Monday, December 31, 2007

50 Most Loathsome People in America 2007

The Beast offers a must read list with some outstanding caricatures of the 50 most loathsome people in America 2007. My favor number 9. You!

"Charges: You believe in freedom of speech, until someone says something that offends you. You suddenly give a damn about border integrity, because the automated voice system at your pharmacy asked you to press 9 for Spanish. You cling to every scrap of bullshit you can find to support your ludicrous belief system, and reject all empirical evidence to the contrary. You know the difference between patriotism and nationalism -- it's nationalism when foreigners do it. You hate anyone who seems smarter than you. You care more about zygotes than actual people. You love to blame people for their misfortunes, even if it means screwing yourself over. You still think Republicans favor limited government. Your knowledge of politics and government are dwarfed by your concern for Britney Spears' children. You think buying Chinese goods stimulates our economy. You think you're going to get universal health care. You tolerate the phrase "enhanced interrogation techniques." You think the government is actually trying to improve education. You think watching CNN makes you smarter. You think two parties is enough. You can't spell. You think $9 trillion in debt is manageable. You believe in an afterlife for the sole reason that you don't want to die. You think lowering taxes raises revenue. You think the economy's doing well. You're an idiot.

Exhibit A: You couldn't get enough Anna Nicole Smith coverage.

Sentence: A gradual decline into abject poverty as you continue to vote against your own self-interest. Death by an easily treated disorder that your health insurance doesn't cover. You deserve it, chump."

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Non-Response to Carnation Murders 911 Call Reflects Lack Of Professionalism Training Within KCSD

A government official friend and I were talking about the grisly murder of six members of a Carnation Family on Christmas Eve. I mentioned that one of the strangest items in the news reports about the murders was the apparent failure of two responding sheriff deputies to make contact with anyone at the scene after getting a 911 hang up dispatched call from the home where it was eventually discovered the murders took place.

He and I both have had long careers in criminal law related fields. He worked in law enforcement and I worked in the court system. We are both familiar with the long established policy of police departments everywhere that says when a 911 hang up call is made officers are required to make contact with someone at the location of the call to verify the safety of citizens at the location and ascertain that no laws have been broken. It’s simply common sense based on the principle of protecting the safety of the caller or others at the location.

Apparently the deputies arrived at the Carnation property a half hour after getting the call but simply left after encountering a locked gate. Even though according to newspaper reports the property was not fence in a way that would of kept the deputies from gaining access by simply walking around the gate and up to the house.

We know now that six murdered individuals were just beyond that gate. Court filings on the case indicate that one of the victims apparently made the 911 hang up call approximately one half hour before the deputies arrived. One of the alleged killers has apparently admitted to investigators that he took the phone from the victim and then commenced to shoot her in the head as she pleaded with him not to do it.

Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart said the department's policy requires deputies who respond to 911 hang-up calls to make contact with someone at the scene. “Their blood is not on our hands," Urquhart said. "Should we have gone up there? Yes. But there was nothing we could have done to prevent this tragedy.”
This matter of the police not contacting someone at the property is being buried somewhat by the gruesome major facts of the case. The sheriff department saying in effect that it would of not made any difference because the murders had already taken place. The murders were not actually learned about until two days later when a friend of one of the victims went to the property after one of the victims did not show up for work at her post office job.

King County Sheriff Sue Rahr has called for an investigation. An investigation that should tell us whether any lives could of possibly been saved had the deputies properly followed department procedure instead of just blowing the 911 call off.

I ask my law enforcement friend what he thought about it. He said he thought it reflected the long running rank and file “arrogance” problem on the part many of the deputies in the KCSD. I live in rural King County and personally know of numerous complaints about response times by officers. "It's sort of a running joke out here". Once the officer arrives they often seem bothered that they actually have to do something that involves actual community law enforcement and meaningful interaction with citizens. I guess they’d rather be writing chippie tickets to everyone speeding 10 miles per hour over the speed limit on the local 2-lane highway and I'll avoid inserting any jokes alluding to the local donut shop here.

According to my friend Deputies don’t respond quickly because they believe they don’t have to respond quickly. Often they invoke their union contract at the slightest disagreement with management on department policy or work rules. Because the Union is strong this often manifest itself in an arrogant attitude and poor or unprofessional work ethic by the rank and file officers in the field. I describe it as “They can’t really fired me” attitude of invincibility. In recent years this systemic problem reflected itself more in corruption scandals that would often pop up within the KCSD.

Much of this culture apparently grew under the theatrical grandstanding style and leadership of former Sheriff Dave Reichert, the current 8th district Republican Congressman. Reichert turned his back on many low level indiscretions by the rank and file in a effort to be one the boys and not alienate the union. It is said by some that Reichert used the department mainly to build his image and reputation as a tough no nonsense cop with an eye on an eventual run for congress. It worked even though many felt he didn't really deserve as much credit as he claimed for the department successes like the arrest of the Green River Killer. That case made Reichert into national figure .

Getting elected to Congress was more important that making sure that the work ethic of the deputies was meeting acceptable standards or standing up to the powerful police union when officers used their union's power to get away with not doing the job professionally at times. This long running attitude problem by deputies perhaps led to the officers ignoring clear cut department policy when they were reponding to the Carnation 911 call. The department investigation should eventually shed light on whether the deputies failure to follow department policy resulted in not preventing any of these murders from happening.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bush Foreign Policy Succeeds Middle East Now Completely Destabilized

In the run up to the Iraq war there were a number of warnings from nearly every corner that indicated that a US invasion of Iraq would lead to the destabilization of the Middle East. Colin Powell warned the President personally, the military, pentagon experts, the entire rest of the world and even Ron Paul. I don't agree with him on most issues but, it is interesting in retrospect reading this Paul prewar commentary. But deadbeat George Bush and Dick Cheney et al chose to ignore all warnings and as one detractor said at the time "kick the hornets nest".

Looking at the current situation across a wide swath of the Middle East we find a region nearly in complete chaos after nearly eight years of Bush/Cheney/Rice Foreign policy madness. Here's our evidence.

Iraq: Claims that the Iraq surge is working and will bring long term stability inhabit the world of right wing spin or fodder for polititians who continue to support the invasion in spite of the facts.

Turkey: Currently Turkey has declared war and is in the process of bombing Kurdish Rebels in Northern Iraq with US support. Which also maybe killing innocent civilians and third parties who just happen to be there while the protesting elements of he Iraqi government are ignored.

Afghanistan: The Taliban and al-Qaeda working from sanctuaries within the country and tribal regions of Pakistan continue to make significant progress in destabilizing the country and regaining power. Illegal poppy production is feeding a booming drug trade and funneling funds to the Taliban and al-Queda.

Pakistan: Leading opposition leader Benazir Bhutto assassinated and country in turmoil.
Al-Qaeda scope of operations is growing in Pakistan with unconfirmed reports that elements of government security forces support Bin Laden. Billions of US aid dollars unaccounted for in war against terrorists. WMD in danger of falling into terrorist hands. Democratic elections in jeopardy.

Iran: Ongoing bad relations with US over nuclear enhancement of uranium and continuing Bush/Cheney saber rattling.

And we haven’t even mentioned the enormous problems with Israel, Palestine or Syria.

Meanwhile the current crop of Presidential Candidates continue to extol the get tough macho bullshit policies that created this enormously disastrous mess in the first place.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gun Pandering Huckabee Uses Unsafe Hunting Methods

Why is it every time some Republican goes out hunting it becomes a safety concern. First we had Dick Cheney shoot his hunting partner in the face while bird hunting in Texas and on Wednesday in Iowa we have Mike Huckabee recklessly firing over the head of reporters.

Like the writer of the post at The Swamp I spent some time in rural Eastern Washington as a kid hunting. There were no exceptions for anything other then strict safety practices when we were using firearms.

If these guys are so in love with hunting and guns then they at least should know the basic safety practices when they go out to kill over matched and defenseless wildlife. But, really I think it's all a form of testosterone machismo pandering bullshit and show off for the hunting and NRA crowd.

These phony Republicans aren't really hunters in the true since of the word. Because if they were they'd not be so reckless.

via: The Swamp

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

50% Off Sale

Click on image to enlarge

Artist Duane Hanson offers an unpretentious and realistic view of the people with his unique sculptures.

via: Internet Weekly Report

2007 Year End Best Of Junk Media Bullshit Content Rankings

If your like me the end of the year tends to put me in that state of mind where I find myself reconnoitering what went right and what went wrong. I think it must be some archetypical pattern of collective consciousness brought on in the human species at the passing of winter solstice and the realization that another year is nearing it’s end. Yeah that's it.

Then again it could be triggered by the bottom feeding collective soul of the inhabitants of this god forsaken republic and the endless practice of year end list compiling by print and electronic media hype mongers that’s being shoves down our collective throats. Bored with real news because it so damn cyclically depressing, apocalyptic and fucking down right scary and trying to feed the ravenous appetite for new content THEY force us at each year’s end to a barrage of newspaper pullouts, TV news shows and compiled laundry lists of total bullshit best of the year useless rankings and the accompanying babble.

If I see that fucking flaming fag “leave Britney alone” video again I’m going to puke up my dinner.

Would most of you agree that Rome is burning? Do any of the metaphors of Orwell's book 1984 come to mind when you look around this country?

One poll apparently names President Bush and Hillary Clinton the most admired male and female of the year. Two questions come to mind immediately. What the fuck pumpkin wagon did the pollster taking this poll fall off of anyhow? Who are these people that are giving the pollster the unadulterated bullshit answers to the survey?

Who really cares about ranking the year’s showbiz scandals? It’s Britney versus Paris versus Lindsey versus Winehouse onward infinitum. The answer is apparently literally hoards of Americans out there in the wasteland leading their inauthentic lives of meaningless nothingness. They need a diversion I guess. In fact they have become so diverted they barely know their ass from a hole in the ground.

The criminally despicable banal water boarding of the mind, body and soul goes on almost unabated on a daily basis. Yet there is no widespread righteous indignation at the acts of the political criminals. Impeachment is not on the table. Three out of eight men running for President of the United States said they don’t believe in evolution. I think my home smoke alarm even when off at that point in that Republican debate. Then we have the dueling I’m so fucking religious bullshitting contests that are the meat and potatoes of this year's Republican candidates primary and let’s go back to living like they did in 1850's olden times monologue manure spreading.

Listen you can hear the educated world laughing at us.

But there’s plenty of airtime and print space to fill with the rankings of the year's best drug abusing alcoholic and indiscreet breast augmented bimbo. Maybe perhaps at a better and more hope filled time in the future. Not!

If one person out there complains about the state of the nation in this presidential election year and in the next breath says that they didn't find the time to vote before or probably won't vote this year then they can just go fuck themselves.

When they don’t vote they make me and other voters into some sort of unwilling patsies of the government in powers narrative and the depressing state of this nation just by abdicating their right to vote and therefore their one paramount responsibility and duty as an American citizen. The criminal no idea politicians, Tim Eymans, Carl Roves and religious fanatics can only admire your continuing non participation.

Earth to all flaky liberals voters out there: America is not a kingdom, it's a democracy. Informed vote casting is a basic requirement.

I personally fear for my country. We need to turn this thing around quickly. We need to jettison the outdated politics of the Bush Clinton Bush Clinton eras. We need new blood and real commitment to change. We need the vitality of the young in a big way. We all need to stop being diverted from what’s truly important in 2008 and beyond. We all need hope that the future will be better.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Crucified Santa Latest In Seasonal Decorating Protests

The crucifying of Santa has become a new outlet for protest. A Bremerton, WA man says he doing it to protest against commercialism at Christmas. While a Canadian artist, who also is crucifying Santa in his front yard is quoted as saying. "Santa represents frivolous consumption. That's all he is. He shot Jesus right out of the saddle. He's the focus of Christmas."

Art Conrad of Bremerton says he got the idea when he read a story about a Japanese retailer who got the two western metaphors mixed up and ended up unknowingly nailing Santa to the cross for a store display. Which is pretty hilarious if you ask me.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Baby Jesus More Popular Then Teenage Or Adult Version

Or what dinner time is like for a Huckabee supporter.

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Can You Be Replace By Robot Of The Year?

Video of Japan's robot of the year. Compare this with I love Lucy show segment where Lucy has a job in the candy factory.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clinton Pregnant With Huckabee Love Child..... Developing

1. Tabloid prints trash story about presidential candidate, deep inside, not even teased off the cover

2. Elite media pretends to ignore trash story but secretly makes inquiries

3. Local TV news station asks candidate about trash story

4. Later, Elite media's editors tell field reporters it's ok to ask candidate about trash story because he's already been asked about it

5. Elite media asks about trash story

6. Candidate answers

7. Elite media runs the story on the pretext that the denial has made the story legitimate

8. Elite media looks for different angles to justify running the story

9. Conservative blog runs headline linking to original tabloid trashy story after candidate pulls ahead in Iowa polls

10. Blogosphere picks up on story

11. Tabloid prints same trashy story but this time on front page

12. Process repeats itself continuing negative rumors and speculation about candidate

13. Voters begin to have doubts about supporting candidate even though original story claims unsubstantiated

14. Candidate drops out of lead in polls and doesn't do well in primary

15. Candidate pulls out of race

16. Somewhere Carl Rove is laughing

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Swedish Self Cleaning Toilet New Tool In War Against Super Model Drug Use

Video of Swedish ad of self-cleaning toilet thats also good at bogarting all your coke. Maybe we can get one of these for Amy Winehouse.

Suggestion For Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Christmas Present

Chistmas morning for Reid and Pelosi!

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via: The Backbone Campaign

Is John Edwards The Opponent The Republicans Fear The Most?

John Edwards has a bulldog approach to the problems facing this country which apparently appeals to Democrats and independents who are tired of the mealy-mouthed centrist approach of other Democratic candidates. Edwards is the NO MORE MR. NICE GUY when it comes to health care and dealing with the unbridled power that's been granted to corporations under Bush's presidency. He's ready to fight for the poor, fight for the middle class, and fight for the environment. In fact the friends of the earth have given him their endorsement.

Polls show that Edwards is the most electable when put up against any of the probable Republican presidential nominees. Republicans apparently recognize that Edwards would be the strongest opponent. Some argue that Carl Rove is using reverse psychology when he attacks Hillary Clinton while at the same time indicating she is the strongest among the Democratic challengers. Campaign manager Joe Trippi says so:

"John Edwards is Karl Rove's worst nightmare—the candidate with the boldest ideas for changing America—the candidate who can take on the special interests in Washington, D.C. and win—and the candidate who consistently beats all of the Republican candidates in head-to-head match-ups in battleground states—and by the widest margins."
Edwards hopes for a late surge in Iowa that will catapult him to a win there. The strategy for success for the Edwards campaign has always been based on winning in Iowa and gaining momentum that will carry him to subsequent primary victories and the nomination. Here's his new hope filled movie trailer style ad.

Ronald Reagan Speaks From Beyond The Grave

Reagan Diaries: Ronald Reagan on George W. Bush. Supposedly this is a recently released direct quote from Ronald Reagan about George W. Bush entered into his diary. The entry is dated May 17, 1986.

"A moment I’ve been dreading. George brought his ne’re-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one who lives in Florida. The one who hangs around here all the time looking shiftless. This so-called kid is already almost 40 and has never had a real job. Maybe I’ll call Kinsley over at The New Republic and see if they’ll hire him as a contributing editor or something. That looks like easy work."

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Backbone Campaign Needs Your Measly $10 Contribution Now!

Help the Backbone Campaign win a $50,000 prize by signing up the largest number of contributors before January 31.. The winning organization is determined by the number of contributors not the total amount given. Give as little as $10 by clicking here.

Also it maybe time for you to learn more about the Backbone Campaign. The video offers a look inside the origins and work of this unique Vashon Island based creative progressive political organization with a sense of humor.

An Open Letter To Senator Reid

Dear Senator Reid,

I think you have demonstrated a dangerous lack of leadership as Senate Majority Leader and that you continue by your actions to put the Democratic Party at risk of losing the hard fought gains we made in the 2006 elections. Also you have by your tacit collusion with the opposition allowed the continuation of Republican and Presidential policies that do harm to this country and it’s citizens everyday. Your actions also put in jeopardy the hope of Democrats that we can elect even more Democratic Congressman and Senators in the coming elections.

As you know the favorable ratings of the Democratic led Congress are lower then that of our President, who favorable ratings are at historic lows. I believe that this is because you and other Democratic leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives have failed to take the difficult stands on historic legislation that has come before you for consideration. I think your continuing complain that you do not have a sixty-vote majority in the Senate to overcome any perceived Republican filibuster has become tiresome and disingenuous in the eyes of Americans.

It is time that you allowed the cards to fall where they may when it comes to votes on bills that come before the Senate. If the Republicans are forced to filibuster, then let it be. If the President must use his veto then let him do that. But as the Democratic leader it should be your duty to force the minority party to participate in an up or down votes on any matter that comes before the Senate no matter what it may be. If you claim to be the majority party then you should begin to act like it by beginning to enforce and demonstrate party discipline on legislation that comes before you.

My reasoning is based on my belief that the Democratic Party must begin immediately to demonstrate that it stands for SOMETHING rather then acquiescing it’s position to the President and the Republicans every time a contentious bill comes up for a vote.

This is crucial because we as Democrats must begin to show the citizens of this nation that there are ideals, policies and programs upon which we are clear and united. It should not matter what arguments, political maneuvering and attacks we are subjected to by the Republican Party. When we do not draw a line in the sand on these issues then the line becomes blurred in the eyes of the voters. Your actions to gut legislation of anything that is not wanted by the Republicans or just give in without a fight only adds to the feeling that the Democratic party is weak and really stands for nothing, believe in nothing, and is not fit to lead.

I ask you, what does our party stands for when held up for comparison to Republicans? It has become more difficult to differentiate between the political parties when we only act in collusion with Republicans and leave the impression that we in the end are really no different from them.

I further propose that if you cannot in good conscience continue to lead a Democratic Party that is willing to take a tough stand when necessary then you should step down and allow for new leadership that will.

Daniel O’Brien, Vashon, WA

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Video Of Bill Gates Getting Panhandled While Downing Dick's Deluxe On Sixty Minutes

Bill Gates gets panhandled during filming of 60 minutes segment with Charlie Rose. Bill and Charlie stopped at Dick's Queen Anne. Of course, Bill was talking about how smart he was in school when one of our Queen Anne bums who probably lost everything when the .com bubble burst ask if Bill can spare any change? Ha.... Wonder how he did on the healthy living and nutrition test when he was in school?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reid Pelosi Officially Become Bush's Bitches

Hey Harry get a pair! Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is apparently on the verge of letting the telecoms off the hook in spite of their massive illegal invasion of your privacy. This follows the Senate cave on Iraq war funding and most other bills wanted by President frat boy. The Reid strategy apparently involves giving Bush whatever he wants in exchange for as much pork as possible now while waiting to actually change things after the 2008 elections. But is such a strategy acceptable if you give away constitutional rights and continue to support an unconscionable war in Iraq.

When will Reid actually demonstrate some leadership by making the Republicans really have to filibuster a bill or make this President actually use a veto? Hopefully it may not be to late to stop telecom immunity by contacting your senator. Tell Harry and your representative to show some leadership instead of just selling out.

In some as yet unexplained and confusing democratic strategy which allows Bush to have his way on every bill that is thrown in the hopper. Reid and his counterpart in the House Nancy Pelosi continue to whine endlessly about their lack of votes instead of demonstrating the guts, guile and leadership needed to stop the backward Republican political agenda.

No wonder the congress's approval ratings is actually lower then the President's. At this rate it may be difficult to maintain or gain the seats needed in the next congressional elections to stop the lack of votes excuse making. People are growing sick of the same old status quo cave jobs from Reid and Pelosi and should demand more backbone from their representatives.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wexler Ask For Your Support To Impeach Cheney

Three members of House Judiciary Committee turned to the web for support after mainstream media blocks story. They are calling on you to support the impeachment of Cheney at their website. Watch video and sign on here.

Did Juiced Yankees Steal 2000 ALCS from Mariners?

The Mitchell Report outlining the dark period of baseball history now and forever after to be known as “the steroid era” leads any right minded baseball fan to ask themselves whether the Seattle Mariners were on a level playing field (pun intended) when they lost to the Yankees in the 2000 American League Championship Series.

Apparently five steroid using Yankees players played a major role in the defeat of the Mariners in that series which lasted six games. The Mitchell report names starting New York Pitchers Roger Clements, Andy Pettitte, Jason Grimsley and Denny Neagle and three position players David Justice, Chuck Knoblauch and Glenallen Hill.

One Mariner, third Baseman David Bell is named in the report and played for the Mariners in the 2000 series. If Bell was using steroids at the time it did not appear to help him because he only hit .222 in 15 plate appearances with 0 RBI.

But, much of the alleged steroid use by named players outlined in the Mitchell report swirls around the 2000 season and the Yankees. Pitchers Clements, Pettitte, Grimsley and Neagel along with Justice, Knoblauch and Hill are named. Apparently former Yankee and Clement's personal trainer Brian McNamee provided much of the evidence about the players in question to Mitchell. Here a excerpt from the report:

“Clemens hired McNamee to train him during portions of several weeks in the off-season. McNamee also trained Clemens personally for one to two weeks during spring training and a few times during the season. McNamee served as the Yankees’ assistant strength and conditioning coach through the 2001 season.388 McNamee first learned about Kirk Radomski through David Segui during the 2000 season. Also that season, McNamee obtained Radomski’s telephone number from Jason Grimsley. McNamee wanted to buy a Lexus, and Radomski had a connection with a Lexus dealer. Radomski recalled that Grimsley was a frequent customer for performance enhancing substances, and he produced nine checks written by Grimsley to Radomski during 2001 and 2002 and fourteen checks in total.

According to McNamee, during the middle of the 2000 season Clemens made it clear that he was ready to use steroids again. During the latter part of the regular season, McNamee injected Clemens in the buttocks four to six times with testosterone from a bottle labeled either Sustanon 250 or Deca-Durabolin that McNamee had obtained from Radomski. McNamee stated that during this same time period he also injected Clemens four to six times with human growth hormone he received from Radomski, after explaining to Clemens the potential benefits and risks of use. McNamee believed that it was probably his idea that Clemens try human growth hormone. Radomski instructed McNamee how to inject human growth hormone. On each occasion, McNamee administered the injections at Clemens’s apartment in New York City. “
Clements, Neagle, Pettitte, and Grimsley pitched a total of 26.7 innings combined in the 2000 ALCS series of 53 possible innings that could have been pitched. Pettitte won game 3 and Clements won a pivotal game 5 in Seattle. Roger the Rocket tossed a complete game 1 hit 15 strikeouts performance in game 4. Definitely a sign that he was “on” that day. Pettitte’s one win consisted of a 6.7 inning 4 hit outing and 2 strikeouts. Neagle pitched 2 games of 10 total innings and lost both. Grimsley had one scoreless inning of relief.

Position player David Justice led the Yankees with 8 RBI in the series. He had a .538 slugging percentage. If I remember correctly he had several key hits. Chuck Knoblauch scored 3 runs and had 6 hits and 2 RBI in 23 at bats.

The Mitchell Report is apparently only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the allegations of steroid use in baseball. Much of the report is based on hearsay evidence. So I guess we will never really know what the true extend of the problem was and still is with baseball and steroids. But the report certainly will make true baseball and Mariner fans wonder about who really was the better team in the 2000 ALCS. It also will forever taint the outcome of that series and the personal records of the players involved.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Five Days Left to Stop Big Media

Thank Senator Murray and Cantwell for supporting Big Media Ownership Act

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Make No Law Respecting An Establishment Of Religion Comics

What the Republican presidential candidates are really thinking comics?

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Trailer Trash Santa

Santa has one to many and gets lock out of his trailer. Brought to us by ugly christmas

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cure For BCBCS Finally Found

Your begining to wake up from a very long dream that's theme has been that your country has been taken over by a bunch of BANAL political robots in spite of your best efforts to stop it.

"Well it's time to wake the fuck up people! I truely believe that the Republic as we know it is at stake here and now. No more excuses that I don't understand politics or I can find the time to vote. We are on the verge of losing what maybe left of anything that's been good and righteous about this living breathing great American experiment."

Sure it's probably more true then it's not that a corporate oligarchy has really been running this country sense the end of the last century. It just seems like a more benevolent oligarchy with the left is in charge. Left leaning governments seem to checkmate some of the corporate power during their time in office. But they certainly don't stop it.

Only Dennis Kucinich would possibility bring a stop to it if he somehow became President.
But let's be realists.

Some friends and I sat around pondering the tremendous waste of time the entire Bush presidency has been. Time wasted that could of been used to address global warming, our environment, alternative energy sources, health care and real world peace, free of religious extremist bullshit litmus tests and religious fanatics Christian, Muslim or otherwise.

Haven't we had enough of this religious and corporate driven endless war making in the name of oil, god, greed, nationalist ego or bloody profit making? Tired of nitwit poll watching political leaders with no backbone?

We are also living in an era of pandering centrist public opinion poll driven politics invented by Bill and Hillary which certainly added fuel to the Republican revolution or recent years which has been characterized by anti government divisiveness, inaction and the do nothing corporate controlled Gingrich, Delay or anemic lefty led congresses.

Well your suffering from BCBCS or Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Sickness. The cure is to choose a fundamental change in political leadership.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When Will These Gutless Politicians Impeach This Criminal

This lying disaster of a president today once again made a complete ass of himself in front of the country and the world. It's World War III talk one month and after being told there is no weapons program in Iran he continues the saber rattling retorical bullshit .

What the fuck will it take to remove this incompetent criminal from office? Is this not a nation of laws? Fuck the people who say it not good for the country. They are a bunch of gutless pussy whipped house husbands and no better then this moronic so called president!

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Complete List of Things Effected By Global Warming

SeaTac Airport has the second wettest day on record ever for rainfall yesterday after breaking the longstanding rainfall record only two years ago. I think something is going on don't you. Here is the complete list of things that will be effected by global warming with links to a corresponding explanations. Please accept our apology if any of the links are not working.

Agricultural land increase,
Africa devastated,
African aid threatened,
Africa hit hardest,
air pressure changes,
Alaska reshaped,
allergies increase,
Alps melting,
Amazon a desert,
American dream end,
amphibians breeding earlier (or not), ancient
forests dramatically changed
animals head for the hills,
Antarctic grass flourishes,
algal blooms,
archaeological sites threatened,
Arctic bogs melt,
Arctic in bloom,
Arctic lakes disappear,
Atlantic less salty,
Atlantic more salty,
atmospheric defiance,
atmospheric circulation modified,
attack of the killer jellyfish,
avalanches reduced,
avalanches increased,
bananas destroyed,
bananas grow,
beetle infestation,
bet for $10,000,
better beer,
big melt faster,
billion dollar research projects,
billions of deaths,
bird distributions change,
bird visitors drop,
birds return early,
blackbirds stop singing,
blue mussels return,
bridge collapse (Minneapolis),
Britain Siberian,
British gardens change,
brothels struggle,
bubonic plague,
budget increases,
Buddhist temple threatened,
building collapse,
building season extension,
business opportunities,
business risks,
butterflies move north
cancer deaths in England,
cardiac arrest,
caterpillar biomass shift,
challenges and opportunities,
childhood insomnia,
circumcision in decline,
cirrus disappearance,
civil unrest,
cloud increase,
cloud stripping,
cockroach migration,
cod go south,
cold climate creatures survive,
cold spells (Australia),
computer models,
coral bleaching,
coral reefs dying,
coral reefs grow,
coral reefs shrink ,
cold spells
cost of trillions,
cougar attacks,
cremation to end,
crime increase,
crocodile sex,
crumbling roads, buildings and sewage systems,
cyclones (Australia),
damages equivalent to $200 billion,
Warbler plague
death rate increase (US),
Dengue hemorrhagic fever,
desert advance,
desert life threatened,
desert retreat,
destruction of the environment,
disappearance of coastal cities,
diseases move north,

Dolomites collapse,
drowning people,
ducks and geese decline,
dust bowl in the corn belt,
early marriages,
early spring,
earlier pollen season,
Earth biodiversity crisis,
Earth dying,
Earth even hotter,
Earth light dimming,
Earth lopsided,
Earth melting,
Earth morbid fever,
Earth on fast track,
Earth past point of no return,
Earth slowing down,
Earth spinning out of control,
Earth spins faster,
Earth to explode,
Earth upside down
El NiƱo intensification,
emerging infections,
equality threatened,
Europe simultaneously baking and freezing,
Evolution accelerating,
Expansion of university climate groups,
Extinctions (human), civilisation,
smallest butterfly,
polar bears,
pigmy possums,
wild flowers,
a million species,
half of all animal and plant species,
polar bears
barrier reef,
experts muzzled,
extreme changes to California,
fading fall foliage,
farmers go under,
fashion disaster,
figurehead sacked,
fir cone bonanza,
fish catches drop,
fish catches rise
fish stocks at risk,
fish stocks decline,
five million illnesses,
flesh eating disease,
flood patterns change,

floods of beaches and cities,
Florida economic decline,
food poisoning,
food prices rise,
food security threat (SA),
footpath erosion,

forest decline,
forest expansion,
fungi fruitful,
fungi invasion,
games change,
Garden of Eden wilts,
genetic diversity decline,
gene pools slashed,
gingerbread houses collapse,
glacial earthquakes,
glacial retreat,
glacial growth,
glacier wrapped,
global cooling,

global dimming,

glowing clouds,
god melts,
golf Masters wrecked,
Gore omnipresence,
grasslands wetter,
Great Barrier Reef 95% dead,
Great Lakes drop,
greening of the North,
Grey whales lose weight,
Gulf Stream failure,
habitat loss,
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome,
harvest increase,
harvest shrinkage,
hay fever epidemic,
hazardous waste sites breached,
health of children harmed,

heart disease,
heart attacks and strokes (Australia),
heat waves,
hibernation ends too soon,
hibernation ends too late,
homeless 50 million,
high court debates,
human development faces unprecedented reversal,
human fertility reduced,

human health improvement,
human health risk,
hurricane reduction,
hydropower problems,
hyperthermia deaths,
ice sheet growth,
ice sheet shrinkage,
illness and death,
inclement weather,
infrastructure failure (Canada),
Inuit displacement,
Inuit poisoned,
Inuit suing,
industry threatened,
infectious diseases,
inflation in China,
insurance premium rises,
invasion of cats,
invasion of herons,
invasion of midges,
island disappears
islands sinking,
itchier poison ivy
jellyfish explosion,
Kew Gardens taxed,
kitten boom,
krill decline,
lake and stream productivity decline,
lake shrinking and growing,
landslides of ice at 140 mph,
lawsuits increase,
lawsuit successful,
lawyers' income increased (surprise surprise!),
lightning related insurance claims,
little response in the atmosphere,
lush growth in rain forests,
Lyme disease,
mammoth dung melt,
Maple syrup shortage,
marine diseases,
marine food chain decimated,
marine dead zone,
Meaching (end of the world),
methane emissions from plants,
methane burps,
melting permafrost,
Middle Kingdom convulses,
migration difficult (birds),
microbes to decompose soil carbon more rapidly,
monkeys on the move, Mont Blanc grows,

monuments imperiled

more bad air days,
more research needed,
mountain (Everest) shrinking,
mountains break up,
mountains taller,
mortality lower,
National security implications,
new islands,
next ice age,

Nile delta damaged,
no effect in India,
Northwest Passage opened,
nuclear plants bloom,
oaks move north,

ocean acidification,
ocean waves speed up,
opera house to be destroyed,
outdoor hockey threatened,
oyster diseases,
ozone loss,
ozone repair slowed,
ozone rise,
Pacific dead zone,
personal carbon rationing,
pest outbreaks,
pests increase,
phenology shifts,
plankton blooms,
plankton destabilised,
plankton loss,
plant viruses,
plants march north,
polar bears aggressive
polar bears cannibalistic,
polar bears drowning
polar bears starve,
polar tours scrapped,
porpoise astray,
profits collapse,
psychosocial disturbances,
puffin decline,
railroad tracks deformed,
rainfall increase,
rainfall reduction,
rape wave,
reindeer larger,
release of ancient frozen viruses,
resorts disappear,
rice threatened,
rice yields crash,
rift on Capitol Hill,
rioting and nuclear war,
rivers dry up,
river flow impacted,
rivers raised,
roads wear out,
rocky peaks crack apart,
roof of the world a desert,
Ross river disease,
ruins ruined,
salinity reduction,
salinity increase,
salmon stronger,
satellites accelerate,
school closures,
sea level rise,
sea level rise faster,
seals mating more,
sewer bills rise,
sex change,
sharks booming,
sharks moving north,
sheep shrink,
shop closures,
shrinking ponds,
shrinking shrine
ski resorts threatened,
slow death,
smaller brains
snowfall increase,
snowfall heavy,
snowfall reduction,
societal collapse,
songbirds change eating habits,
sour grapes,
space problem,
spiders invade Scotland,
squid population explosion,
squirrels reproduce earlier,
spectacular orchids,
stormwater drains stressed,
street crime to increase,
tectonic plate movement,
teenage drinking,
threat to peace,
ticks move northward (Sweden),
tides rise,
tourism increase,
trade barriers,
trade winds weakened,
tree beetle attacks,
tree foliage increase (UK),
tree growth slowed,
trees could return to Antarctic
trees in trouble,
trees less colourful,
trees more colourful,
trees lush,
tropics expansion,
tropopause raised,
turtles crash,
turtles lay earlier,
UK Katrina,
Vampire moths,
Venice flooded,
volcanic eruptions,
walrus displaced,
walrus pups orphaned,
wars over water,
wars threaten billions,
water bills double,
water supply unreliability,
water scarcity (20% of increase),
water stress,
weather out of its mind,
weather patterns awry,

Western aid cancelled out,

West Nile fever,
whales move north,
wheat yields crushed in Australia,
white Christmas dream ends,
wind shift,
wind reduced,
wine - harm to Australian industry
wine industry damage (California),
wine industry disaster (US)
wine - more English
wine German boon,
wine - no more French ,
winters in Britain colder,
wolves eat more moose,
wolves eat less,
workers laid off,
World bankruptcy,
World in crisis,
World in flames,
Yellow fever.

Why Obama Should Win Nomination

There are several interesting articles out in the last couple of days that help emphasis the argument for Barak Obama becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2008. Frank Rich's New York Times article What's to fear about Obama and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich two blog posts Leading America after 2008 and Why is HRC Stooping So Low.

The articles indicate Obama really is the true agent of political change that America seeks and an alternative to the same old Bush Clinton Bush Clinton political leadership sickness. Something the latest polls are starting to show is also in the mind of voters. The invincibility tag by the press about Clinton and Clinton about herself has apparently started to unravel before our eyes. I think people don't want to just nominate someone they think can win like they did with Kerry in 2004 but want true change in the political atmospherics in America. Something Clinton doesn't really offer them while Obama does.

These articles seem to indicate Obama can win against any Republican opponent the GOP can put up against him.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Alcoholic Takes Over Most Of US Armed Only With Road Flares And Duck Tape

Incident also causes stocks to drop gas prices to skyrocket Wolf Blitzer to have a hernia Fox Network to call for much higher border fence and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to calls for guns for everyone!

Friday’s morning’s hostage bomb incident at the Rochester New Hampshire campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton is a good barometer of the palpable state of fear that manipulates everyone in present day America.

Needless to say, at the beginning of the incident it may have appeared that it could be serious enough to classify it at the top end on a homeland security color-coded level of impending doom.

But shortly after the incident began it became obvious to just about everyone that has a brain that what we had here was an ego centric wife beating drunk on a bender who was not getting his way with some road flares taped to his mid section that he was trying to pass off as a makeshift bomb.

As the police swat teams and multiple government agencies drooled all the news networks thought oh boy we got a major crisis here that going to provide us with tons of actionable content for days. Meanwhile the perpetrator’s stepson sat in a coffee shop down the street. He casually told the waitress that his dad was on a drunken bender. He had taped road flares to his body and gone to the campaign headquarters hoping that maybe when all was said and done he still be able to avoid going to those 12 step meetings or looking in the mirror.

God what some people will do to get some Antabuse. New reports indicated the stepson had told the police about it all and even asked them:

"Can’t I just go in and tackle my dad? He’s harmless”
Advise that the cops didn't care to heed or execute themselves. God that wouldn't give them the chance to try all the bells and whistles on the swat team's armor personnel carrier and have a little harmless fun themselves. Nor would it let the taxpayers off the hook for the enormous bill it would eventually end up costing.

The suspect Leeland Eisenberg age 47 going on 70 was strangely dressed for this type of alcoholic behavior. Wearing a white shirt slacks and red tie with red road safety flares and grey duck tape accessories around his midsection. We expected a shirtless suspect or one wearing a wife beater sleeveless tee. Just like the one we see all the time when we watch our favorite TV show Cops. The suspects always lose their shirts on that show? Lots of folks think that losing your shirt is a term for financial ruin but drunks know losing your shirt really is what happens when you meet a cop and the situation ends up going south.

CNN even sent Anderson Cooper to New Hampshire to do remote coverage from down the street based on the possibility that those road flares actually where lit and would look real pretty on the big situation room TV screens at CNN. FOX news had a guy in car racing towards Rochester broadcasting live while a helicopter offered synchronized aerial coverage from above.

"Both these over reactions by major news networks showing the scoop driven sharks in the water mentality of the modern day news coverage."
Not to long ago in America the guy may have been sent home with a warning to lay off the liquor and stop scaring the hell out of everyone. But now days people just don’t get the joke anymore. It's also possible that if this incident happened back in the good old days this drunk wouldn't have been allowed the time to bring the entire country to a standstill at all.

Instead he just would have had the shit beat out of him by the police and been thrown in the drunk tank. There he would be forced to contemplate his unacceptable conduct and realized he had perhaps hit bottom. Possibly a good thing in the long run for him and the system. It sure make a hell of a funny story to tell at one of those meetings where drunks go. The day I brought the country to a standstill is pretty hard to bottom for sure. But I've heard some damn good ones that would even "bottom this" as they say.

This also brought a cry from some for better mental health coverage especially those not well schooled in the inter workings of the steel trap alcoholic disposed mind. Clinton tried to seem calm concerned and politically engaged while saying the incident was a sign of the problem with the mental health treatment system.

Or was it just some drunk who thinks his personal problems take precedence over everyone else's so much so that he's justified in disrupting everyone life. Isn't it that he really needs someone to start holding him responsible for his unacceptable conduct? Often this is the only way that a drunk will begin to deal with THEIR problem effectively instead of projecting the blame on others and on the system. Which when you think of it will never really be able to cope with all the mentally ill in this country at the rate we are pumping them out.

Maybe it's not that complicated but it sure a money maker for the treatment industry folks and those looking for excuses to blame it all on the system. Including one drunk in New Hampshire.