Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You May Become A Scab If You Continue To Shop At Whole Foods

Sorry socially conscious and upwardly mobile Whole Food shoppers! Are you being turned into Scabs by continuing to shop at Whole Foods?

I’m not going to be shopping at Whole Foods till they start acting like the socially responsible company they claim to be in public and, I recommend you stop shopping there too.

Beef Northwest Feeders is a major supplier of beef to Whole Foods. On June 13 a majority of the employees at Beef Northwest submitted union authorization cards to a independent third party to verify. This independent third party verified that the United Farm Workers Union had in fact signed up a majority of the employees, but Beef Northwest continues to refuse to recognize the union and continues to partake in union busting tactics to discourage the union's recognition.
“For more than a year, workers employed at this industrial feedlot have been demanding that their desire to have the UFW represent them be recognized by Beef Northwest. Instead, the company has resorted to anti-union tactics of threats, intimidation and retaliation against workers who support the union. The company is also being sued by three women who maintain that Beef Northwest discriminates against women of color in its hiring practices.

Equally disturbing, Whole Foods, the company that prides itself on being socially responsible, is one of the largest sellers of Country Natural Beef, whose cows are fattened at Beef Northwest's feedlots. Workers met with Whole Foods executives in Austin TX to personally explain their situation. Yet, Whole Foods chose to ignore the workers. Instead it choose to believe the company consultant’s so called facts.”
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other prominent politicians have written to the Beef Northwest and requested that they recognize the UFW union as the employee's bargaining agent. A copy of the Obama’s letter can be seen above.

I urge you not to shop at Whole Foods and to give this handbill to the manager when you go to one of their stores. You can also sign a online petition in support of the employees and their right to organize.

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