Wednesday, October 31, 2007

World War III News Comics

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Broken Arm-Ageddon Wingnut End Times News

Iraq Mosul Dam failure of biblical proportions could kill up to 500,000 says Army Corp of Engineers. Better get " Hell of a Job Brownie" on it.

Is drug treatment a waste of time? Some in UK question overall success of government funded treatment programs. Often treatment programs only detox participants for short periods of time only to have them relapse soon after release. Do substance abuser have to realize that they are hopeless cases before they will make real effort to stop?

Supreme Court to decide whether lethal injection is "cruel and unusual punishment.

Cross dressing La Center, WA legislator has sex with man he met at erotic boutique still claims he's not gay. Wonder what they think down at the local coffee shop?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rightwing Bozos From Hell Comics

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Artistdogboy Trip To Catalan Region Of Spain Comics

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Invasion Of The Self-Centered Weird Satanic Sickos

Who the heck killed Laura Palmer? North Bend can rejoice along with the Log Lady because of the release of the Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition 10 DVD Set. Celebrate by stopping by the T-Mar cafe for a damn good cup of coffee and piece of cherry pie.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Enough Of This Empty-Headed Narcissistic Music There's A War To Stop!

To me it seems there aren't enough young mainstream popular song writers today who write about the pride and hope of the working class struggle. No music to inspire youth to take to the streets except maybe to shop at the mall. No hits that sing about the anger or outrage at our current political institutions or THE WAR. Just this corporately produced and marketed big bowl of warm narcissistic bullshit. We need another young Dylan or Guthrie now more then ever it seems. Here's some Springsteen that should help to soothe those of you who agree.

Just In Case You Missed It

French volcanic clay with miraculous healing properties may prove highly effective against super bug MRSA. Oh my god, we have lots of volcanic clay around here don't we?

40-year-old non-English speaking Polish immigrant coming to Canada to join mother dies after being tasered by Vancouver airport police

Gerald Ford thought Bill Clinton had a sex addiction. Wanted him to go to Betty Ford type sex addiction rehab

D.C. Man claims he had gay sex with "I'm not gay" Larry Craig

Catholic Church Offended by Children's Musical

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Psycho-Babbling Pill Popping Closeted Gay Republicans On Deathwatch

Oh shit! Bill Gates maybe the Antichrist according to Rapture Ready the end times website. Thank god I own a Mac.

Number One Video On YouTube Calls For Widespread College War Protest

Will any of us make it out of here alive? With the seemingly inertness of Democrat leadership in congress to even consider impeaching Bush or Cheney or both. Or their inability to block further funding of the war in Iraq. Widespread protest seems the only alternative available to save America and to end the madness by awakening our asleep the wheel political leadership.

Crooks and Liars Davis Fleetwood’s video calling for college protest against the war was number one for ALL of YouTube this week, and with over 1.9 million views, is the number one politics video for the month.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Incoherent American Foreign Policy Out of Control Under Bush Cheney And Rice

I've attempted to compile a list of the major areas of world instability.
  • Iran US threatens World War III if Iranians don't do as Cheney says in saber rattling speaches
  • Afghanistan Fragile government under renewed attacks by Taliban
  • Pakistan Butto assassination attempt hinders hope of return to democracy and containing Al Qaeda
  • Israel all parties at least agree that they expect peace talks to fail
  • Russia US insistence on missile defense system block diplomatic progress and influence over Putin's centralization of power
  • Syria US has little influence over rogue state due to isolation policy resulting in lack of any meaningful diplomatic exchange
  • Britain seeking way to distance itself from Bush's Iraq war policies
  • European Union baffled by lack of coherent American foreign policy
  • China Asian giant owns America
  • Myanmar Distracted America apparently can do little to stop drug running and brutal Burmese junta
  • Cuba Bush offers no new approach to Cuba even as end of Castro era nears
  • Turkey America ready to bomb Kurdish rebels in widening war in Iraq
  • Canada Uncomfortable with treatment of it's citizens by US in name of war on terror and dislike of cowboy policies
  • Mexico US offers billions to Mexico for war on drugs instead of addressing the demand side in US while open borders problem continues after leadership unable to deliver coherent long term immigration policy
  • South America radical influence of Hugo Chaves in Venezuela and others grows as he joins with Iranians and threatens to support them and impose sanctions on oil and goods if US attacks
  • North Korea Bush claims success limiting nuclear arms but evidence exists that Korea help Syria with clandestine program
  • Darfur Peace talks fail as US can do little militarily with army stretched to breaking point

Manny Ramirez Fest Destiny

The Boston Red Sox slapped the Colorado Rockies around like a red headed stepchild in game one of the 2007 World Series at Fenway Park in Boston winning handily by a score of 13 to 1. On air prognosticators speculated ad-nauseam before and after the game whether a long lay off between games for the Rockies affected the rocky mountain high of the National League representatives going into the series.

I think the real reason the Rockies lost is because the National League just plain sucks.

Repressed Parents Go After MacDonald's Barbie Doll Promotion As Sexual Stereotyping And Objectification Of Double Whopper With Bacon And Cheeze

Saying I want a Big Mac may literally constitute selling sex in the eyes of The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC). Today the CCFC called on MacDonald's to drop the My Scene Barbie Doll Promotion in fear it may lead to their sons and daughters eventually becoming fat junk food eating over-sexed sluts.

Protester Confronts Condi Puts Her On Notice That Most Likely She's A War Criminal

Code Pink went fake blood Red in somewhat effective political theater in nation's capitol. Video of incident available via Raw Story. Meanwhile Michelle Malkin loses mind. In surprise, Code pink supporters claims cops overreacted.

Flexcar Announces New Rates After Bid To Avoid Rental Car Tax Fails

Dear Daniel,

As you may know, Flexcar has been working with the Department of Revenue to address the application of the State and County rental-car tax to Flexcar members. While we made important progress in educating the Department of Revenue on why car-sharing is different from traditional car rental, we were unable to reach a definitive resolution. The Department determined that it could not exempt car-sharing from the rental-car tax without legislative authority.

Consequently, the Department of Revenue has informed us that we must now begin to collect the rental-car tax effective November 1, 2007. As a result, you will see those taxes reflected in our invoices beginning with any November Flexcar charges. For trips using Flexcars in King County (Seattle, Bellevue, or Kirkland), the rental-car tax will be 9.7%. Use of Flexcar vehicles in Vancouver, WA, will be subject to a rental-car tax of 5.9%.

We are disappointed that we were not able to fully resolve the issue with the Department of Revenue. While we were unable to achieve an administrative fix to this issue, we are already working with the Department and members of the Legislature on a legislative solution and are optimistic about a favorable outcome. We will keep you informed on the progress of our efforts.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jamie Cheney
General Manager
Flexcar Seattle

Best Sex Ever New Thailand Sex Sting

A Thai buffalo racer competes in an annual water buffalo race in Chonburi Province, south of Bangkok. The annual race is held as a celebration among rice farmers before the rice harvest. Photograph: Sakchai Lalit/AP

Rehab Round-Up

Pete Doherty released from drug treatment says he's drug free wants Kate Moss back

Lohan so dry she a fire hazard and planning to host new year's club bash in Las Vegas

NYC Preppy Killer's cry for help

Daily Star says Britney Spears is really a two headed alien baby with a drinking problem

Really pretty NYC model actually is guy who had sex with cross dressing millionare who wanted her to call him Janice. They blame drug use for anomalies.

Short Attention Span

Oakland teacher says American kids getting dumber and dumber

Island of trash larger than Texas floats in Pacific Ocean

Federal Way cop stops man with grenade on way to blow up federal building. FBI claims it knows nothing about it.

Flower shaped urinals for people who probably also would like Georgia O'Keefe

James Lipton admits he once was a pimp while living in Paris

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Demon Possessed Drugged Up Pussy Whippers

Granny Drives Wheelchair onto Autobahn

Kid Rock Drinks too much

At Benefit, Imus and Son Flip Reporters the Bird
in chip off the old block demonstration

Binge drinking Amy Winehouse doesn't like the way she looks supposedly

Beserk drunk elephants tear up nightclub then attend tailgate party before Seahawks game

Why They Probably Hate You

Actress Helen Mirren hates newborn babes

Yuppie Ferrari Segway gadget envy

Apparent New York designer bling baby backlash

Things liberals need to know. How Much Piss Can You Drink Without Getting Sick?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Week In US Government Corruption And Incompetence

Must read story by NYT Frank Rich on how the suicide of second highest ranking Air Force procurement officer relates to the untold billions stolen already by corrupt officials connected to the Iraq war. Or as one US Senator discribed it, “the most significant defense procurement mismanagement in contemporary history.”

Deposed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may face prosecution says Fired US Attorney for Western Washington John McKay.

Government tries to explain how Nuclear Weapons mistakingly flown across country without anyone knowing

Just how stupid is Duke Cunningham?

Magistrate pushes for White House email archive

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dems Will Be Unable to Change Course Of War Until 2008

I'm convinced that most Americans don't have a good grasp of how the US Congress works. Frustration grows among antiwar activists, rank and file Democrats and independents who voted for Democrats in the 2006 elections. Anger with the inability of the party to bring about the US military withdrawal from Iraq grows.

The problem apparently lies in the general lack of proper civics classes in American schools. Few men or women in the street understanding the predicament Democrat Senate Leader Reid and House Speaker Pelosi face when they are forced to work with ineffective majorities in both houses of Congress.

I want to throw up ever time I hear someone refer to how badly the congress is doing in public opinion polls. Something like 11% think the Congress is doing a good job. It's become an effective Republican talking point. It sells well with the masses but reflects the aforementioned lack of understanding of the internal workings of the US Congress that has led to the perception out there that the Democrats are obstructionist and ineffective. Even old time democratic loyalist are starting to believe the spin.

As frustrating as it may seem the Democrats simply lack the votes to pass the necessary legislation to stop the war or any other legislation that is strongly opposed by the right.

With a 51-49 split in the Senate and Loopy Senator Lieberman and Dick Cheney controlling the balance or power you should begin to get the picture. The often referenced 60 vote majority is considered to be bullet proof in the Senate. The house is split 233-202 in favor of the Democrats.

It may start to sink in with Cindy Sheehan, the Code Pink crowd and the rest of us eventually. Metaphorically speaking I hope its before we end up eat our young.

Heck, the Democrat leadership couldn't even muster the needed votes in the House to override the veto by the child hating President of the widely popular bi-partisan publicly popular Children's Medical Health Plan.

Much of the constipation is due to the continuing Republican ability to maintain voting discipline among it's minority party members on important policy and ideologically based legislation. The democrats certainly cannot claim the same discipline within its caucus, especially in the House. Often Democrats from conservative districts find themselves voting with the Republicans when the issue reflects the make up and desires of their right leaning constituents.Saving the possibility of some sort of totally unforeseen major political catastrophe or other event bringing about a sea change in Republicans Congressional thinking the Democrats power will remain limited.

Those that really want to see fundamental change in this country must begin to work to elect effective majorities in both house of Congress and a Democratic President in 2008.

Democrats do control the committee, subpoena and rules processes. They have made excellent progress in returning Congress to it role as a investigative watchdog. But passing contentious legislation is another matter entirely.

Some would argue the Democrats should just refuse to consider any war funding legislation. This could backfire because many conservative democrats would bolt. Most Democrats now fear that such a ploy would be perceived as not supporting the troops in the field and unless party discipline remained extremely strong the effort would most likely fail anyway given the makeup and current party head counts.

Walter Shapiro's extensive article at puts forth the idea that real change will not come until the Democrats can take power in the 2008 elections. He argues that this should be the focus of those seeking fundamental changes.
"That is why angry antiwar activists should realize that their targets are no longer skittish congressional Democrats and Beltway insiders who are their counselors in caution. This is not the moment for guerrilla theater and mau-mauing the moderates. For the true struggle on the home front to end the Iraq war is no longer going to be waged in the chambers of Congress. The coming battleground instead is the familiar terrain of Ohio and Florida -- and the hearts and minds of the swing voters who will decide the 2008 election."

The Rebel

I offer a Poem entitled The Rebel by Patrick Pearse a hero, architect and instigator of the Irish uprising of Easter week 1916. Pearse was executed by a British firing squad on May 4th, 1916. The uprising he started eventually led to the creation of the modern independent Irish state.

I am come of the seed of the people, the people that sorrow,
That have no treasure but hope, No riches laid up but a memory Of an Ancient glory.

My mother bore me in bondage, in bondage my mother was born,

I am of the blood of serfs;

The children with whom I have played, the men and women with whom I have eaten, Have had masters over them, have been under the lash of masters, And, though gentle, have served churls;

The hands that have touched mine, the dear hands whose touch is familiar to me, Have worn shameful manacles, have been bitten at the wrist by manacles, Have grown hard with the manacles and the task-work of strangers,

I am flesh of the flesh of these lowly; I am bone of their bone,
I that have never submitted;

I that have a soul greater than the souls of my people's masters, I that have vision and prophecy and the gift of fiery speech, I that have spoken with God on the top of His holy hill.

And because I am of the people, I understand the people,
I am sorrowful with their sorrow, I am hungry with their desire:

My heart has been heavy with the grief of mothers,
My eyes have been wet with the tears of children,
I have yearned with old wistful men, And laughed or cursed with young men;

Their shame is my shame, and I have reddened for it,
Reddened for that they have served, they who should be free, Reddened for that they have gone in want, while others have been full, Reddened for that they have walked in fear of lawyers and of their jailers, With their writs of summons and their handcuffs, Men mean and cruel!

I could have borne stripes on my body rather than this shame of my people.

And now I speak, being full of vision;

I speak to my people, and I speak in my people's name to the masters of my people.

I say to my people that they are holy, that they are august, despite their chains, That they are greater than those that hold them, and stronger and purer, That they have but need of courage, and to call on the name of their God, God the unforgetting, the dear God that loves the peoples for whom He died naked, suffering shame.

And I say to my people's masters: Beware,
Beware of the thing that is coming, beware of the risen people, Who shall take what ye would not give.

Did ye think to conquer the people, Or that Law is stronger than life and than men's desire to be free?

We will try it out with you, ye that have harried and held,
Ye that have bullied and bribed, tyrants, hypocrites, liars!

This Machine Kills Fascists

Sick of war and sick of the masters of war.....


BREAKING: Bush’s SCHIP veto holds

Another Reality Check For Neurotic American Pet Owners and Helen DeGeneres

Cesar Millan author of The Dog Wisperer tells pet owners that "dogs are not humans"

It's not the dogs, it's the people

Spoiling your dog rotten

Rich and pampered New York City dogs

When is too much love bad for your dog

Cry me a river or is Ellen Degeneres pet separation frenzy anxiety real

American priorities: children without medical care, wars, starvation, disease, global warming, plague and Iggy

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seattle Baseball's Cleveland Indian World Series Championship Connection

I was watching the American League Championship Series between the Red Sox and Cleveland Indians Tuesday night on the FOX channel. The Tribe won the game 7 to 3 to go up 3 games to 1 in the best of seven series. Cleveland now is just one win away from clinching the right to play in the 2007 World Series.

Joe Buck, the annoying FOX play by play guy who talks way to much about stuff that isn’t happening on the field when he calls the games, happens to mention that the Indians last World Series title was in 1948. Nearly sixty years ago.

So “State the obvious” Buck and Tim Mc Carver, the Cardinal ex catcher, who does the color commentary, are both driving me nuts. Mc Carver keeps saying things like “that’s a good hit” when someone gets a hit. I have to ask myself what constitutes a bad hit Tim? Buck just talks too damn much period. He talking about stuff the likes of A-Rod’s (New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez) divorce proceedings while Boston is hitting its third consecutive home run in their half of the sixth inning. He’s often never centers in on what’s going on in the present time during the game.

Yap, Yap, Yap. We can see the game on TV Joe; so just shut the hell up once in a while so we can pick up on the subtleties of the game for crying out loud. Well it is the FOX Network so I guess that explains it. FOX sports broadcast have that sort of video game simulated production value to them aimed directly at 20 to 30 something males in puberty. Lots of graphics, sound effects, T&A and live game interrupting tape delayed dugout interviews with the managers that are always dumb and where the managers seem bothered but are forced to make small talk and state the obvious.

But to get back to what Joe Buck said about the last Cleveland Indians World Series Championship being in 1948. It made me think about an old family friend and a weird Northwest connection to the Indian’s passed successes and a possible World Series Championship this year.

It’s a story about a Seattle raised major league ballplayer by the name of John Jeffrey Heath. "Jeff" Heath was born April 1st 1915 at Fort William, Ontario Canada and eventually migrated to Seattle with his family and graduated from Garfield High in 1934. He was an all around star athlete 6 feet tall and weighing in at around 200lb in his prime. He broke into the big leagues with the Cleveland Indians in 1936. He played for the Indians, Washington Senators, St Louis Browns, and finally the old National League Boston Braves while in the majors. His last year in the majors was 1949 as a Boston Brave.

I met Heath in the late sixties when I was this full blown hippie who happened to like baseball and about twenty years after he had retired from baseball in 1950 after a truly remarkable major league career. He was a dear friend of my step dad John Francis Buckley at that time. They met as young men and had known each other by reputation during high school and during Heath’s budding major league career and later in their extensive travels in Seattle Baseball circles. My step dad was a star baseball player for O’Dea during high school in the forties. He was a bona fide major league prospect in his own right until a severely broken leg caused by a outfield collision while trying to catch a fly ball pretty much ended his dreams. I don’t think he every really got over it. But this story is mainly suppose to be about Heath.

Jeff Heath was a pure slugger and mainly a left fielder during the dead ball era of baseball. I remember Jeff as an extremely playful gregarious sort of fellow. He had a great sense of humor a big laugh and loved practical jokes. Sure, some say he could be temperamental at times but he was mainly a carefree Seattle sports celebrity to me. He also liked to bend his elbow a little as did my step dad and they often could be found making stops at a number of popular sports crowd watering holes around town. They’d end up at my folks place on Queen Anne Hill and if I happened to be there I’d hang around when they were there just to pick up on the funny stories and imitations of Babe Ruth eating a hotdog or running the bases Heath would do when he was feeling his oats. Plus it was absolutely fascinating to talk about baseball with the man if given the chance. God he actually knew the Babe.

He once showed me his enormous scrapbook when I dropped by his house one day that was literally shaped like a giant baseball and chucked full of clippings and photos of him alongside all the great players of that era including Ted Williams, Warren Spann, Stan “the man” Musial, Bob Lemon, Bob Feller, Bill Veech (the GM), Johnny Sain, Al Dark, and Lou Boudreau to name only a few. I was flabbergasted as it all sank in and I realized what an amazing baseball player he really had been in his day.

Over his 14-year career Heath had a batting average of .293. He appeared in 1383 games had 103 triples and 194 home runs. He made two all-star game appearances in 1941 and 1943 as an Indian. He was the runner up to the Red Sox legend Jimmy Fox for the batting title in 1938 and led the league in triples that year and in 1941. He averaged 104 RBI per season during his career. One remarkable stat he will forever own is being the FIRST major league player to hit at least one home run in every existing National League park and every American League Park, a feat completed in 1948 while playing for the NL Braves.

There's a story about Heath causing a near riot at Wrigley Field in Chicago during a game in 1948 between the Braves and Cubs. Seems he lost a ball in the famous ivy covered walls of Wrigley Field, it turns out it was really at his feet. The umpire rules the hit a double instead of a in the park homer for the Cubs. Fans go nuts and shower the field with debris causing a twenty minute delay and eventual police intervention to control the Cubs bleacher bums.

Heath played in 115 games as a Boston Braves in 1948 and the team went on to clinched the National League Pennant with a 3 to 2 win over the New York Giants on September 26th, 1948 with six games remaining in the season. Jeff ended up hitting .319 for the year with 20 homers.

It must have been a thrill for him to think he could soon be facing the eventual American League Champion Indians in the upcoming World Series. A team he broke in with in 1936 and for whom he played for 10 seasons. At the age of 33 Heath was in the twilight of his career and he’d finally be playing in a World Series in just a few days. But fate was to dictate a different outcome and Heath would never get the chance to play in a World Series.

On September 29th 1948 just two days before the end of the regular season in a meaningless game against the Brooklyn Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Brooklyn Heath snaps a bone 2 inches above his ankle while sliding home in a game eventually won by the Braves 4 to 3. It’s Brave pitcher Johnny Sain’s 23rd victory of the year.

Heath’s season, his destiny to finally play in a World Series, and career would effectively be finished that day.

When the news reached Fenway Park in Boston of the season ending injury to Heath the Red Sox will find themselves embroiled in a game against the Washington Senators and the ongoing American League pennant race with the Indians. Red Sox fans cheered because Heath had previously said in a radio interview he rather face the Indians in the World Series instead of the cross town Red Sox because Municipal Stadium in Cleveland could hold more fans and it would mean a bigger World Series money split for the players. The American League Red Sox would eventually lose a one game playoff to the Indians and a trip to the 1948 World Series.

The National League Champion Boston Braves went on to face the Cleveland Indians in the 1948 World Series. Cleveland won World Series Championship in six games, a fact that long-winded Joe Buck was trying to point out last night on TV.

Heath returned to the Braves in 1949 but because of the effects of the injury to his ankle the previous season he played in only 36 games in 1949 and would never achieve the level of play he had enjoyed in previous years. He was release by the Braves on October 13th 1949. He played briefly for the Seattle Rainier’s in 1950 and then retired from professional baseball. Jeff died on December 9, 1975 after suffering a heart attack at his home on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle he was 60 years old.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Play Whack A Murdock Game

Play FreePress Wack-A-Murdock game here

Lapdog MSM Media Not Doing It’s Job

I finally reached the breaking point while watching MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson the other night one too many times. Even though I was trying not to. With all the possible candidates available to anchor a show one must ask what kind of dirt does this guy have on MSNBC executives that can possibly keep this preppy talking airhead on the air.

The heights of ignorant pre washed pabulum fed the public from the mouth of Tucker and his ilk make one fear for the future of the country.

"This is typical press hypocrisy. They say they want someone who doesn’t give pat political answers. But when they get one, they call him a loser.

They say they don’t want safe robots like Hillary, but they create conditions where only that species can survive. And then they give cover to people like Sean Hannity, who reported on (Obama’s) no pin-gate and then had to call a doctor because his fake outrage hard-on lasted longer than 72 hours." (Bill Mayer HBO on Real Time)

Everyone with half a brain knows that FOX News is a direct tool of the right and the Republican agenda. The bigger problem is that the rest of these other so called fair and balanced news networks including CNN and MSNBC are not any better when it comes to the bringing into the living rooms of America what amounts to none other then antiseptic dumb downed crap disguised as factual news. This bodes badly for the US because most of the unwashed NASCAR what's a blog masses out there get their news from TV.

This is a fatal flaw within the worlds of modern news coverage. The consequence of which can be seen in the run up to the Iraq war and numerous other public scandals. The television and print media almost completely acquiesced their roles in our democracy by not vigorously challenging administration claims until it was far too late.

Not much has really improved. They apparently live in fear of challenging establishment positions or agenda. This being the fallout from the fact that not many news networks actually do the old fashion type of in-house investigative news gathering that is necessary to bring the truth to bare. They rely on outside sources and experts. These sources are often tied to special interests groups with an agenda or one of the political parties working from talking points.

With the reduction of the size and scope of news staffs at most MSM television news outlets often we are faced with accepting the opinions of the so called expert talking heads correspondents who provide mainstream uncontroversial pat political answers to softball questions.

Anchors often are no more then know nothing news readers acting under the guise of actually knowing something about the subject they are leading a discussion about. Just watch one day of MSNBC or CNN daytime news if you need proof. It often more about being another seemingly intelligent pretty face then investigative truth seeking red meat news coverage. Hardly able to disguise the angst for the next recurring news story on Paris, Britney or the birth of panda bears.

Outrageous claims and talking points put forward by political operatives go completely unchallenged more often then not. It is often obvious that the news anchor knows little or nothing about the issue and is simple there to facilitate an appearance of the agenda driven guest.

One case in point was the recent piece on President Jimmy Carter on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews. Carter in a BBC interview called VP Dick Cheney a “disaster” and also indicated he had no doubt the US was responsible for torture. Matthews jump at the opportunity to create a controversy by asking if Carter thought Bush was a liar. Another trait of the modern media is to create false controversy in hopes it will make news and ratings. It often takes the subject off point as it did with the General Petraeus phony rightwing outrage feeding frenzy.

Later in the round table panel of experts segment of the show Matthews panelist Dana Milbank offered, when ask a softball question, what he thought of Carter’s comments. He indicated that Carter had somehow degraded the office of the presidency by saying such things.

How? By telling the truth? What hypocrisy. The point being that these so called MSM news organizations can no longer handle or are capable of providing the truth apparently.

Monday, October 15, 2007

SCHIP Override Bust Doc Hastings Fax Machine Contest

Representative Doc Hastings is the only WA State Member of Congress that apparently continues to oppose the State Children’s Health Program. Since he only accepts form emails from district constituents through his website it makes it difficult to contact him about any opposition to his voting positions except by snail mail. But times a wasting. The override vote is scheduled for October 18th at this time.

So I think its time that folks sent Doc a FAX about his SCHIP votes and request he vote to override Bush’s veto. Come on get those fax machines smoking.

Here are the numbers. Simply clip and paste the letter below add your name and comments and let her rip through the old fax machine at home work or on your computer.

Fax Washington, D.C. (202) 225-3251
Fax Pasco office (509) 545-1972
Fax Yakima office (509) 452-3438

Dear Congressman Hastings,

I am writing to urge you to reconsider your previous vote against the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and to stand up for the health of vulnerable children in our community and across the county.

I strongly encourage you to support the bipartisan, compromise legislation to reauthorize the State Children’s Health Insurance Program this year.

The bi-partisan vote in Congress in favor of extending and improving this important program demonstrates leadership in protecting low-income families and children. The President’s veto of this legislation could lead to an interruption in coverage for many children who are depending on medications and necessary medical procedures. The veto may further deny coverage to millions more children who are in the dangerous situation of living without health insurance.

I believe all children should have the right to adequate health care. Improving public policies that promote the health of our nation's children is a key issue and can help reduce poverty in America. As a private citizen I am determined to hold our nation’s leaders accountable for their policy decisions and how those decisions impact those living in poverty.

I simply ask that you have a change of heart and stand up for America’s most vulnerable children by voting to override the President’s veto of SCHIP. A vote to override the president’s veto is not only a stand for low-income children; it is a stand for the future strength of our community, our country, and the common good.


(Your name here)

Additional action you can take:

Contact opposition congress members by phone by calling the Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121 and asking to be connected to their office. Perhaps you be willing given the time involved to select just two names from the list below.

It is particularly important to contact the following targets, who are moderate Republicans who voted against the SCHIP bill, and urge them to change their vote to override the President's veto:

Contact them by phone if possible by calling the Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121 and asking to be connected to their office.

Robert Aderholt (R-AL)

John Boozman (R-AR)

Brian Bilbray (R-CA), Mary Bono (R-CA)

Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO)

Tom Feeney (R-FL)

Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL)

Gus Bilirakis (R-FL)

Tim Johnson (R-IL)

Judy Biggert (R-IL)

Jerry Weller (R-IL)

Rodney Alexander (R-LA)

Tim Walberg (R-MI)

Joseph Knollenberg (R-MI)

Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

Sam Graves (R-MO)

Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE)

Jim Saxton (R-NJ)

Thomas Reynolds (R-NY)

John (Randy) Kuhl (R-NY)

Robin Hayes (R-NC)

Steve Chabot (R-OH)

Greg Walden (R-OR)

Kay Granger (R-TX)

Thelma Drake (R-VI)

Barbara Cubin (R-WY)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bush Video Shows Lack Of Fundamental Understanding Of Security Contractor Abuse In Iraq

Via The moderate Voice

Condoleezza Needs To Look In The Mirror

What always amazes me about the President and administration officials is how they can be critical of other world leaders or movements without first taking a long look into the mirror. It's an ugly American form of implied self righteousness. We know best. We are better then you.

Yet we certainly don't have any right to speak from the moral high ground given our track record these days with the rest of the world. Everyone else in the world sees it but not our government. It only reinforces the belief in other countries of how delusional and out of the loop our leaders are.

Immediate case in point is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s criticism of what she called power hungry chief executives with unchecked authority when referring to Russia Vladimir Putin.

"In any country, if you don't have countervailing institutions, the power of any one president is problematic for democratic development,"

Hello to you Miss Queen of the Imperial Presidency.

Bush and Cheney have worked tirelessly since coming to power to centralize their power in the executive branch of government. By doing so they have in fact weakened the demoratic power of the other institutions and branches of government. The weakening of Congressional power has been almost a daily goal of Bush administration usurpers.

They often brand others as religious fanatics (which in many cases they maybe). While failing to see their own Christian fanaticism and self-righteousness running amok.

Welcome to the continuing episodes of the Bush administration's Twilight Zone.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Artistdogboy Daily Observations

Police defuse homemade bombs in Fife

You thought Sound Transit was bad? How about trying a bus ride in Delhi as year to date death toll reaches 97

Dead Head News Psychedelic mushrooms to be band in Netherlands

German Foreign Minister says US and France guilty of hypocrisy on Iran trade sanctions because US and French companies actually continue hidden trade deals

138 of world's top Muslim leaders call for better relations with Christian world

New trend yuppies living in containers

Video Ann Coulter On Her Plan For Perfecting Jews

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Government is Good

For years right wing neo-conservatives have droned on about all government being a bad thing for America. A evil force that interfers with the daily life of all citizens.

Of course this made it difficult for the right to govern when they became the majority party in the early nineties. We have seen attempts to dismantle many government programs and agencies that protect and helped the middle class prosper and grow.

Now we have a website created by Douglas J Amy, Professor of Politics at Mount Holyoke College that argues that Government actually is good for America. It offers compelling arguments for sound government taxation, programs and safeguards.

Make This Dress And Lower Your Carbon Score

How to make this dress

Artistdogboy Daily Obsessions

Photos of Havana from underground outlaw blog

Opinion polls in Iraq and Afghanistan show Muslim's approval of al Qaeda slipping badly

Millions of young middle eastern girls self images to be manipulated by invention of Muslim-style Barbie

Right attacks 12 year old for supporting health coverage for kids and Rahel Maddow responds

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Bush Speak Funhouse Do Learn

Artistdogboy Not So Daily Observations

Selecting the safest meat and the most and least reliable labels

Help is here for Americans who lack the attention span to care about US and British oil companies plans to get their hands on Iraqi oil reserves

The new Iraqi front opens as Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels

Arguments why the farm bill should be dumped

Loopy protesters build Buddha outside Pelosi's house.

As Rome Burns Congress Argues Petty Partisan Politics

Lewis Black's humorous video looks at an inept US Congress in action

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Artistdogboy Daily Observations

Why were nukes flown on combat aircraft to Mideast staging area

Somebody better tell Bush that Iraqi officials indicate they are not interested in reconciliation of waring ethnic groups

Thomas Jefferson on heavy rotation in grave

In novel idea Obama proposes capping greenhouse gas emissions and making polluter pay

Worried About US Invasion Of Iran; How About Holland?

Will Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld every face the International Court of Justice for war crimes? It depends on whether you believe in rules of conduct based on an international system of laws or one based on military power. Could the US end up invading Holland to stop any war crime prosecutions against one of it's citizens.

Connor Foley of the Guardian offers some insights.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fake Elvis Profits From Kennedy Assasination In Big D

Down here in Dallas the sweat is running off my forehead in the 90-degree heat. Just a few days ago I was sitting on my porch on Vashon Island watching a downpour in a hailstorm thinking oh yeah it’s time for winter. Well it sure seems like it’s summer here still.

I’m retired and unencumbered so when a friend suggested we fly down to Dallas for the weekend I said why not it be nice to see the big D while there’s still time. We also both have a couple of friends that happen to be here right now. We all had one thing in common in that we all quit drinking and drugging at about the same time many years ago in Seattle. We all are still sober today and everyone is doing real well too. Goes to show you that some of the recovery stuff does work. It's not all bullshit like some say. But I don’t mean to sound preachy. Your experience may be different then mine.

I don’t know anything anyway, which is really the big revelation.

My buddy Al is a decorative art designer and dealer. He got married and had a redheaded kid then moved to Dallas. Sells his stuff in all the big retail chain stores. It all about volume I guess. Goes to China all the time to handle the manufacturing end of it. Michael a highend pot and pan salesman extraordinaire who works only three months a year at events like the State Fair of Texas and makes more money then most people working the full 12 months do. Travels the world the rest of the year volunteering his time to improve child literacy. He one of those guys you see hawking stuff in a pavilion at one of the hundreds of fairs all around the country. It really more theater then sales and it’s fascinating to watch him work. Bob is in the construction business in Seattle and believes in giving all his money and stuff away whenever possible. He says you always get back three times what you give away, he says it’s one of the spiritual rules. I don’t quite understand that, but that’s not important. He likes to give those guys who stand at the freeway off ramps cartons of cigarettes just to see the looks on their faces. But sometimes he just gives them a ten or a twenty when he doesn’t have cigarettes. Goes to show you that those folks do make money I guess.

Everybody is a lot more useful it appears these days then when we first meet. God we were a bunch of freaking millstones around the neck of the world and everybody else who happened to come into contact with us back then. It all seemed so black and hopeless back then. We all changed a bit you could definitely say. But we actually had no choice.

We have been driving around Dallas. We went to Daley plaza to see were Kennedy was shot. There was a fake Elvis guy there named Ray playing songs and passing his hat. We took pictures of us hiding in the bushes on the grassy knoll and a couple with the fake Elvis and us together. We all shared our personal Kennedy conspiracy theories with each other over coffee afterwards. I think mine made the most sense. Everybody knows the Teamsters had him killed because Bobby and Hoffa hated each other so much.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

US Military Finds List Of 500 Al Qaeda Members In Iraq Leaks Info to Press Probably Making List Worthless

In a news item seen on CNN The US Military indicates it has found a list containing the names of 500 Al Qaeda Members in Iraq. The question has to be asked why would they reveal this information? Wouldn't it give those named on the list an opportunity to escape or evade capture? Or is it a ploy to support the argument that Al Qaeda presence supports continuing American involvement? Just wondering..

Artistdogboy Daily Observations

Major Democrat candidates respond to Bush SCHIP veto

When the rich donate money is it really charity?

Pakistan losing war against Taliban and al-Qaida

Former NATO commander says Rush should be kicked off Armed Forces Radio

Online petition proposes Nobel Peace prize for Burmese Monks

Jimmy Carter in throw down with Darfur Officials

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mariners Phony Rightwing Family Values Image Keeps Them From Winning

One thing really bugs me about the Seattle Mariners. It’s not the bad trades; bad draft choices, signing of washed up free agents, lack luster starting pitching, bullpen meltdowns, non-production of slugger Richie Sexson or retaining ineffective general managers.

It’s the phony rightwing family values image promoted by Mariner management that permeate every decision and move the club makes.

The annoying happy talk pre game code of conduct announcement you hear when you entering the ballpark is indicative of the problem.

“The Seattle Mariners are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for our guests at Safeco Field. Our staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where guests can enjoy the Safeco Field experience free from unacceptable behavior, including the following:

  • Foul/abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting
  • Obscene or indecent clothing
  • Any disruption of the game or event, including throwing of objects or trespassing on the playing field or in restricted areas
  • Sitting in a location other than the guest's ticketed seat
  • Fighting, taunting, or making threatening remarks or gestures

Any guest not adhering to the above code or behaving in an unruly manner will be removed from the ballpark. The Seattle Mariners and Safeco Field management reserve the right to determine what is unruly or unacceptable behavior, warranting removal

If anyone is interfering with your enjoyment of our facility, please contact the nearest Safeco Field Host for assistance”

We own the ballpark not you! So get over the mind control tactics and phony family values flag waiving crap you subjected everyone to when we go to OUR ballpark. Remember this is a park we built mostly with taxpayer money and rented to the Mariners at sweetheart rates.

If your like me you’ll say who the hell are you to tell me I can’t kiss my significant other in public and who made you the judge of obscene or indecent clothing and who gave you the right to determine just what constitutes unruly and unacceptable conduct. People are capable of policing their own behavior thank you.

The most well known enforcement of these rules is when the Mariners refused to allow fans wearing a “Yankees Suck” tee shirt into the park in May of 2002. A ban that was later removed after a backlash from the likes of the ACLU and season ticket holders who felt that that Mariner management was infringing on everyone’s first amendment rights. At the time M’s management said the word suck “was offensive and had no place in a family atmosphere”. Really! This is the same type of self-righteous crap that helps create sexually suppressed types who feel the need to seek anonymous sex in public restrooms.

No I’m not saying that anything should go at the ballpark.

But I don’t need the thought police telling me how to act or that I can’t yell “hey you suck” at the player of my choice if I feel like it. That type of behavior is part and parcel of normal baseball fan behavior from the beginning of time. Except maybe in stodgy overly PC Seattle.

What surprises me is most of the attendees at the park go along with it like the bunch of no nothing johnny come lately Seattle baseball fans that they are. They’re more interested, most of the time. in getting the god dam wave started then paying attention to what’s happen on the field of play.

I’m convinced it's because they really go to the games to be seen, eat garlic fries or those nauseating shishkaberries and NOT actually watch the game. Something that's hard to do when some yahoo is doing the wave with the bases loaded and the batter facing the pitch of decision. If they were truthful they’d admit they find the game itself quite boring but it's real fun to do the distracting wave to keep their peabrains occupied. Try doing the wave at Fenway Park in Boston or Wrigley Field in Chicago because someone may hit you up side the head.

Go to a football game for Christ sake to do that shit. The wave does not belong in baseball period.

But I regress.

The flag waiving and feel goodliness family values atmosphere goes on unrestricted at Safeco whenever possible. I’m convinced it led to the eventual demises of the most successful manager in M’s history Lou Piniella. I should also add the demise of general manager Pat Gillick here too. No matter what was said in the MSM at the time. Piniella’s fiery personality and on field antics were looked upon unfavorably by Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong and the rest of the powers to be in Mariner Management. This is of course the same Sweet Lou who just led the lowly Chicago Cubs to the central division pennant. Gillick is the GM of the Philadelphia Phillies who just won the National League East title.

It’s not hard to see the hand of the family values types running this ball club behind all this. Eagle scoutmaster Howard Lincoln, chief operating officer of the team, apparently carried his rightwing family values agenda into adulthood. Now he is trying to indoctrinate all of the rest of us.

Like most of us I’m a long-suffering Seattle Baseball fan. In 1995 the ball club finally made it to the post season after years of losing. Much of the success of the 95 season was due to the aligning of the baseball planets and not anything that Mariner Management really had done up to that time except for the hiring of Lou Piniella to manage the baseball team. It’s pretty much a given that Seattle wouldn’t have a major league baseball franchise today had it not finally made the playoffs in 1995. The team suddenly became the toast of the town which created a political climate that favored approval of funding for a new stadium. This took two elections in the fall of 1995 (the first election rejected the stadium proposal before it was resubmitted to voters and finally approved) to get the voters to agree to fund a baseball park for the M’s to play. During this time the M’s also build up their fan base that has pretty much guaranteed the financial success of the team every since.

After 1995 the M’s continued to be competitive and under Piniella, appearing in the playoffs in 97, 2000, and 2001. The M’s won 93 games in 02 but missed the playoffs. Piniella was fired and the end of the 02 season. The Bob Melvin era began and the team missed the playoffs in 03 even though they again won 93 games. The slide continued until this year when it appeared the club would make the post season until it's end of season collapse. In spite of this Mariner management decided to stand pat and retain unproductive GM Bill Bavasi and rookie manager John McLaren for another year.

Even though M's management says they want to win a world series their actions would indicate otherwise. I think they are more interested in ticket sales (which remain good) then winning. Until Mariners fans realize this and start not going to the park or at least make some display of objecting there is little reason for M's management to change things.

Also I think most of the more colorful and talented people in baseball are not acceptable to Mariner management because their not the YES men goodie-goodie types that fit the family values M's philosophy and agenda. This restricts them from hiring controversial baseball people. Many of whom are just the people in the game that are also the most talented and ultimately could be better at fielding a winning team.

Artistdogboy Daily Observations

Senate approves 150 billion in war funding

Most Americans want war funding cut

People losing faith that US democracy works

UN report says violence in Afghanistan has reached new high point

Benazir Butto says she may allow US attacks to eliminate Osama

NBA continues to implode

Purple Heart Recipient Challenges Limbaugh

Monday, October 01, 2007

Artistdogboy Daily Observations

Former Clinton administration official Robert Reich counters Justice Thomas's 60 minutes attack on Anita Hill and Bill Clinton's claims he was more experienced then Obama when he first ran for white house

Europeans angry after Bush climate change "charade"

American military train Arab pilots for war with Iran

US college students mortgage their future take out loans for pizza and beer parties

99 things real Chicago Cubs fan should know before baseball playoff begin

Mario Cuomo Blasts Congress For Abdicating War Making Powers To Bush

In a recent appearance Mario Cuomo blasted Congress for continuing to abdicate it's exclusive and non delegable constitutional powers to declare war to President Bush. It is imperative that the congress not delegate it obligations to vote up or down on any administration plan for a war with Iran.