Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Healthcare Hysterics

Okay the world is not ending. The passage of health care reform as it is now generally constituted will be a win for Democrats. It's the begining not the end of reform. So take a deep breath and live with it. Plus it turns out Limbaugh apparently loves socialized medicine after all. This guy is beyond a dumb shit.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Gang Banging Dumb Shit Millionaires

The NBA’s gun and gambling problem...

One of the stories of the New Year that really shows why the NBA is often labeled more like a hangout for gang-banging millionaires then a basketball league is the tale of Gilbert Arenas and his Washington Wizards teammate Javaris Crittenton. It appears the two pulled pistols on each other in the team’s locker room during and argument over a gamble debt. Arenas apparently owed Crittenton $25K that Arenas allegedly lost in a previous card game they had on the team’s chartered flight.

You’d think the NBA would be a little concerned with gambling after one of it’s referees went to jail recently after admitting to fixing games for mob gamblers. Plus the additional reports that other refs were also involved, and the investigation was sweep under the rug because it could of destroyed the league had the story been fully told. Couldn’t the Commissioner say that as a trade off to playing and making millions or working with the league you agree to give up gambling period. Most of the reports of this incident make Arenas sound like a habitual gambler whose ultimate path is headed for a 28 day gambling rehab program somewhere.

If this isn’t the stupidest behavior by two sports star millionaires then it’s close. Here you’ve got two nitwits with loads of money to gamble away I guess, and you’d think a responsibility to project in public a certain type of role model for young people who probably follow their every move, especially young African Americans. Yet these two jerks are more caught up in the old tired bravado fueled hip-hop bullshit lifestyle that’s sucked so many young blacks men, and young whites too, into believing that having guns and being violent when necessary is part of being a real man.

No one intends to shoot anyone, the it’s for protection argument, but fucking people get shot because these flakes shouldn’t own a gun in the first place period because of total ignorance of the responsibility of gun ownership protected by the likes of the NRA driven gun lobby. No one needs a AK47 or a bazooka either unless they’re caught up in a war. I think that if you want a gun then you need to get a license just like a driver needs a license that shows they know how to operate a vehicle.

No one disrespects me. When the only one, who can disrespect you in truth, is you. Example, acting like these two boobs and playing around with guns when your obviously too irresponsible to own one, a problem we are all familiar with when it comes to the fear driven rightwing nuts and rednecks. This is the black version of that equation or irresponsible gun ownership inadvertently promoted by glamorous basketball stars. Ted Nugent is the white version of this type of machismo. Whatever happened to men fighting with their fists one may ask. As despicable as that is, usually both parties survive or are much more likely to run away.

The NBA should run these two out of town on a rail as far as I’m concerned. They won’t I bet, no pun intended, though because the NBA owners have proven that they are incapable of dealing with thugs that happen to be able to dunk a basketball. Fuck the NBA. It makes me glad the fucking Sonic left town. Who needs millionaire sports superstars and their leagues acting like common mindless street thugs anyway?