Friday, October 10, 2008

Rossi Lying About Sex Offenders

Nobody has any sympathy for a sex offender. Which may be the right position, but who knows really. The Washington State Republican Party has known for a long time that with the history of this problem there is no way for Democrats to nuance the issue of sex offenders and how the State should deal with them. For most citizens it’s simply put them in jail throw away the key or better yet just hang the sick bastards high. It is one of the hottest of hot button cultural wedge issues.

Now Dino Rossi and his phony GOP Party operatives are trying to use this issue to slime Governor Gregoire in a way that is difficult to defend.

The claim is that Gregoire has allowed 1300 sex offenders statewide to go unmonitored, an explosive claim. The problem it is not true. It’s kind of like saying that there’s millions of unaccounted for felons out there that are unmonitored without talking about the scope, how things ended up that way, who's really responsible or the particulars of the problem.

The state has recently enacted strict laws that require that all sex offenders register and our State leads the nation in the ways it tracks the homeless and dangerous offenders using such things as ankle bracelets and GPS technology,
“The Legislature has spent years developing the legal framework for dealing with convicted sex offenders, but the burden of implementing those laws falls almost entirely on local law enforcement. “ Seattle PI July 30, 2007
Rossi has used the issue to produce a television ad and a mailer that includes the sinister photos of a number of the sex offenders. Its rather despicable and unprincipled of Rossi, but at this point what would one expect of a sleaze ball of Rossi’s ilk.

Several local prosecutors and law enforcement types came forwarded in defense of Gregoire. This is a problem that she inherited and that has in recent years generated renewed public concern based on several local and national high profile and disgusting cases that ended up filling the cable and tabloid news for months at a time with sickening and sensational reports or sickos sexually assaulting children.

Realizing there was an opening to show that Democrats are some how weak on crime and especially sex offenders the Republicans nationwide have used the issue effectively to attack Democrats continuously especially at election time.

The truth is Gregoire has cracked down on sex offenders since she has become Governor. During her administration the laws pertaining to sex offenders have been dramatically tightened and the punishments increased for offenders. Washington State has some of the toughest laws in the nation dealing with sexual predators. Monitoring of sex offenders in Washington is now among the best in the nation. When Gregoire was first elected she joined with other state leaders to formed a task force to deal with this difficult problem. Many of the recommendations have now become laws.

By his brazen use of this issue Rossi once again demonstrates he has problems with the truth and will do anything to get elected.

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