Monday, July 31, 2006

MSNBC's Chris Matthew hits on Ann Coulter?

Chris Matthew's doddered over Ann Coulter like a sex starved old creep during her recent appearance on Hardball. He acts like she's god's gift to women and journalism when she is really closer to the theatrical high ground of a professional wrestler. Coulter continues to make wild accusations and spread lies at the expense of the innocent in-order to sell books and further her psycho-babbling extremely right-wing self-centered career and political agenda.

Meanwhile, Chris let's her get away with murder when she calls Al Gore a "total fag". She also implicates Bill Clinton as "probably" a homosexual and Matthew does nothing meaningful to challenge the obvious innuendo that is only intended to assassinate and rumormonger Gore and Clinton in a negative way with main stream America and sell her sleazy books. Or be used to embolden the homophobes and bigots out there.

Maybe Matthews is so shallow he's afraid he would be considered politically incorrect by challenging these wild accusations. But instead of doing anything behond a sort of gee-whiz expression he’s acting like he wants to go on a date with this anorexic bag of crap.

This woman is a political floozy of the worst kind. Why does MSNBC, which apparently fancies itself as a legitimate news organization, continue to give this woman a platform to spread her hate, lies, and ridiculous political bull shit when there are obviously more important and credible news stories and people to report about?

No wonder the MSNBC network continues to lag in the ratings. Matthew's needs to stop acting like a wide eyed Irish Catholic alter-boy who's never been laid, or wandered far from neighborhood he grew up in, and grow a pair. Typically he often seems most impressed by the last person he is talking too. It be like I came on the show and told him the moon was made of green cheese. He probably thank me for the well thought out information and invite me back to further substantiate the facts in a future show because "you seem like down to earth guy, and I like you". Even when everything I've just said seems like poppycock to anyone with a lick of common sense who is watching the show.

I am hopeful that soon the American political scene, including the television broadcasters, will grow tried of this "shock jock tabloid style" of news reporting that MSNBC and others like FOX nowadays have made acceptable fare.

Where are Edward R, Murrow and Walter Cronkite when, more then ever before, we so badly need the truth about our government. Not the scurrilous pabulum of Ann Coulter. What was really sad about this is Matthew acting like a total dip shit in the presence of this woman. Apparently unable to be honest or display the integrity necessary to challenge her wild accusations.

But, the bigger questions is why does MSNBC even grant her the airtime when their are hundreds of legitimate people out there who have a real stories that need telling. The answer is of course that this type of scandal promoting apparently sells during this era when nothing is ever considered to be personally embarrassing or to far fetched if it appears to be able to makes money and boost the TV ratings.

The MSNBC network is now in my personal shit-house along with FOX and the other banal gathering of journalistically bankrupt boobs. They shall remain there till they stop supporting this type of tripe disquised as news and people like Coulter.