Sunday, April 30, 2006

Link to video of Steven Colbert Lampoon of Bush

Here is the link to Free Video Blog for video of Steven Colbert lampooning of Bush at White House Correspondents dinner. Must see if you missed it. High bandwidth feed recommended.

You can cut the nervous laughter reactions in the hall with a knife. Best thing since Don Imus 1996 roast of Bill Clinton.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Is the world as we know it spinning out of control?

The runaway train of a presidency of George W Bush and his lemming Republican congress has brought us to the precipice. It seems now more and more that we stand looking into the abyss only waiting for the final "big fuckup". Life before Bush was cheap but now it has become like the perverbal, but not funny, Marx brothers movie.

Where is the great common sense that permeated this country for most of the last century? Wasn’t America a beacon of liberty, enlightenment, and civilized justice for most of our lifetime? It appears to be a rarely found commodity in the body politic today.

The frat boys and knuckleheads have won, apparently. The selfcentered and egocentric lifestyles that rule many, if not a majority, of Americans lifes have come home to roost. Are the people of this nation really more interested in the latest Paris Hilton crouch shot and/or the drunk guy, and his equally intoxicated bimbo bride, that fell off the cruise ship in a drunken stupor then stopping a unjust and stupid war in Iraq or electing politicians interested in progressive politics that actually move this nation into a new century of progress.

The public educational system is in shambles. In Washington State in 2005 more than half of the 10th graders failed the math segment of the WASL test. A testing system instituted to ascertain whether Washington State schools educational standards are being met. Teachers and politicians “pooh pooh” the results and make excuses for the failing system instead of demanding better curriculum and results from teachers and students. “Poor kids”, the parents say, Meanwhile kids in, China, Asia and India and other nations demand and expect excellence from their children and usually get it. These thirdworld students are destined to be the leaders of the new economic and technical world order. Our spoiled children only continue to fall behind.

We’ve become soft, gutless, spiritually bankrupt and stupid. We deserve what we get. A brainless backward president and administration of nincompoops who has led us into an ideologically based religious war for Christ and oil based apparently on our greedy need for soccer moms to run oversized energy obsolete personal vehicles to the supermarket each week. Rednecks equated it as freedom. But it’s not freedom it’s arrogance and ignorant. This war in Iraq has never been worth the life of even one of America's brave soldiers at the hands of this malingering commander in chief bozo.

No one will take my fucking SUV away! Well unless things change pretty quickly buddy, I predict you will soon be in for a rude awakening. It really has gotten strange when liberals actually think Nixon wasn’t that bad a president when compared to the douse bags that we have running this country into the ground today.

Eight years of these assholes in total control this country may get us all killed. The people must elect enough democrats to take the control of the Congress so there is something to counter Bush, Cheney and Rove et al from destroying our democracy any further. Democrats are not perfect, or much better in many cases, but I would rather take my chances with the liberals then the nitwits in charge now. Democrats in this case are the superior brand of nitwit.

The pendulum must swing back in favor of common sense if this country if it is to continue to exist as we have known it.