Monday, May 30, 2011

Letter To A Friend - When Will These Criminal Politicians Actually Do Something To Fix The Housing Market

 Dear Friend,

Came across this article this morning.

It seems to indicate that the housing market is still in flux. The article says that people are more inclined to rent and to wait it out and buy when they think the market has bottomed out sometime in 1914. Not a home sellers market for sure it would appear. But I'm sure there are other factors that come into play depending on the particular house that's being sold. Such as the location and what type of house it is exactly.

I know I was surprised when I saw what some of the houses in my West Seattle rental's neighborhood were selling for.....  It's hard to get a buyer to purchase a house (probably the biggest investment most buyers will make in their lifetime) when they think the market prices are going to drop if they just wait a couple more years. Maybe a time to reconnoiter and dig in for the long haul.  Rent the house out again and wait for the market to bottom out. Sell every thing in two or three years. Develop a three to five year plan of some kind when it comes to your property and hope interest rates don't go through the roof in the meantime. Which is a whole other story. 

I just don't know and I doubt anyone really does right now, and the uncertainty is the biggest part of the problem.

In many ways if you could find a buyer in this market it maybe the exact time to sell given that home prices maybe headed even lower. Not really encouraging news for sure for owners of homes or rental property, but reality bites sometimes. According to the article people are more prone to rent then buy, meaning it's a landlords market especially in a big cities like Seattle where the economy is doing better then the national average and rental housing would supposedly be in demand.

There is a way to make it work out to your advantage in the long run I hope. But the government should be doing more to help. Up to now I don't see things like the making homes affordable program doing the job. I've been down that route personally with my property and the banks are just not interested in making a deal even though it maybe better for them it would seem then you being forced to walk away from the property. I think they know that the market is still pretty toxic and why lend money if they're not forced to or if your house is just going to be underwater even if they give you that modified mortgage.

As we know, when the great recession happened in 2008 it was mostly center in the collapse and toxic nature of the real estate market, bad loans, over valued properties and home owners leverage to the hilt. Many people predicted that until all the millions of bad mortgages were worked through, the economy would remain slow and stagnated. Everybody had borrowed to the hilt using their house as collateral, and now their stuck with the debt and no way to sell their devalued property for the amounts of money they need to pay off the lender, their house being worth less or even underwater. We have a record number of foreclosures or people just walking away from the property and telling the bank it's your problem now.

When the depression hit the world in the 1930's FDR's New Deal created a government agency that bought distressed properties or provided low interest loans for homeowners in trouble so they could stay in the house. Some of the properties were bought by the government and later sold back to home buyers as the market for housing stabilized. The government in the long run actually made money on the proposition. Now when you go to the bank the lender denies your refinance or loan modification request even though you've got great credit and a willingness to work something out. Many homeowners are left with nothing else to do but let the house go into foreclosure or just walk away.

We need a massive new program like the depression era one today. Ultimately it would help stabilize the overall economy more quickly and hopefully rid us of all the toxic mortgages and uncertainty that only delays recovery.  But the political climate is toxic with all these politically compromised politicians in charge who don't give a shit if you lose your house or not. In fact the way the Republicans act they rather see the economy tank in order to use it as centerpiece argument for  their reelection. So getting reelected and maintaining the corporate oligarchy is more important than helping the average American stay in his home or sell his home for these criminals.  By criminals I mean the politicians in charge and the financial industry who the government did bail out.

They'd obviously would rather spend billions on war and giving the oil companies and the rich tax breaks then help working class home owners weather the damn economic crisis.

I guess it time for the revolution.

Sincerely yours,


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Please Stop Exploiting And Patronizing Veteran's Service To Sell Shit

Okay I've had it with endlessly broadcast feel good tug at your heartstings TV commercials you see nowadays from companies like Budweiser and others that exploit and patronize the sacrifice and service of military veterans.

The beer companies seem to be some of the worst offenders in my estimation."Have a cold one when you come home all crazy from endless deployments and being used as cannon fodder, and it will be all better", they say to me. Never mind the broken families or a generation of mentally twisted and war ravaged human beings. But there seems to be a large number of companies who's apparent insensitivity makes them want to jump on the support our troops bandwagon because it sells product.

It would be closer to the truth if the commercials said "thanks veterans for protecting our right to make obscene profits at the expense of the working class, and buy political influence with politicians so we can continue to do that.  We remain eternally grateful!"

These corporate entities have no ethics when it comes to what they seem to believe is necessary to sell shit or appearing to be patriotic. Given the true nature of fighting, dying and serving this country in its misguided and seemingly unending modern day military conflicts.

I for one would not purchase any of the products these predominately oligarchical anti-working class corporations are trying to sell. I bet that half the veterans depicted in the commercial below are really nothing more than wholesome looking actors.

Veterans should be honored, but not in a way that is mainly aimed at selling cars, beer, and vacations getaways or shit made by outsourced cheap labor in China you can pickup at Walmart or the 7-11.  If you want to honor our troops you should be running commercials promoting the idea of bringing them home immediately so that they can transition back to a normal way of life.

Having Fun Deemed Illegal at US Capitol - Flash Dancers Brutalized By Police At Jefferson Memorial

In another sign of overreaction by law enforcement, a group of flash mob dancers were attacked by park police when they try to stage a flash mob dance at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC yesterday. After seeing this video I would find it hard to beleive a jury would find any of these people guilty of anything except maybe trying to have some memorial day holiday fun. But having to spend a night in jail and being manhandled by police shouldn't be necessary to prove that.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"I Don't Write Em For Any Reason" Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan

Former Palin Aide Confirms Shit About Her We Already Knew

Frank Bailey, the author of a new insider book, opened up to "Extra" about the ex-Governor of Alaska with his thoughts on her possible run for the presidency. In his candid interview, Bailey revealed, "She would be an absolute disaster as President." Bailey also indicated in the interview that Palin is unethical and obsessed about her fame.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Poet, musician and the ‘godfather of rap’, Gil Scott-Heron passed away on Friday at the age of 62.

The world of music and especially of rap lost one of its greatest musicians today, as Gil Scott-Heron passed away at the age of 62. He died on Friday afternoon after becoming sick upon his return from Europe.

Gil Scott-Heron was known best for his song ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ which made waves in the music industry in the 1970s, and is still relevant today. The song basically criticized the mass media. He referred to his signature mix of music as bluesology or Third World music, but he later started calling it ‘black music or black American music’.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Palin Not Really Welcome At DC Biker Rally

Sarah Palin apparently finagled an invitation to the rolling thunder biker rally in DC this weekend. But many of the groups members aren't happy about it.
"We didn't invite her," Ted Shpak of Rolling Thunder told MSNBC. "We don't endorse nobody. She's not invited to speak [on the stage after the rally]. We're not endorsing her." How did the group find out that she was coming? "She came out with a press release that she was coming to Rolling Thunder." Still, if she wants to ride on the back of a motorcycle, she would be more than welcome. (The bus? Not so much.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Are You Getting Koch Blocked?

FINALLY released for everyone to see, this commercial parody by the talented folks at Church of Great Rain takes issue with the Koch Brothers. Give it a viewing and pass it along. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bush Tax Cuts, Wars, Wall St Criminal Behavior and Economic Crisis Created The Current Deficit

Not Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or Social Programs like the wing-nuts would like you to believe.

A report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities indicates that the George W. Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, allowing off budget wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined with policies and corruption that lead to the economic crisis and downturn in 2008 are the direct cause of record deficits today. I'm completely flabbergasted by this news, NOT!

Complete source article here

Monday, May 16, 2011

Twenty Things To Do Before The World Ends On Saturday

And continue to try to do if it doesn’t….
  1. Realize your just a very small speck in the universe 
  2. Fall in love with someone or something 
  3. Stop eating contaminated food and learn what’s in your food and where it came from 
  4. Get over yourself and work to reduce your ego 
  5. Be of service to someone 
  6. Live within your means 
  7. Share with others 
  8. Work to be creative while doing something you love to do 
  9. Meditate and get quiet 
  10. Stop buying shit you don’t need and recycle everything 
  11. Realize your religious beliefs and moral standards don’t apply to everyone else 
  12. Accept change and the fact that people are different 
  13. Respect the environment and nature 
  14. Travel 
  15. Move and Dance 
  16. Confide your deepest secrets to someone you trust and discuss them if necessary 
  17. Forgive everyone including yourself and admit it when your wrong and say your sorry 
  18. Have empathy for others 
  19. Look for beauty in people, nature, literature and art 
  20. Laugh whenever possible

Monday, May 09, 2011

Fighting Back Against Runaway Banks and Unfair Foreclosures

A Boston non-profit group empowers homeowners, whose home are in foreclosure, to fight back against the bank and force the financial institution to negotiate.

Hat Tip: The Backbone Campaign

Friday, May 06, 2011


How to make Ron Paul look like a genius, just put him together with the rest of these nitwits.

Monday, May 02, 2011

10 years - 2 Wars - 919,967 Deaths & $1,188,263,000,000

You could build many schools and provide medical coverage for lots of people with just a portion of the money squandered fighting the war on terror. Did the end justify the means in administering justice to Osama bin Laden? What the fuck was the war in Iraq really about?  Please discuss among yourselves.

Spring Break Atmosphere Permeates #OBL Killing Celebrations In NYC

Everyone hates people who gloat. Even when it's over the killing of a religious whack job like Osama Bin Laden. My daughter Alexa O'Brien does some fascinating reporting with video from the ground zero celebrations in New York city last night. I especially like the woman who thought climbing a light pole and showing her boobs was appropriate to mark the occasion.

Did Guantanamo Informant Provide Osama's Pakistan Hideout Information In 2008?

This is what may of started the ball rolling. Guantanamo detainee Abu al-Libi apparently spilled the beans about the possibility of Osama Bin Ladin hiding out in and around Abbottabad Pakistan as early as 2008 according to the just release Guantanamo WikiLeaks files. Copy of the full relevant interrogation file can be found here.

click on image to enlarge

via: Carwin Biloguist

Sunday, May 01, 2011

American Hegemony Of Media Misinformation

An excellent piece entitled The Entertainment Superpower and the American Theater of Cruelty #Guantanamo by Carwin Biloquist addresses the failure, effect and manipulation of information by corporate controlled journalism and media in the United States.