Sunday, October 19, 2008

Drudge Race Baits With Powell Endorsement

Matt Drudge wasted no time in playing the race card on the Colin Powell endorsement of Barack Obama for President. Here what the email message I sent to Drudge said:
Dear Drudge,
About your headline. "It's not about race". What bullshit. How about "It's because Obama better qualified" Or "Powell says Palin not ready and showed McCain's poor judgment".

I suppose your doing McCain's dirty work for him by trying to make it only about race. By the way how the hell do you race baiting jerks manage to sleep at night in this day and age? "
Vashon, WA
It's funny that AmericaBlog in it's post reporting the endorsement asked "How long until the McCain campaign reminds us he’s Black?". Not long as it turns out.

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