Monday, October 06, 2008

A Strategy Of Demagoguery Promoting Hate And Racism

This type of slime ball tactic doesn’t fit the type of America anyone would want to be a part of unless they were a skinhead. Today Sarah Palin continued the McCain Campaign strategy of the character assassination and guilt by association against Barack Obama attempting to play up his association with a former sixties radical and the Reverend Wright.

She asked the crowd what they would do about it and one man shouted out “kill him”.

Which I’m afraid one of these unhinged types may do, thinking it allowable since he’s a terrorist anyway. Meanwhile McCain himself stirred up a crowd in New Mexico saying Obama wasn’t really telling us the truth about his past. He then ask the crowd to tell him who they thought the real Barack Obama was, and someone yelled out, “he’s a terrorist”!

This type of demagoguery could comes straight out of a some hate group's manifesto. But it's the Republican Party.

I’m amazed that much of this crap is coming from a political pie hole of pipsqueak Sarah Palin. Where does this woman get off saying anything at all about the history of anything? She knows almost nothing. She'd probably still be in the political deep freeze of Alaska if the erratic John McCain hadn’t had an attack of gas the week he had to selected his Vice President.

This woman sickens me.

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