Monday, November 12, 2012

Hillbillies In States Who Want To Sucede From Union Should Probably Find Out Where Federal Taxes Are Raised And Spent

A redneck nation full of 'sour grapes'. This reminds me of the graffiti I saw scrawled on a wall  in Amsterdam in 1980, "USA out of north America".

Most of the people behind these petitions to the White House requesting they be allowed to sucede from the union probably don't realize that their state could loose a massive amount of federal tax dollars and infrastructure support if they became independent nations.

What would supposedly happen to the social security and medicare of residents of these states? Funny, it could be a great way to balance the federal budget if we just let them go. The end result of their succession would probably be a massive tax increase for them and a dramatic shredding of the social contract as they have known it. Never the less they are being 'egged on' by FoxNews and right wing internet blogs who love to continue to harp the mantra of bullshit in their conservative bubble of right wing misinformation.

Listed below are the twenty state so far who apparently want to sucede with a color indication of how they voted in the Presidential election. Seven of the states actually paid more in federal taxes then they got back versus 13 that did not. Next to each state is the amount in billions of dollars that each state received or paid in federal revenue for the period 1990 to 2009.

Alabama          received 290.6 
Arkansas          paid 17 
Colorado          paid 100.7
Florida             received 298.7
Georgia            paid 99.5
Indiana             received 10.2
Kentucky         received 207.5
Louisiana         received 203.5
Michigan          paid 196.8
Mississippi        received 239.9
Missouri           received 70.8
Montana           received 64.5

New Jersey       paid 705.7    
New York        paid 956.2
North Carolina received 17.8
North Dakota   received 48.7 
Oregon             paid 11.8
South Carolina received 198.4
Texas               paid 398.8
Tennessee        received 81.3   

Data via Census Bureau, IRS and The Economist Magazine 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Everything You Want To Know About Bradley Manning And WikiLeaks | An Interview With Alexa O'Brien

Alexa O'Brien, an activist and independent journalist, is quickly becoming one of the foremost authorities on WikiLeaks and the proceedings and prosecution of PFC Bradley Manning by the US Government. She has spend countless hours documenting information on the case, attending court proceedings and created a timeline about the prosecution of Manning.

The case of Bradley Manning is the largest criminal proceedings against an American whistleblower in history, yet it gets little or no coverage in the mainstream media. O'Brien has taken on the task of creating a public record of the case. She is also an activist who was the founder of one of the organizations, US Day Of Rage, that help created the Occupy Wall Street Movement. As if that were not enough she is one of the 'freedom 7' plaintiffs in the lawsuit to have certain provisions of the NDAA that allows the government to arrest and unlimitedly detain US Citizens with out hearing or trial declared unconstitutional.

The interview is from Manhattan Public Access Station show 'let them talk' of November 6th.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Hero's Of 2012 | The 'Stay In Line' Folks | The 47% Film Person | The Occupy Wall Street Movement | The #stopNDAA Freedom 7 Lawsuit People

  • The 'stay in line' voters who became determined to not let voter suppression tactics rob them of their right to vote in the 2012 election. Fuck you to ALEC, fuck you 'prick' Secretary of State in Ohio, fuck you Governor Scott in Florida, fuck you Carl Rove and fuck you to a whole host of other assholes and idéologues who would dare to violate the voting rights of citizens. Your little plans backfired. 
  • The person who filmed the 47% video. Probably some minimum wage 'wait person' who had enough insight to see that the American people maybe really interested in what Romney really says to other 'rich pricks' behind close doors.
  • The Occupy Wall Street movement, who don't ever seem to get the love they deserve, for the way they literally changed the political narrative in this country in midstream from austerity, debt  reduction, taxes are too high and the 'takers' to equity for the middle class, the corruption of Wall Street and the corporate oligarchy's control of our political system. Even more compelling is they were willing to lay there bodies on the line for it.. and did just that. 
  • Stop NDAA, the journalists, activists, and intellectuals who are suing the President and others to stop arrest and indefinite intention provisions of the NDAA. Also known as the 'Freedom' 7', these individuals took on the risk an sacrifice in the name of the rights of all citizens by initiating this effort to stop a draconian violation of a our constitutional rights by our own government.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Modern Police State America Where Activists Can Quickly Become Terrorists

Abby Martin of RT America 'Breaking The Set' interviews journalist and author of 'Green is the New Red,' Will Potter, about the federal crackdown on dissent with laws like the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). The segment also centers on the arrest of Leah-Lynn Plante and other Northwest activists and anarchists who had their homes raided by government agents looking for information surrounding protest that took place in Seattle on May Day. The activists and Lynn were subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury and  were subsequently jailed for contempt for refusing to testify about their activities.