Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Buy American You Nitwits And Help Local Small Business

Texas Commie Pinko Jim Hightower suggest you buy local products for Christmas at your neighborhood's small businesses. It will help them from turning into one enormous Walmart Store full of bullshit products and lead filled toys from China. It may also keep taxpayers from eventually paying the health care costs for Walmart employees that they say on TV they provide for but in real life really don't. It sort of like the oil company saying in one of those fuzzy feel good flower filled commercials it cares about the environment when most people know it's really a total crock of shit.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Media Image Centered Superficial She Devil Brand Of Shallow Politics

Is foreign policy experience overrated?

Hillary Clinton hopes to make a case that it’s not when it comes to framing Barak Obama’s candidacy. But history and other factors could indicate it’s not that important when it come to determining what quality of president you’ll get when the individual actually becomes the commander-in-chief.

I’ve always believed that along with experience moral character, defined here as moral strength mixed with originality of thought and ideas, is the most important ingredient to look for in anyone seeking your vote for a political office. Including the highest political office in this land of President of the United States.

“The character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which it is done.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

All to often the media pundits get caught up in the more literal interpretation of on the job political experience as the touchstone of political legitimacy or intelligence rather then looking at an individual’s character. Based on this type of argument Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska may be the best qualified to become President.

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell certiainly had experience and they led us into one of the worst foreign policy disasters in our history. I would argue that with the possible exception of Powell it was due to a major lack of person character.

George W. Bush had little foreign policy experience prior to his election in 2000. Something that surprisingly doesn't ever come up in the current discussions about candidate experience. Frat boy Bush repeatedly has difficulty remembering the names of the other countries in the world even to this day.

Perhaps a problem of not being that good a student or curious enough about the world or just lazy together with being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Passed through school and other challenges in life including his run for the Whitehouse without much personal effort other then to show up on time and doing what he was told by Carl Rove or his media handlers.

Al Gore was far more qualified by any standard of measurement than Bush berfore the 2000 election. Yet the issue was not that paramount during the 2000 election mostly due to Gore’s reluctance or inability to make it a major issue. With the factor that the election was probably stolen not even addressed here. Gore did get more votes so perhaps he did win this argument with voters about his experience. The following Gore quote from 1999 seems somewhat profound given the nightmare that we’ve suffer through under President Frat Boy these last 7 years.

"You deserve a leader who has been tested in it, who knows how to protect America, and secure peace and freedom." Gore's point: That Bush lacked the experience to lead America in a complex and dangerous world”.
George H. Bush when running against Bill Clinton during the 1992 campaign stated that “my dog Millie knows more about foreign affairs then these two bozos” when referring to Clinton and his running mate Gore. Once again it made no difference in the final outcome of the election. Bush the senior was Vice President and had been a congressman a former head of the CIA an ambassador to China and winner of the first Gulf war.

Harry Truman didn’t even know about the development of the atom bomb prior to being thrust into the presidency by the death of FDR. He had little foreign policy experience. But he now is considered among the more successful modern presidents because he is credited with having a strong character and lots of common sense that helped guide his decision making. His character guided him in ending WWII, rebuilding Western Europe, starting the UN and fighting the Korean War.

John Kennedy was a US Senator and Congressman. He’s one big failure was probably the Bay of Pigs invasion. But Kennedy succeeded in getting the Russians to remove missiles from Cuba after a tense showdown. Lyndon Johnson had only been a Congressman and Senator from Texas and Vice President for a short time but ended up seeing historic civil rights legislation passed during his presidency. The Viet Nam War was a disaster for the country and Johnson and ruined his presidency and severely tarnished his legacy.

Tricky Dick Nixon was Vice President for eight years under Eisenhower and it could be argued an experienced politician. He gets credit for opening up China and being president when the war in Viet Nam ended. His presidency ended in disgrace when he had to resign because of criminal activity and corruption within his administration. He certainly lacked character one could argue.

Jimmy Carter was a former Governor and naval officer but he got blamed for not seeing that the Russians were going to invade Afghanistan and because he was unable to rescue the hostages held in Iran or deal with the economic chaos of an OPEC oil boycott. He was defeated after only one term. Ronald Reagan had little experience in foreign policy or governing anything yet he gets credit for ending the cold war and significant disarmament treaties reached on his watch. He's been rewarded with god like status when he is spoke of by conservatives.

So experience matters if your Eisenhower, Johnson, Carter or George W. Bush but doesn’t if your Truman, Nixon, Reagan, George H Bush or Bill Clinton I guess. Little experience didn't matter to some and lots of experience didn't matter to others.

Bill Richardson has all kinds of experience. He’s been a diplomat, a governor, an energy secretary. Joe Bidden has extensive experience with foreign policy matters given his long tenure on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It could be successfully argued that both are more qualified at foreign policy and many other things then both Clinton or Obama. But it seems to make little real difference when considering who should be president from what you garner from listening to the "horse race” centered mainstream media diatribe.

Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards both strike me as having tons of character and intelligence. They probably lack experience of the type Hillary would like you to think she has in the way she’s tried to framed that argument. But I trust them more then I trust her because she strikes me as one who lacks real character. In fact I would argue that she is the one Democratic who has a serious problem when it come to questions of character. I think this is demonstrated by her problem being seen as trustworthy by a number of voters.

"Hillary Clinton represents an old media centered image driven superficial and shallow style of politics that needs for the good of the country to pass into history."
The argument that Obama makes about his experience is more about his strength of character. I was against the war and it was the right position even though not popular at time I took the position. Experience is absolutely no good if you end up making the wrong decisions in the end. Which is exactly the case with Hillary he argues.

I agree with Obama and given the history of the modern presidency I think that the experience factor may not be the only thing we should be looking at when choosing our president.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smoke Them If You Got Them Classic Smoking Ads

I was a smoker for years. I think I started a pack a day habit when I was 16. Except I even started before that experimenting with cigarettes. It make me feel like an adult and fed some of the youthful rebellion within me. It felt good in my hand. I like the way I preceived I looked puffing away on a smoke. Plus it seemed glamorous and hip to be able to light up. I finally stopped smoking when I was in my mid forties. I struggled with it on and off after that for years and right now I'm not smoking again. So out of the last sixteen years since I first stopped I probably haven't smoked 12 of those years. Pretty good I think.

Given the awesome collection of 1920 to 1950 classic smoking advertisements I came across at the Stanford School of Medicine Website and that I certainly must of been subjected to when I was young it's little wonder I started smoking in the first place. The Tabacco companies went to great length in all of the ads to promote the lie that smoking was supposedly healthy and glamorous. Hell if conservative golden boy Ronald Reagan is sending Chesterfields to everyone he knows for Christmas it must be good.

Hey I don't hate smokers and I hope I'm not a self righteous former smoker either. Because that attitude seems somewhat obnoxious to me and I'm sure to those who still are hooked. I just wish them the best if they every hope of quiting sometime.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Washed Up TV B Movie Rock Stars Fake Sport Personalities Religious Cult Leaders The Guy Down At the Corner Gas Station Indorse Huckabee

What a week for Huckabee. He's gaining ground in Iowa on Romney and he's gotten several endorsements that make him seem much crazier than even I first imagined. Ric Flair from the fake sport called professional wrestling is now firmly in the Huckabee camp. He was proceeded by tough guy Chuck Norris. Who will break your face if you vote for Romney or try to limit his home gym time. Ted Nugent libertarian hunting wack job (see video below) also can be counted on for his support and donating a fund raising mother load of talent.

Plus adding his endorsement recently was Donald Wildmon, who has led national boycotts against corporations over social policies and once accused Mighty Mouse of teaching children to snort cocaine.

Now Tim LaHaye, the Christian conservative organizer and co-author of the apocalyptic 'Left Behind” novels is jumping on the Huckster's bandwagon. I can hardly wait to find out who the next nut bar will be to join this distinguished group of Americans.

Buy Nothing Day Unable To Stop American Consumerism Juggernaut

It's has become the new American religion. Feel bad emotionally about you crummy little life then you should just go get that 50' plasma.

Buying things you don't really need or soon grow tired of is one all American life style choice that will be hard to stop. Equally significant is the argument that consumerism is the only thing that's keeping the economy from slipping into a massive recession or worse.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

America Needs to Demand The Congress Impeach The President and Vice President

If this is a nation based on law and a legal system seeking truth? Then the Congress has a duty to begin impeachment proceedings against the leaders of this administration as soon as possible. Of Course, I don't think it will happen. But it is certainly justifiable by any standard if such a thing as justice really still exist in the country.

The latest revelations by former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan implicating the President and Vice President and other high level administration officials directly in the cover up of the leaking of the name of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame for political reasons only strengthens the case against them. How many High Crimes and Misdemeanors must be committed before justice is brought to bare here?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Former German Chancellor Believes America More Dangerous Than Russia

Helmut Schmidt, the former German chancellor who initiated the US arms buildup against the Soviet Union during his term in office, considers today's Russia to be less dangerous than the United States.

"And now to America. The superpower is experiencing a difficult phase not unlike the period in the early 1970s, when the Vietnam War was approaching its inglorious end. The country senses that no one is impressed by its tough talk on the so-called "clash of civilizations" and the "war on terror," as long as success remains elusive on the real war fronts. The Taliban in Afghanistan are confident again, thriving within the population like fish in water. Iraq remains a constant challenge, refusing to be pacified. The United States has isolated itself internationally. No one on the planet, not even in its remotest corners, is currently sending Bush the message that the world wants more of America. The domestic mood is by no means gung-ho when it comes to the war in Iraq. The Americans are defiant. They don't want to lose the war, and yet their support for it is waning. The strategy of aggression, of launching attacks based on suspicion alone and the doctrine of the preemptive strike are now seen as military and political failures."

Monday, November 19, 2007

Chuck Norris Texas Ranger Huckabee Join Up In Creepy Political Ad

The Huckabee campaign calls it HUCKCHUCKFACTS.
I call it FUCKTHEFACTSCHUCKHUCKSTERISM. This is funny and makes one wonder about Huckabee's sanity and judgment.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Marginalization By Centerist Democrats And The Media Lap Dogs

Being right the first time nothing new to Kucinich

I would not have any regret at all if Dennis Kucinich by some unforeseen political miracle ended up winning the White House.

In the recent Las Vegas Debate I was struck by this question and answer of Dennis Kucinich shown in this video below. Dennis is the closest thing to a real Democrat seeking the presidency. He the kind of Democrat I remember from the presidential elections of my youth. Why isn't Kucinich doing better given his outstanding record on core issue Democratic Party philosophy? He most always projects a authentic demeanor of integrity, character and fearlessness.

The litany of his postitions on the key issues of the day and the fact that history has pretty much vindicated his original position on each of them is uncanny when compared to the other 2008 candidates.

Out of fear of losing a more conservative voter has the Democratic Party moved so far to the center right on the political spectrum that it has made it impossible for a candidate like Kucinich to win.

Has the Democrat Party simply become a waffling, flip flopping, triangulating, Clintontonian style shadow of it's once proud self as the political party of working class America and the protector of the weak who are being abused by powerful interest? Well just watch the video.

Psycho-Babbling Rightwing Bozos From Hell

Great article in NYT by Frank Rich on a number of skeletons in the closet of Rudy Giuliani that are not widely covered by national media. Including Bernard Kerik Judith Regan, ties to the Government of Qatar and to the manufacturer of OxyContin. One interesting aspect of the story is that Giuliani had his official papers suspiciously copied and archived and then returned to the New York City archives. All without anyway to verify if the records really made it back unaltered or fully intact.

"after Mr. Giuliani left office, his mayoral papers were temporarily transferred to a private, tax-exempt foundation run by his supporters and financed with $1.5 million from mostly undisclosed donors. The foundation, which shares the same address as Giuliani Partners, copied and archived the records before sending them back to New York’s municipal archives. Historians told The (Chicago) Tribune there’s no way to verify that the papers were returned to government custody intact. Mayor Bloomberg has since signed a law that will prevent this unprecedented deal from being repeated."

Receive a Free Frozen Turkey By Accepting Jesus Christ as Your Personal Savior Before December 25th! From our friends at the Landover Baptist Church.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hillary Didn’t Win The Las Vegas Debate I Watched

So Hillary won the Las Vegas debate eh? If so I must have been watching some mysterious Martian invader based broadcast rerun from outer space. It’s Hillary strikes back! Hillary shows the boys whose boss or Hillary in an asbestos pantsuit crapola spreader spin masters at work.

It amazes me how much the voters are willing to suspend belief in what ones senses or what their experience is telling them if Wolf “get a little closer to the razor please” Blitzer, Campbell “Ditzy” Brown or Chris "Twitty" Matthews infers that it is really so.
The mainstream media types spin the outcome of these debates whatever way they decide, based on whatever half-baked quotient their diamonds or pearls type question coated candy-ass mentalities apparently can come up with.

Problem is most voters who either haven’t watched the debate or are most often impressed by the last person they talked to believe what’s being served up from the Ministry of Truth mainstream media like CNN or worse yet FOX News. Everyone is so disengaged and apathetic with their intuitions in shut down mode. Which, of course, is a part of their psyche that exists in theory only for many of them.
Hillary was the same old and tired “lets have a stupid dangling conversation” candidate she as always been. Really saying nothing and speaking in platitudes that she and husband Bill have perfected down to perfect little sound bites for inserting in your nightly news hour. She’s either being superficial or waffling or subliminally suggesting it's her turn to be president.

Her new tactic, after receiving a supposed pounding in the last debate, was to turn up the volume and blame others for mud slinging or using the Republican play book when she was actually confronted about her being a corporate Democrat or perhaps tied to out of date political thinking or she was actually asked a question requiring more then a retoric filled bullshit answer.

Meanwhile the day after the debate “Twitty” over and MSNBC Hardball and the rest of the lackey networks had joined in on the CNN Mantra about how Hillary showed the boys whose boss and how she’s back on top. Continuing the news narrative of loving her one day hating her the next. Or that her being a woman shouldn’t be a issue, but then having the roundtable panel discuss it for most of the hour. It ends up being all superficial and meaningless. Because her real qualifications and those of the other candidates are not discussed.

The media seems to completely forget about the lower echelon candidates. Most provided strong performances at the Las Vegas debate. Joe Biden and Bill Richardson both certainly held their own during the debate even though they did not receive equal time from the moderators who apparently base the distribution of questions on the amount of money the candidate has been able to raise to date or who they determine is important based on some unknown influences from the powers to be at CNN.

Then there’s poor Dennis Kucinich, who in a perfect world would make one hell of a President. Always seems to hold the right position on the issues of the day. Was right on the war, NAFTA, impeaching certain government officials, supporting the working class or healthcare, you name it. But they just want to talk about how young and good looking his wife is or use him for a punchline in a joke.
It could certainly be argued that Biden probably won the debate based on his tendency toward a plain speaking style and his knowledge and experience when talking about current issues. Plus he comes across as likeable and funny. Richardson, although always a bit frumpy and clumsy in his delivery, demonstrated a wealth of experience and grasp of the issues of the day. He is also very down to earth and real. Something Hillary has never appeared to be to me whenever I’ve watched her. Barak Obama is the lilting voice of the new generation of leadership. Idealistic and sincere but as yet unable to smoothly deliver his ideas in this type of debate format which favors short and superficial sound bites and an infotaining style of answer.

Ever time Obama started to explain a position in depth, which is his style, Blitzer would start to interrupt him unnecessarily even though a question of the nature asked him deserved more time to answer. CNN isn't interested in real answers to the questions. It's all just for entertainment value content filling anyway. A good example being the attempted Hillary directed softball family fun question about whether she perfers diamonds or pearls.

The world is going down the shit hole and the best CNN can do is this stupid sexist shit for brains question fed to us by some unwitting student questioner they've turned into their robot.
So I for one have been taught to make up my own minded and it definitely tells me that Hillary did not win this debate. All this and my experiences have led me to have a basic mistrust of news anchors and their corporate controlled networks. Most of them miserably compromised or just plain lacking in true life experiences or apparent knowledge of the subjects they cover to do much other then sound articulate or look pretty.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Rest Of The World Prefers Obama Be The Next President

Roger Cohen in the English version of the German Online Magazine Der Spiegel makes the case that the rest of the world appears to want Barak Obama to be the next US President.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Us Jesus Folk Like A Good Hanging

As if we needed anymore proof that the "what would Jesus do" folks, who run this country, have lost the ship of state's moral compass. The United States has joined with Iran, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, China, and the other morally despotic nations of the world to oppose a UN resolution that would outlaw the death penalty.

Who's The Best Bullshitter Most Important Issue for 2008 Voters

Our friends at the Onion News Network cut through the crap in their video report and get right to the point. What voters really have to decide is who among the vast array of presidential hopefuls in really the best bullshitter. It's hard to determine who really on top since all the candidates are usually at the top of their game when it comes to the subtle art of the subliminal message.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How The Hell Can Tim Eyman Still Get An Initiative Passed In This Place

click on image to enlarge

Liberals wring their hands over election setbacks and spend countless hours trying to figure out what's wrong with the system...

But through all the professional level bitching and complaining liberals and other lazy lefties must take the blame for failing to turn up at the polls to vote! It's not that difficult to figure out I'd argue.

My type of thinking apparently frustrates the spacy yoga mat toting love children who are always looking for the deeper meaning for everything or a excuse for their lack of a basic understanding or how the freaking system works.

It's not unusual for less then half of registered voters in America to actually cast a ballot in any given election. That's if your lucky. Let's say that you could get 70 to 80 percent of voters out for every election. It's my contention there would be a wholesale change in the political landscape. The widespread liberal political delusion that we need some sort of a revolution to really change things would finally be debunked.

"The revolution we need is in the thinking that somehow your vote isn't worth something or lacks importance. Wake up, you nitwits this is a democracy not a feudal state or monarchy."

Often they can be heard counseling one another on why they feel so powerless with only their single vote to cast or how confusing it is to figure out what the fuck is going on with this initiative or that. It can be oh so overwhelming they say. Plus their so fucking busy all the time runing here and there spending their precious time extending their home equity lines of credit. Well have you every considered that it may be your one paramount duty as a citizen to cast your damn vote at election time. I contend that this is the MAIN reason that all these brave souls have been dying for their country all these years. Not so you can be free to go to the mall and endlessly shop like you think.

You can owe this type of thinking in part to why we also have President Asshole in office for the last 7 years. Apparently they don't teach this shit in the American Public school system.

Above I offer a mock graphic I created for those who went to public school and think America is a Monarchy and/or if you usually need a graphic to understand what's going on.

Veterans Day Photos

On Monday a friend and I decided to take a drive to visit the grave of her dad. A veteran buried in the Veterans Home Cemetary near Retsil, WA. It was a stormy and windy day adding a sullen ambiance to the place. She didn't know exactly where the grave marker was at first.

We found ourselves going from one section of the place reading each name on each marker, one by one. This turned out to be interesting and profound search. Veterans from most all of America's wars, including our Civil War, lay here at rest. Finally we found her dad's marker and she placed a single rose at the grave.

Click on images to enlarge

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush Comics

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Watch New 2 Minute Video On The Fight For Better Media

In line with the feelings of a large part of the turnout last night in Seattle for the FCC panel. The people at Free Press offer us a video about the state of media consolidation in America and what you can do to stop it. Click here for a link where you can tell your congressperson how you feel and support current ledgislation opposing colsolidation.

Annoying Blutooth People

Norman Mailer Talks About Iraq And Neo Conservatives

The great American author and feisty iconoclast speaks about Iraq, neo-conservatism and fascists in video segment from June 2007.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Psycho-Babbling Intellectualizing Self-Aggrandizing Liberal Wonks Theorists And Environmental Hair-Splitters Holdup Public Transportation

Northwest Liberals Shoot Themselves In the Foot And Help Stop Real Public Transportation Improvements Again With Defeat of Roads and Transit Prop. 1

At the end of the Soviet era in Russia, just after the Berlin wall fell, I remember seeing a news photo of a protester in Moscow carrying a sign on which he had written “90 years and the road to nowhere” in English referring of course to the failure and downfall of the then Soviet system.

Funny or not that’s exactly how I felt today when I awoke to find that the Roads and Transit package had failed. I'm not into making politically correct or nice here or going on about how ALL of us should start pulling together to work for a BETTER plan sometime in the fucking future for our yet unborn children. Or lookng at any more polls or surveys or listening to endless carbon score brain pounding self serving rhetoric.

I’m just sick of it, and I know there are many citizens out HERE just like me. PISSED! Unfortunately, it appears, that lots of them forgot to vote yesterday. Well welcome to fucking modern day America. Lazy retards. The jist being if we could get 90% to the polls most of these lame ass political types would be part of yesterday's news. No revolution even necessary my fellow baby boomers. But I rather live in the delusion that somehow my one little vote isn't really going to change things. Carl Rove and some of the fascists that run this county now would be happy knowing you think like that.

But that’s not the point I'd like to make now. I think there are many in the political left and some Democrat and liberal leaders who should have the blame for the defeat of Prop 1 laid directly on their doorstep. So they can step in it like a piece of burning newpaper full of dog shit left there by a Halloween prankster.

I’m sick of the, now all to familiar. hair-splitting babble and self-aggrandizing posing that invariability emanates predominately from the left side of the political spectrum every time a worthwhile plan for improving transit, or for that matter any capitol improvement over $1000, is placed on the ballot.

With friends like this on the left who needs the expected don't tax me ever enemies of projects that are always going to come from the right.
You’d think these lefties would COMPROMISE and support the long sought after systemic solution to the public transportation problems that are threatening to overwhelm this area. May even create a few long-term union wage jobs. Oh I forgot you probably don’t really know what that is do you…since in your minds your all apparently a bunch of upwardly mobile young nitwits. It's my postition that anything that was wrong with the package could of been tweaked later if necessary. With these type of mega projects as in life it is important that you are always ready to "put your cash on the barrel head son"!

The ringing of hands, the concern for the children, the mostly BS regurgitated self important bonking of anything that THEY conceive is not meeting their personal image of utopian perfection, or worse yet may displace hapless homeless from sleeping under the viaduct. Oh, the gnashing of teeth, the sanctimonious outcry as protectors of the moral high ground in the name of the working man and woman. Talk talk, fucking talk.
All unadulterated bullshit! But more than guaranteed to stop any long overdue or meaningful mega civic improvement project dead in its tracks.

Yes I’m talking about Ron Sims and the “it's more important to be considered hip even though your really not” crowd at the Stranger and the over caffeinated hair splitting crowd at the Sierra Club. Well you cheapskate and/or brainiacs didn’t do me any favors by saving me from the ROADS part of the package or by testing your whack job theories that my grandkids will probably be morally or environmentally damaged if we actually voted to approve a roads and transit package.

We can all thanks you folks for fucking up the hope of getting light rail here till at least the turn of the next century. We should have had it 30 years ago. Hello, out there were running behind schedule. Your pulling a Democrat Congress act on us here. Everybody look up INDECISIVE in the damn dictionary.

It must come from too many of you being raised vicariously by Dr. Spock. Negotiate with your kids while their setting the house on fire. "Now Billy put down that stick of dynamite or your going to force me to make you have a time fucking out"!

Why doesn’t this constipation of the political system seem to affect transit projects in Portland or even Tacoma or inumerable other WORLD CLASS cities? Because their not overrun by a bunch of half-backed bozos who’d rather talk endlessly about SHIT then actually build a fucking public transportation system even if it means it not going to be perfect or cost a shit load of money. Hey it going to cost a shitload more money later.

Goddamn the part of the political process here that requires that we intellectualize and gum to death every freaking major capitol improvement project. Screw the lack of political leadership that is unable to stake their personal political capitol on the line to support expensive projects for the long term good of the community. Instead of hiding under their desks somewhere only concerned with their next election. Speaking from both sides of their mouths most of the time. I vote for people I want to make big decisions. Not whine and go hide every time their ask to stick their necks out. If they don't do what you like I vote for someone else.

Here we just keep electing the same ineffective assholes over and over on the recommendation of some rag newspaper or some self engrossed blogger.
Thanks again to all the weakling politicians, posturing pundits and blogger wind bags out there who we can thank for more gridlock and the defeat of a ballot measure that would of certainly jump started the oh so long overdue creation of something resembling a public transportation system here.

You all SUCK!

p.s. It takes one posturing wind bag to know another.

My Vote For Best Poltitical Commercial Ever Made

Must see to believe! Here's my vote for best campaign commercial ever made . It was made last year in Rockingham County, North Carolina for a seat on the Board of Education. The Jedi didn't win, but he did get 4,648 votes from people who obviously know what the hell is up with politics. May the force be with this man. Courtesy of Geekologie

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Campy Calendar Sure To Be Hit With Burlesque And Pin Up Afficionados

The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush

My daughter' s friend in New York Burke Heffner, who is a phenomenal East Coast photographer and conceptual artist, has come up with this fine idea for the Holiday gift giving. Part of the proceeds will even go to lefty watchdog organizations:

The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush is a classically styled, 13 month pin-up calendar ending on January 20th, 2009, the final day of George W. Bush's presidency. Packed with jaw dropping all-original images by Burke Heffner, The Lovely Mistresses features some of America's hottest burlesque stars and pin-up girls.

Every stunning girl is a hilarious reveal of the corporations, special interest groups and billionaires who have influenced George the most. Each pin-up includes her vital statistics, important dates and a farewell love letter to the president.

A one-of-a-kind gift, this commemorative masterpiece is sexy, witty, and work safe.

The Lovely Mistresses hangs 12" wide and 24" tall, in luscious color. Printed on partially post-consumer recycled paper, with soy based inks and biodegradable coatings.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Look At Hillary's Qualifications Comics

Click on image to enlarge

The Heckuva Job GOP Rewarding Incompetence

Conservative core philosophy exposes a distrust and dislike for all government institutions and the belief, based on such thinking, that government if allowed to will fail or interfere with individual freedom. Every man or women for yourself it goes.

Liberal philosophy says government can help and assist people by using government programs to assist in making life better.

The modern neocon Republicans movements have especially espoused this belief in anti government or limiting government with promises to dismantle government if elected. The so called Republican revolution of the early 1990's use it as one of it major thrusts. In it most basic form the message says that government is always bad for you.

Paradoxically, once the Republicans gained power, and had to run the government they became what they dreaded the most the government. Their hate of government has subsequently made it nearly impossible for them to govern and has unarguably led to widespread incompetence at all levels when it came to providing the most basic services and citizen protections.

The response to hurricane Katrina, Heckuva Job Brownie and Iraq are the poster children of such systemic incompetence. But, as we all know, this is only a small tip of the iceberg given the almost daily revelations of scandal and malfeasance only now being revealed.

What is especially frustrating is how ineffective and incompetent officials, while really like rats leaving a sinking ship are presented as being successful when all the facts point to complete failure. I give you Karen Hughes as the latest example. I'm sure we will soon see her being honored with the medal of freedom.