Monday, March 31, 2008

Cesar Chaves Day Honors Leader of United Farm Workers

I almost missed this. In eight states today it was Cesar Chaves Day. The founder of the United Farm Workers Union was the inspirational and moral leader in the fight to improve the lives of farm workers and their families and upon which he dedicated his life's work.

Chaves came to represent more then just farm workers but also the entire Chicano community's struggle for respect, equality and dignity.

One of my most prized possessions is a letter from Chaves thanking me for my work in support of the farm worker union movement when I was working for another union as a white collar labor organizer in the early seventies. There is a movement to establish a national Cesar Chaves Holiday. You can sign the petition here. 'Viva la Huelga'

Whoohoo Obama Actually Wins Texas Primary!

I travelled to Texas to work on the Obama Campaign in the run up to the Texas Primary on March 4th. The perception after the primary was that Hillary had won Texas. That interpretation has now been officially debunked. This last weekend the Texas Democratic Party county conventions were completed and all indication are that Obama overall has won the most delegates in Texas.

via: Burnt Orange

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Moisture Festival Starts Tomorrow And Your Invited

The Moisture Festival has become a exciting annual Northwest theatrical event since it's birth 5 years ago and this year's version starts tomorrow.

Many of you may wonder what the artist part of artistdogboy really represents. Well a big part of it is my involvement in vaudeville and variety theater performing. I’ve belonged to a theater troupe known as the Famille Royale DuCaniveaux for over 25 years. Members of this troupe have played key roles in the birth, growth and success of the Moisture Festival since it’s inception 5 years ago in a rented circus tent in the center of the Fremont business district.

Founding producer Ron W. Bailey, Rhonda Sable (Burlesque coordinator), and Cathy Sutherland (Burlesque and Aerial coordinator), Randy Minkler (Godfrey Daniels), and many members of the troupe, myself included, also perform (DuCaniveaux Dancing Bears) or are involved in the staging and staff jobs during the run of the festival.

The festival runs March 27th through April 13th this year. The shows take place in two different venues, Hales Brewery Palladium in the Fremont neighborhood and at ACT Theater downtown. The format is comedy-variety or what has been call “new vaudeville”. Think of it as a funky modern cross of the Ed Sullivan show with a working person's version of the Teatro Zinzanni, but with more affordable working class ticket prices. So there’s something going on during the festival that fits just about anyone’s theatrical taste.

The adult only (18 years of age and over) performances at ACT Theater feature a traditional Burlesque comedy-variety format while the shows at Hales Palladium are comedy-variety and more suitable for both adult and family audiences. You should check the schedule for Hale's Palladium and for Burlesque in the round at ACT Theater for more information about specific acts and what shows would be suitable for children.

The festival has grown and become one of the hotter tickets in town each year when it comes to town. The press raves about the festival have help build a large and enthusiastic following. So I recommend you get your tickets early and often, Hales Palladium tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets . Burlesque tickets are available at the ACT website. We all hope you will come out and enjoy the show and help support this unique local festival.

I hope to see you there!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Draft Dodging Malingering Cheney Didn't Volunteer

When Dick Cheney was asked the other day about what he thought of the poll showing that a majority of Americans belief that the Iraq war was a mistake he answered. “So”!

This despicable man was also asked to comments today on the 4000 American casualty in Iraq and is quoted as saying, "The president carries the biggest burden, obviously, He's the one who has to make the decision to commit young Americans, but we are fortunate to have a group of men and women, the all-volunteer force, who voluntarily put on the uniform and go in harm's way for the rest of us."

This can only be classified as callous and disingenuous coming from this five-deferment receiving war mongering malingerer, who has become personally enriched through his holdings in companies directly involved in the war like Halliburton, and his well documented personal role in promulgating this immoral war in the first place. There must be a special place in hell for Cheney.

During the Viet Nam war there was a draft and very few men could get out of performing military service. Some had deep disagreements with the morality of the war and they suffered greatly to refuse military service in protest or they entered the service by filling non-combat roles. But conservatives like Cheney and George W Bush, who supported the war, used deferments, cushy duty assignments and special connections to avoid serving at all.

The soldiers who have died in Iraq did not sign up to be cannon fodder so Americans can drive their gas guzzling SUV to the golf course on the weekend, or to be continually and unendingly rotated into and out of Iraq and Afghanistan under penalty of jail if they refused. Nor did they sign up to be ignored when they returned home broken and mentally spent. They and their families also presumed that the commander-in-chief would be competent and not put them in harms way to fulfill the wishes of some corporation.

If I had my way this son of a bitch Cheney would be in jail where he belongs. Not sitting around on some sheik’s yacht like he did while on his recent pompous Saudi ass kissing tour of the Middle East.

Water: A Short Video About This Limited Resourse

This 2 1/2 minute video from Good Magazine about the state of water use in the world. It may make you reconsider the way that you use this precious resource.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Hell With These So Called Religious Leaders

Most modern politicians feel some obligation to kiss up to organized religious figures and groups or join church congregations in order to somehow show their of sound moral character. We’re “church going folks” of good moral standing and to prove it we associate with these religious types, the narrative is suppose to be saying. I’m sure some politicians are also true believers. But, the problem with this seems to be that most of these religious figures that the politicians love to be seen with are also hypocrites and their churches are often morally degenerate, fanatically hateful, or full of bunch of sexually suppressed deviants.

I’m don’t like to bash religion or am I an atheist. I really think that some good comes from church efforts to help the poor or those in need. But I do have trouble with organized religions and their assorted fanatical congregations, given their propensity to try and ram their rigid, often stupid and questionable morality down everyone’s throats. Their propensity to look down their noses at the non-organized but nevertheless spiritual person or non-believer is blatantly hypocritical.

This is why I think that whether one believes in god or not, it is their business and a totally personal matter. No explanation or demonstration necessary please. I will judge you by your deeds, not your religious beliefs. Unfortunately, the far right and others have somehow succeeded in making one’s believe in religious dogma or lack of belief in it into the litmus test for holding political office.

It should never be necessary to meet some arbitrary religious standard in order to hold office in a country where the founding documents clearly establish the separation of church and state.

I often disagree with the atheist Christopher Hitchens but after reading his book “god is not great, how religion destroys everything”, where he makes several extremely plausible assertions and arguments that organized religion is responsible for most of the ills of the world, I tend to agree with his premise. What is done in the name of god by BOTH sides in the struggle between Muslim extremists and their Christian counterparts, like George W Bush, only proves the point.

The pretentious need for religious legitimization has done great harm to Barack Obama. His trust in the resentment filled Pastor Jeremiah Wright has turned out to be a negative. I don’t believe that Obama believes what Wright believes, but I do ask myself why was this furor even necessary. I suspect that Obama’s guilt is one of being associated with Wright. I wonder why he did not see a blip on his progressive radar when he may of heard the Pastor’s rants. There may have been a feeling by Obama that he needed to prove his Christiananity by belong to this large African American congregation in order to offset the scurrilous rumors that he was a Muslim. Who knows?

But I’m not voting for the Reverend Wright for President either. I will continue to support Obama and detest attempts by the equally extreme Christian right to make political hay out of the shortcomings of this runaway pastor.

John McCain also has shown poor judgment because of his pandering to the religious right and especially the Pastor John Hagee. This nut ball is a dead-end-timer who thinks that war with Iran is necessary to set off a bigger Middle East War that will ultimately bring about the rapture. Plus he hates Catholics and called the Pope the anti Christ. Hillary Clinton apparently belonged to a conservative bible study group known as the “fellowship” and organization that been characterized as the “knitting together (of) international networks of rightwing leaders, most of them ostensibly Christian”. Another possible fringe nut-job religious group sticking their noses where they don’t belong I suspect.

Organize religions do real harm to our nation when they involve themselves in the politics of the state. It’s time to say the heck with these people once and for all. If one is religious or spiritual that fine, but stop thinking your beliefs give you some control over the TRUTH! You can take your religious meddling and put it where the sun don't shine as far as I'm concerned. Because your destroying America and the world. It’s not your business what I believe and I could give a damn what you think or believe. I just want my country and the rest of the world back, free of your organized religious nonsense.

Cheney Ass KIssing In Arabia Fails While Exxon Cuts Production Here To Increase Profits

There's a story today about Exxon cutting production to increase profits for "stockholders" that seems a bit much and a contradiction to the malingering Dick Cheney's ass kissing trip to Saudi Arabia trying to get the Saudis to increase their production to stabilize gas prices. Something they apparently aren't willing to do.

The Politics Of Fear Doubt and Cynicism

It seems like it's been years ago now, but it really has only been a few months since I decided that I was gong to get actively involved in the campaign to elect Barack Obama. This man moved me in a way that few politicians every have or could. One thing is true and that is my belief in his candidacy has become even stronger. As Governor Bill Richardson said today “You are a once-in-a-lifetime leader". I'm convinced Barack Obama is the type of rare politician who only comes around perhaps once in a generation. I've worked here in Washington State and in late February I even went to Texas to work on the campaign down there. Both experiences I'm continuing to cherish fondly.

Lately it's been rather tough because the forces that represent the status quo have not die off easily. But I do beleive they will be vanquished eventually. But I think that these excerpts from the Iowa and South Carolina primary victory speeches of Barack Obama would help.


"This was the moment when we tore down barriers that have divided us for too long; when we rallied people of all parties and ages to a common cause; when we finally gave Americans who have never participated in politics a reason to stand up and to do so.

This was the moment when we finally beat back the policies of fear and doubts and cynicism, the politics where we tear each other down instead of lifting this country up. This was the moment.

Years from now, you'll look back and you'll say that this was the moment, this was the place where America remembered what it means to hope. For many months, we've been teased, even derided for talking about hope. But we always knew that hope is not blind optimism. It's not ignoring the enormity of the tasks ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path.

It's not sitting on the sidelines or shirking from a fight. Hope is that thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it and to work for it and to fight for it.

South Carolina

We're up against the conventional thinking that says your ability to lead as president comes from longevity in Washington or proximity to the White House. But we know that real leadership is about candor and judgment and the ability to rally Americans from all walks of life around a common purpose, a higher purpose.

We're up against decades of bitter partisanship that cause politicians to demonize their opponents instead of coming together to make college affordable or energy cleaner. It's the kind of partisanship where you're not even allowed to say that a Republican had an idea, even if it's one you never agreed with.

That's the kind of politics that is bad for our party, it is bad for our country, and this is our chance to end it once and for all.

We're up against the idea that it's acceptable to say anything and do anything to win an election. But we know that this is exactly what's wrong with our politics. This is why people don't believe what their leaders say anymore. This is why they tune out.

And this election is our chance to give the American people a reason to believe again.

But let me say this, South Carolina. What we've seen in these last weeks is that we're also up against forces that are not the fault of any one campaign, but feed the habits that prevent us from being who we want to be as a nation.

It's the politics that uses religion as a wedge and patriotism as a bludgeon, a politics that tells us that we have to think, act and even vote within the confines of the categories that supposedly define us, the assumption that young people are apathetic, the assumption that Republicans won't cross over, the assumption that the wealthy care nothing for the poor and that the poor don't vote, the assumption that African-Americans can't support the white candidate, whites can't support the African-American candidate, blacks and Latinos cannot come together.

We are here tonight to say that that is not the America we believe in.

When I hear the cynical talk that blacks and whites and Latinos can't join together and work together, I'm reminded of the Latino brothers and sisters I organized with and stood with and fought with side by side for jobs and justice on the streets of Chicago.

So don't tell us change can't happen.

When I hear that we'll never overcome the racial divide in our politics, I think about that Republican woman who used to work for Strom Thurmond, who is now devoted to educating inner city children and who went out into the streets of South Carolina and knocked on doors for this campaign.

Don't tell me we can't change.

Yes, we can. Yes, we can change. Yes, we can.

Yes, we can heal this nation. Yes, we can seize our future. And as we leave this great state with a new wind at our backs and we take this journey across this great country, a country we love, with the message we carry from the plains of Iowa to the hills of New Hampshire, from the Nevada desert to the South Carolina coast, the same message we had when we were up and when we were down, that out of many, we are one; that while we breath, we will hope.

And where we are met with cynicism and doubt and fear and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the American people in three simple words --yes, we can."

Friday, March 21, 2008

Zbigniew Brzezinski Compares Clinton To Mamie Eisenhower

On MSNBC Morning Joe Today Brzesinski, a former national security adviser in the Jimmy Carter and George H. Bush administrations and a Obama campaign adviser, had some fascinating things to say about Obama's unique view of the world and Hillary Clinton's claims about experience. Brzesinski pre Iraq war predictions were pretty much right on and it's not surprising that he ended up with Obama.

Now Even Chris Wallace At Fox Thinks The Obama Bashing Has Gone Too Far

I wish that these suddenly overly politically correct cable news talking heads and FOX, CNN and MSNBC would stop the insanity of their obsession with what Barack Obama said about his grandmother's racial attitudes. He said she was like most typical white people when it came to many racial stereotypes. For Christ sake what he said is harmless or at the worse a poor choice of words. Not the end of the freaking world like these people act like it is. Most people know Barack Obama is not a racist. Meanwhile John McCain apparently can't tell the difference between Sunni, Shiites and Al Qaeda but it doesn't seem to induce anything near the fullblown media feeding frenzy of the Obama remark.

FOX has been carrying the water on both the Reverend Wright story and this new bullshit narrative about Obama's supposed "typical white person" comment. What's funny about it is that CNN and MSNBC feel obligated to jump in to create a news echo chamber by pushing this stupid story line too.

Screw CNN

I expect this from FOX or Rush Limbaugh because anyone with half a brain knows they’re bought and sold by the right wing religious fanatic lunatic fringe. But now I’ve had it with CNN because of this endless news narrative Pastor Wright smearing and guilt by association of Barack Obama.

Hey CNN I’m not voting for Pastor Wright. I don’t really care what Pastor Wright thinks. PASTOR WRIGHT IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Barack Obama has in no uncertain terms said he does not represent what Pastor Wright believes. I’m sick of and not interested in you framing every freaking story about the presidential campaign since this totally out of context story broke as a race or gender or Pastor Wright issue because you lame brains think it helps your ratings. I guess. Or your aim is to purposely damage Obama.

Obama has given a 40 minute detailed speech about what he thinks the state of race relations are in this country. He has rejected denounce and rejected again what Pastor Wright has said. Can we please move on to a discussion of the important and actual issues of the day and the presidential campaign?

Anderson Cooper asked an Obama spokesman today, who he was interviewing about the Obama passport file story (paraphrasing) "aren't you really glad this has come up so we aren’t talking about the Pastor Wright? What a total self-serving BS question. Why don't you nitwits use your heads for once and start reporting the actual news instead of this infotainment Jerry Springer mentality crap about Pastor Wright endlessly. Isn't there any creativity or new ideas left in that entire so called news organization? Cooper once again demonstrated he’s nothing more than a pretty looking empty headed dress shirt wearing teleprompter reading nitwit like most of the talking head hacks you pass off as news anchors at CNN.

Your endless shallow regurgitating of this Pastor Wright story cannot serve any purpose but to purposely damage the Obama campaign. The bigger problem is the major disservice you do to the public. Like your lack of a backbone when it came to being real journalists in the run up to the start of the Iraq war. You’re just a bunch of corporate controlled lackeys, influenced by the last CEO or out of touch focus group you talked to. You pretend to be impartial when your not and really don’t know jack shit about what it’s really like out here in the real world for real people.

Well we're dying out here to keep your corporate friends bank accounts full and you apparently really don't give a shit about really reporting it. Probably because your so out of touch with the truth and so compromised by your corporate mentality you wouldn't recognize the truth if it hit you between the eyes. Finally if I have to sit through one more total waste of time interview of the likes of the talentless Janet Jackson on the Larry King show I'm going to have to consider moving to Canada permanently in the hope of once again watching actual journalists reporting news on the CBC.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Death of Hope News

Are we seeing the death of hope? Here's my take on it in comic form and I'd like to add this: To hell with the Reverend Wright. He is not Barack Obama and what he believes is not what Barack believes. To hell with Hillary Clinton for putting herself desire to be president ahead of the good of the Democratic Party.

The Obama for president campaign will prevail in the end because we MUST have real change. Which nether Clinton nor McCain come close to representing. I'm keeping the faith baby, but the last week has been ruff on the nation of Obama supporters.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It’s The Vision Thing Stupid!

Wolf Britzer immediately went back to framing the Obama speech on race today in Philadelphia in the context of the beloved media, and especially CNN, horse race narrative. Something about how it will hurt him or helped him get the white votes he’ll need to be elected president. Meanwhile Patrick Buchanan over on MSNBC was mumbling something about the speech really being not enough like the Obama denunciation and rejection of Louis Farrakhan.

For God sake the speech was about the need for more progress towards real brotherhood and reaching our common goal of fulfilling our dreams as one nation and people that are blocked by our racism and misunderstanding about race and gender.

Obama outlined his speech in the context of the calling to our attention, courageously, the 300-pound gorilla that is in the room created by the deep seated racism, gender bias and hatred that continues to divide all of us and hold us back from creating a more perfect union.
"But race is an issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now. We would be making the same mistake that Reverend Wright made in his offending sermons about America - to simplify and stereotype and amplify the negative to the point that it distorts reality."
One of the basic themes of the Obama campaign from the beginning has been that for far to long the political atmosphere in this country has been based on a divisive political template of dividing and conquering got ya politics, limited selective controversy, or race gender based politics. The media’s mindset is completely geared to this model. Creating conflicts instead of common ground, argument, taking off the gloves moments instead of solutions or conciliation, ratings rather then understanding. I’m convinced that few talking heads or so called experts really understand the nature of Obama’s new political vision, or are stuck in continuing to frame everything in the same old divisive contexts and themes.

His candidacy was also about building a cross section of Democrats, Independents and willing Republicans of all races into a workable majority so that we can finally get something done politically. Instead of the divisions and gridlock of the past, sustainable political progress based on a new covenant with the electorate.

This is the one aspect of the Obama message that the average Clinton supporter doesn’t understand or rejects. Apparently still fixed on continuing the same old divisive political wars of the past. The same old same old, them versus us battles that make up the Clinton style and defined their past tenure in the White House and that will limit their ability to build coalitions needed to get elected or make government work.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Clinton’s Newest Lies

Blame Obama for being against the war, but apparently not against it enough. Blame McCain for not being against the war. Somehow ignore your vote to support the war in the first place and your continuing hawkish positions. Make up stuff, lie and distort as necessary to make it all sound plausible. Clinton quotes former Obama aide completely out of context claiming Obama has changed his position, yet her position is essentially the same.

Lying distorting Hillary needs to go away for the good of he party.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

President Elmer Fudd’s Economic Bus Goes In The Ditch

"Turn out the lights, the party's over" was the title of an old Willie Nelson song and it may be a fitting metaphor for the current state of the American economy. I don’t know about you, but it always amazes me how much the right rail against government interference and regulating until it’s their bank, security firm, or corporation that’s the one who needs to be bailed out.

One minute it’s all about market forces and free enterprise, if the argument is about giving some poor sap unemployment compensation, for example. But it’s totally prudent when some billionaire needs a few billion more to bail them out like we’re seeing with this week’s Bear Stearns Securities collapse. Unfortunately the problem goes much deeper than bailing out Wall Street or Bears and Stern. That ain't going to do it in the long run.

Meanwhile we can all sleep well knowing President Elmer Fudd is running the show. Bush appeared yesterday and used some analogy about not over correcting because you, “can drive the bus into the ditch if you do”. Well Elmer, we’re already in the freaking ditch for Christ’s sake. While millions of Americans are losing their jobs and homes President Fudd sees it as par for the course if you’re a slob who happens to be a member of the middle class. The economy “obviously is going through a tough time'' Elmer uttered to a room full of nervous bankers in New York last week.

What a total failure this man is as a president. The question is what are you going to do about it Elmer?

Soon Elmer and his buddies will be leaving us but not before they’ve have completely gutted the treasury and left us the mountain of debt, given themselves huge tax breaks, continued their 1940s style energy policies and saddled us with a endless money pit immoral war in Iraq.

All the while the Chinese and the oil rich Middle Eastern nations continue to underwrite this national debt making themselves richer and more powerful while potentially holding the nation’s fate hostage should they wish to demand payment. And for sure they will leave us an economic system that guarantees that the remaining wealth of the nation in distributed and kept in the hands of an elite few at the top of the income ladder. Fuck the poor middle class, we got ours they'll chuckle as they head back to Crawford, Texas and Wyoming when they should, if there were true justice, be headed to jail.

The housing bubble has burst. We are in a recession caused by the billions and billions of dollars of bad debts the banks now owe on mortgages made to people who probably should of never had them. These so called “predatory mortgages” have become unaffordable to the home buyers who were granted them by these unscrupulous lenders and their sleazy "quick buck" middlemen. Now that the adjustable balloon payments have come due, the widespread resulting foreclosures have caused the housing markets to deflate throughout the country and left the lenders holding untold billions of worthless paper. The real problem being the lack of regulation by the government of these easy money lenders before these loans were even made.

But that horse is out of the barn an a long way down the road and still running.

Meanwhile the American middle class frenzy of spending and running up debt using the equity value available from the inflated worth of their homes has dry up. Their homes have begun to come down in value, or reflect their actual value. Leaving many homeowners owing more debt then the value of their home will cover. No more middle class-buying spree. No more economic boom. No more demand for goods and services, no more borrowing due to tighter credit markets caused by debt-ridden lenders with no end in sight, production slowdowns and factory closings because of less demand, job loses and layoffs, loss of medical insurance, pensions, and the resulting recession or worse the "D" word to come.

The only possible relief is that the middle class must be given more buying power so that we can begin consuming again like the shallow materialistic whores we are. Just kidding. This time hopefully we'll consume spiritually, environmentally conscious and wisely, I promise. Tax rebates are simply not going to be enough. Americans will probably never see the home equity based spending sprees available again because of the abuses of credit that helped get us into the economic mess we are in now.

How do you do that you ask?

First we end the American participation in the war in Iraq and it's trillions of dollars in wasteful government spending. Then we begin creating higher wage jobs while also creating a more balance economic with a more equitable division of the nation’s wealth among the middle and lower classes. Much of this done by reforming the tax system. Higher minimum wages with built in cost of living protection.

Stronger labor laws that actually punish employers who interfere with workers right to organize so that workers can take economic action to increase their share of the pot, and their buying power, through collective bargaining. Tax laws that give a break to the workers in the middle and lower classes, not the rich. Creating union wage jobs in a new widespread green economy while at the same time freeing us from the use of fossil fuels, and a massive rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure that can create thousands of jobs. Creating jobs that clean up and enhance our environment. Creating jobs in the arts. Better schools to prepare the future work force. Helping with college tuition fees to create a new class of creative thinkers and innovators who will create the economies of the future.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Write And Tell Hillary It's Time To Withdraw Here!

It's time for the HRC to wake up and smell the stale campaign mess she's creating. Based on the theory of ask and you shall receive you should click here to open email program to the Clinton Campaign site. Fill in your name, and email, select a subject, and copy and paste the following letter in the body of the email. Then hit send. Tell your friends to do the same.

Dear Senator Clinton,

For the good of the Democratic Party and the Nation we respectfully request that you withdraw from the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. We are requesting that you take this action because your campaign continues to use tactics that are doing irreparable harm to the Democratic Party and the eventual nominee. According to most of the experts, estimates, measurements and calculations your continuing efforts to win the nomination are simply not that realistic. Yet you insist on continuing in spite of the damage it may cause the Party.

Your continuing efforts to change the previously agreed to election rules in order to support your attempts to win the nomination appear to be manipulative and less than truthful. It also makes it appear that you believe that your personal goals take precedence over the Party’s goals and the will of the majority of voters who have participated in the Democratic primaries and caucuses throughout the country to date. Your continuing attempts to justify your campaign and to marginalize you’re opponent also has the effect of directly aiding the Republican Party.

It is imperative that the Democratic Party nominee be given as much time as possible to heal, unite and prepare the Democratic Party for the fall campaign. As Americans and Democrats we implore you to take this request seriously and to immediately withdraw. We hope you then will join us as we begin to focus our efforts on uniting the Democratic Party for the upcoming battle with John McCain.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What’s Up With Ferraro?

Is it a Clinton gender and race based targeted strategy to polarize white voters in Pennsylvania along racial lines against Obama? Geraldine Ferraro continues to use inflammatory talking points about Obama, saying he would not be viable today if he were not black. She refuses to retract her statement even digging her heels in when the comments were widely condemned. Saying that the Obama campaign was attacking her only because she was "white".

The Clinton campaign at first tried to distance themselves from the remarks. But late today the Clinton campaign once again used the Obama campaign’s criticism of the remarks to attack him. Could it be a subliminal signal to older white women that they are now being attacked by black men?

Thus one would surmise that the Clinton campaign in defending Ferraro and standing by her remarks that emphasis his race as a issue rather then his politics are doing it for a purpose. But for what purpose?

Most voters, I would argue, thought that one of the appealing things about Obama’s candidacy was that he somehow transcended race. Not according to the original queen of gender politics herself Ferraro. Who apparently, even after all these years, still has a difficult time looking passed peoples gender or race? Ferraro represents one of the stereotype Clinton supporter groups, being a fifty plus year old feminist who see everything through a gender prism as if it were still 1968. Ferrarro was picked to run as the Vice President candidate in 1984 with Walter Mondale. Specifically because of her sex. Mondale and Ferrarro carried one state, Minnesota. I think that outcome said loads about using gender to further your political aims.

The question at hand is what are Clinton, and Ferraro as her surrogate, up to here as it relates to the nomination. Could it be that knowing the demographics of Pennsylvania that they know that race is very much an issue in this mostly white (88%) working class conservative leaning state? James Carville a Clinton strategist described Pennsylvania this way, “Philadelphia in the East and Pittsburgh in the West, with (white) Alabama in the middle”. Clinton needs a huge victory in Pennsylvania to argue that she should win the nomination. Apparently she is not beyond playing the race card, with the usual plausible denial, to win no matter what damage if ultimately does to the Democratic Party in November.

Just another normal day in the life of the Clintons.

Monday, March 10, 2008

New York MSM Now In Ape Shit Crazy Feeding Frenzy Over Hooker With NY Gov Story

All other news reports have been suspended for at least 48 hours while cable news talking heads discuss such things as the color of the high heels the hooker wore while intercourse was taking place.

New York maybe the center of the universe to these people but the rest of us in the country don’t need to hear this story reported over and over again et nauseum when there are arguably more important matters that need the main stream media attention.

Dysfunctional Hillary Should Go Away For The Good Of The Party

One day Bill and Hillary Clinton are fawning over the possibility of a Clinton-Obama presidential ticket only to flip flop today to say that Obama isn’t ready to be Vice President. Obviously it’s because they realize that the narrative when against their previous statements that Obama doesn’t meet the commander in chief threshold. Obama said today that Clinton didn’t have standing to be picking running mates since she is running behind in delegates and popular votes. He was going easy on her.

Hillary should just go away! By staying in the race she only continues to damage the Democratic Party and it's chances of winning the White House in November.

Just another day in the do anything and say anything life of the schizophrenic Clintons.The flip-flops and contradictions now becoming too numerous to keep track of on a daily basis. There’s the tax return flip-flop. The Bill Clinton foundation financial and records lack of disclosure delays. Bill Clinton appearing on the Democrat and Hillary hating Rush Limbaugh show a day prior to the Texas Primary. This is the same democrat hating Rush Limbaugh who had called on his listeners to vote for Hillary in the Ohio and Texas primary to keep her candidacy alive because it represents the preferred match with John McCain.

Then there’s Clinton’s statements preferring McCain over Obama as meeting the commander in chief threshold. Even though it raises serious questions about her own qualifications. Today another new report that pledge delegates are not according to the Clinton camp. Another new Clinton narrative spin is that Obama is "the most liberal Senator". A right-wing talking point that the Clinton's have no scruples about using in their dysfunctional means justifies the end way of thinking. And a rather humorous report today that the Clinton campaign used a campaign worker’s credit card against her knowledge, calling into question whether they may have committed credit card fraud. The worker has apparently switch her support to Obama.

Is there nothing that the Clinton’s will NOT DO to try and win the democratic nomination? It one thing to run a tough race it’s another to run a race mostly based on lies and distortions.

One must ask the question. Do the Clintons care if they destroy the Democratic Party just to satisfies their self-centered self fulfilling prophecy?

Number one, Obama does not want to be the vice president. He is running for president. He doesn’t want to get down in the manure pile with Bill or do and say anything Hillary Clinton. It would permanently ruin his reputation. So wake up democrats there is no dream ticket going to happen. It another Clinton distortion.

Can we really take 4 to 8 more years of this, or worse, crap with the Clintons? Hillary should go away, and the sooner the better.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hey Goldy Read This I Care and I Think Clinton Is A Monster

So Harvard professor Samantha Power and I have something in common. Telling the truth.

I guess this isn’t going to be “progressive net roots” politically correct. Number one. I respect Goldy, but this time I think that he has run amuck with this recent post. I suffer from the same problem sometimes believe me. I’m sorry if the king has no clothes on. Goldy stop acting like some party hack. When the hell did the “comrades of the progressive net roots” agree to agree about anything? Sorry if I’m not following the party line here. I thought we are suppose to speak the truth, not make it up to fit some predetermined comrades of the net roots story line. This is one of the reasons both political parties and the net roots community rank with used car salesman and labor leaders in the credibility sweepstakes sometimes.

Who the hell cares? I care! And the success of the Obama campaign demonstrates that the majority of Democrats so far care like never before. They are sick of settling for the status quo mediocre run of the mill bullshit politics as practiced by the Clintons. It not about gender, it’s not about race, put simply it’s that Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate. More deeply flawed that most people want to admit. I call it the "yellow dog" Democrat in the street Clinton denial factor.

These are the Democrats that are holding out for the Obama Clinton “dream ticket” or visa versa. I think if Obama is at the top of the ticket he would never soil his good reputation by having a Vice President Hillary Clinton. The exception maybe that he is such a honorable guy he have to swallow hard and join her as a VP on the ticket if it meant saving the Democrat party.

That’s if she somehow is successful in stealing the nomination.

I’m not afraid to say it. I’m sick of the Billary and their antics. I'm sick of their divisive win at any cost pandering. I’m sick of them playing the race, gender, youthful drug use and Muslim cards and then plausibly denying it. I sick of their phony baloney triangulating personalities, and their double standards. She's a phony and he’s a phony. If you don't see it your probably a phony too. I don’t like phonies in politics or in life, be they Democrat or Republican. My interpretation of what your sayings is being a phony liar is okay as long as OUR phony liar gets elected in the end no matter what it takes.

I don't want to hear that politics is ruff and tough and not a pillow fight crap either. As a Democrat I don't want to adapt Carl Rove tactics as the model for our Party just because some lazy minded hack thinks it's what we need to do to win. We're much better then that and shouldn't have to sell our souls to get Democrats elected. As Obama has told us.

Hillary crossed the line the other day with me when she said that she and McCain “cross the commander in chief threshold” but Obama somehow doesn’t. By doing this I think she apparently is willing to destroy the Party if it means she can somehow throw Obama under the bus then argue he's unelectable and get the nomination. I’m sick of her telling me that because I participated in a caucus that somehow my vote is not as important, and that I’m a latte drinking pussy. The darn primary playing field was tipped in her direction from the beginning and now she whining about how unfair it is because she losing. She thought she be crowned queen by now. It doesn’t really sell if your paying ANY attention.

Her comments about the commander in chief threshold are going to be a great sound bite in some republican commercial this fall when Obama finally becomes the nominee. This from a woman who also has inflated her resume by arguing that sipping tea, eating cookies and palling around with the comedian Sinbad, Sheryl Crow and Chelsea in foreign countries makes her into a foreign policy expert. If your listen to this bullshit you think she single-handedly brought peace to Kosovo, Serbia and Northern Ireland. I’ve met Sinn Fein President Jerry Adams and I know she’s lying. It’s all simply more lies and distortions ala the Clinton style of politics regurgitating out there in the lemming horse race loving mainstream press.

I echo your feeling that on policy the two Democrats are very close. The main difference comes down to their personal character , personal integrity and bringing about REAL Change from Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton era of conflicting political war that we have been living in for 20 years. Hey look around it not working.

Finally she can’t win because of her built in negatives . Once her and Bill release their tax returns, if they ever do, the press and the Republicans will find enough stuff to make Tony Rezko look like a girl scout cookie seller outside your Thriftway. If your concerned about down ticket democrat success then Obama is definitely the one to bring that about. I don’t see her bringing enough democrats along on her coat tales to build sufficient majorities in Congress. Meaning more of the same gridlock. We may need Democrats in office in 2009 more then ever before but that doesn’t mean that we need to suspend reality or the truth in order to get there.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Can We Really Take Four More Years Of Clinton Lies And Distortions

Check out this video I just produced about Hillary below. As you know if you read this blog. I'm totally for Barack Obama. I even went to Texas and worked as a volunteer on his primary campaign there after getting involved here in Washington prior to our caucuses. I decided to get heavily involved because I felt so strongly that the country needed systemic fundamental CHANGES as soon as possible if we are to survive.

But, as I have become more immersed in the campaign I have also come to beleive that the change I seek simply is not possible with Hillary Clinton. That's because I believe she is fundamentally flawed. Which I think many Democrats are more or less in denial about. Like the speculation of the possibility of a Obama Clinton or visa versa dream ticket. More like a bad nightmare. If you ask me it will never happen. Obama's got too much integrity to get involved with the Clintons.

I am still confident that Obama will prevail in his quest for the Democratic nomination and in a battle with John McCain for the presidency. I must admit I have become increasingly dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton as someone I may have to support in the general election. Today an Obama unpaid advisor Samantha Power resigned after calling Hillary a "Monster" in an off the record comment to a Scottish newspaper reporter that became public. Samantha Powers is writer and professor at Harvard an well respected foreign policy wonk. So I'm sure she has her reasons to characterize Clinton as she did.

Unfortunately I totally agree. I'm have become so heavily invested in Obama's success I am having a harder and harder time justifying ever voting for Clinton if for some unforeseen reason she is actually nominated. It's that bad. I also think that Democrats should wake up and smell the reality of having Hillary and Bill in the white house for 4 to 8 more years. I just can't take the same old BS politics from these people anymore. Sorry.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Last Texas Primary Picture Show

This is some video I shot on the day of the Texas primary at precinct number 1 in Center, Texas. 103 voters attended the evening caucus and elected 18 delegates. 16 were elected supporting Barack Obama and 2 were elected to support Hillary Clinton. Those delegates will attend the Shelby County convention on March 29th, the next phase of the delegate selection process.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mad Middle Aged White Texas Women Caucus For Hillary In Texas

As an Obama volunteer in the East Texas town of Center on Election day I observed first hand the primary voting and second step caucus process. Our goal was to get out the vote on and encourage voters to return to attend the caucuses in the evening. We helped facilitate and train Obama supporters on how the process worked. Ultimately we hoped to elect as many Obama delegates as possible in each precinct. Texas allocates one third of their Democratic national convention delegates in the caucus phase of their primary the other two-thirds are choosen in the voting phase.

I talked to a local Jasper County Democratic Party official about the rules prior to the caucus when he stopped by to drop off the caucus paperwork packet and forms at the polling location. He handed them to one of the Obama supporters through the window of his pickup and appointed her the temporary chair before speeding out of the parking lot. “I don’t want to hear my name on CNN tomorrow, so make sure you don’t do anything too crazy okay? He yelled out the window, as he left.

At the particular precinct where I worked there was some confusion filling out the paperwork and getting the process started. The main function of the temporary chair was to call the caucus to order and then call for nominations and election of a permanent chair. When this was completed she was to call for nomination and an election to fill a secretary position. These two newly elected functionaries would then theoretically run the caucus.

Texas Democratic Party rules apparently do not bar outside observers to monitor the caucus process. Our interpretations of this was that observers were allowed at the caucus locations and also allowed to help with questions Obama supporters had about running the caucus and filling out the voter sign up sheets, tally sheets and results certifications. During the caucus itself many questions came up that required us to give advise to the chairperson or secretary about what to do. The main problem seemed to be that many of the participants had problems when it came to filling out the sign up sheets. Each participant could be required to produce ID or a voter’s card to verify that they were register and more often then not their names had to be look up in voter registration books. This slowed things down considerably.

Nine white women and one white man were the first to show up for the evening caucus. It gave us a bit of a scare because we thought that perhaps this was a sign that a large Clinton contingent was going to attend. Then the Obama supporters started to arrive and before long completely outnumbered the Clinton folks.

Jasper County Texas has a history of racial intolerance. Our Obama field organizer had warned us that in the past African Americans had been shut out of the election process. There were 103 register voters who attended the caucus that I observed. 93 signed in and indicated that they were for Barak Obama and all of these Obama supporters were African American . The remaining ten voters indicated their preference for Hillary Clinton. The 10 voters supporting Clinton were white and, except for on forty something male, predominately white middle-aged women. The final allocation of delegates was not unusual in that the precinct has a large African American population. The main difference, I was told by one old timer was that the Obama campaign had been successful in bringing many new voters to the polls. The precinct’s allocation called for 18 delegates and in the end Obama was awarded 16 delegates and Clinton 2 based on the tabulation of the sign up sheets.

During the caucus the Clinton supporters were left to stew in the corner amazed at the number of mostly poor and working class African Americans who had shown up and taken over the caucus. One say to me: “It’s unfair that a bunch of people can come here from Detroit and take away our votes”, apparently a reference to what she thought of me and the other Obama campaign workers observing the process. The Clinton supporters finally left together in sort of a huff, threatening to “sue” or file complaints with local party officials about what they thought were mistakes in the way the caucus had been conducted. Admittedly it was not perfect but I saw no attempt to not give the Clinton supporters their fair share of delegates.

This scenario repeated itself I’m sure in many other precincts in rural East Texas last night. It was part and parcel of the Obama campaign strategy to enfranchise black voters to participate . The turnouts were heavy in most places and there was wide spread confusion. Especially among the historically intolerant white folks who have had their way running the show for as long as they can remember around here.

Driving to Dallas to catch a plane for my trip back to Seattle today I heard a report that the Clinton campaign had threatening to bring legal action in Texas based on claims of wide spread “irregularities” related to the caucuses. There goes Clinton devaluing the caucus system again. What will come of it is anybody's guess. But it appears that even though Obama lost the popular vote he may have won the caucus phase of the Texas primary.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mom I'm Here In Texas

We stopped canvassing at sundown in this poor all white rural area of Texas. It not worth getting shot at or bitten by someone’s pit-bull even though we are pretty determined to mine every Obama vote we can from East Texas. Me and my canvassing partner have spent the last three days in the poor run down and often depressing neighborhoods here working for the Obama campaign. There is a certain ugliness and beauty to it all.

The first couple of days we did work in the poor black neighborhoods of Silsbee, Texas and then it was the poor white neighborhood's turn yesterday. They have much in common when it comes to poverty and ignorance. The political opinions you hear when you get to talk to these people are surprising, especially in the white areas. Many are dirt poor but still support Bush and his policies. Why they would vote for someone who doesn’t really represent their interest repeatedly amazed me. It seems to boil down to a warped and mixed up form of patriotism and religion.

Once you weather the front yards filled with broken down vehicles, garbage and snarling dogs who are hopefully tie up on a chain. These people seem baffled to see you there at all. They talk about how Obama refuses to sing the national anthem or wear a flag pin in his lapel but not about how it appears that they being screwed by a Republican government that exploits them on a daily basis. They babble about the “fact” that he’s a Muslim and all that, but are not quite sure of what is fact and what is fiction. Passing the false storyline from person to person on down the line.

“There just repeating what the preacher tells them on Sunday”, one Obama supporter told me. It would seem when you talk to these people in the poor white areas the world revolves around gun rights, flag pins, Muslims terrorist infiltrating America and what it means to be good Christians living in the bible belt. It’s like they think the rest of the world is a bunch of godless sinners. “Lots of people believe in god no matter where you live”, I told one fellow, "but up north we don’t think it’s polite to mix it with your politics or wear it on your sleeve."

Then we moved north to Center, Texas where today we will be doing some phone banks to get out the vote and then poll and caucus monitoring tonight. The sad thing is I won’t get to watch the returns tonight because I have a 300 mile drive to Dallas to catch a morning flight home to Seattle tomorrow.

Yes we can!

The opinions and observations made in this story are my own and have not been approved or sanctioned by the Obama campaign.

CNN Does Election Eve Hatchet Job On Obama Over NAFTA

The controversy over what a low level Obama stafer may of said about NAFTA to Canadian government officials has been offered up as a flown blown scandal by CNN and reporter Candy Crowley. It appears the motivating factor for such reporting is to improve CNN's ratings since several news agencies and the Canadians themselves have refuted the story.

The problem with this particular report is it comes at a moment when the Obama campaign would least want it too happen, hours before the polls open and at a time where it can not be responded to effectively. Because of the questionable nature of the facts, as reported by CNN, it certainly should raise questions about why Crowley and CNN have make it a centerpiece of the election eve coverage before todays elections in Ohio, Texas, Vermont, and Road Island.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Here in East Texas It’s Hand to Hand Combat

The Obama field organizer told us we were going to be on the front lines in the battle for the nomination here in East Texas. The latest Zogby poll pretty much confirms it. This part of Texas will apparently tip the balance, and it's hand to hand combat for us volunteers.

From my prospective it hard to tell just what the big picture is at times. I spent the last two days canvassing poor black neighborhoods in Silsbee, Texas. One thing for sure it’s been both an uplifting and a reality check for me. Many of these people told me it’s never been this bad for them, and believe me things are pretty bad from the looks of things. But Obama gives them hope that he can change things . Their eyes light up once they figure out why this white guy is at their door. “I thought you was the police”, a elderly lady told me.

I think that more than 99% support Barak here in the neighborhoods I’ve been working. Not really surprising. The problem will be getting them to actually go to the polls and then hopefully come back Tuesday evening to participate in the Texas two step caucus phase of the process. It’s confusing for even the well read and more confusing for most of these common folks. I sense a certain fear of getting involved with the process because of what I think is the historic racist intimidation of black participation in voting from the past here.
"In Texas, Clinton continues to hold a big lead among the state's sizable bloc of Hispanics and has an edge in the state's heavily Hispanic south and conservative west. Obama is strong in the cities, but the two have battled back-and-forth in east Texas and now run even there. "

"It really is looking like east Texas is the place to watch in the popular vote, whoever wins there could have the edge in the state," Zogby said.
We’ll do more canvassing in Silsbee today. Then I guess we’re go north to the area of Center , Texas tomorrow for canvassing in conservative white neighborhoods. That should be real fun.

Yes we can!

The opinions and observations made in this story are my own and have not been approved or sanctioned by the Obama campaign.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Battle For Texas

The opinions and observations made in this story are my own and have not been approved or sanctioned by the Obama campaign.

I'm in a motel room in Beaumount, Texas right now. My newest buddy Steve from Mississippi is sharing the room with me. If you look at Beaumount on the map you'll see I'm practically in the Gulf of Mexico or Louisiana. I'm closer to New Orleans then Dallas both in a geographically and mental sense I think. It's the way Southeast part of Texas.

Hell this feels like another country. We’ve been working in the rural counties and little towns surrounding Beaumount. We're talk'in Little Abner double wide trailer type rural here. The Campaign field organizer ask me if I'd like to come down here because it's REAL conservative and mostly red neck Republicans and poor folk, if you know what I mean. The sheriff told one of the African American canvassers who was down here last week that "he didn't want any trouble and to make sure he was gone by sundown". It's like that sixties movie "in the heat of the night". Well welcome to southeast Texas Barak HUSSEIN Obama!

I'm still wondering why the organizer thought I’d like to volunteer. I took a minute then I thought my labor organizer dad would be on heavy rotation in his grave if he thought I'd let a few rednecks scare me. But you may want to say a little pray for me anyway while I'm down here trying to lure the lost sheep back from the dark-side.

I had a rather lame conversation with one R, who was stuck, like a broken record, on why Obama doesn't wear a flag lapel pin or salute the red white and blue. Fuck the damn lapel pin BS I thought for Christ sake. People are freaking dying here. But then your realize they're still naming highways after George W. Bush down here so somehow it all makes sense to them. And by the way make sure you don't raise their damn taxes ever to pay for anything.

The battle for East Texas is in full swing and we're in a real throw down battle royal with the Clinton campaign here and of course the Republican and assorted red necks. Apparently the Clinton people are a dirty bunch of cheaters. The Clinton endgame, kitchen sink fear mongering, SNL says so strategy is in full death rattle swing here. As you probably figured out by now, the Texas two-step process involves a primary and a caucus at 7:15pm when the polls close, or after the last voter votes on Tuesday night. Two thirds of the votes are determined by the voting in the primary and one-third of the delegates are selected in the caucus process. The voters here are as confused as the voters were in Washington State about what they're suppose to be doing. We're trying to help them figure it out because we're that vaunted Obama ground game baby.

They expect a heavy turnout so it maybe a late night on Tuesday. I don't think there going to know the outcome of the caucus phase till spring. We are suppose to be monitoring the polling and also the caucuses helping to facilitate and seeing that everyone knows what to do and and how to do it. In our orientation the campaign field organizer told us that it's about trying to include every voter. No lying no cheating allowed.

It looks like it's going to be hot out today. I guess I'm being sent off to do some canvasing in the area around Silsbee, Texas.

Yes we can!