Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Electing Stupid And Incompetent Politiians Led To World Financial Disaster

The American voters fixation with the bullshit fantasy of a President that they perceived would be the best one to have a beer with has led us all to the worst financial crisis in a generation or more.

Yes the Joe Six-pack type of guy just like their ignorant self so stupid and lacking in curiosity that he seldom read a book or understood the world at the necessary level to lead, has led us all to the brink of the poor house.

The Carl Rove created myth of the conservative every man's man populist candidate that a majority of the dumb as a post American electorate elected and reelected in the form of one George W. Bush has bankrupted the country and probably the world and further bankrupted and destroyed the moral authority of what WAS the most powerful nation in the world.

Fuck Joe Six-pack and fuck the idea of Joe Six-pack as leader. It's a total and absolute bullshit myth.

The dumb shit American voters who returned these men to office again and again should wake up and ask themselves if they wouldn't have been better off electing someone more intellectually engaged and perhaps considered elite in the skills that would be necessary to run this country at a level of competency that was necessary for success. Someone not at all like their limited narrow mined and unworldly selves. Some one with, at the very lease, some sense of history and internationalism.

Not someone who's proven to be no more than a deadbeat, broken down, silver spoon in his mouth, trust fund baby, frat boy.

When your toilet backs up you don't call the fellow down the street to stop the shit from filling up the house because he's just like you, you call a plumber. But this is exactly what most dumb ass Americans did when they repeatedly kept electing these incompetent bastards to run this country. They bought hook line and sinker the crap about the elite press and elitist intellectuals and the educated being the enemies. They rejected the warnings of the experts. They didn't do even the most rudimentary homework of citizenship when it came to considering the qualifications of the candidates to lead this country.

It was all about personality and visceral horseshit like they were picking a winner on American Idol. The press didn't do their job and when along for the ride. Putting their own self interest above that of finding and publishing the truth. The centralization and infotainment nature of mainstream media news these days makes it even more important that the citizen meets their duty to dig even deeper to find the truth if necessary to remain informed on the issues of the day.

Maybe it's because they didn't understand the basic tenets and requirements of being a citizen in a democracy is to be properly informed about the world and how their government works and who they are really electing to represent them.

Now we find ourselfves in a total state of economic collapse and involved in two stupid wars in far away countries. Wars that drain our dwindling wealth and kill our young with each passing minute.

This crisis could of been avoided if this country didn't have an electorate that is so totally personally ill educated, intellectually lazy or disinterested in obtaining even a basic understanding level of the basic workings of a democracy as to be able to choice their political leaders properly. They whine endlessly about how they don't understand politics or politicians. They rely on unreliable resourses to provide bad information and in the end even allow these institution to do their thinking for them.

Stupid in is stupid out.

Had we had the least bit of competence in the leadership positions in this country the coming financial disaster could of been easily predicted and address in such a way as to avoid the present wide scale panic and the distinct possibility of a long term recession or worst. Not to mention the total stupidity of starting a war with Iraq.

This has been a widespread personal failure of the duty of American citizenship and due diligence by most Americans.

So welcome to the recession you ignorant lazy lame asses. See you in the soup line.

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