Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Future To Be Determined By Air-Head Elizabeth Hasselbeck And Samuel The Fake Plumber

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Catholic pro-life white bread silver spoon in her month raised former Survivor Show contestant and The View panelist personality has joined with Joe or Samuel, or whatever his freaking name is, Wurzelbacher, the pretend libertarian unlicensed plumber and tax dodger, to apparently become the main spokespersons for Republican Party candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin in the closing days of the presidential campaign.

The extremely odd thing about these people is that the mainstream media, hungry for any type of plausible campaign narrative, have bought hook line and sinker into the McCain campaign ploy and elevated Hasselbeck and Wurzelbacher to the status of some sort of representation of mainstream America opinion and gravitas.

Once again, the MSM is doing the American electorate the disservice of trying to glorify anyone they perceive as the archetypical American representation of the generic “everyman or everywoman”. Thus continuing the Joe Six-pack story line fantasy that says what voters want in their politicians is the someone as stupid as they are who you can drink a beer with in the local tavern, or in the case of Hasselbeck go with on a shopping spree at Walmart.

In a more reality based world Americans probably wouldn’t give the polarizing Hasselbeck and Wuzelbacher the time of day. Unless your overly impress by the semi-famous flash in the pan personalities. But in America people like these are easily elevated to fame and fortune based mostly on the depth of their personal banality. It’s the American Idol syndrome.

Hasselbeck’s main claim to fame, other then being the air headed foil to the liberal leaning other women on The View, seems to be that her husband is a former NFL backup quarterback whose brother Matt is the current often injured 2 win and 5 loss Republican loving quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Wurzelbacher is apparently famous because he doesn’t like to pay his taxes and likes to spout half-baked positions on economics, government spending, foreign policy and he ask Barack Obama a question about his tax plan when Obama happened to stroll by his house one day and the conversation was recorded and found it way to FOX News.

McCain jumped at the chance to make Joe the non-plumber a fictitious representation of an Obama plan to turn everything good and American into a Socialist police state. Now marching Joe around the battleground States to receive the cheers of the other adoring numskulls, poor white trash, god fearing, and white power anti gay loving people who want to give even more of their money to rich people by not spreading the wealth around.

Hasselbeck was brought forward by the Palin campaign to defend Palin’s controversial expenditure on designer clothing while she was trying to pass herself off as an ordinary hockey mom in public. Oh the scandal and the gnashing of teeth meanwhile in the real world war and financial collapse are the actual realities of the day.

It’s like Obama has pointed out, “they make a big election about small things”. Or bullshit, bullshit, and more banal bullshit coming from the likes of Hasselbeck and Joe the non-existent nobody nitwit fake plumber.

Unfortunately, given the stupidity of the average American and the talking head MSM the narrative has now grown into a multi-headed monster and probably the basis for the future script of some boring made for TV B movie staring Stephan Baldwin as Joe and Lindsay Lohan in a comeback role as Hasselbeck.

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