Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Joe Six-Pack A Banal Phony Celebration Of Mediocrity

I'm closer to this mythical Joe Six-pack fellow in the way I live my life then I'm like Barack Obama . But I'd be a complete nitwit to ever vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin because of it. The use of the cliche Joe Six-pack by Sarah Palin in describing her appeal to voters is as dumb as the rest of the crap that’s come out of her pie hole.

She says she’s “one of them”, but economically speaking she not even close. McCain doesn’t represent them either, or their interest with his silver spoon military upbringing, 13 homes, twenty cars, $500 loafers, and millionaire beer heiress wife. McCain has repeatably voted against things like the minimum wage, labor unions, and numerous other issues that would help the interest of most working people.

The so called Joe Six-packs of the world are a cultural target not a economic target for the Republican ticket. But every election cycle Republicans like McCain and Palin pander to these working class types using this Joe Six-Pack nonsense while the rest of the time their doing everything in their power trying to screw them.

The problem is the Joe Six-packs of the world are apparently too stupid to get it, continuing to vote against their own interests based on some sort of culturally based gut reaction. Somehow these rich bastards are just like me in their small minded limited scope of understanding and ignorance of the ways of the modern world and that somehow makes it okay.

What the hell is a Joe Six-pack?

Although some would offer it's not gender based anymore, I think it's more likely the chauvinistic he-man, beer swilling, plaid shirt wearing, NASCAR watching, boob job loving, blue-collar and forgotten jerk-offs supposedly out there somewhere? He's conservative and mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Probably a closet racist and a Christian.

The Joe Six-pack moniker, and the someone I can have a beer with analogy, that are often part of the media happy talk when describing some fictional character traits we look for in a president, have done more to set this country back then the birth of Carl Rove.

Palin in her latest attempt to fan the cultural wars of Joe Six-packs versus the invisible elitists who are ruining the country and manipulating the media is quoted as saying.
“Put government back on the side of the people of Joe Six-pack like me". Oh, I think they're just not used to someone coming in from the outside saying you know what? It's time that normal Joe six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency.”
What the fuck does that mean?

I want someone unqualified to be the potential President of the Unites States because they are somehow qualified because they haven't been brainwashed or exposed to the evil ways of the world or the New York Times? Their not elitists and educated folks either. They apparently relate through osmosis to wingnuts like Palin and McCain because of their special sense of what it's like to be a salt of the earth blue-collar person of limited knowledge and worldly experience. You can't trust educated people who are smarter then you are because they just don't understand NASCAR racing or getting their hands dirty even though we'd like our kids to go to college so they won't have to get their hands dirty.

And the biggy, "Obama going to take my guns away". This was the stop gap response I heard in Texas and Montana when working on the Obama campaign when all other rational reasoning failed to substantiate why they'd vote for some one who doesn't really represent their interests.

Joe Six-pack is the same bullshit barometer of measurement and pandering that gave us the complete failure and incompetence of the dumb-shit George Bush presidency. I don’t want someone that’s anything like Joe-Six-pack in the White House because most of them are too ignorant and unsophisticated to be anywhere near that level of responsibility. In fact I want the most elite competent and smartest person I can find. Then it's my hope that this smart person will be a champion for me fighting for the rights and common good of the working person.

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