Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Republican Congressman Thinks It's Okay to Mistakenly Jail and Torture Innocent People

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) aggressively defended the U.S. rendition program and attacked the witnesses, three members of the European parliament, who testified that rendition actually hinders prosecutions of terrorists.

Further demonstrating Republican lack of understanding of basic individual constitutional rights. Europeans wonder if America still champion of inalienable rights. Demonstrators gasp in awe and eventually disrupt hearing.

Rush Limbaugh Pulls An Imus

Limbaugh plays "Barack The Magic Negro" song parody on his show. Must see video from Alternet here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Open Letter To Tucker Carlson, Your A Nitwit!

Mr. Carlson,

The hearings that congressional Democrats are holding on the Pat Tillman and the Jessica Lynch tragedies are necessary so that Americans can get to THE TRUTH. Something that has been sadly lacking ever since criminals like Bush and Cheney have been in charge of this country.

No matter what you think in between your insular world inside the Washington D.C. beltway, and your side trips for appearances on dancing with the stars or other attempts to be a pop star talking head, I believe that Bush and Cheney someday will face charges for the plague of criminal activities, lies and deceits they and their cronies have leveled on our country and the rest of the world during this national nightmare of a time we find ourselves living through today.

The Tillman and Lynch cases being only a small part of the overall malignant cancer that exists in every part of this administration. But of course not a small matter to the Tillman and Lynch families and many families just like them who have suffered the loss of a love one due to the incompetence and misguided policies of this government's leaders.

I believe the family of Pat Tillman requested that congress investigate these allegations. Apparently as many as nine senior military officers including several generals covered up the truth about how Tillman sacrificed his life, all done apparently to support this administration's phony call to war.

Like the Tillmans, I think that the American people should know who these generals are and more importantly who started the cover up in the first place. WE DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH and history deserves to know the truth.

If you were worth two cents as a journalist you would be compelled to find out who started these lies about Tillman and Lynch's service in the first place instead of talking gibberish or trying to create phony political conflicts that really don't exist or playing your lap dog character as some fictitious spokesman for the intellectual right-wing. Which we all know is somewhat of an oxymoron.

No your not the new William Buckley, and never will be. But I regress. You often miss the freaking point entirely on this and most other issues of the day.

On your program today you continued to try to somehow portray all this as "an attack on the troops or the army or somehow totally partisan. I remind you that Congress's job is oversight.

This is how the system is supposed to work now that there isn't a rubber stamp do nothing Tom Delay run Republican congress calling the shots anymore.

It is also beyond bad journalism and an indication of your lack of creativity to drag out Tom DeLay for his opinion on anything. Who would believe anything this potential felon has to say anyway. If you do. your a complete fool. But he plays you just like he plays all the other right wing wing nuts.

Which I'm beginning to think is the real problem with you and your show. Why MSNBC keeps you there is beyond understanding.

I for one think your phony libertarian intellectual right wing preppy boy bullshit is wearing real thin out here in the real world.


Vashon, Wa

Thursday, April 19, 2007

McCain Sings About Bombing Iran Video

During a campaign stop today by Senator John McCain he sings about bombing Iran in response to a question from an audience member about why the United States hasn't done so yet. The audience applause to the question strikes me as being even more troubling. Of course it's in South Carolina not exactly a Blue State.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Require Licenses For All Gun Owners In Washington State

It is becoming obvious, with each subsequent news report, that the man who killed 32 people and himself in Virginia demonstrated unstable and bazaar behavior long before he went on the rampage that led to the horror. Yet he was easily able to purchase the eventual murder weapons by simply providing 2 pieces of identification and doing a routine background check. Virginia apparently does not have a flagging system for individuals who have records of having mental illness issues. Nor do most other states unfortunately.

Had they had such a system perhaps this awful tragedy could of been avoided. Frankly there's a football stadium full of such personal tragedies that happen each year in the good old USA due to our archaic and out of date gun control laws.

I personally think that guns should not be band completely. Being partially raised in rural Eastern Washington I was taught to hunt, gun safety and a thoughtful respect for the uses of firearms. It must be noted that I do not own any weapons. I have personally chosen not to own them. I am not a pacifist or one who is morally opposed to defending myself if my life were truly threatened. I would probably be at the head of the line to purchase a firearm if a Katrina like event happened were I live or civil unrest become a reality around me. I respect each individual right to make up their mind where they stand on this matter.

Though I tend to agree with Camile Paglia recent column on this issue:

"As a Salon columnist (dating back to the founding of Salon in 1995), I have tried to provide a forum for defenders of the Second Amendment to make their case. The Northeastern major media, which remain heavily liberal, rarely permit these voices to be heard.

I do not own guns and have no interest in them. (Swords, those Homeric and chivalric emblems, have always attracted me more.) But as a libertarian, I read the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights as granting to private citizens the right to bear arms against the potential abuses of a government turned tyrannous. Furthermore, should police authority evaporate after a cataclysm of storm, flood, earthquake or terrorism, citizens have a right to defend their families and property against criminals and looters. If food and water are in short supply over a protracted period, expect predators and violence."

I now believe strongly, and have for sometime, that one should be required to obtain a license (similar to a diver's license) to possess any type of firearm or rifle short of marshal law being declared. This process would require thorough criminal background checks, a gun safety training course that you must pass and some rigorous mechanism to verify that you are of sound mind and body. Of course it would keep guns out of the hands of the usual suspects such as convicted felons and those with pending criminal actions.

It simply is beyond common sense that anyone who drives a vehicle is required to get a license while anyone wishing to own a weapon, which is perhaps more deadly in the wrong hands, has little or no restrictions placed upon them in obtaining one.

Also I believe that assault weapons should be band along with the assortment of large ammunition clips and hollow point type bullets. These things are extreme and not really necessary or practical for hunting, protecting oneself or ones family or property.

It is extremely unfortunate that this apparently mentally ill individual in Virginia was allowed to somehow slipped through the cracks that exist not only in Virginia but many parts of this country when it came to keeping firearms out to the hands of people who one would consider unstable or mentally ill.

He apparently had a number of contacts with the police after allegedly stalking women on campus and appeared unstable to most who had contact with him and apparently was the proverbial ticking time bomb. Yet he obtained the weapons easily.

In Washington State individuals charged with domestic violence offenses are flagged through the department of licensing data base and prohibited from purchasing owning or possessing firearms pending the outcome of their cases. If convicted of a the offense their right to own or possess a gun is prohibited for a number of years or until it is restored by the court. Concealed weapons permits only require that they certify that they are mentally sound and go through a background check and you do not need the permit to purchase the weapon only to conceal it.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich's blog had this to say on the subject:

"In the United States, if you are seriously depressed, you can purchase anti-depressive drugs like Prozac, but only if you have a prescription from a doctor. Anti-depressants are enormously beneficial to millions of people but they are also potentially dangerous if used improperly. So, you have to see a doctor and get an assessment before you can go to a drug store and purchase one.
But in the United States, in places like Virginia, a seriously depressed or deranged person can walk into a store and buy a semi-automatic handgun and a box of ammunition. All you need is two forms of identification. You don’t need permission from a doctor or counselor or anyone in the business of screening people to make sure they’re fit to have a gun."

It's time voters begin to contacting their representatives to tell them that enough is enough. We need to have the political courage to stand up to the NRA and the gun fanatics and pass laws that represent some sort of common sense control over the epidemic of gun violence in America.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Murders Offer Evidence Of A Troubled Society Without Providing Clear Moral Explanations of Why

My 12 Step Group has a old tradition that refers to being on and off the beam when leading your daily life. After hearing about the mayhem and murder today at Virginia Tech I thought creating a rendition of the list could be helpful to understand this tragedy.

Mercy Homicide
Life Death
Peace War
Dehumanize Bomb
Creation Destruction
Peace Loving Militarism
Hope Suicide
Moderation Fanatic
Tolerance Fundamentalist
Open-Mindedness Conservative
Dialogue Ideologue
Silence Mayhem
Understanding Xenophobia
Non-Violence Violence
Sophistication Nationalism
Objectivity Jingoism
Love Indifference
Empathy Racism
Humility Chauvinism
Forgive Execute

Here is the original list

Honesty Dishonest
Faith Fear
Courage Frighten
Consideration Inconsiderate
Humility Pride
Giving Greed
Calm Anger
Grateful Envy
Patience Inpatient
Tolerance Intolerance
Forgiveness Resentment
Love Hate
Self-forgetfulness Self-Pity
Humility Self-Justification
Modesty Self-Importance
Self-forgiveness Self-Condemnation
Trust Suspicion
Moderation Gluttony
Action Sloth

Monday, April 09, 2007

Imus in Mourning Video of Al Sharpton Radio Show

City of Seattle Tells Family Owned Business To Go Fuck Themselves

I was not surprised to find a story in today’s Seattle Times about a 70 year old family operated business finally fed up with having to be the neighbor to the experimental drunk housing project that the city opened 16 months ago at 1811 Eastlake in the Cascade Neighborhood.

Northwest Trophy recently announced they’d be moving to a new location after trying to deal with problems that housing for chronic drunks has created for them next door. Including 267 911 calls to the premises or one about every other day according to my calculations. The management of the bum center calls it all a case of “sour grapes” by the business owners who opposed the center from the beginning.

God what a surprise!

Can you imagine a 911 call to your neighbors house every other day or having intoxicated knuckleheads wandering aimlessly into your home or pissing on your flowerbeds on a regular basis. I can see the new agers on Capital Hill calling for Nick Licata’s head if such a thing were allowed to continue to happen on or near "their property". Makes me want to go up there a piss and defecate on Licata's lawn right now.

Seattle’s city fathers once again demonstrate, with the approval of this and other populist civic experiments, like the public toilets debacle, their lack of understanding of small business and the risk involved in operating one in Seattle. There is a head in the clouds attitude when it comes to common sense approaches to civic problems and support for family owned and operated small businesses. In fact there is little common sense at all it seems at times. Mostly just overly idealistic and grandiose bullshit continuing to ooze from the minds of this city council.

I for one thought the idea of “wet” housing was somewhat ill conceived and enabling behavior on the part of city government at the time the center opened. Usually substance abusers are offered housing if they agree to stop using as a condition of them being a resident in sober housing. This experimental project allows the residents to continue drinking based on the belief that it will save taxpayer money with fewer trips to Harborview Medical Center or King County Jail by the bums. It sort of “controlled drinking” housing I guess or a “safe house for drinking”.

Only in Seattle can you avoid regular under a bridge drinking and continue to be a fuck-up in taxpayer supported drunk safe housing. I suggested in my initial post on this subject that the city consider putting a bar in the lobby. Maybe we could recoup some of the tax money that way? Of course the bouncer would not throw rowdy drunks out he just escort them to their rooms. Were they could attempt more "controlled drinking".

Everyone worth his salt knows that alcoholics by definition cannot control their drinking, which of course, is the basis of their problem. As one reader pointed out to me when I wrote a piece on this subject 16 months ago, this place is really a hospice where unwilling to attempt sobriety drunks go to die and not much else.

I know that even drunks deserve a home. My argument is that drunks who want to be sober should be given a priority when it come to my tax dime over drunks who wish to continue their ward of the state drunken lifestyles.

We need to know just how much money this place has been saving the taxpayers since it opened? One of the local newspapers should be willing to follow up on the story and give us those figures soon I hope.

Don Imus Finally Pisses Off The Wrong People

Okay, I admit I have strange sleeping habits and often find myself a regular viewer of the Imus in the Morning Show on MSNBC which airs at 3am to 6am daily here on the West Coast.

Don’t say I told you so, because I did in a post in early February on Imus, the national radio personality and MSNBC morning shock jock personality, but he has apparently finally pissed off the wrong people. In fact it seems like the entire African American community. It happened last week when Imus referred to the Rutgers University women’s predominantly African American basketball team as a bunch of “nappy headed hos” while attempting to create some bad frat boy humor in an exchange with his fellow loose cannon producer Bernard McGuirk.

Surprisingly, this is sort of par for the course behavior and even a lightweight transgression for Imus and his band of merry ass kissing all American all white all male Imus show loud mouthed personalities. Perhaps all the years of cumulative personal insults and name-calling and banal behavior may finally lead to his downfall or at least to someone actually reigning in Mr. Potty Mouth. God knows there probably are a legion of folks out there that would love to see him humiliated and/or put in his place.

Imus apparently made an attempt to apologize on last Friday’s show. But after years of insulting just about everyone alive his many enemies probably can smell the blood in the water now that he's pissed off an entire race.

The Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, among others, are calling for his head on a silver platter. It will be interesting to see how Imus, his radio affiliates and MSNBC respond to the onslaught and accompanying media frenzy.

Down goes Imus!

As much as Imus pisses me off for his outlandish bullshit I find I have sort of a soft spot in my heart for him because of his “everyman” sort of personality. His flaws are glaring and I can personally relate to some of the demons that may haunt him.

I’m sure lots of people identify with him and his often hidden better nature. The Imus program on MSNBC beats out CNN American Morning in the ratings on a regular basis. He's often brutally honest about life or when dealing with and interviewing political types. Something that is refreshing. His work with charities like his Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer and undying support for veteran’s causes and other popular populist issues often give you a glimpse of an Imus on the high road. You want to forgive and ignore the bad behavior.

But then he slips into the egomaniac world of name calling and being an asshole with too much power. A negative role that in the end may just lead to his downfall.