Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Commies Are Coming..The Commies Are Coming

A Desperate McCain Attempt To Return To The Red Baiting Of The 1950’s

Today John McCain accused Barack Obama of wanting to turn the America political system into a Socialist style of government.

Someone should tell McCain that he and George Bush just did that with the 700 billion bailout of the banks and other entities of the financial system. Then, of course there’s Social Security and Medicare. No wonder he's planning to get rid of both those "Socialist" government programs should he get elected.

In case you hadn't realized it this shows the real depth of John McCain's political philosophy. This is proof positive of just how out of touch, Orwellian and radically right wing and desperate McCain has become by embracing this most ancient Republican Party boogieman concept as a real time election ploy.

For god’s sake has nothing changed since 1950 for this crowd.

Much of what’s left of the McCain campaign is apparently made up of right wing extremist ideologue and gibberish filled right wing radical nonsense these days. Whether it’s the McCarthyism and hatred of non whites heard in the tone of a Palin rally or the dangerous rhetoric of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s outburst about conducting some sort of witch hunt to find the “un-American" members of Congress.

It’s reveals just what the real Republicans in mass think about, including the no nothing phony non plumber libertarian named Joe or Sam. The problem is most of these low information nitwits would be unable to define or recognize Socialism if they had to in order to save their life.

I'm sure there's a large element of wingnut droids out there who. like Joe the Plumber, believe this ideologue centered rhetoric and will support McCain even though he really doesn't represent their interests or their welfare when the rubber hits the road. It’s the same old out of date bullshit the Commies are coming scare tactics and red baiting that my labor leader father heard in 1950. It’s Fear of Socialism and fear of outsiders bringing their foreign European Commie type ideas to America.

What these Republican yahoo’s seem to always miss is that government intervention and money is fine when they need help when their selfish greed laden and unbridled economic schemes go bad, but government help for the middle class is somehow "Socialist" if we ever need help making ends meet, or a hand up or talking about our government providing our right to basic medical coverage.

Can we please move on into the next century for Christ sake.

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