Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Police Departments Prepare For Unrest On Election Day

Drudge has a post on a report via The Hill reporting that police departments across the nation are preparing for election day unrest based on the belief that in cities with large African American populations there will be demonstrations and riots if Obama should not win and there is a belief that there has been foul play involving the election's outcome.

Well I got news for law enforcement it won't be just African Americans! It will be labor, progressives, and every other red blooded American citizen who gives a shit about this country and is sick and tired of this bunch of fascist assholes running it into the ground.

As far as I'm concerned I'll be out there too if these criminals try and steal this election too. Anyone with a brain knows that's exactly what the Republicans are planning to do if the election is close and the outcome is determined by voting in a few key battleground states like Ohio, Florida or Colorado. For Christ sake, they already tried unsuccessfully to throw out 2,000,000 registrations in Ohio. I think the preparation for and publicity about "unrest" by law enforcement is also a bit questionable in that it could have the affect of suppressing voter turnout because of the fear of violence. Also we shouldn't have gun toting police squads hanging around the polls period.

Being the story is on Drudge it's obviously part of the subtle narrative being pumped out about "voting irregularities"and ACORN tearing at the fabric of our democracy. These latent racist and class warfare themes are suppose to prepare the low information public for the justification the authorities will need to deal with the rabble should the voter suppression shenanigans lead to justified unrest. One thing for sure it's proof positive that George W Bush and Carl Rove have successfully turned our democracy into a banana republic.

But I'm not totally naive, I know that American elections have been fixed throughout our history. But that was then and this is now. In this age we must now demand transparency in our politics. We must do what is right for the very serious reason that we will not continue to have a democracy, as we have known it, if we do not stop these criminals from fixing the outcome of this most important of elections this time around. So fuck these racists vote suppressing bastards!

If you want information on your rights as a voter and the tactics the Republicans are planning on using Robert Kennedy Jr has a great website where you can get information on what to do if they try and fuck with your right to vote. The site also has materials and video you can watch and download to inform yourself and others.

See you at the barricades!

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