Friday, October 17, 2008

Today I Declared War On The Republican Party And The Bush Administration

I've had it with these criminals screwing with our rights.

I join with the Obama campaign's call today for the Bush administration and the McCain campaign to desist from their covert attempts to suppress the votes of registered voters throughout the nation.

I am fully resolved to not let the Republicans and their cronies steal another election.

I will never let the Republican Party and the Bush Administration and their cronies suppress or eliminate my right to vote. I am sick and tired of reading the drummed up and phony charges made about ACORN. This organization is being used as smokescreen to lay the groundwork for a suppression of your votes by the Republican Party in cohorts with it's allies in the government and McCain/Palin campaign.

I realize that these phony charges of “voter fraud” and “widespread irregularities” are nothing but the Republicans laying the groundwork for massive challenges to the rights of individual legally registered voters to cast their ballots in the upcoming national elections.

I will fight with all my strength and resources any attempt by Republicans to challenge my voting rights.

I will talk to my friends and family members about this issue to better inform them of the plot by our government and the Republicans who are working in concert at this vary moment to suppress their votes.

I will make war with the Republican Party or any other individual who attempts to suppress my vote. I will participate and encourage widespread demonstrations and legal action against any election result where widespread voter suppression is used to suppress votes or affect an outcome that does not reflect the full participation of registered voters.

I will report immediately any acts or voter suppression that I see to the proper authorities and the media.

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