Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain’s Obsessively Condescending Use Of Air Quotes

Using air quotes to make a point can be annoying to others. Case in point John McCain. Probably his most bizarre use of this stagecraft was during the third debate when he put “the health of a woman” in air quotes claiming that it was nothing more than a buzz word used by pro abortion "extremist" groups to further their agenda. Many women found this McCain observation to be insulting and out of touch.

But McCain frequently uses air quotes to make points. McCain insinuates by the use of air quotes that the words of Obama are somehow coded and the real meaning is something entirely different then how they would be normally interpreted in plain English. He is therefore providing a service as a well meaning interpreter of the words for the uninitiated.

What always amazes me is when McCain uses air quotes for the phrase "spreading the wealth". It seems to always get a loud response from the audience made up of middle class looking individuals who apparently think that rich people should continue to get bigger tax breaks at their expense. The car is moving with this bunch, but the clutch is definitely not engaged.

Here are a few air quoted words that Johnny Boy has put his bony fingers around when trying to explain what Barack Obama is really saying to voters. When using air quotes one usually uses the gesture to emphasis a particular word used in a phrase as in:

Spreading (the wealth)
Socialist (agenda)
Redistribution (or wealth)
Consider (off shore drilling)
(terrorist) Friends
(raise your) Taxes
Increase (taxes)
Chicago (politics)

The one I think he should be air quoting more is (I’m full of) BULLSHIT.

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