Friday, October 10, 2008

It Seems All McCain Has Left Now Is The Wingnuts Wack Jobs

There's been lots of talk about the anger and negativity of the McCain campaign lately. Lots is being said about the makeup and tenor of the crowds that he is attracting. Several videos like this one are borderline scary.

One of the problems I see is that most of these people that are showing up at his rallies appear to be only die hard wing nuts and ideologues . The mob mentality rules. I think it's partly because that is the only demographic that's left for McCain. You could give these folks some torches and pitchforks and give them a part in a Dracula B movie.

If you watch these interviews and reports it seems that everyone is borderline nuts that showing up at these rallies. A guest on The Rachel Maddow show today who travels with the campaign said that the people who are now showing up at the McCain Palin rallies are not the same type of people who were showing up several months ago. To paraphrase. "There used to be one of two kooks showing up, that would to be suspected for any political rally, but now all there are it seems are wingnuts".

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