Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Would Anyone Want To Be President After Bush

This film from good shows just what the new president will find on his plate the day he takes office. I think the film ask how could the Republican party have fucked up this country to the degree it has in just 8 years, and why in the world would anyone in his right mind want to elect another Republican to continue this mind-boggling legacy of incompetence.

Hide It's The Night Of The Little Beggers

Studs Terkel Friend Of The Working Man

A Chicago Tribune tribute video to this great man and historian of the American working class struggle. He remained real to the end.

Wingnut Robots Attack

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Future To Be Determined By Air-Head Elizabeth Hasselbeck And Samuel The Fake Plumber

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Catholic pro-life white bread silver spoon in her month raised former Survivor Show contestant and The View panelist personality has joined with Joe or Samuel, or whatever his freaking name is, Wurzelbacher, the pretend libertarian unlicensed plumber and tax dodger, to apparently become the main spokespersons for Republican Party candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin in the closing days of the presidential campaign.

The extremely odd thing about these people is that the mainstream media, hungry for any type of plausible campaign narrative, have bought hook line and sinker into the McCain campaign ploy and elevated Hasselbeck and Wurzelbacher to the status of some sort of representation of mainstream America opinion and gravitas.

Once again, the MSM is doing the American electorate the disservice of trying to glorify anyone they perceive as the archetypical American representation of the generic “everyman or everywoman”. Thus continuing the Joe Six-pack story line fantasy that says what voters want in their politicians is the someone as stupid as they are who you can drink a beer with in the local tavern, or in the case of Hasselbeck go with on a shopping spree at Walmart.

In a more reality based world Americans probably wouldn’t give the polarizing Hasselbeck and Wuzelbacher the time of day. Unless your overly impress by the semi-famous flash in the pan personalities. But in America people like these are easily elevated to fame and fortune based mostly on the depth of their personal banality. It’s the American Idol syndrome.

Hasselbeck’s main claim to fame, other then being the air headed foil to the liberal leaning other women on The View, seems to be that her husband is a former NFL backup quarterback whose brother Matt is the current often injured 2 win and 5 loss Republican loving quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Wurzelbacher is apparently famous because he doesn’t like to pay his taxes and likes to spout half-baked positions on economics, government spending, foreign policy and he ask Barack Obama a question about his tax plan when Obama happened to stroll by his house one day and the conversation was recorded and found it way to FOX News.

McCain jumped at the chance to make Joe the non-plumber a fictitious representation of an Obama plan to turn everything good and American into a Socialist police state. Now marching Joe around the battleground States to receive the cheers of the other adoring numskulls, poor white trash, god fearing, and white power anti gay loving people who want to give even more of their money to rich people by not spreading the wealth around.

Hasselbeck was brought forward by the Palin campaign to defend Palin’s controversial expenditure on designer clothing while she was trying to pass herself off as an ordinary hockey mom in public. Oh the scandal and the gnashing of teeth meanwhile in the real world war and financial collapse are the actual realities of the day.

It’s like Obama has pointed out, “they make a big election about small things”. Or bullshit, bullshit, and more banal bullshit coming from the likes of Hasselbeck and Joe the non-existent nobody nitwit fake plumber.

Unfortunately, given the stupidity of the average American and the talking head MSM the narrative has now grown into a multi-headed monster and probably the basis for the future script of some boring made for TV B movie staring Stephan Baldwin as Joe and Lindsay Lohan in a comeback role as Hasselbeck.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain’s Obsessively Condescending Use Of Air Quotes

Using air quotes to make a point can be annoying to others. Case in point John McCain. Probably his most bizarre use of this stagecraft was during the third debate when he put “the health of a woman” in air quotes claiming that it was nothing more than a buzz word used by pro abortion "extremist" groups to further their agenda. Many women found this McCain observation to be insulting and out of touch.

But McCain frequently uses air quotes to make points. McCain insinuates by the use of air quotes that the words of Obama are somehow coded and the real meaning is something entirely different then how they would be normally interpreted in plain English. He is therefore providing a service as a well meaning interpreter of the words for the uninitiated.

What always amazes me is when McCain uses air quotes for the phrase "spreading the wealth". It seems to always get a loud response from the audience made up of middle class looking individuals who apparently think that rich people should continue to get bigger tax breaks at their expense. The car is moving with this bunch, but the clutch is definitely not engaged.

Here are a few air quoted words that Johnny Boy has put his bony fingers around when trying to explain what Barack Obama is really saying to voters. When using air quotes one usually uses the gesture to emphasis a particular word used in a phrase as in:

Spreading (the wealth)
Socialist (agenda)
Redistribution (or wealth)
Consider (off shore drilling)
(terrorist) Friends
(raise your) Taxes
Increase (taxes)
Chicago (politics)

The one I think he should be air quoting more is (I’m full of) BULLSHIT.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Message From The Real America

They want to divide us. They want to pit us against each other. They want us to hate. They want us to be racists. But it's hard to stop truth... even in the so called parts of their pandering to class and race baiting real America.

Looking Closely At McCain's Closing Argument We'll Find...

It sounds something like this.......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why I Have Little Faith In the Integrity Of American Elections

It may come as a shock to the typical low information uninvolved American voter, but the words of John McCain about the fabric of the American democracy being under attack, or whatever the fuck he said at the last debate along those lines, are true.

But, it’s not from the likes of community organizations like ACORN as McCain claims, but from the likes of the powerful corporate interest in this country who’s influence and tentacles reach out to control the message, the media and the actual voting machines that count the paperless ballots in our elections.

Naive Americans continue to refuse to acknowledge the fact that the computer machines that count and register our votes are badly compromised, unreliable, controlled and designed by ultra right wing companies with a agenda and not subject to the level of complete scrutiny required to even come close to being a trusted method of accurately tallying votes. These companies ask us to trust them, given the evidence why would anyone in their right mind do that?

As Election Day nears right wing entities in the press continue to make a case for widespread voter fraud and tightening polls as proof of a close race. Pollsters like AP and Zogby argue the race is tightening even though most national polls show otherwise. Perhaps laying the narrative groundwork for a surprise comeback narrow victory by McCain.

Republican lawyers and election functionaries continue to attempt to suppress thousands and possibility even millions of votes by challenging voter registrations or the right to vote of individuals based on technicalities which they offer up in court. Friendly Republican Secretaries of State around the nation like in Colorado and Indiana, who serve as the watchdogs within their States, also join in right wing voter suppression parties.

Republicans know they cannot win elections if the real voter base is broadened. This Carl Rove hatched approach to participation by citizens in our democracy has for years now been to LIMIT, not expand the number of voters in this country.

Because an expanded electorate means Republican candidates will lose almost every time. By not counting ALL the votes in the 2000 election Bush won Florida which tipped the electoral vote balance in his favor. The conservative leaning Supreme Court failed to act. Thus making a pin headed partisan and now discredited Republican Secretary of State in Florida Katherine Harris the final judge in defeat of Al Gore. Fast forward four years to 2004 and the same thing happened in Ohio where more than 350,000 mostly John Kerry votes didn’t get counted, blocked by a Republican Secretary of State and Bush once again won the election. Kerry ended up losing Ohio by some 110,000 votes.

But this is old news to most progressives.

As unbelievable as it may seem in the nearly 8 years since the debacle of Florida in 2000 nothing much has been done to fix the problem. What is more frightening is that Republicans still know that in a close election where it may come down to a few key battleground states like Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana or Colorado the situation is ripe for the same sort of last minute voter suppression tactics that could swing the election.

How, you may ask, could this happen? Well it’s because the Republicans have no interested in fixing it. Stealing elections, although not invented exclusively by their party, is now a way of life for them.

And it gets even worse because corporate controlled machines still count the votes in this country. These machines have been shown to be unreliable or compromised and subject to tampering. The manufacturers like Diebold continue to keep secret the software codes use by these machines, arguing that their copy rights take priority over all else even the integrity of our votes and therefore our democracy. Relying on these unreliable machines makes the outcome of Federal elections unprovable, no matter what the media reports as fact.

So what’s the solution? Simply put it’s paper ballots counted by real humans. Although this method may seem outmoded or cumbersome in this high tech age of instant gratification it is the only real way that America can have voting and election integrity that is verifiable.

It is going to be interesting to see how this Presidential election plays out in the next week. Will it come down to one battleground State where large numbers of vote end up being suppressed? Will there by widespread problems with voting machine tallies?

The fabric of our society is under attack because in America, the supposed beacon of democracy in the world, democracy is in fact under attack and badly compromised by flaws in our system of electing our representatives.

What Will You Do When They Come For You?

Here's the rather alarming story of the well known Maryland environmental activist Josh Tulkin receiving notification from the state police that he was under surveillance because he was suspected of being a domestic terrorist. I guess the lesson is that no one dare to speak out to protect the environment or challenge the power of polluting corporations when they are backed by the powerful elements of the illegitimate pro business government.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Party On Vashon Election Night!

click on image to enlarge

A Republican Air Of Entitlement

I guess grumpiness runs in the McCain family. This story struck me as rather bizarre in that it shows that the McCains think that somehow because of who they think they are they shouldn't have to put up with being stuck in traffic. Tell me why Joe McCain thinks he's so important.

Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of American Rate The Candidates

Military chest beater and war hero McCain has flunking grade with veterans group.

click on image to enlarge

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why I Should Be A Political Consultant On TV

I didn't know that the threshold for being a political pundit on TV was so low till Jon Stewart set me straight.

12 Amazing Locally Focused Obama Ads

A group of award-winning filmmakers have quietly formed a production army and have created 12 amazingly impactful Obama ads. Here one about a veteran living in Ohio.

Working Class Hero

Green Day's cover of the John Lennon song....

McCain Yard Sign Generator

Create your own personal McCain yard sign now!

Steal Back Your Vote No More Stolen Elections

Here's information on plans by the election surpression and fraud activist organization No More Stolen Elections for widespread demonstrations should the Republicans steal the election again. Also a fine video by the Steal Back Your Vote folks explaining the depth of the problem of Republican voter suppression and shenanigans.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Police Departments Prepare For Unrest On Election Day

Drudge has a post on a report via The Hill reporting that police departments across the nation are preparing for election day unrest based on the belief that in cities with large African American populations there will be demonstrations and riots if Obama should not win and there is a belief that there has been foul play involving the election's outcome.

Well I got news for law enforcement it won't be just African Americans! It will be labor, progressives, and every other red blooded American citizen who gives a shit about this country and is sick and tired of this bunch of fascist assholes running it into the ground.

As far as I'm concerned I'll be out there too if these criminals try and steal this election too. Anyone with a brain knows that's exactly what the Republicans are planning to do if the election is close and the outcome is determined by voting in a few key battleground states like Ohio, Florida or Colorado. For Christ sake, they already tried unsuccessfully to throw out 2,000,000 registrations in Ohio. I think the preparation for and publicity about "unrest" by law enforcement is also a bit questionable in that it could have the affect of suppressing voter turnout because of the fear of violence. Also we shouldn't have gun toting police squads hanging around the polls period.

Being the story is on Drudge it's obviously part of the subtle narrative being pumped out about "voting irregularities"and ACORN tearing at the fabric of our democracy. These latent racist and class warfare themes are suppose to prepare the low information public for the justification the authorities will need to deal with the rabble should the voter suppression shenanigans lead to justified unrest. One thing for sure it's proof positive that George W Bush and Carl Rove have successfully turned our democracy into a banana republic.

But I'm not totally naive, I know that American elections have been fixed throughout our history. But that was then and this is now. In this age we must now demand transparency in our politics. We must do what is right for the very serious reason that we will not continue to have a democracy, as we have known it, if we do not stop these criminals from fixing the outcome of this most important of elections this time around. So fuck these racists vote suppressing bastards!

If you want information on your rights as a voter and the tactics the Republicans are planning on using Robert Kennedy Jr has a great website where you can get information on what to do if they try and fuck with your right to vote. The site also has materials and video you can watch and download to inform yourself and others.

See you at the barricades!

McCain Says He Supports Vererans Record Says Different

Blue Star families for Obama video

Tacoma Video Biden Rally To Get Out The Vote

Other Scary Socialist #3 The Series

Woody Guthrie

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bebe Malo Malo Malo

Obama On SNL November 1 Republicans Pissed

Apparently Barack Obama will appear on Saturday Night Live November 1st. The rightwing Martin Eisenstadt's Blog reports. Eisenstadt is apparently a former aide to Rudy Gulliani and is not real happy about Obama getting the prime pre-election slot on the show. He claims it's because SNL Producer Loren Michaels has gone all goo goo over Obama and even given $4600 to the Obama campaign to get the Senator to agree. Boo hoo hoo.....

Why Sugar Coat It Their Freaking Racists

Rachel Maddow's show yesterday had a segment about the McCain campaign's use of certain well known latent racist buzz words and themes in their erratically stupid campaign message. Those words and themes like socialist, welfare giveaway, spreading the wealth, cutting government checks to people who don't deserve them, and Chicago machine politics.

You add Rush Limbaugh to the equation with his assertion that Colin Powell only endorsed Obama because their the same race and you got the basic talking points that the Republicans are using to close the election.

It's plain and simple all a bunch of white bread racist speak. I hope John McCain realizes this is going to be his shitty legacy as a old grumpy warmongering, out of touch white racist.

Other Scary Socialist #2 In The Series

Warren G Magnuson

You May Become A Scab If You Continue To Shop At Whole Foods

Sorry socially conscious and upwardly mobile Whole Food shoppers! Are you being turned into Scabs by continuing to shop at Whole Foods?

I’m not going to be shopping at Whole Foods till they start acting like the socially responsible company they claim to be in public and, I recommend you stop shopping there too.

Beef Northwest Feeders is a major supplier of beef to Whole Foods. On June 13 a majority of the employees at Beef Northwest submitted union authorization cards to a independent third party to verify. This independent third party verified that the United Farm Workers Union had in fact signed up a majority of the employees, but Beef Northwest continues to refuse to recognize the union and continues to partake in union busting tactics to discourage the union's recognition.
“For more than a year, workers employed at this industrial feedlot have been demanding that their desire to have the UFW represent them be recognized by Beef Northwest. Instead, the company has resorted to anti-union tactics of threats, intimidation and retaliation against workers who support the union. The company is also being sued by three women who maintain that Beef Northwest discriminates against women of color in its hiring practices.

Equally disturbing, Whole Foods, the company that prides itself on being socially responsible, is one of the largest sellers of Country Natural Beef, whose cows are fattened at Beef Northwest's feedlots. Workers met with Whole Foods executives in Austin TX to personally explain their situation. Yet, Whole Foods chose to ignore the workers. Instead it choose to believe the company consultant’s so called facts.”
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other prominent politicians have written to the Beef Northwest and requested that they recognize the UFW union as the employee's bargaining agent. A copy of the Obama’s letter can be seen above.

I urge you not to shop at Whole Foods and to give this handbill to the manager when you go to one of their stores. You can also sign a online petition in support of the employees and their right to organize.

MC Yogi Obama Vote for Hope Sweet MP3 Download Video

MC Yogi tune asking for a vote for Barack Obama. You can get the MP3 file here. More of his music can be found here. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Video The Truth About ACORN

From BraveNewFilms this is a informative video about ACORN and the Republican strategy to try and use them as a smoke screen for widespread voter suppression in a close election. I urge you to please pass it on to your friends.

Photoshopped McCain Zombie Face Of The Day

I'm hooked...

McCain Supporters Apparently Also Hate Each Other

This is an interesting video from a McCain Palin Rally in Woodbridge, Virginia where there is a confrontation between an anti-Muslim wingnut selling racist bumper stickers who then encounters several Muslim McCain supporters as well as a Muslim McCain Campaign Staffer. To the credit of the staffer and the Muslims, they end up embarrassing the racist into leaving the area.

via: McClathy

McDonald's Capitulates To Homophobic American Family Association

Golden arches no longer gay friendly.
"A corporate executive for McDonald's restaurants who had been on board of directors of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has stepped down following a boycott of the chain organized by the pro-family American Family Association."
via: Fast Food News

Hitchens Calls For Media Boycott Of Palin Unless She Has Press Conference

I guess they never learn. America's main stream Press not doing it's job again. Last time this happened on such a major scale we ended up in a stupid war. If she' going to be the Vice President she must face the press and answer questions. This isn't American Idol!

Dan Savage over at the Slog made this same proposition last week. He believed that NBC should have demanded that Palin give a press conference in exchange for getting on SNL.

Other Scary Socialists

New dealer FDR....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Only A Pawn In Their Game

Photo Of Biden Rally At Cheney Stadium Sunday

Apparently people ended up being turned away by the fire marshal. Capacity is apparently 9600 but with people on the infield there were probably close to 10,000 looks like.

1300 Corporate Predators Loose On Dino Rossi's Watch

My answer to Dino Rossi's Sex Predator ads. There are some even more frightening types of predators that are running loose out there, but these predators are loose on Dino Rossi's watch. Feel free to share!

Photoshopped McCain Zombie Face Photo Of The Day

Just it time for the holidays. it's McCain and Ralphie...

Drudge Race Baits With Powell Endorsement

Matt Drudge wasted no time in playing the race card on the Colin Powell endorsement of Barack Obama for President. Here what the email message I sent to Drudge said:
Dear Drudge,
About your headline. "It's not about race". What bullshit. How about "It's because Obama better qualified" Or "Powell says Palin not ready and showed McCain's poor judgment".

I suppose your doing McCain's dirty work for him by trying to make it only about race. By the way how the hell do you race baiting jerks manage to sleep at night in this day and age? "
Vashon, WA
It's funny that AmericaBlog in it's post reporting the endorsement asked "How long until the McCain campaign reminds us he’s Black?". Not long as it turns out.

Will Virginia North Carolina Results Cost Gregoire The Election

I know it's not an issue for the politically active, but it maybe an issue with other not so politically inclined folks. It's important that every Washington Voter must be reminded to get out and cast their vote on election day no matter what's happening with the Presidential race.

It may be a no-brainer that Barack Obama looks like he is going to carry Washington State on election night. The problem is that the national media maybe projecting him as the winner based on exit polls from East coast States like Virginia and North Carolina long before the polls have closed here.

The Governor's race between Gregoire and Rossi and other important down ticket races remain close and could be further affected by voters on the West coast deciding not to vote because Obama has already been projected to have won the Presidency at shortly after 4pm Pacific Time.

Here is a quote from Votemaster that makes the point.
"On a closely related topic, on election evening 2004, the battle went on for hours. In 2000, it went on for 36 days. That makes for great television. What happens if it is all over at 7 P.M. Eastern Time on election night? That is when the polls close in Virginia. If the Virginia exit polls, which are likely to be announced at 7:01 P.M., show a blowout for Obama, all the pundits will realize that the show is over, as there is no plausible way for McCain to get to 270 electoral votes without Virginia. Ditto North Carolina, where the polls close at 7:30 P.M. Are the anchors and experts all supposed to pretend they don't know what is going on? But if they call the election at 4:01 P.M. Pacific Time, millions of people won't bother to vote. Clearly they have a problem. If millions of people in the Midwest and West don't vote--especially people who were planning to vote for the loser, it could affect large numbers of downticket races."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video Obama Speech In St Louis Today Before 100,000 People

Today Barack Obama spoke before a crowd of over 100,000 people under the arch in St Louis, Missouri. It was the largest public gathering in St Louis since 1904. Later in the day he spoke before another 75,000 people in Kansas City.

Freedom Of Speech And Association

The words of Edward R. Murrow dramatized by actor David Strathairn in the movie Good Night and Good Luck. It seems that they especially ring true today.

The Commies Are Coming..The Commies Are Coming

A Desperate McCain Attempt To Return To The Red Baiting Of The 1950’s

Today John McCain accused Barack Obama of wanting to turn the America political system into a Socialist style of government.

Someone should tell McCain that he and George Bush just did that with the 700 billion bailout of the banks and other entities of the financial system. Then, of course there’s Social Security and Medicare. No wonder he's planning to get rid of both those "Socialist" government programs should he get elected.

In case you hadn't realized it this shows the real depth of John McCain's political philosophy. This is proof positive of just how out of touch, Orwellian and radically right wing and desperate McCain has become by embracing this most ancient Republican Party boogieman concept as a real time election ploy.

For god’s sake has nothing changed since 1950 for this crowd.

Much of what’s left of the McCain campaign is apparently made up of right wing extremist ideologue and gibberish filled right wing radical nonsense these days. Whether it’s the McCarthyism and hatred of non whites heard in the tone of a Palin rally or the dangerous rhetoric of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s outburst about conducting some sort of witch hunt to find the “un-American" members of Congress.

It’s reveals just what the real Republicans in mass think about, including the no nothing phony non plumber libertarian named Joe or Sam. The problem is most of these low information nitwits would be unable to define or recognize Socialism if they had to in order to save their life.

I'm sure there's a large element of wingnut droids out there who. like Joe the Plumber, believe this ideologue centered rhetoric and will support McCain even though he really doesn't represent their interests or their welfare when the rubber hits the road. It’s the same old out of date bullshit the Commies are coming scare tactics and red baiting that my labor leader father heard in 1950. It’s Fear of Socialism and fear of outsiders bringing their foreign European Commie type ideas to America.

What these Republican yahoo’s seem to always miss is that government intervention and money is fine when they need help when their selfish greed laden and unbridled economic schemes go bad, but government help for the middle class is somehow "Socialist" if we ever need help making ends meet, or a hand up or talking about our government providing our right to basic medical coverage.

Can we please move on into the next century for Christ sake.

Photoshop John McCain Zombie Face Sweeps The Nation

Ever since John McCain made this funny face during the Presidential debate last Wednesday Photoshoppers everywhere have been having a field day with the image.

Filling Out Your Absentee Ballot For Dummies

Here is a video that takes you through the process of filling out your Absentee Ballot. Also included here are the 34th Legislative District Democrats sample ballot recommendations.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today I Declared War On The Republican Party And The Bush Administration

I've had it with these criminals screwing with our rights.

I join with the Obama campaign's call today for the Bush administration and the McCain campaign to desist from their covert attempts to suppress the votes of registered voters throughout the nation.

I am fully resolved to not let the Republicans and their cronies steal another election.

I will never let the Republican Party and the Bush Administration and their cronies suppress or eliminate my right to vote. I am sick and tired of reading the drummed up and phony charges made about ACORN. This organization is being used as smokescreen to lay the groundwork for a suppression of your votes by the Republican Party in cohorts with it's allies in the government and McCain/Palin campaign.

I realize that these phony charges of “voter fraud” and “widespread irregularities” are nothing but the Republicans laying the groundwork for massive challenges to the rights of individual legally registered voters to cast their ballots in the upcoming national elections.

I will fight with all my strength and resources any attempt by Republicans to challenge my voting rights.

I will talk to my friends and family members about this issue to better inform them of the plot by our government and the Republicans who are working in concert at this vary moment to suppress their votes.

I will make war with the Republican Party or any other individual who attempts to suppress my vote. I will participate and encourage widespread demonstrations and legal action against any election result where widespread voter suppression is used to suppress votes or affect an outcome that does not reflect the full participation of registered voters.

I will report immediately any acts or voter suppression that I see to the proper authorities and the media.

McCain's Plans To Cut Medicare

This will really go over big in Florida...

A 12 Step Program for Recovery From The Bush Presidency

Do I have to go to those meetings? 12-Step Bush Recovery Program: A Lifesaving Guide to Shaking Off the Horrors of the Last Eight Years, with Practical Advice on Relapse, Remission, and Recounts (Paperback)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe The Wingnut Plumber Story Springs A Leak

Joe Wurzelbacher the Toledo, Ohio plumber who's got so much attention last night from John McCain during the presidential debate is turning out to be another right leaning phony baloney.

People like FOX News and McCain have attempted to make this guy into a big deal and symbol of main street but the more we find out about Joe the more he seems like just another low information anti-tax right leaning wingnut.

He’s actually not licensed as a plumber in Ohio which would be required if he works in the city of Toledo where he happens to livc. He’s apparently is registered to vote but under another spelling of his name. Ben Smith of Politico reported early last night that Joe the plumber was not registered before a correction was made later.

VP candidate Joe Biden this morning even questioned if Joe the plumber is a a real plumber at all.

I'm sure McCain will say the faulty registration is probably ACORN’s fault and another example of how that organization is "tearing at the fabric of our nation", or whatever other hyperbolic bullshit may sound good.

The State of Ohio has filed a lien against Joe for failure to pay his State taxes. So he's one of these deadbeat tax avoiding ideologues probably, and just for good measure he doesn’t happen to believe in Social Security because he thinks it’s a sign our country is turning towards Socialism. Joe does admit he voted for McCain in the Ohio primary.

At the heart of the story is the claim by McCain that Obama tax plan would hurt people like Wurzelbacker who wanted to start his own small business. When the facts are checked however it turns out that Joe would actually not be taxed anymore given what he really earns or could potentially earn should he buy the plumbing business where he now works.

That's if he can pass the test necessary to get his plumbing license.

Joe sounds like a McCain supporter who wants to believe all the bullshit rhetorical Republican ideology about how everyone is being taxed too much or more likely he doesn’t believe that paying taxes if your an American should be required.

But one things for sure is his story doesn’t hold water. Not a good thing if your a plumber.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jamie Moyer Makes It To The World Series

Good for Moyer. Moyer is now a player with the Philadelphia Phillies who clinched the National League championship tonight. The former long time Seattle Mariner was a much loved lefty pitcher while in Seattle and now it appears he’ll get to end his career on a high note. When Moyer was a Mariner he had a reputation of giving back to the community big time. He was likeable, humble and a big plus for our team and Seattle.

Photo of the Day

Acorn Explained Comics

The new Republican attack on ACORN is a complete fraud and a smoke screen for what probably will be a wingnut attempt to use the confusion about ACORN to actually suppress legally registered voters in battleground states. As most progressives realize, in effect ACORN is a victim here too. ACORN has warned their registration canvassers that they are subject to criminal prosecution if they submit fraudulent registrations. A small number of these individuals apparently driven by the fact they are being paid for registrations based on a quota have let greed and stupidity take over and have ignored the warnings. But no one is actually voting in an election based on a phony registration. A point that Republicans conveniently fail to emphasize.

click on image to enlarge

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pie Loving Internet Cartoon Character Weebl Endores Obama

It was bound to happen that internet pie loving cartoon character Weebl would end up endorsing Obama given the love of pie that the candidate himself has shown.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Will Obama Rope A Dope Debate Strategy Finally Knock McCain Out

Prize fighting as a metaphor for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. The strategy of rope-a-dope was used by Muhammad Ali to defeat a heavily favored George Foreman in Zaire in 1974.

"The rope-a-dope is performed by a boxer assuming a protected stance, in Ali's classic pose, lying against the ropes, and allowing his opponent to hit him, in the hope that the opponent will become tired and make mistakes which the boxer can exploit in a counter attack. In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a losing position, attempting thereby to become the eventual victor." Wikipedia

Compressed Air Powered Car Ready For Production (In India)

Check out the air car that could be available in India and Europe by next year.

Military Wives Support Obama Video

Blue Star Families for Obama launched a video which talks about why thousands of military families across America are supporting Barack Obama.

Obama's New Economic Proposals Condensed Version

— for the next two years, give businesses a $3,000 income-tax credit for each new full-time employee they hire above the number in their current workforce;

— allow savers with tax-favored Individual Retirement Accounts and 401(k)’s to withdraw 15 percent of those retirement savings, up to a maximum of $10,000, without paying a tax penalty as the law currently requires for withdrawals before age 59 and a half;

— bar financial institutions that take advantage of the Treasury’s rescue plan from foreclosing on the mortgages of any homeowners who are making “good-faith efforts” to make payments;

— direct the Treasury and the Federal Reserve to create a temporary facility for loans to state and local governments, similar to the Fed’s new arrangement to loan corporations money by buying their commercial paper, which are the I.O.U.s that help businesses with daily operating expenses like payrolls.

-- double by another $25 billion the government loan guarantees for automakers and to temporarily eliminate taxes on unemployment benefits.

-- proposed eliminating all capital gains taxes on investments in small businesses and start-up companies, proposed an additional tax incentive through next year to encourage new small business investment.

-- creating a Jobs and Growth Fund that will provide money to states and local communities so that they can move forward with projects to rebuild and repair our roads, our bridges, and our schools.

-- already proposed a middle-class tax cut for 95% of workers and their families, today called on Congress to pass a plan so that the IRS will mail out the first round of those tax cuts as soon as possible. We should also extend and expand unemployment benefits to those Americans who have lost their jobs and are having a harder time finding new ones in this weak economy.

-- a mortgage tax credit for struggling homeowners worth 10% of the interest you pay on your mortgage. Change the unfair bankruptcy laws that allow judges to write down your mortgage if you own six or seven homes, but not if you have only one. And for all those cities and small towns that are facing a choice between cutting services like health care and education or raising property taxes, provide the funding to prevent those tax hikes from happening.

-- Treasury should not limit itself to purchasing mortgage-backed securities – it should help unfreeze markets for individual mortgages, student loans, car loans, and credit card loans.. And I think we need to do even more to make loans available in two very important areas of our economy: small businesses and communities.

-- proposed Small Business Rescue Plan that would create an emergency lending fund to lend money directly to small businesses that need cash for their payroll or to buy inventory. As we did after 9/11, and it allowed us to get low-cost loans out to tens of thousands of small businesses. Make it easier for private lenders to make small business loans by expanding the Small Business Administration's loan guarantee program. By temporarily eliminating fees for borrowers and lenders, we can unlock the credit that small firms need to pay their workers and keep their doors open. proposed that we maintain the ability of states and local communities that are struggling to maintain basic services without raising taxes to continue to get the credit they need.

John Wrong Way Peachfuzz McCain Mimics Cartoon Character

It's funny how Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series life story closely mimics that of John McCain. Both came from a navy family, both were not very good at staying out of trouble when following family traditions and both came into lots of money unexpectedly. Peachfuzz inherited his money from a rich Aunt and McCain married a beer heiress. Oh, and both were very. lets say, erratic.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin Claim To Be "Business Owner" Fails To Point Out Both Failed

Sarah Palin claims that, along with all her executive experience, that she was a "business owner". What she doesn't say is that the two attempts to start a small business failed, and that neither business ever earned a dime.

Right Wing And McCain Attacks On Freddie Frannie Not Backed Up By Facts

Once again right wing radio and commentators and the McCain campaign claims that the sub prime mortgage crisis was caused by lending to poor and minority clients by Freddie and Fannie are not backed up by the facts. God what a surprise. The real problem is traced to private sector unregulated lending practices.

This report, once again, makes one wonder if McClatchy is the only remaining large news service in this country that cares about facts?
"Commentators say that's what triggered the stock market meltdown and the freeze on credit. They've specifically targeted the mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which the federal government seized on Sept. 6, contending that lending to poor and minority Americans caused Fannie's and Freddie's financial problems.Federal housing data reveal that the charges aren't true, and that the private sector, not the government or government-backed companies, was behind the soaring subprime lending at the core of the crisis."

Fisheries Service Ruling May Slow Development Along Washington Rivers

A National Marine Fisheries Service ruling resulting from a lawsuit brought by environmental groups may slow future development along Cascade mountain rivers flowing into Puget Sound. The suit was brought because of a claim by environmentalists that development jeopardized endangered salmon, steelhead and killer whales. The effect of the ruling could shape future construction in floodplains nationwide.

via: McClatchy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ultimate Hockey Mom Booed By Real Hockey Fans

Booing Philadelphia Flyer Hockey fans welcomed ultimate hockey mom Sarah Palin when she dropped a ceremonial puck to open the NHL season in the city of brotherly love Saturday night.

What Your Run Of The Mill Racist And Palin Supporter Looks Like

A man who attended a Sarah Palin rally on Saturday in Philadelphia was caught on tape waiving a monkey doll with an Obama sticker wrapped around the head. Your typical Republican racist I guess. He looks a bit sheepish once he realizes that he's being filmed.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Friday, October 10, 2008

It Seems All McCain Has Left Now Is The Wingnuts Wack Jobs

There's been lots of talk about the anger and negativity of the McCain campaign lately. Lots is being said about the makeup and tenor of the crowds that he is attracting. Several videos like this one are borderline scary.

One of the problems I see is that most of these people that are showing up at his rallies appear to be only die hard wing nuts and ideologues . The mob mentality rules. I think it's partly because that is the only demographic that's left for McCain. You could give these folks some torches and pitchforks and give them a part in a Dracula B movie.

If you watch these interviews and reports it seems that everyone is borderline nuts that showing up at these rallies. A guest on The Rachel Maddow show today who travels with the campaign said that the people who are now showing up at the McCain Palin rallies are not the same type of people who were showing up several months ago. To paraphrase. "There used to be one of two kooks showing up, that would to be suspected for any political rally, but now all there are it seems are wingnuts".

Investigation Concludes That Palin Broke Alaska State Law

Investigation concludes that Palin broke Alaska State law developing. I'm watching the report on Hardball now. Here's the story from Anchorage Daily News. Here the PDF file full report.

Rossi Lying About Sex Offenders

Nobody has any sympathy for a sex offender. Which may be the right position, but who knows really. The Washington State Republican Party has known for a long time that with the history of this problem there is no way for Democrats to nuance the issue of sex offenders and how the State should deal with them. For most citizens it’s simply put them in jail throw away the key or better yet just hang the sick bastards high. It is one of the hottest of hot button cultural wedge issues.

Now Dino Rossi and his phony GOP Party operatives are trying to use this issue to slime Governor Gregoire in a way that is difficult to defend.

The claim is that Gregoire has allowed 1300 sex offenders statewide to go unmonitored, an explosive claim. The problem it is not true. It’s kind of like saying that there’s millions of unaccounted for felons out there that are unmonitored without talking about the scope, how things ended up that way, who's really responsible or the particulars of the problem.

The state has recently enacted strict laws that require that all sex offenders register and our State leads the nation in the ways it tracks the homeless and dangerous offenders using such things as ankle bracelets and GPS technology,
“The Legislature has spent years developing the legal framework for dealing with convicted sex offenders, but the burden of implementing those laws falls almost entirely on local law enforcement. “ Seattle PI July 30, 2007
Rossi has used the issue to produce a television ad and a mailer that includes the sinister photos of a number of the sex offenders. Its rather despicable and unprincipled of Rossi, but at this point what would one expect of a sleaze ball of Rossi’s ilk.

Several local prosecutors and law enforcement types came forwarded in defense of Gregoire. This is a problem that she inherited and that has in recent years generated renewed public concern based on several local and national high profile and disgusting cases that ended up filling the cable and tabloid news for months at a time with sickening and sensational reports or sickos sexually assaulting children.

Realizing there was an opening to show that Democrats are some how weak on crime and especially sex offenders the Republicans nationwide have used the issue effectively to attack Democrats continuously especially at election time.

The truth is Gregoire has cracked down on sex offenders since she has become Governor. During her administration the laws pertaining to sex offenders have been dramatically tightened and the punishments increased for offenders. Washington State has some of the toughest laws in the nation dealing with sexual predators. Monitoring of sex offenders in Washington is now among the best in the nation. When Gregoire was first elected she joined with other state leaders to formed a task force to deal with this difficult problem. Many of the recommendations have now become laws.

By his brazen use of this issue Rossi once again demonstrates he has problems with the truth and will do anything to get elected.

Islamic Terrorist Dolls Scares The BeJeezus Out Of Oklahoma Rednecks

Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo dolls being sold in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area are being removed from stores after purchasers claimed the dolls were spouting Islamic and satanic verses. This is not a joke and careful that your brain is not taken over by an al-Qaeda sleeper cell after you listen to the doll's jiberish. The doll supposedly is saying "Islam is the light you ignorant hillbilly".

McCain Claims Everyone Living In Chicago Is A Terrorist Contolled By City's Political Machine

Today John McCain and Sarah Palin claimed the Chicago Cubs early exit from this years baseball playoffs was due to the fact that Socialists members of the Chicago's political machine had infiltrated and taken over their clubhouse.

In addition the campaign claimed that Oprah, Ozzie Guillen, Lou Pinella, The Bears, The White Sox, Richard Daily, The Sears Tower, Studs Terkel, Michigan Ave, Billy Goat Tavern, Bulls, Michael Jordan, the Bleacher Bums, the dead body of Harry Carey and lots of people of Irish decent and that Steve Bartman guy are all tied to unrepentant terrorist William Ayres and slum lord Tony Resco because they all lived in the City of Chicago simultaneously at some time during the last 100 years.

New Video Inside Palin's Fanatical Alaskan Church Community

It's all here folks, the extremely anti-gay, abortion is murder, book banning, witchcraft focused, and retribution of all non believers who speak out. This new footage from inside the radical ultra conservative end times religious world of Sarah Palin's Alaskan community is must viewing and very scary given the possibility she could become Vice President of the United States.

In My Neighborhood Say It To My Face

Joe Biden calls phony McCain out. Should make for an interesting third debate. I think McCain didn't bring the Ayres stuff up at the debate because he knew that it would be easily debunked by Obama before 50 million people watching on TV.

William F. Buckley's Son Christopher Endores Obama

Christopher Buckley thinking conservative, libertarian, National Review contributor and the son of it's founder William F. Buckley says he will be voting for Barack Obama in November.
"This campaign has changed John McCain. It has made him inauthentic. A once-first class temperament has become irascible and snarly; his positions change, and lack coherence; he makes unrealistic promises, such as balancing the federal budget “by the end of my first term.” Who, really, believes that? Then there was the self-dramatizing and feckless suspension of his campaign over the financial crisis. His ninth-inning attack ads are mean-spirited and pointless. And finally, not to belabor it, there was the Palin nomination. What on earth can he have been thinking?"

via: The Daily Beast

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Down Home Ralph Stanley Likes Obama

Country music legend Ralph Stanley of Stanley Brothers fame has cut a commercial for Barack Obama that's playing in SW Virginia.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Is The War Hero Really A Chicken Shit?

After three or four days of some of the most scurrilous personal attacks on Barack Obama John McCain said nary a word about it during the debate last night.

Ask yourself what kind of phony two-faced backstabbing fucker acts like that?

Nobody thinks it politically correct to say this but my father and my brother and my brother in law all fought in a war. They all were decorated soldiers. One even won the bronze star. None every talked about it. They perceived it to be unmanly and something they'd like to forget I guess. Many veterans dislike McCain because he is always pumping himself up talking about his war exploits. Okay John we know you were a prisoner of war. It's supposed to project he's brave and macho. The problem is these types are usually just feeding their own ego by repeatedly bringing up their service. It's becomes a phony pandering facade.

This man is not what he claims to be.

John McCain's Rage

A short film from bravenewpac

Electing Stupid And Incompetent Politiians Led To World Financial Disaster

The American voters fixation with the bullshit fantasy of a President that they perceived would be the best one to have a beer with has led us all to the worst financial crisis in a generation or more.

Yes the Joe Six-pack type of guy just like their ignorant self so stupid and lacking in curiosity that he seldom read a book or understood the world at the necessary level to lead, has led us all to the brink of the poor house.

The Carl Rove created myth of the conservative every man's man populist candidate that a majority of the dumb as a post American electorate elected and reelected in the form of one George W. Bush has bankrupted the country and probably the world and further bankrupted and destroyed the moral authority of what WAS the most powerful nation in the world.

Fuck Joe Six-pack and fuck the idea of Joe Six-pack as leader. It's a total and absolute bullshit myth.

The dumb shit American voters who returned these men to office again and again should wake up and ask themselves if they wouldn't have been better off electing someone more intellectually engaged and perhaps considered elite in the skills that would be necessary to run this country at a level of competency that was necessary for success. Someone not at all like their limited narrow mined and unworldly selves. Some one with, at the very lease, some sense of history and internationalism.

Not someone who's proven to be no more than a deadbeat, broken down, silver spoon in his mouth, trust fund baby, frat boy.

When your toilet backs up you don't call the fellow down the street to stop the shit from filling up the house because he's just like you, you call a plumber. But this is exactly what most dumb ass Americans did when they repeatedly kept electing these incompetent bastards to run this country. They bought hook line and sinker the crap about the elite press and elitist intellectuals and the educated being the enemies. They rejected the warnings of the experts. They didn't do even the most rudimentary homework of citizenship when it came to considering the qualifications of the candidates to lead this country.

It was all about personality and visceral horseshit like they were picking a winner on American Idol. The press didn't do their job and when along for the ride. Putting their own self interest above that of finding and publishing the truth. The centralization and infotainment nature of mainstream media news these days makes it even more important that the citizen meets their duty to dig even deeper to find the truth if necessary to remain informed on the issues of the day.

Maybe it's because they didn't understand the basic tenets and requirements of being a citizen in a democracy is to be properly informed about the world and how their government works and who they are really electing to represent them.

Now we find ourselfves in a total state of economic collapse and involved in two stupid wars in far away countries. Wars that drain our dwindling wealth and kill our young with each passing minute.

This crisis could of been avoided if this country didn't have an electorate that is so totally personally ill educated, intellectually lazy or disinterested in obtaining even a basic understanding level of the basic workings of a democracy as to be able to choice their political leaders properly. They whine endlessly about how they don't understand politics or politicians. They rely on unreliable resourses to provide bad information and in the end even allow these institution to do their thinking for them.

Stupid in is stupid out.

Had we had the least bit of competence in the leadership positions in this country the coming financial disaster could of been easily predicted and address in such a way as to avoid the present wide scale panic and the distinct possibility of a long term recession or worst. Not to mention the total stupidity of starting a war with Iraq.

This has been a widespread personal failure of the duty of American citizenship and due diligence by most Americans.

So welcome to the recession you ignorant lazy lame asses. See you in the soup line.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pinocchio Politics

Lets all play..... get your nose too!

Florida Sheriff Now Under Investigation For Hatch Act Violation

The Florida sheriff who invoked the middle name of Barack Obama in an obvious attempt to stir up racial and ethnic contempt aimed at Obama because of phony attempts to brand him as a Muslim is now subject to a federal investigation for violation of the Hatch Act. Serves him right I say.

Brigitte Bardot Lets Palin Have It

Brigitte Bardot sixties goddess lets loose on Palin as disgrace to women. I know, but it gives me a chance to post this photo again.

Vote Now In Poll To Have Florida Sheriff Fired

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott invoking of Barack Obama's middle name yesterday at a rally for Shara Palin has caused a major backlash. The local newpaper the Naples Daily News is conducting a survey. One of the choices is to have him step down. We hope you will take the time to vote by clicking here.

My Email To Racist Anti Obama Florida Sheriff

Dear Sheriff Scott,

It is my understanding that most police departments require that their officers remove their uniforms when they are going to participate in personal political activities. As Sheriff of Lee County you apparently don't adhere to this type of conduct as you demonstrated by your open support of the Republican Party and Sarah Palin at a recent rally in your county.

It is unfortunate that you have used your office to promote partisan, and I might add what could be considered to be racist or religiously bias activities. We all know what you mean when you invoke Barack Obama's middle name. This type of activity, whether you realize it or not, reflects badly on you and your community. I believe that most reputable law enforcement agencies would go out of their way to be impartial when they are representing the community, which you were doing by wearing your uniform.

Your activities are a throwback to the stereotypical idea of the Southern Sheriff using his office and power in the community for partisan or even racial bias interests. You also do the uniform you wear as a law enforcement officer a disservice by appearing to be other than impartial or even more significantly playing the role of a person promoting hate moungering or race baiting.

I worked in law enforcement for over 25 years before I retired. I have a brother who served as a police officer for 30 years. So I believe I have some standing when it comes to such things.

Whether you realize it or not, I think you have embarrassed your community and the office you hold and you should, at the very least, make a public apology before your consider resigning your position.

Daniel O'Brien
Vashon, WA

Note: Chick here if you like to send your own email to this nitwit.

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Strategy Of Demagoguery Promoting Hate And Racism

This type of slime ball tactic doesn’t fit the type of America anyone would want to be a part of unless they were a skinhead. Today Sarah Palin continued the McCain Campaign strategy of the character assassination and guilt by association against Barack Obama attempting to play up his association with a former sixties radical and the Reverend Wright.

She asked the crowd what they would do about it and one man shouted out “kill him”.

Which I’m afraid one of these unhinged types may do, thinking it allowable since he’s a terrorist anyway. Meanwhile McCain himself stirred up a crowd in New Mexico saying Obama wasn’t really telling us the truth about his past. He then ask the crowd to tell him who they thought the real Barack Obama was, and someone yelled out, “he’s a terrorist”!

This type of demagoguery could comes straight out of a some hate group's manifesto. But it's the Republican Party.

I’m amazed that much of this crap is coming from a political pie hole of pipsqueak Sarah Palin. Where does this woman get off saying anything at all about the history of anything? She knows almost nothing. She'd probably still be in the political deep freeze of Alaska if the erratic John McCain hadn’t had an attack of gas the week he had to selected his Vice President.

This woman sickens me.