Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe The Wingnut Plumber Story Springs A Leak

Joe Wurzelbacher the Toledo, Ohio plumber who's got so much attention last night from John McCain during the presidential debate is turning out to be another right leaning phony baloney.

People like FOX News and McCain have attempted to make this guy into a big deal and symbol of main street but the more we find out about Joe the more he seems like just another low information anti-tax right leaning wingnut.

He’s actually not licensed as a plumber in Ohio which would be required if he works in the city of Toledo where he happens to livc. He’s apparently is registered to vote but under another spelling of his name. Ben Smith of Politico reported early last night that Joe the plumber was not registered before a correction was made later.

VP candidate Joe Biden this morning even questioned if Joe the plumber is a a real plumber at all.

I'm sure McCain will say the faulty registration is probably ACORN’s fault and another example of how that organization is "tearing at the fabric of our nation", or whatever other hyperbolic bullshit may sound good.

The State of Ohio has filed a lien against Joe for failure to pay his State taxes. So he's one of these deadbeat tax avoiding ideologues probably, and just for good measure he doesn’t happen to believe in Social Security because he thinks it’s a sign our country is turning towards Socialism. Joe does admit he voted for McCain in the Ohio primary.

At the heart of the story is the claim by McCain that Obama tax plan would hurt people like Wurzelbacker who wanted to start his own small business. When the facts are checked however it turns out that Joe would actually not be taxed anymore given what he really earns or could potentially earn should he buy the plumbing business where he now works.

That's if he can pass the test necessary to get his plumbing license.

Joe sounds like a McCain supporter who wants to believe all the bullshit rhetorical Republican ideology about how everyone is being taxed too much or more likely he doesn’t believe that paying taxes if your an American should be required.

But one things for sure is his story doesn’t hold water. Not a good thing if your a plumber.

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