m A Congressional District Caucus Obama Alternate Delegate!

I was elected a Carpenter precinct delegate back in February from Vashon Island and went to Saturday’s 34th Legislative District Caucus at West Seattle High hoping to grab more power by running for election as a delegate to the King County Convention and the 7th Congressional District Caucus. I did pretty well. I garnered enough nomination cards (189) to place 4th in the male category delegate race of something like 50 people. I was beat out by a couple of cute baby faced high school kids who had half their High school classmates working the room for votes with them and just one other friendly fellow.

I apparently didn’t do so well though when it came to giving a 30 second speech the purpose of which was to convince the remaining caucus participants, who didn’t have a personal connection to one of the nominees or next best favorite thing was watching paint dry, that I should be elected a delegate rather then a alternate.

Truth is I never took 30 seconds to say anything in my life. I also was a bit nervous and had to be one of the first to speak. Something Hillary complained about too. I also was wearing a hat that probably made me look much too gregarious for some of the more strait laced party hacks. I think it all worked against me. I ended up being the 4th alternate delegate. But I’m happy being an alternate or anything, because it keeps me alive for a possible trip to THE convention in Denver.

As you know I’m an ardent Obama supporter who even when to Texas to work on his campaign there in the wilds of East Texas after doing work in my own neighborhood on of Vashon Island. Now I’m planning to go to Oregon, once I get my marching orders from Obama, and do some work there registering voters for the upcoming Oregon primary.

I've been so moved by the candidacy of Barack Obama it’s intoxicating. I’m like lots of people who are just sick and tired of the path this country has been on for way to long. I told myself that I wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines this time. One of my big selling points with rank and file Democrats at the 34th District caucus I think was that I would not be influenced by pressure to somehow switch my vote if I actually go to Denver. I think that my volunteer work in Texas and here on Vashon Island and my trip to Oregon to work for Barack there, demonstrates to people that I’m dedicated and mean business.

I also think it’s important that I’m not the typical party insider or hack who’s usually has the skids greased when it comes to getting elected to go on to the National Convention. I think we need more of my type. The iconoclastic independent minded sort. We need some new blood at the top. God knows, the ones that have been running the show don’t have too much to shout about do they?

I think the 34th District Democrats did do a excellent job getting people involved with the party. But after working in East Texas canvassing redneck neighborhoods for Obama I see that what we have here in Seattle is a blessing compared to the crap I saw down there.

I'm hoping that delegates and alternates to the 7th Congressional District Caucus will find it in their hearts to vote for me to become a delegate to the National Convention. Here is a little about me. See you at the King County Convention next Sunday and at the 7th Congressional District Caucus on May 17th.
  • Will be a loyal and unwavering Obama Supporter at LD Convention and beyond
  • Volunteered on Obama Campaign on Vashon Island
  • Volunteered to work on Obama Campaign in Texas, traveling there at his own expense.
  • Traveled to Oregon to work on voter registration for Obama Campaign
  • Retired Civil Servant, law clerk, veteran, labor official, small business owner, newspaper publisher, and performing artist
  • Not tied to Democratic Party insiders or out of date party dogma
  • Washington State Native
  • Integrity, and ability to see any tasks through to successful completion
  • It would be a honor to represent you as a delegate at the in Denver
Daniel O'Brien
Obama Alternate Delegate
Vashon, WA

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lying Comes Naturally To The Clintons

Christopher Hitchens has an interesting story in Slade that argues that Hillary Clinton misspeak about her war torn trip to Bosina may be the lesser of more serious lies about her role in Bosnia. The story focuses on her role at that time in arguing against US military intervention to end ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims. Hitchens points out that Hillary feared it would divert attention from her efforts to get her health plan enacted in 1992. In the end her efforts to get a national health plan failed anyway while an estimated 250, 000 Bosnian Muslims were cleansed in the Balkans.

In other news Clinton does her best impersonation of a deadbeat employer by failing to pay the health insurance premiums for her campaign workers or pay the bills. This must be heartening news to her labor union supporters. If you can’t run your campaign properly why would you believe she run the country any better?