Monday, June 30, 2008

Oil Companies Begining Plan To Extract Profits From Iraq Oil Fields

How ironic is it now that George Bush has less then six months left in office that his oil company buddies are going to start to enjoy their share of the spoils of the war in the form of oil profits from Iraqi oil. But as we all know it was never really about blood for oil.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro Cup Final Conjures Up Bad Memories For Holocaust Survivors

Euro 2008 comes to a close on Sunday night in Vienna, and it's Germany against Spain in the final. But the stadium where the final will be held brings up other memories for holocaust survivors.

Friday, June 27, 2008

United Farm Workers Union Takes Aim At Trader Joe's

Attention all upwardly mobile hipsters and and otherwise smug wine connoisseurs shopping at Trader Joe's. The United Farm Workers Union has targeted Trader Joe's and supplier Charles Shaw Wines for what it feels is a history of not providing proper working conditons for farm workers and the use of labor contractors to avoid responsibility when workers are injured of die on the job. The Company's wines are sold at Trader Joes under the Two Buck Chuck label. Trader Joe's considers Charles Shaw Wines one of it's valued suppliers.

The Farm Workers Union feels the Charles Shaw operation is responsible for the death of seventeen year old Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez from heat exposure at their California vinyard. The Union initiated the campaign against Trader Joe's because it feels that the company has not taken the responsibility or action to encourage it's so called valued suppliers like Charles Shaw to improve conditions for farm workers. If you'd like to send a fax to Trader Joe's telling them to take responsibility and action instead of making excuses you can do so here.

AFL-CIO Working Families 2008 Website Impressive

The AFL-CIO's Working Families 2008 website is very impressive, especially the John McCain revealed and the meet Barack Obama cyber book pages. The site contains tons of information, videos and links on both candidates aimed at the working person's perspective. The AFL-CIO has officially endorsed Obama and created the website to engaged union members and working class Americans in the election.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pride Week Video Attempts to Introduce Obama to GLBT Community

In honor of Pride Week in Seattle Jen Hauseman (who happens to be an Obama National Delegate) and Jake Standish, co-directors of Seattle Pride, had the idea of creating a video to introduce Barack Obama to the LGBT community. This short video, created by Jody Rogers, highlights some of Barack's past speeches with an emphasis on Obama's commitment and bold support of the GLBT community.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Somebody Tell Dr. Dobson That People Have Been Making Up Stuff In The Bible For Awhile Now!

So I guess Barack Obama can make it up too. At least The Great Black Hope’s interpretation points out that nothing in the Bible should actually be taken literally. And I need not remind you Dr. Dobson that your truth is not my truth. What you believe is for sure not what I believe. I’m sick of theses so called religious authorities like you thinking they have somehow cornered the ultimate truth market. Organized religion usually gets it wrong and when they do the bodies invariably start to pile up.

This interference by religious groups and individuals also has reared it ugly head with Muslims whining publicly about what they claim is inattention from Obama. This SHOULD be a country where pandering to any religion by candidates for the highest office is not one of the determining factors in deciding who is qualified to be President. Hasn't making everything presidential into a religious litmus test gotten us in enough trouble already?

Most Americans actually born here and others coming here after living in actual or near theocracies need to understand the basic principle of the separation of church and state. This information apparently has been removed from the text books by religious nuts cases who have infiltrated our government institutions.

I believe in God but why and how I worship is no ones business or should it be some sort of test of my standing as a citizen ever.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

FISA Immunity Impeachment Expose Colluding Compromised Democrats

Democratic Party leaders in Congress including but not limited to Harry Reid, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer continue to sell out to the President and his gang of corporate criminals who further threaten our constitutional rights and the rule of law.

They are now heavily compromised by their early awareness and collusion and decision to look the other way when Bush administration policies began ignoring the law and the constitution in the fear ridden period after 9/11 and in the run up to the war with Iraq.

These backbone lacking phonies were more then happy to jump on the bandwagon when they were afraid they be branded obstructionist or peaceniks if they stood up to Bush on illegal wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, or opposing the war.

Instead of standing up to guard our rights, calling for more evidence before going to war or fighting the abuses, they simple went along with what the President wanted, ruled by fear they'd lose their precious seats in Congress. Simply put, they were not doing the job they were elected to do of protecting the constitution or citizens from these abuses of power.

Because of this early collusion and approval of Bush wrongdoing they have been rendered impotent and in jeopardy of being exposed themselves as the slimy whimps who when along to get along that they actually represent.

This is the main reason Democrats like Hoyer and Reid continue to push the so called compromise FISA bill that includes telecom immunity and are also not eager to proceed on the impeachment of the President even though the evidence for impeachment is overwhelming. By ignoring impeachment or continuing the efforts to grant telecom immunity they actually insulate themselves from the truth coming out of their personal involvement and collusion with Bush policies.

So we're faced with another sad day if your a Democrat, watching these Judases sell us out for the thirty pieces of telecom immunity or the continued funding of the Iraq war without tying it to a date to withdraw.

Even though Bush continues to have one of the lowest sustained unfavorable ratings of any president ever these Democrats continue to refuse to stand up to his bad policies, violation of our rights, illegal war or the protection of telecom illegal activities.

What the hell are they good for anyway?

Politicians like these should be run from office and replaced by candidates who are more concerned with protecting us from the abuse of power then just being reelected. Not only do we need a change in the White House we need to remove these do nothings from leadership roles in the Congress and replace them with Democrats who are not in collusion with a corporate driven Republican agenda.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gonzo Trailer The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Here it is kiddies. The trailer for the upcoming Hunter S. Thompson trailer

Experts Say Getting Rid Of The Enron Loophold Could Reduce Gas Prices As Much As 25%

What the hell is going on here? If getting rid of this legal loophole would reduce gas prices from $4.50 a gallon to $3.40 why isn't our hair on fire demanding action?

Am I missing something here? Experts say that the elimination of so called Eron loophold would reduce crude oil and gas prices by as much as 25%. The loophole allows for the lack of regulation of gas and old traders who then are free to speculate on oil futures in a way that forces up the price and brings them more profit. Keith Olbermann report last night left me ready to upchuck my dinner.

Whoops: Apparently congress did pass legislation to remove the Eron loophole as part of the recent farm bill. So the question now is when do we see the reduction in price?

General Who Investigated Guantanamo Abuse Says Bush Officials Commtted War Crimes

This last weekend I attended the WA State Democratic Convention in Spokane. While there I had the opportunity to meet James Yee the former US Army Chaplain sent to Guantanamo to administer to Muslim prisoners who, after being accused of collaboration with the enemy, ended up becoming a prisoner himself. Yee, a Washington resident, was in Spokane having been elected an Obama pledged National Delegate from Washington's 9th Congressional District to the August Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Yee accuses the US Government of torture and violation of the Geneva Convention in their treatment of prisoners in Cuba. You can find out more about Yee and his experience while at Guantanamo in depth and in his own words here.

Yee is passionate about getting the true story of what happened at Guantanamo out. It is shocking to know what the Bush administration did in our name to the prisoners held at Guantanamo and other black sites. They continue to this day to deny responsibility for their crimes and recently attacked the Supreme Court decision that restores certain constitutional rights to the prisoners in Cuba. A decision. by the way, that presumptive Republican nominee John McCain called "one of the worst decisions in the history of the court". Making one wonder if McCain actually read or understands the decision, being that he was a war prisoner himself.

There are now two excellent reports that go farther, and accuse the Bush administration of war crimes. Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba, who's now retired, new report found that U.S. personnel tortured and abused detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, using beatings, electrical shocks, sexual humiliation and other cruel practices. McClatchy also has has excellent in depth series that includes interviews with many former prisoners who were tortured but subsequently release after it was determined they were innocent or, in some cases actually working to support American efforts.

Both these reports add credence that Bush, Cheney and their cronies may one day have to face the consequences for their abuses of power and arrogance in putting themselves above the law.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Photos From WA State Democratic Convention

Here are the photos taken at the WA State Democratic Convention last weekend in Spokane. The WSD presidential election year convention business didn't provided many surprises. The principle activity being the election of at large and party leader delegates to the National Convention. Over 400 candidates were completing for 17 at large and 4 alternate delegate spots at the Denver convention.

Please feel free to download or use the photos. It be nice if you'd give artistdogboy a photo credit if you publish a photo. Better yet upload or email some of your own pictures to added to the album. I was to busy running for delegate myself to take as many pictures as I would of liked. You can find the icons to prompt you if you download, email or upload at the top of the web page at the album website.

Congratulations to the winners. The quality of the pool of candidates for National Delgate this year was simply amazing and it boggles the mind when you consider that nearly all of these wonderful people are pretty much dedicated to and at the disposal of the Obama campaign through this election and beyond.

Mayor Nickels Asks Democrats To Send Him To Denver

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels was selected on Sunday in Spokane to attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August as an Obama pledged delegate. His selection was made by the WA State Democratic Delegate Selection Committee comprised of the 51 delegates who were previously elected at the Congressional District caucuses held on May 17th.

Nickels had to compete for one of the 10 PLEO (party leader elected official) delegate spots allotted. The video is part of Nickels speech requesting he be made a delegate. The Obama campaign's proposed slate of PLEO candidates in effect recommended that Nickels be added.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Surrender Monkey Iraqis May Tell US Not To Let Surge Hit It In The Ass

Funny thing about democracy. Iraqi Prime Minister al Maliki yesterday indicated he may ask US forces to leave the country. Apparently the current negotiations between the US and Iraq on a long term status of forces agreement have reached an impasse.

Somebody better tell John McCain that the center piece of his Iraq policy, long term American presence, may not be what the puppet government of Iraq and it's allies had in mind. In other developments Iraqi cleric Moqtada Al Sadr indicated he is forming a new force to fight US military presence. "We will not stop resisting the occupation until liberation or martyrdom" Al Sadr told his 60,000 strong militia.

via: informed comment

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've Decided I'm Voting Republican

All the reasons why I'm voting Republican this time..

hat tip: J.F.

Photo Of The Day

This is a photo of a popular taqueria in one of Chicago's most heavily populated Hispanic neighborhoods. This and other indications help debunk the presumptions that Hispanic voters will not vote for Obama.

via FiveThirtyEight

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

O'Reilly Makes People of Irish Decent Look Bad Again

Us people of Irish decent have enough trouble trying to explain the bad name we've gotten from such things as the Irish Uprising and the troubles in the North of Ireland or starting the labor movement or drinking to much. But now we have to try and explain what went wrong when people see this blowhard Irish guy on FOX News too?

Euro2008 Widget For You Soccer Fans

Hey soccer fans here a link to a widget for the latest Euro2008 matches and standings.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Election 2008 Really About Optimism Versus Pessimism

John McCain often will go on about how America is a can do country that has always overcome it’s trials and troubles by hard work and optimism striving ever onward to a better future. Yet his campaign, one could argue, actually represent a fear laden and predominantly pessimistic view about the future. The problem is neither he nor his handlers see it that way or recognize the negative themes they really are spelling out to the American people.

The difference between Obama and McCain is that the can do optimism Obama is talking about is the real deal and the kind McCain is pushing is mostly a presidential campaign's attempt at high minded oratory.

Many Americans don’t get it either and continue to support McCain’s fail ideas instead of the more genuine and real form of optimism that Barack Obama has been talking about since he got in the race. It will be Obama's job to make Americans see the difference between what's really optimistic and what is just more of the same old campaign BS being shoveled down their throats. It's the past versus the future versus fear and pessimism versus real optimism and change.

There are two excellent articles that reinforce this argument for pessimism versus optimism. Frank Rich’s piece in the New York Times and Amy Sullivan story in Time magazine where she looks at the fact that Clinton really didn’t attracted all the women that some think she should have and the reasons why.

Icon Added For Quickview Status Of Eleciton Races

Today we added an icon from Electoral Vote Predictor's website to artistdogboy. You will find it located top left showing the Electoral College, Senate and House totals based on the State to State current polls. Click on the icon to enlarge and also to be taken to their excellent website where you can find tons of current polling and other data.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

McCain's Catastrophic Event Mindset

McCain talks compassion but when it comes to doing something substantive about insurance rates in hurricane states it's the same old Republican every man and woman for themselves. Unless, of course, your a corporation.

Photo Of The Day

Exuberant Obama supporter can't withhold her history making joy, from Britian's The Sun.

What is Hillary Fighting For?

I'm all for being kind to Hillary and Bill and recognizing their accomplishments. But most people who are living in the present know that her behavior the last few days has been pretty awful. Her self-importance did not prevent her from impinging on Obama's historic accomplishment and moment on Tuesday night.

I'm not saying she necessarily had to concede then and there. She may claim she'd be ready at 3am if she were in the White House, but she demonstrated she didn't have much of a grasp of what was actually happening at 8pm EST Tuesday night. It was not so much an affront to Obama personally, as a affront to the Democrat party's moment to shine a bright light on it's nominee and his message.

Instead we were subjected to another distracting days of our lives news cycle soap opera episode staring Hillary, Bill and Chelsea when the spotlight should of been focused on Obama and the real drama of his historic accomplishment.

On election night she ask for voters to go to her website and write her a note to tell her what they wanted her to do. You can imagine what I filled in and submitted on the somewhat misleading rah-rah message form above. But it was something along the lines of it's not really about you or your husband's overblown egos anymore. Mainly. I suppose, this is a ploy to raise money so us poor sap working people can pay off the millionaire Clinton's campaign debts that they ran up because of her continuing mismanagement of her own campaign.

If you feel sorry for them write them a check but note that a portion of your money will also be going to the likes of corporate sleazeball Mark Penn. Who has demonstrated by his actions he doesn't really give a shit about you or your family.

The way the form is set up you have to wonder what exactly is meant by "everything we are fighting for". What the hell exactly are they fighting for? Apparently the destruction of the chances for the Democrats to win in November and the resulting appointment of a sufficient number of conservative Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v Wade.

It's tone effectively works to split her supporters from the the rest of the party and perpetuate the erroneous believe that somehow someone has had their vote not counted or been had by the vague and unseen sexism or media forces of evil who spend 24/7 thinking up ways to keep women like them in their place. Clinton does more to harm the equality of women by continuing to use gender bias and the media as an excuse for her personal shortcomings as a candidate. When she started the campaign she didn't want to be shown any favoritism because she was a female , but by the end it was subliminally part of her frequent excuse for why she was being misconstrued as a candidate.

The way that Clinton has handled the end of the campaign is tacky and far from graceful or magnanimous. From what I can gather from press reports she now will suspend her campaign on Saturday but still wants the option to have her name placed in nomination. So don't be surprised if her announcement stops short somehow of fully supporting Obama or turns out to be another Clintonian drama filled self-centered departure from reality.

The Clintons seem to continue to be in denial about just what has happened apparently hoping Obama will somehow be hit by lightning or worse. How the Republicans will use all this ambivalence by Clinton towards Obama remains to be seen. If something did happen with Obama I be more inclined to nominate someone like Joe Biden if I were a delegate to the convention. I couldn't deal with four more years of the Clinton's dysfunctional drama school of the absurd.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yes We Can Heal This Nation, Yes We Can Repair This World

photo by: Denise McKenzie Great Falls, Montana May 31. 2008

Is this really the day that we have longed for so long? The presumptive nomination of Barack Obama at hand? The cynics vanquished, the pundits proven wrong, the chorus of pandering play it safe super-delegates finally jumping on the bandwagon.

The improbable has happened. The dream has come true for many of us.

The hours, days and months of work by a countless unnamed army of volunteers who slept on floors in many far away places awakening to go forth to caucus, phone, canvass, register voters, and organize. Much of the work, sweat, tears, doubts, and primary setbacks, behind us and our major goal of fundamentally changing this nation now coming into bright focus.

Now the fight can be focused on the real opponent, the Republican Party and John McCain and the policies and ideas they represent. We must work for unity. We must set aside inter party improprieties of the past and we must rededicate ourselves to winning the ultimate prize of the white house and the congress. For all of us, no matter what candidate we supported, it is a time for open-mindedness and hard work.