Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Apparently many men who engage in anonymous sex with other men don't consider themselves to be gay or bisexual

Show it to me. I don't need to know your name. You wanna do me? Hurry up. Thanks, buddy. See ya 'round. Larry Craig's scandal really involves questions about hypocrisy, delusion, phoniness and the boomeranging effect that can be caused by a shit load of the sexual reppression. Thank you Jesus.

Maybe that why (R) Senator Larry Craig claims "I'm not gay, I never have been gay". Maybe this claim is difficult to swallow (sorry) for some of us out here living only in heterosexual world. But, according to an article at the HIV/AIDS resource website The Body often it is just about having this type of SEX.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blasphemous Balls Allah Gets Kick Around In US Soccer Ball Air Drop Controversy

US Forces in Afghanistan have apparently run amok of Muslim fundamentalist again by air dropping soccer balls that have Saudi Arabian flag with includes Allah's name. Okay then what's on the short list that isn't blasphemy to a fundamentalist Muslim? I think I going to become a atheist now.

The Paris Hilton Factor...Are We A Nation of Retards ? Ask Miss Teen South Carolina!

Recently I read an article about how Americans don't read books anymore. We also hear lots of whining from students and their parents about requirements to pass certain tests that measure educational standards in our schools. We lag behind other secular Western nations in math, science and foreign language skills. Our president is a idiot. Most Americans are apparently idiots too. Miss Teen South Carolina gives us hope though when she answers a question about why she thinks most teens can't locate the US on a world map.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Italian Soccer Player Reveals Insult That Triggered Zidane Head Butt During World Cup Final

MILAN, Italy -- Italy defender Marco Materazzi finally disclosed what he said to Zinedine Zidane in the World Cup final that provoked the French star to retaliate with a head-butt.

"I prefer the whore that is your sister," Materazzi said during an interview in next week's edition of Italian magazine TV Sorrisi E Canzoni, according to Italian news reports Saturday. He previously acknowledged he had insulted Zidane's sister.

Zidane head-butted Materazzi in the chest with 10 minutes left in last year's final. He was sent off for violent conduct, ending his stellar career with a red card.

Italy went on to win the game in a penalty-kick shootout after the score was 1-1 after extra time.

Materazzi, who received a two-game ban for incitement, has since apologized to Zidane.

France coach Raymond Domenech this month lauded Materazzi's strategy for getting Zidane sent off.

"I say 'bravo' to him," the coach said.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Olbermann Turns Spotlight On Bush Mine Safety Recess Appointee's Mining Safety Record

Kieth Olbermann timely video comment on the questionable competence and conflicts of interests by Federal Mine Safety head Rich Stickler. Also history of Republican resistance to passing updated changes in mine safety procedures continue to cost lives.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gasworks Party Or How Petty, Provincial, Unsophisticated and Grumpy Busy Body Seattleites Can Be!

The word is finally out about the big super secret party at Gasworks Park Saturday night. It turns out it was to celebrate the marriage of Clearwire director Stuart Sloan with family and friends.

I was there working as a entertainer. The “employees” staging the event were more or less told not to talk about it with anyone. The main reason, we were told, was that the groom wanted to make it a surprise for his bride and their family and for the 300 or so invited guests who apparently didn’t know exactly what was happen either.

In the lead up to this event many of us working the party read the wild speculation that resounded in the blogs and in the local MSM. Much of it not true it turns out or based on any facts. This led to much laughable or negative public speculation. Bill Gates was throwing a birthday party for Warren Buffet. Paul Allen was celebrating his daughter Graduation. It was some sort of Republican Party political event (with contempt dripping from the keyboard that such a thing could happen in our neighborhood added in for good measure). The people working the party were all scab labor etc., was one of the really particularly stupid posts I read.

I can say here, that I was paid well for performing at the party. More money then when I perform usually for the cheapskate arts organizations and impresarios I work for over the years locally. The staff and producers of the show were beyond professional in the way they conducted and interacted and treated us performers and in what they expected us to provide in exchange. Every detail was attended to and nothing seemed to be left to chance. From the inside this was the amazing thing that stood out about the event. The host of this party got ever permit needed. Paid the require fees took every precaution to provide for all contingencies and even informed the neighborhood in advance to expect and/or enjoy the fireworks.

My point being...

I grew up in Seattle. I lived on the South slope of Queen Anne Hill. So I’m no Johnny come lately like most of the people I suspect were so up in arms about this party. My mother didn’t try to stop Bumbershoot from happening just because once a year she had to fight for parking for a few days in front of the house or put up with “noise”. It was just people having some summer fun. Join the party, or if weren’t invited or don’t care we were taught be nice and mind your own damn business.

The main complainers here seem to be the same people who managed to stop the One Real Summer Nights program at Gasworks. Somehow this emboldens them to think that this park is THEIR private reserve now, and for god’s sake don’t have any fun anybody! I’m the fun Police and Park Nazi rolled into one. Unless of course you think the way they do. Frisbee toss or kite flying anyone?

This is a public park for EVERYONE, not just this small neighborhood cult.

I’m not a Republican, Democrat or rich. I'm and working man who likes to think for myself lets say. Nor do I choose to be a member of any other one dimensional political groupings. But it is beyond rude to try to stop a party because you THINK the people there are not of your particular political persuasion or progressive enough or not for your unsophisticated taste buds. Think Hempfest here.

This is what eats at me about the reaction to this party. You see it in the politics and culture of this city all too often. I don’t think it really existed in the old days. They had a Worlds Fair here in 1962 that ended up changing an entire neighborhood. But the legacy was the much-loved Seattle Center. I doubt you could do such a thing today with the provincial crowd that now permeates and runs Seattle.

Can you remember “The Commons”. Probably would have been a great urban open space but no, not happening in uptight Seattle. The Seattle Supersonic who needs them? Not the non-pro sports crowd even though it adds a very important aspect to the culture of the city. Tear down the viaduct and create a real waterfront. Not happening here. Host the Olympic games like a real world city. Too much noise to many people spending money I guess. Build a real rapid transit system. All talk and blog babblers here. Salt lake city had a winter Olympics and the federal government provided much of the money for the rapid transit system that's in place today. It’s part of the “Seattle process” trying to low balling it, small time it, talking the issues to death or being a busybody obstructionist.

Seattle your on the verge of turning into a ugly, rude, backwater town lacking in any big ideas. Where the so-called natives are most interested in everybody else’s business especially if it doesn’t suit their dull personalities, small personal ideas, or their politics.

1994 Cheney Video Surfaces Calls Iraq Invasion "Bad Idea" That Could Lead To A "Quagmire."

More: The Raw Story

Monday, August 06, 2007

Ron Paul Let's Loose About Iraq During Republican Debate

Ron Paul, the Libertarian playing a Republican presidential candidate, continues to challenge his fellow candidates rhetoric for "Iraq stay the course, holy war in reverse because our god is better then your god" BS.

Go Ron Go!