Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is The War Hero Really A Chicken Shit?

After three or four days of some of the most scurrilous personal attacks on Barack Obama John McCain said nary a word about it during the debate last night.

Ask yourself what kind of phony two-faced backstabbing fucker acts like that?

Nobody thinks it politically correct to say this but my father and my brother and my brother in law all fought in a war. They all were decorated soldiers. One even won the bronze star. None every talked about it. They perceived it to be unmanly and something they'd like to forget I guess. Many veterans dislike McCain because he is always pumping himself up talking about his war exploits. Okay John we know you were a prisoner of war. It's supposed to project he's brave and macho. The problem is these types are usually just feeding their own ego by repeatedly bringing up their service. It's becomes a phony pandering facade.

This man is not what he claims to be.

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