Friday, September 12, 2008

Republicans Begin Widespread Voter Caging Campaigns

You better wake up because now the fascist Republican Party is fucking with your right to vote! If there isn't a national outrage about this shit there certainly should be.

Republican party organizations and operatives have apparently commenced to engage in the wide ranging Carl Rove tactic of attempting to suppress Democratic Party voters nationwide. It’s a tactic known as voter caging.

In the battleground State of Ohio and several other battleground states reports are surfacing of the Republican tactic to cage Democratic Party voters. In case your not aware of what exactly it is, it’s the practice of contacting registered Democrats usually through the mail with such things as dummy pre-election request for absentee ballots or other election related information. The mailers also contain a DO NOT FORWARD request for the post office if they should be, for any reason, undeliverable. Another variation of the tactic is to ask the voter to verify they are eligible to vote or not by checking a obscure box on the mailer should it actually be returned to it's Republican operative source. If the check box is overlooked or mark as ineligible the information is then used later to challenge the voter’s eligibility with local election officials.

There are several variations of the tactic using a mailer that's returned to the Republican Party source and then used to claim that a voter it was sent to is not properly registered because of an invalid address change or other trumped up reason that may be required in the voter's home state or county in order for them to be considered eligible voters.

I would think that the average voter isn't that aware of all the intricacies of remaining eligible to vote in their particular location. But they better get informed about it now and verify that they are eligible before the election because the Republicans apparently plan on challenging your right to vote if you've moved and not corrected your address or otherwise given them a reason to do so based on your local election laws.

As unbelievable as it seems, there are also reports that Republicans are mailing to lists of foreclosure victims knowing that they are not at the address the mailer is sent to because they lost their freaking homes. Once again when the mailer is returned to sender the undeliverable ballot is used to claim the voter is not properly registered. This is a double insult because the Republican economy is responsible for most of these middle class folks losing there homes in the first place. Kick them while they’re down should be McCain’s new slogan not Country First.

This is a effective tactic for the Republicans in battleground states because it can be used to reduce Democratic votes enough to change the outcome of the election in a close race. The tactic is not just effective with the top of the ticket but also helps in down ticket races. In the last gubernatorial election in 2004 in Washington State the eventual Democrat winner Chris Gregiore won by less then 1000 votes after Republicans had some success suppressing votes by challenging eligibility.

The bottom line is Republicans are not really interested in making sure everyone right to vote is protected. They are more interested in suppressing your votes on technicalities, especially if you’re a registered Democrat. Winning is everything with these especially sleazy Republican scumbags evidently, even if it means disenfranchising voters who would normally be consider eligible to vote.

Is this type of shit what our forefather fought and died to protect? I think not!

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