Monday, December 03, 2012

David Coombs Defense Attorney for Bradley Manning Discusses The Case In Public For The First Time

For the first time Bradley Manning's Attorney David Coombs discussed the case in public in Washington, DC on December 3rd.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hillbillies In States Who Want To Sucede From Union Should Probably Find Out Where Federal Taxes Are Raised And Spent

A redneck nation full of 'sour grapes'. This reminds me of the graffiti I saw scrawled on a wall  in Amsterdam in 1980, "USA out of north America".

Most of the people behind these petitions to the White House requesting they be allowed to sucede from the union probably don't realize that their state could loose a massive amount of federal tax dollars and infrastructure support if they became independent nations.

What would supposedly happen to the social security and medicare of residents of these states? Funny, it could be a great way to balance the federal budget if we just let them go. The end result of their succession would probably be a massive tax increase for them and a dramatic shredding of the social contract as they have known it. Never the less they are being 'egged on' by FoxNews and right wing internet blogs who love to continue to harp the mantra of bullshit in their conservative bubble of right wing misinformation.

Listed below are the twenty state so far who apparently want to sucede with a color indication of how they voted in the Presidential election. Seven of the states actually paid more in federal taxes then they got back versus 13 that did not. Next to each state is the amount in billions of dollars that each state received or paid in federal revenue for the period 1990 to 2009.

Alabama          received 290.6 
Arkansas          paid 17 
Colorado          paid 100.7
Florida             received 298.7
Georgia            paid 99.5
Indiana             received 10.2
Kentucky         received 207.5
Louisiana         received 203.5
Michigan          paid 196.8
Mississippi        received 239.9
Missouri           received 70.8
Montana           received 64.5

New Jersey       paid 705.7    
New York        paid 956.2
North Carolina received 17.8
North Dakota   received 48.7 
Oregon             paid 11.8
South Carolina received 198.4
Texas               paid 398.8
Tennessee        received 81.3   

Data via Census Bureau, IRS and The Economist Magazine 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Everything You Want To Know About Bradley Manning And WikiLeaks | An Interview With Alexa O'Brien

Alexa O'Brien, an activist and independent journalist, is quickly becoming one of the foremost authorities on WikiLeaks and the proceedings and prosecution of PFC Bradley Manning by the US Government. She has spend countless hours documenting information on the case, attending court proceedings and created a timeline about the prosecution of Manning.

The case of Bradley Manning is the largest criminal proceedings against an American whistleblower in history, yet it gets little or no coverage in the mainstream media. O'Brien has taken on the task of creating a public record of the case. She is also an activist who was the founder of one of the organizations, US Day Of Rage, that help created the Occupy Wall Street Movement. As if that were not enough she is one of the 'freedom 7' plaintiffs in the lawsuit to have certain provisions of the NDAA that allows the government to arrest and unlimitedly detain US Citizens with out hearing or trial declared unconstitutional.

The interview is from Manhattan Public Access Station show 'let them talk' of November 6th.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Hero's Of 2012 | The 'Stay In Line' Folks | The 47% Film Person | The Occupy Wall Street Movement | The #stopNDAA Freedom 7 Lawsuit People

  • The 'stay in line' voters who became determined to not let voter suppression tactics rob them of their right to vote in the 2012 election. Fuck you to ALEC, fuck you 'prick' Secretary of State in Ohio, fuck you Governor Scott in Florida, fuck you Carl Rove and fuck you to a whole host of other assholes and id√©ologues who would dare to violate the voting rights of citizens. Your little plans backfired. 
  • The person who filmed the 47% video. Probably some minimum wage 'wait person' who had enough insight to see that the American people maybe really interested in what Romney really says to other 'rich pricks' behind close doors.
  • The Occupy Wall Street movement, who don't ever seem to get the love they deserve, for the way they literally changed the political narrative in this country in midstream from austerity, debt  reduction, taxes are too high and the 'takers' to equity for the middle class, the corruption of Wall Street and the corporate oligarchy's control of our political system. Even more compelling is they were willing to lay there bodies on the line for it.. and did just that. 
  • Stop NDAA, the journalists, activists, and intellectuals who are suing the President and others to stop arrest and indefinite intention provisions of the NDAA. Also known as the 'Freedom' 7', these individuals took on the risk an sacrifice in the name of the rights of all citizens by initiating this effort to stop a draconian violation of a our constitutional rights by our own government.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Modern Police State America Where Activists Can Quickly Become Terrorists

Abby Martin of RT America 'Breaking The Set' interviews journalist and author of 'Green is the New Red,' Will Potter, about the federal crackdown on dissent with laws like the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). The segment also centers on the arrest of Leah-Lynn Plante and other Northwest activists and anarchists who had their homes raided by government agents looking for information surrounding protest that took place in Seattle on May Day. The activists and Lynn were subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury and  were subsequently jailed for contempt for refusing to testify about their activities. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Julian Assange's Lawyer Updates Us On The State Of The Assange and Bradley Manning Cases

Luke Rudkowsk of ran into and got the chance to talk to Michael Ratner, the President of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Michael currently is the attorney for Julian Assange in the U.S and gave WeAreChange an update on the case.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New York #EnemyOfTheState Teach-in Features High Profile Civil Liberties Journalists and Activists

Today protesters, journalists, activists, legal council and supporters gathered on the steps of the Public Library at Bryant Park in New York City for a teach-in about the state of affairs we find ourselves in as a nation and the ramification of that on individuals like PFC Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the defendants known as the 'Pay Pal 14'.

The teach-in speakers also addressed the work of 'anonymous' and individuals and groups throughout the world who are being persecuted by governments and law enforcement for whistle-blowing about the corruption and criminal behavior of governments.

The teach-in was facilitated by #enemyofthestate and featured Alexa O'Brien, journalist and NDAA lawsuit plaintiff, Chase Madar, author of The Passion of Bradley Manning, attorney and journalist and Stanley Cohen, Attorney and Political Activist.  Here are some highlights of the teach-in captured via live-steaming video. Please excuse the commercial interruptions.

Video features Chase Madar, Stanley Cohen and a performance by the street theater group 'Bradass47'.

Video streaming by Ustream
Video features Alexa O'Brien (Her official remarks begins at approximately 17:50)

Video streaming by Ustream

Monday, October 22, 2012

Are Voters Today As Manipulated Demoralized And Confused As They Were In 1972?

Chesar Chevez Meets With McGovern During Hunger Strike in May 1972

George MCGovern Died Sunday at the age of 90. 

In 1972 I was 25 years old working as an organizer for a labor union. I appeared on local TV during the presidential campaign in a town hall meeting in Seattle with McGovern and worked on his campaign in Washington State. In many ways McGovern defined what a politician with integrity  acted like and in retrospect history has shown that on almost all the issues he championed he was 100% right on.

Of course all but one state (MA) voted for "I'm not a crook" Nixon, in the 72 election and Nixon eventually was forced to resign in disgrace over Watergate.  
I guess all this proves Americans were as easily manipulated, demoralized and confused then as they apparently are today.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Historic Picture Of The Day Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Addresses Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Jill Stein Green Party Candidate for President speaks to Zuccotti Park protesters on first anniversary of  the birth of the #Occupy Wall Street Movement on September 17th, 2011.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NDAA 'Indefinite Detention' Provision Struck Down In Historic Court Decision

"[New York, NY] Judge Katherine Forrest ruled yesterday that the so-called “indefinite detention” provision (subsection 1021) of the fiscal 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) violates the Constitution and issued a permanent injunction against its application." 
“This is a tremendous victory for the rule of law and the right of all U.S. citizens, regardless of their ideological persuasions, to be afforded due process. It restores the two century ban on the use of the military by the state for domestic policing. Judge Katherine Forrest, in an era when federal judges often seem to issue rulings about why they cannot implement the law, has with this injunction restored one of our most cherished Constitutional rights. The Obama administration will not doubt appeal this decision. We will continue to fight back. It is not over yet. But I, and I hope all Americans, can sleep a little more easily tonight,” said Chris Hedges this morning when asked about the Judge Forrest’s ruling.

Complete story here via the sparrow project

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 My Pet Goat's Criminal Incompetence On Display

What would the world be like if 9/11 could of been prevented?

Proof of George W's criminal incomp√©tence surrounding 9/11 stack up. News reports show that during Bush-Cheney and Condi Rice's watch their apparent fixation on Iraq and Saddam left America unprotected on 9/11.   They repeatedly ignored warnings of a pending attack.  Ironically, many of the same neocons who advised Bush are now advising Mitt Romney.

Monday, September 03, 2012

'Bread Or Revolution' The Early History Of Labor Day Gatherings And Parades In Photos

click on photos for sideshow
1908 New York City Labor Leader John C. O'Brien astride a horse

Chorus Girls Union, New York 1908

Theatrical Union, New York 1908

Bakers carrying float made from a loaf of bread, NY May Day early 1900's

Russian Labor Association New York Early 1900's

Child Labor Participants early 1900's New York

Suffragettes - Labor Day 1913 New York

Labor Day Parade 1910

Firemen Labor Day parade, 1929 Washington, DC

Labor Day Toronto 1916

Miners Labor Day Parade Roslyn, WA early 1900's

Labor Parade New York 1908

I.W.W. Man with hat card "Bread or Revolution" 1908

Presentation of U.S. flag Labor Day. Red Granite WI 1908

Labor Day Red Granite, WI 1908

Meat-cutters early 1900's Buffalo, NY

Labor Day Parade Buffalo, NY 1908

Ford workers Labor Day parade Detroit, MI 1944

Women carrying banners Detroit Labor Day parade 1940

Detroit, MI Marchers in the Labor Day parade 1942

Labor Day Celebration Eldora, CO 1900

Labor Day Parade Chicago 1904

Labor Day parade 1908 Chicago

Labor Day Parade Chicago 1904

Labor Day Parade 1904 Chicago

Meat Cutters with checkered overcoats Chicago 1908

Amalgamated Clothing Workers Labor Day Chicago 1915

William Jennings Bryan Labor Day Lincoln Park Chicago 1915

Matt Taibbi's Much Watch Interview On Bain Capital And Romney

via Democracy Now and RSN

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Labor Day 2012 | Dear Mrs Roosevelt "The Money Changing Racket Boys" Are Now Running The Government

Bust of FDR's located overlooking Lake Roosevelt behind the Grand Coulee Dam 
Roosevelt gave workers the right and protection to organize unions with the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935 and should be remembered as a true champion of the labor movement on Labor Day.

"Dear Mrs. Roosevelt" Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, don't hang your head and cry;
His mortal clay is laid away, but his good work fills the sky; 
This world was lucky to see him born.

He's born in a money family on that Hudson's rocky shore;
Outrun every kid a-growin' up 'round Hyde Park just for fun;
This world was lucky to see him born.

He went away to grade school and wrote back to his folks;
He drew such funny pictures and always pulling a joke;
This world was lucky to see him born.

He went on up towards Harvard, he read his books of law;
He loved his trees and horses, loved everything he saw;
This world was lucky to see him born.

He got struck down by fever and it settled in his leg;
He loved the folks that wished him well as everybody did;
This world was lucky to see him born.

He took his office on a crippled leg, he said to one and all:
"You money changin' racket boys have sure 'nuff got to fall;"
This world was lucky to see him born,

In senate walls and congress halls he used his gift of tongue
To get you thieves and liars told and put you on the run;
This world was lucky to see him born,

I voted for him for lots o' jobs, I'd vote his name again;
He tried to find an honest job for every idle man;
This world was lucky to see him born,

He helped to build my union hall, he learned me how to talk;
I could see he was a cripple but he learned my soul to walk;
This world was lucky to see him born.

You Nazis and you fascists tried to boss this world by hate;
He fought my war the union way and the hate gang all got beat;
This world was lucky to see him born.

I sent him 'cross that ocean to Yalta and to Tehran;
He didn't like Churchill very much and told him man to man;
This world was lucky to see him born.

He said he didn't like DeGaulle, nor no Chiang Kai Shek;
Shook hands with Joseph Stalin, says: "There's a man I like!"
This world was lucky to see him born.

I was torpedoed on my merchant ship the day he took command;
He was hated by my captain, but loved by all ships hands;
This world was lucky to see him born.

I was a Gl in my army camp that day he passed away,
And over my shoulder talkin' I could hear some soldier say:
"This world was lucky to see him born."

I guess this world was lucky just to see him born;
I know this world was lucky just to see him born;
This world was lucky to see him born.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Active Duty Military Extremists Militia leader Had Ties To Washington State

Seattle Times story on four soldiers charged with murder. The group had planned to 'overthrow the government and assassinate the president'. The video below is a plea confession by one of the soldiers who has turned state's evidence.

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Book Reveals Reagan Was Major FBI Snitch Collaborator And Operative

In the 1960's and beyond Reagan acted as a 'Snitch' for the FBI, providing information on Hollywood's union activities, or 'dropping a dime' on the leaders, faculty and students at California's Universities. He also suggested names to the FBI for blacklisting prior to and while he was Governor of California.

Later the FBI returned the favor by providing him with restricted information on his detractors and opponents. Of course the 'Gipper' went on to become President where he is known for the policies that have brought on the destruction of the middle class in America.

via: Democracy Now

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mainstream Media Silent As Growth Of Violent Prone Hate And Militia Groups In US Skyrockets

Above is an example of the world of one Sovereign Citizen. Why anyone would want to become a 'Sovereign' after listening to his gibberish filled description of the tenets of the group is beyond me. But the fact is that violent prone hate filled misfits are joining groups like the Sovereign Citizens in large numbers in this country. One example of the Sovereign Citizens at work is the news that they are behind a shootout that took place last week in Louisiana that ended with the death of two police officers.

Reporting on hate groups in America receives little or no coverage from the mainstream media. Many of these groups are race or gay hating based with a touch of religious fanaticism thrown in for good measure.  A large number of the new recruits joining these groups are returning veterans coming to grips with the hypocrisy of the wars in Iraq and Afganistan in which they participated. An act that they saw as patriotic at the time and, like the Vietnam veterans before them, now see as their exploitation for use as collateral cannon-fodder. Just another hidden legacy of the war profiteering era of unending war and unpunished war criminals. Many of these veterans actually belonged to hate groups in the military which became prevalent when the Pentagon turned a blind eye and lowered recruiting standards because of a need for recruits to fight the Iraq and Afganistan wars.

Fast forward to the general failure of many of public institutions, widespread legitimate distrust of government and dishonest politicians, wall street criminality, racism, guns, the election of a black president, economic collapse, unemployment, xenophobia, homophopia, Islamophobia, religious fanatics, macho men and a tendency towards glorifying violence whenever possible in society and we have the toxic makings of a lethal cocktail. All whipped into a frenzy of hate filled conspiracies by right wing extremist elements not only on  the fringe of our society but from within the 'mainstream' of the Republican Party.

Websites these groups create promote Jesus is coming so prepare for the violent end times revolution and you should be sure to be armed to the teeth when it happens themes. Not to mention the underlaying or overt race and gay hating dog whistles propaganda they makeup. You are left with the distinct feeling that much of the rhetoric is the particular group's self fulfilling prophecy. Telling  extraordinary lies over and over till they becomes the hate group's truth.

The problem is that nobody seems to want to talk about the problem of violent prone hate groups, militias and extremism or the threat it could be to the nation.

We don't hear much about the growth and popularity of these hate groups in the MSM or anywhere else because of a fear of a backlash from right wing politicians, right wing media or the hate groups themselves. The liberals play their part too, stifled and silenced by political correctness and fear. The wing-nut right likes to paint these groups as merely a bunch of patriotic good old boys who love their guns, hate creeping socialism and big government.

The prime example of surpression of information on hate groups was how former DHS Analyst Daryl Johnson was silenced for warning of far-right militants in U.S in a report he authored for the Department of Homeland Security in 2009.
"Under pressure from Republican lawmakers and popular talk show hosts, DHS ultimately repudiated Johnson’s paper. Johnson drew his conclusion on his 15 years of experience studying domestic terrorist groups — particularly white supremacists and neo-Nazis. "Leading up to this report … we received numerous accolades from law enforcement [and] intelligence officials, talking about the great work we were doing in the fight against domestic terrorism," Johnson says. "And then in lieu of the political backlash, the Department not only decided to stop all of our work, but they also disbanded the unit, reassigned us to other areas within the office, and then made life increasingly difficult for us."
Here's an interview with Johnson from a recent Democracy Now news segment talking about what happened after the report was published:

Much thanks should be given to the brave and important work of organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center whose mission is to track and disclose information on violence prone hate groups and militias that otherwise would not be available outside of law enforcement. The SPLC has been in the news lately over accusations from the gay bashing Family Research Council that somehow they are behind the shooting last week by a deranged individual at their offices in Washington, DC. An ongoing campaign continues by extremist groups and right wing politicians aimed at discrediting the historical and award winning work of the SPLC.

Note: August 27th more evidence of rightwing militia extremism in the news today including murder and plot to kill Obama and overthrow the government.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Indignity For Indigenous People As Lakota Land At "Heart of Everything That Is" Set To Be Auctioned Off To Highest Bidder

This made me weep.

Got a tweet this morning that simply said: "Help, SOS from Native America". It was from @wapi40 who was reaching out via her twitter to the account I manage for @USDayOfRage. Probably because of our organization's reputation for fighting NDAA or helping to start the Occupy Wall Street movement or the14, 800 followers we have on twitter. Perhaps USDayOfRage could reach some people and tell them about the auctioning off of spiritually sacred Lakota Sioux lands in South Dakota set to take place later this month. 

So I have to do my part.
"The Great Sioux Nation is battling against the clock to save Pe’ Sla, one of its most sacred religious sites. Pe’ Sla, located in the center of the Black Hills of South Dakota, is considered to be the heart of everything that is by the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people. It is due to be auctioned off the the highest bidder on August 25th."
Where is a benevolent rich person who can buy this land and deed it back to the Lakota Sioux? Where is Marlin Brando when we really need him, How about Bill Gates, Chris Hanson, Steve Balmer, or some other new money job creator. 

If you'd like to contribute to the cause you can go to Indigogo and make a contribution. The goal is raise $100,000 to place a bid on the land at the auction. We've checked it out and it's all legitimate. Last Real Indians is working in conjunction the Rose Bud Sioux Tribal Council and other tribes to raise this money.

Watch this video.....

Thursday, August 09, 2012

America Wins The Gold | Your Constitutional Rights Have Been Revoked | Real Journalism Dead

We heard nary a peep from the main stream media about the NDAA and their silence should be a major story in itself. They remain mute in the face of this historic and unprecedented abuse of the constitutional rights of all citizens.
There has been little news coverage of the lawsuit filed by the 'freedom 7 plaintiffs' challenging the unconstitutional provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act. (NDAA). This controversial and unconstitutional law in effect allows the US military, US intelligence operatives or other members of the massive US security apparatus to deny habeas corpus to citizens by arresting them and indefinitely detaining them without hearing or trial.
The law allows anyone deemed to be a suspect who has "substantially supported al-Qaida, the Taliban or associated forces" subject to detention until, "the end of hostilities." in a newly defined and Orwellian sounding "Homeland Battlefield".
The question being who gets to decide who really is working with "associated forces', or the scope of what would constitutes "substantial support". Will it be some retired cop who now works for the Defense Department and needs to justify the need for his job? Or a TSA employee having a bad hair day?

The claim by constitutional law professor Obama upon signing the legislation into law that he would not use it inappropriately are empty and ludicrous.  In fact the new provisions have already been applied to activists and journalists, and frankly who knows who else has already been locked up.  A large part of the initial proceedings during the lawsuit dealt with the fact that the plaintiffs would first have to establish that the implementation of the NDAA actually effected their constitutional rights.

Judge Katherine Forrest found that in fact the plaintiffs did have standing to proceed with the lawsuit on the constitutional questions.

Then in May the Judge granted a preliminary injunction blocking the provisions of the law that deal with the arrest and detention of US citizens after she ruled that the plaintiffs had standing. She indicated at that time, "there is a strong public interest in protecting rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, there is also a strong public interest in ensuring that due process rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment are protected by ensuring that ordinary citizens are able to understand the scope of conduct that could subject them to indefinite military detention."
"America is more free today than it was yesterday due to the courageous and righteous and very sound ruling by Judge Forrest,. I think this is a hugely significant development... I think it's also a testament to the courage of the plaintiffs here." Plaintiff's Attorney Carl Mayer
Judge Forrest went on to say, "This court is acutely aware that preliminarily enjoining an act of Congress must be done with great caution," she wrote. "However, it is the responsibility of our judicial system to protect the public from acts of Congress which infringe upon constitutional rights. As set forth above, this court has found that plaintiffs have shown a likelihood of success on the merits regarding their constitutional claim and it therefore has a responsibility to insure that the public's constitutional rights are protected."

On August 7th additional arguments were made by the government and the plaintiffs before Judge Forrest. The plaintiffs are requesting that her injunction be made permanent. The government, of course is arguing that the lawsuit be thrown out. Whatever the ruling, both parties have indicated they will appeal the case.

For a complete background on where the lawsuit is today, including interviews and discussion from the plaintiffs and their lawyers we offer this conference call produced by RevolutionTruth.

Full disclosure: Alexa O'Brien, a plaintiff in the NDAA lawsuit is my daughter.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Not Daily Show Interview With NSA Whistle Blower Thomas Drake That Isn't So Funny

Last night the Daily Show offered us a comical segment about the trials and tribulations of NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake.  Below is the not so funny interview version that my daughter did with Drake in July during a break in the on going Bradley Manning Court-Martial that she has been covering for WLCentral at Fort Mead, Maryland.

Drake's experiences demonstrate just how out of control the massive U.S. self perpetuating security state apparatus has become since 9/11 under both the Bush/Cheney and Obama/Holder administrations and how it is now beyond question become a major threat to everyone's constitutional rights and civil liberties.

Which is not really funny at all. 

It is ironic that the only way someone can get this type of  'news' is from a comedy show where the general tendency would be to not take it that seriously. It's also a further indication of the mainstream fourth estate's incompetence and how much they have been compromised by the powers to be working in collusion with their corporate masters.

Here's the Daily Show piece:
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Terrible Shit About Your Country You Won't Hear About on MSNBC FOX Or CNN Probably Ever

Not  really surprising in a country where being a uninformed dumb shit redneck is actually seen as good thing.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

WikiLeaks Publishes Thousands Of Emails On Syria

Here's the  live-stream video capture of the WikiLeaks press conference in London this morning. More from The Guardian here.
"The material is embarrassing to Syria, but it is also embarrassing to Syria's opponents. It helps us not merely to criticize one group or another, but to understand their interests, actions and thoughts. It is only through understanding this conflict that we can hope to resolve it." Julian Assange

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The FDA | Big Pharma | ALEC | Monsanto And Corporate Oligarchs 'War On Health'

"War on Health' is the first documentary detailing and challenging the FDA agenda and its allegiance with the international Codex Alimentarius, which hopes to establish a monolithic food and health regime. Betraying its founding mandate to assure drug, food and chemical safety in the interests of public health, the FDA today is a repressive bureaucracy serving pharmaceutical and agricultural greed and profits. Vaccines, medical devices, prescription drugs are fast tracked at alarming rates through the FDA at the expense of scientific oversight to assure their efficacy and safety. The
result is hundreds of thousands premature deaths annually from pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and medical devices and an epidemic of medical incompetence and fraud sanctioned by federal health officials."

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Explaining 'ObamaCare' To Your Red Neck Uncle

This fine explanation of the Affordable Care Act is from a post that originally appeared on 'reddit' authored by CaspianX2 .....

Note: The original post contains some great comments that you may want to check out and that the author refers to for a further explanation of some of his points.
"Okay, explained like you're a five year-old (well, okay, maybe a bit older), without too much oversimplification, and (hopefully) without sounding too biased:"
What people call "Obamacare" is actually the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. However, people were calling it "Obamacare" before everyone even hammered out what it would be. It's a term mostly used by people who don't like the PPACA, and it's become popularized in part because PPACA is a really long and awkward name, even when you turn it into an acronym like that.

Anyway, the PPACA made a bunch of new rules regarding health care, with the purpose of making health care more affordable for everyone. Opponents of the PPACA, on the other hand, feel that the rules it makes take away too many freedoms and force people (both individuals and businesses) to do things they shouldn't have to.

So what does it do? Well, here is everything, in the order of when it goes into effect (because some of it happens later than other parts of it):

(Note: Page numbers listed in citations are the page numbers within the actual document, not the page numbers of the PDF file)

The New Gilded Age

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer on 'Up With Chris Hayes'.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

News From Inside The Bradley Manning Trial

Manning Wins Access To Discovery And How Government Employee's Retirement Party Became More Important Than Allowing Press Access To The 'Whistle-blower Trial of The Century'

'Government and MSM attempt to control the narrative or better yet, ignore it entirely.'

See this previous post for background relating to this video.

Tipping Point Democracy | A Short Documentary About The Court Battle To Stop NDAA

A short documentary about the lawsuit brought by 7 plaintiffs against the President and others over certain portions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) dealing with the indefinite detention of US citizens without formal charge.

On May 16th Federal Judge Katherine Forrest ruled that the 'indefinite detention' provisions of the NDAA violated the 1st and 5th amendments of constitution. The government has filed an appeal.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Audio: WLCentral Reporter Alexa O'Brien Harassed And Threatened With Detention At Bradley Manning Hearing

Alexa O'Brien a reporter for, an unofficial WikiLeaks resource news website , reports that she was temporarily detained and harassed by Fort Mead MP's and the base Public Information Officer in a dispute over her press credentials today.

O'Brien gained notoriety as a founder of the Occupy Wall Street movement and US Day Of Rage, an organization whose aim is campaign finance reform.  She is also one of seven plaintiffs in a lawsuit that won an injunction in Federal Court that has stopped the implementation of certain portions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) dealing with unlawful detention of American citizens.

Today's incident calls into question the impartiality of the 'public information office' at the Army base  where the hearing is being held. Specifically the treatment and access by reporters wishing to cover the Bradley Manning court proceedings. 

O'Brien was approached by MP's who claim she was being 'disruptive'. Two members of the media pool, from the Associated Press and Court House News, were asked by the officers to leave the room during the questioning of O'Brien. A request which the reporters thought was unnecessary. O'Brien had asked the reporters to stay to witness the incident. "We're interested in how the government is handling media coverage of this event". "If all your going to do is go over the rules," one of the reporters can be heard saying on the audio tape of the incident before he was interrupted by one of the MP's. 

O'Brien is certainly not one to be fooled with when it comes to her constitutional rights. Her activism in the name of protecting her and other people's rights is strong testimony to that fact.

Here's the audio of the incident recorded by O'Brien:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Need A Gun Control Initiative In Washington State

Maybe it should be 'game on' with the NRA, gun lobby and gun nuts too unreasonable to accept basic gun control laws in Washington State. 

Recently I had two good friends randomly murdered by a mentally ill individual. He also killed three other people during his rampage. The perpetrator of these unspeakable murders owned a number of guns that he used during commission of these murders. He also had a history of domestic violence offenses. His family, in so many words, described him as a ticking time bomb. Yet our inadequate or non-existent laws concerning the control of guns in Washington State did nothing to protect the innocent victims from this madman.

Enough is enough. This issue needs the serious consideration of all lawmakers and citizens throughout this state. It’s a question of common sense, not how much power the gun lobby, NRA or unreasonable gun users can bring to bare on thin skinned lawmakers. I would like to believe that a majority of the reasonable people of this state could agree that we now need common sense laws to control the possession and ownership of guns.

I understand that guns will still be available to those who want them bad enough in spite of what laws we pass. But, I also think that new gun control laws could substantially reduce the probability of guns falling into the wrong hands and the epidemic of general gun violence that we have now seen in our communities. It would also give law enforcement additional tools to reduce gun violence.

Personally I don’t believe in banning guns, because most people out there are sensible and responsible and if they wish to own a gun they should have the legal right to do so.

Nexus Of Restoring Our Republic | Publicly Financed Political Campaigns | Banning Corporate Contributions

It's cynical to think that most people don't give a shit. They do, but citizens has been marginalized and demoralized.

I have a basic belief in our American political institutions. Which means I VOTE and participate in the political and election process.

It's expedient for the 'politicians are all the same so my vote means nothing, don't vote' crowd to take issue with my position. I do agree with these people on many things including that our political system is probably as corrupt as it has every been at anytime in our nation's history.

But, as I indicated, I believe that the framework and institutions of our republic are still basically sound. They only need to be recaptured. It is obvious to almost everyone with common sense that it will be necessary to bring about drastic and immediate change if we are to survive much longer as a nation. The institutions of government are currently on life supports.

It is acceptable for well meaning citizens to look at the degree of present day corruption in government and to become demoralized. Which is the goal of the oligarchs. The problem as I see it is more about the corrupt and unethical people of both major political parties who now hold office. This is not about Republican or Democrats or right or left really. The point is that probably nearly all of the current politicians holding office must be replaced.

We often get bogged down in arguments about what is the most important issue of the day when it comes to reform. The integrity of our elections I believe is really what trumps everything else. The belief being that if we elect ethical people to office they will implement policies that actually reflect the will of the people.

Paramount among the actions we should take to bring about change and restore the republic are:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Julian Assange's World Tomorrow Exposes Truth About US Espionage And Corrupting Influence In Pakistan

"We are basically controlled by people withholding information." Imran Khan
Episode 9 of Julian Assange's World Tomorrow program on RT features an interview with Imran Khan Chairman of a political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) an anti-corruption party in Pakistan. Khan is a leading candidate in a campaign that could make him the next leader of Pakistan.

The interview sheds a bright light on the present situation in Pakistan that few Americans will see through our corporate and government controlled MSM. The wide ranging interview covers current and historical events in Pakistan that drive today's international headlines.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

2 Of Santorum's College Educated 'What A Snob' MIT Nuclear Geeks May Have Found A Way To Save The World

Now they'll have an excuse to get real snobby.

Two MIT graduate students have developed a process, which they explain in the video, to build nuclear reactors that would be 'environmentally safe'. The idea is that the nuclear plants would actually be powered by burning 98% of the waste they produce.
"We have developed the WAMSR -- a Waste-Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor. WAMSR is a 200 MW molten salt reactor that converts high-level nuclear waste into electric power."

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Bend Over And Put Your Head Between Your Knees And Kiss Your Working Class Ass Good-Bye

Hello progressive Wisconsin we 'feel your pain' this morning. The outcome of the vote may add credence to a survey that says 18% of Americans actually think the sun revolves around the earth. The correlation between the dismantling of the labor movement and weakening of collective bargaining rights and income disparity is shown in this multimedia graph from the Washington Policy Watch.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Julian Assange Program Episode 7 Discusses The Occupy Movement With Early Organizers - Activists

Episode 7 of Julian Assange's program on RT Television is scheduled to air on Tuesday May 29th at 4:30am PDT. You can watch episode 7 online on RT's website.
"Although it is economic and social inequality that are named as the main causes behind Occupy, Alexa O'Brien from Occupy in New York and US Day of Rage says it is not just about the global financial crisis but also about a global political crisis - because", “institutions are no longer functional.”
The program features a discussion of the Occupy Movement and features a panel of some of the key early organizers and activists including writer David Graeber, Aaron Peters and Naomi Colvin from Occupy London and Alexa O'Brien from Occupy Wall Street NewYork and US Day of Rage.

Note: Alexa O'Brien is also one of  7 plaintiffs in the 'Freedom 7' lawsuit brought to stop implementation  of certain provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) dealing with arrest, due process and detention of US citizens. The plaintiffs won a preliminary injunction in Federal Court on May 16th that effectively blocks authorities from unlawfully using the law to arrest and detain US Citizens. The US government has appealed the ruling. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

With God On Our Side? US 8 Syria 90

it's okay to kill children, if you're the United States that is, but not so much if your Syria.

8 civilians killed in NATO airstrike in Afghanistan 

About 30 children among more than 90 killed in Houla, Syria

Read more here:

Read more here:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Throw Another Walmart Steak On The Bar-B-Q In The Name Of Glorious Patriotic Jesus Approved War Profiteering

Memorial Day 2012

Der Bahnhof Amberg, Germany 1968

"Once and for all the idea of glorious victories won by the glorious army must be wiped out. Neither side is glorious. On either side they're just frightened men messing their pants and they all want the same thing - not to lie under the earth, but to walk upon it - without crutches." Peter Weiss
In 1965 I joined the Army. I had perceived that I wanted to fight in Vietnam for my country just like my Marine older brother had done before me. It later turned out to be an indication of how naive and ignorant an eighteen year old can actually be. Providentially, I was spared from becoming cannon-fodder by an apparent glitch in the Pentagon computer and other unforeseen forces in the universe. I realized by the time the above picture was taken that most of what we had been told by our leaders about the justification for the war in Vietnam was a lie. Sound familiar?

I don't blame the front line soldiers, for many of them are impressionable young men and women who don't know any better. They end up being a pawn to be used in some jingoistic politician's speech or war profiteering corporation's commercial each Memorial Day.

They are not of course born for this purpose. They are flesh and bone, sons and daughters whose potential as human beings has been suddenly snuffed out by evil or misguided political leaders.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Crack In The Wall - Police Join Protest Marches

There seems to be some cracks in the wall protecting the corporate controlled state.

The reports of police in Britain and elsewhere protesting is evidence that the police perhaps do put their pants on one leg at a time like other human beings. They have mortgages, kids, bills, and most want to  protect and serve the public, whether you want to believe it or not. What I have seen, especially here in Seattle, is the occupy movement being co-opted by individuals who's main focus is their hate of the police. Or individuals who throw rocks through the Mayor's picture window because of his perceived opposition to protesters or support of the police. I think this focus is misguided and juvenile because the occupy movement is about the 99% versus the 1%. 'Beat officers' are definitely not economically speaking part of the 1%, but they are the pawns of the corporate state. Our focus should be to break this bond not reinforce it.

I am not saying that individual police officers have not perpetrated some horrendous crimes in the name of law enforcement, abused their power, or even murdered. This criminal activity should be prosecuted. But that aspect of police activities should not become the main focus of the occupy movement. Our purpose is the dismantling of a corporate oligarchy that corrupts our economic and political institutions and is at war with nature. 
"Our efforts must be directed toward acts of civil disobedience, to chipping away, through nonviolent protest, at the pillars of established, corporate power. The corporate state is so unfair, so corrupt and so rotten that the institutions tasked with holding it up—the police, the press, the banking system, the civil service and the judiciary—have become vulnerable. It is becoming harder and harder for the corporations to convince its foot soldiers to hold the system in place." Chris Hedges November 2011

Note: I early posted a photo supposedly of Frankfurt police who had removed their helmets and join in the protest on May 19th. This photo has apparently been debunked as a photoshop. But whether the photo was doctored or not, we will have to find out,  I don't think it changes the point of my post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The More Things Supposedly Change The More They Remain The Same

Mark Karlin , Editor of Buzzflash at Truthout gives us something to thing about.
"there is a significant segment of the US population that is so full of a self-eviscerating hate -- due to the need for feeling affirmation and empowerment from an Anglo Saxon ruling class -- that their bilious loathing may fatally wound a nation founded upon the resilience of an evolving democracy."

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Running For Democratic National Convention Delegate In WA 7th CD - Here Is A list Of The Experience That Should Qualify Or Perhaps Not Qualify Me For The Position

'Experience is the teacher of all things,' Julius Caesar c. 52 BC

By: Daniel O'Brien 

Here is the list of my experience, and other random observations formatted in a flow of consciousness style.   
  • Glenn Beck recently called me a 'Communist' on his internet based show, which is probably enough of a reason to vote for me already.
  • I'm not a communist even if Glenn Beck says I am.
  • If you ask me what my main occupation is now, I'd answer, I'm an 'artist and theater producer'.
  • I'm 65 years of age.
  • I have a good sense of humor.
  • I don't agree with everything President Obama has done during his first term, but whole-heartedly support his reelection.
  • I've been the elected Democratic Party PCO for Carpenter Precinct on Vashon Island for over three years. 
  • I worked as a local union business agent and organizer for the Office Workers Union Local 8 and later was the shop steward for the Teamsters Union while employed by the City Of Seattle. I was elected a delegate to the Teamster International Union Convention during the time I was a shop steward for the union.

Catholic Church Now Thinks Girls Scouts Are Unknowingly Being Turned Into Little Sluts

US Bishops apparently now investigating Girl Scouts of America for what they believe is 'slutty' behavior, or whenever Bill Donahue of the Catholic League opens his month you know some crazy ass idiotic wing-nut dogma is about to come out. This guy makes all US Catholics (that are left) and people of Irish desent want to slit their wrists.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Drudge Report Once Again Proven To Be 'Lying Bowl Of Lukewarm Shit'

The 'Drudge Report' once again proves to be a reliable tool of the oligarchs and their misinformation campaign. If you want to see GOP talking points in advance just check Drudge each morning for the latest list of lies and fabrications.

The story has a intro above it that indicated. "OBAMA LIT AGENT, 1991: 'Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'... Used bio until 2007..."

The 'sack of lying shit story' is based on Breitbart News reports on a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama's then-literary agency which describes the author as "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."

Then this happened:

Miriam Goderich issued the following statement to Political Wire:
"You're undoubtedly aware of the brouhaha stirred up by Breitbart about the erroneous statement in a client list Acton & Dystel published in 1991 (for circulation within the publishing industry only) that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me -- an agency assistant at the time. There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."
Full disclosure: I am a client of the same literary agency.

Via The Dish

Video: Plaintiff Chris Hedges Hails "Monumental" Ruling Blocking NDAA Indefinite Detention