Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conservative Republican Banker Says Iraq War Reason For Economic Crisis

Instead of talking about race cards being played and Britney Spears John McCain should be force to talk about what a prominent Republican banker says is wrong with our economy. Mainly the Iraq War. But warmonger McCain will never do it, because he's all caught up in honor and victory and surrender and that type of rightwing jingoistic American political horseshit.

Richard Vague is a conservative businessman disgusted with the party he has belonged to for a very long time. He was the Founding CEO of the former First USA Bank which ran at the time the largest credit card operation in the United States. He later started a group called, promoting American internationalism and trying to get the American government to demonstrate respect for other peoples and nations abroad.

Another Apparent Army Cover Up Of Rape and Murder In Iraq

If your not pissed after watching this piece your brain dead. This is a must watch video from the Young Turks. Comentator Cenk Uygur goes ballistic about the apparent cover up of a rape and murder of LeVena Johnson a US Army PFC station in Iraq. The Army has officially classified her death as a suicide.

This apparent cover-up is something every American should be furious about. Uygur also correctly points out that this type of government misconduct would of been at the top of the news cycle and on the front page of most newspapers at one time in America. Now all we get is the Vip stakes and whether Obama is just like Britney and Paris. Bullshit!

McCain's $500 Shoes

MCCain's $500 Ferragamo shoes, something that every working class guy can totally relate to...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Paul Allen's Broken Promise Comes Home To Roost No Real Grass For MLS Sounders

Next year the new Seattle Sounders will take the field as a new MLS franchise. The main problem the MLS has is that the Sounders and several other MLS teams still find themselves playing on artificial turf. This makes the MLS brand a form of phony American soccer.

We all know that REAL soccer is played on real grass not artificial turf.

Many don't remember that as part of the effort to get voters to approve the Seahawks Stadium Paul Allen made a promise that the field would be acceptable for soccer as well as NFL football. Meaning that it would be maintained as a real GRASS field. This promise later was forgotten when push came to shove and the NFL team's coaching staff and the powers to be apparently nixed the idea.

I supported the stadium myself with my vote in part because of this now broken promise made by Allen. As ususal there was little objection from Seattle fans who can't tell real grass from the phony stuff most of the time. Here we qoute from a CNN Sports Illustrated Grant Wahl article on the subject from August 2001, titled: Fasco in Seattle...

"The conventional wisdom has always been that if soccer ever gets big in the U.S., it will do so despite, not because of, the folks who run U.S. Soccer. Further evidence comes courtesy of former U.S. secretary general Hank Steinbrecher, who is almost single-handedly torpedoing efforts to bring world-class soccer to Seattle.

Quick background: In order to help secure public funds for the new Seahawks stadium under construction, the group building the stadium (led by team owner Paul Allen ) pitched it as a football/soccer facility that would have soccer dimensions and be able to house a possible MLS team and future U.S. national team games. "Wonderful!" said the Seattle community, which has its share of soccer fans and voted to help support the project, which was promised to have a grass field.

Now, however, Seahawks coach/GM Mike Holmgren wants to install FieldTurf, the new-age artificial turf that wouldn't get torn up by football games and the ever-present Seattle rain. One problem: Even though FIFA has approved FieldTurf for all soccer events except the World Cup finals, sources say there's no chance that U.S. Soccer will play World Cup qualifiers on the fake stuff.

Enter Steinbrecher, the first-class bloviator who recently sang the praises of FieldTurf for the Seattle stadium. "In my opinion," Steinbrecher told The Seattle Times, "FieldTurf is better than all but the top 10 percent of the grass fields in the world." Well, guess what? Steinbrecher is a paid consultant for the folks who bring you FieldTurf! So now, as Steinbrecher lines his pockets, the football people in Seattle can say, "Look, even the soccer people support FieldTurf!"

But what will Seattle soccer fans get in return for their financial support? No national team games (using a temporary grass field over the carpet would be expensive, impractical and possibly dangerous) and no MLS team (the last thing the league wants to do is pay exorbitant rent to play in another giant NFL stadium on fake turf).

The best solution for a possible MLS expansion team in Seattle would be to modify cozy Memorial Stadium near KeyArena: Install a grass field, expand the partially roofed digs to 20,000 seats and kick out the weekly high school football games -- to, say, the new Seahawks stadium, where the FieldTurf will undoubtedly be able to withstand the wear and tear.

And, oh, yes, it would help to find an MLS investor in the area willing to cough up $15 million or so (plus a few more million to modify Memorial Stadium, since the Seattle voters surely won't be hoodwinked again). Maybe Steinbrecher would be willing to contribute some of his hard-earned cash?"

To me and others nothing looks and feels more inauthentic then watching MLS soccer played on artificial turf fields with the NFL football lines still vaguely showing through. Also professional soccer players complain of injuries and other factors related to play on this phony grass that make it regrettable. Until the MLS eliminates artificial turf fields they are not going to be accepted as being legitimate by true soccer fans here and around the world. Ask any normal soccer fan from another country about the MLS and this often is one of the things their first to point out.

This Is Your Brain On Hope

New ad takes comical look at hope in the future.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yummy Yummy What Fast Food Really Looks LIke

This Flickr photo stream is frightening and hilarious at the same time. Makes you want to super size your eating habits. Thanks to Frightening Fast Food Flickr group. Ladies and gentlemen the Wendy's 3x classic triple (bypass).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

God Please Spare Us From Another Unsophisticated Inarticulate Malaprop Of A Presidency

Shouldn't being able to speak properly be a basic requirement for being elected president?

I ‘m sick of US Presidents who can’t speak proper English or are so scattered, old, burnout or phony they can’t get their facts straight most of the time. I don’t mind the occasional mistake, but I can’t take it when it's a daily occurrence Ala Bush and McCain.

We need a president that can actually articulate his positions on the issues and affairs of the day in such a way that he is clearly understood. I’d venture a guess that Obama would be winning big if a the poll were taken of English professors.

You’d think that one of the top requirements of the presidency would be to be able to communicate your ideas, apparently not so much in low information voter America.

McCain so far has shown he’s in the same bush league as our un-scholarly current president when it comes to simply talking. Aren’t you sick of the American president looking like a total buffoon on the world stage? If not, you should cast your vote for McCain because one thing he will continue is the same Bush habit of making a complete ass of himself in public ever chance he gets, and at 72 years of age it’s probably going to get worse.

We put up with eight years of the bumbling of George W. Bush misspeak and now they offer us another halfwit speaker in the form of McCain. I want my president to be articulate and well read, not some one who acts like Charlie McCarthy being manipulated by a drunk Edgar Bergen.

Come on America! It time we had a elitist for our president not some nitwit who supposedly if fun to drink a beer with at the corner bar. This able to have a beer with nonsense is the height of stupidity as a barometer of anything meaningful. Most of the people I drank beer with at the corner bar were a bunch of low information slackers or drunks. Guess that says something about me too. It okay if you like low information slackers and drunks once in a while but not as the leader of the free world.

If I go to the circus or a show I want to see someone do something extraordinary that for a moment separates him or her, and me by observing it, from the mundane. I don’t want the same old mediocrity in that or in politics. This American propensity to settle for the banal is impeding our progress as a nation and people.

I think being able to speak properly would be a baseline qualification don’t you?

Hearings On Don't Ask Don't Tell Debunk Fears By Homophobic Nitwit

Freshman Representative Patrick Murphy, a former military officer himself, did an excellent job dealing with the disturbing views of homophobic witness and anti-military extremist Elaine Donnelly testifying before the House Armed Services Committee yesterday. Vote Vets points out that one's sexual orientation has nothing to do with performance on the battlefield or anyplace else in the military.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama Makes Clear That Real Front Against Terrorism Is In Afghanistan

Obama in Jordan yesterday made the point that the real war against terrorists is not in Iraq. Something that John McCain and many Americans have a hard time grasping. So let's roll the tape.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mariners Insipid Play Reflects Candyass Front Office Failure

Do you dream of a winning Mariner team? If you do you should write a letter to your local newspaper or to principle Mariner owner Hiroshi Yamauchi via Nintendo calling for the heads of candy ass club CEO Howard Lincoln and president Chuck Armstrong. They've succeeded in turning Seattle back into a losing farm team for the better teams in baseball who more often then not seem to be able to take our rejects and cast offs and turn them into productive players.

These two men are personally responsible for the Mariners return to permanent mediocrity. In my mind the main reason is because of Armstrong and Lincoln’s phony dip shit family values centered Disney style feel good all over management style and personal statement that seems to permeate everything Mariner including their play on the field. It's a turn off to real baseball types who know how to win and may consider coming here except for the fact they have to answer to Lincoln and Armstrong if they did.

It may look good to Seattle’s uninformed, latte swilling, shiskaberry sucking, let's do the wave because we don't know the difference between football and baseball fans, but its main result is to produce recurring seasons of teams with losing records. These two have been behind the hiring of a line of weak yes men managers and the similar disposed and the recently fired GM Bill Bavasi. Bavasi is responsible for a number of on field personnel decisions over the last several seasons that have proved to be mistakes or simply inept. It wasn’t because money wasn’t available to woo winning players to come here, the club has one of the highest payrolls in major league baseball.

Yamauchi should replace these two anal retentives with someone who knows something about winning baseball games. In case you haven’t noticed Lincoln and Armstrong spend most of their time on their number one priority, trying to keep couples from kissing, or doing much else that fans like to do at baseball games like wearing tee shirts that indicate that the visiting team SUCKS or simply being at the ballpark to have a good time and blow off some steam. I’m sick of them hiring these ass licking field managers who feel warm all over even after a 100 lose seasons.

Last night for example I watched as Mariner Pitcher Jarrod Washburn once again demonstrated his yearly propensity for failing to get past the 6th inning and getting shelled in the process only to have the lap dog Fox Sports Northwest commentators during the post game wrap-up talk about what a fine outing he had by lasting 5 innings and losing the game. This, a demonstration of habit those dependent on the Mariners for their lively-hood have of trying to turn a sows ear of a baseball team into a silk purse. Washburn’s record slipped to 4 wins and 9 loses. He, like the highly paid and recently release slugger Richie Sexson, pitchers Migel Batista and Carlos Silva indicate the total lack of competence Mariner upper management had when it hired GM Bavasi who's mainly responsible for bringing these millstones around the franchise's neck unproductive players here in the first place.

I'm not even going to start on what I think about no hit strike out prone Willie Bloomquist being a everyday player except to say he'd be riding the pines or released if he were associated with any real major league baseball team. How many years of mediocrity does it take before you know?

Bavasi didn't begin to rebuild the team in the classic sense when he got here from within the organization by using the farm system's young players, but instead used these prospects as trade bait to go for so called established players who's worth was questionable. He also brought in several veteran players through free agency who turn out to be busts for the most part, 15.5 million dollar Sexson being the main example, or he'd cut loose productive players because they didn't meet the Lincoln Armstrong arbitrary code of personal moral cleanliness and godliness or they did things like chew tobacco in front of kids.

Then there’s Casper Milk Toast managers like the now deposed Bob Melvin, Mike Hargrove and John McLaren who couldn’t get the high paid prima donnas players to produce wins on the field. Bavasi modes operandi was to bring in washed up players just past their prime and expecting them to produce numbers they hadn’t achieved any time lately. Lincoln and Armstrong liked these weak minded managers because they were the opposite of Lou Piniella who'd rather punch someone in the nose then lose a baseball game. Something he may of done to them had he stayed any longer.
As far as the permanent replacement for Bavasi, one former American League executive, asking for anonymity, told me recently, "If Lincoln and Armstrong are there, whoever the GM is won't matter." Art Thiel Seattle PI

True baseball MEN like former Manager "sweet" Lou Piniella and GM Pat Gillick had enough of the interfering and goodie two shoes management style of Lincoln and Armstrong and bolted for greener pastures by the time the end of the 2003 season had rolled around. They took a record of several playoff appearances and a record breaking 116 win season with them plus any chance the Mariner had to be successful on the field in the immediate future because of the phony leadership by Lincoln and Armstrong. Both Piniella and Gillick have gone on to be the part of successful and competitive pennant contending operations with the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies respectfully.

Piniella, besides being a brilliant baseball mind, more importantly reflected the true workingman blue collar honest no nonsense values and passion that successful baseball managers usually have as part of their overall makeup and was sort of the antithesis to the (excuse me) pussies that Lincoln and Armstrong represent. Lincoln and Armstrong saw Piniella as a threat and a risk to their squeaky clean ideas about life and baseball. Piniella’s entertaining volcanic on field outbursts and tell it like it is style scared the shit out of these two squares. Unfortunately for Seattle Piniella style also produced winning baseball teams. Piniella remains well loved and deeply missed by most knowledgeable baseball fans who give a shit and screw that dumb ass pansy ass Moose too.

If Seattle Had Approved The 1968 Rapid Transit Bond Issue It Be Paid Off This Year Cost Less And Been Better Then The One We Still Haven't Built Yet

Sorry you wannabe hipsters, but it's true. Nothing that even looks like a long term capital improvement to our infrastructure or a quality of life improvement can ever get passed in the lame backwater town of Seattle or the Puget Sound region.

Blame the process on the chicken heartened back-boneless gagle of PC bloggers and blowhards who rather posture and talk endlessly about the system's freaking carbon score than build anything. Most of these nitwits intercity pols are more concerned about making sure they look good or get re-elected. Even our supposedly backwater friends in Stinktown (Tacoma) and Portland are way ahead of us on this issue.

Name me one politician in this state who's got the political juice and where with all to get something done. Fuck the special Seattle propensity of involving everyone in god's green earth in the endless egocentric talk it through PROCESS process. I've prayed for a REAL big city politician to come on the scene for years who's not afraid to DO SOMETHING and get voted out of office if the people don't like it. The current price of gas crisis only puts more emphasis on how the region got caught with it collective people moving pants down. The only good thing about the pain at the pump is it may force the nitwit population of obstructionist's hand, so they'd actually HAVE to ACT.
"The Forward Thrust package in 1968 would have given the area a system of amazing scope. It would have been completed in 1985 and fully paid off in 2008. It would have been heavy rail, largely in subways, with two prongs north, two prongs south, and two prongs on the Eastside. Unlike Portland's system, which is largely on the street, this system would have been separated from traffic and much faster. It probably would have done a fair amount toward shaping dense neighborhoods and concentrating urban growth. All this at one quarter the local cost of a completed (much smaller and slower) Sound Transit system."
I remember voting for the rapid transit system in 1968 before most of the present day nitwitlalapalooza blogger bunch even had heard of the personal computer. For Christ sake these cheap penny wise and dollar short assholes around here would probably have a heart attack if they had to compare the proposed cost then to the inflated cost it be today for the same system. But let's go to the video so that I can suffer once again from rapid transit envy.

Number one in the world of rapid transit is apparently Singapore, and their mostly Buddhists. They beat you with a stick in the public square if you throw your gum on the ground. I'll take a Buddhist over a surrender monkey WASP any day of the week I guess. Buddhist never surrender because they hardly ever start useless wars that they have to later end up surrendering for like Pops McCain likes to point out all the time.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Carl Rove Should Be In Jail

I tell my friends that there will be no real justice in this country until Carl Rove, Bush, Cheney et al are prosecuted and put in jail. How can you put a man in jail for shoplifting and at the same time not prosecute these thugs for the heinous war crimes and abuses of power they have conducted. Are we not a nation of laws?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Burn the House Down And Scare The Bejesus Out Of the Dog Day

Item from the West Seattle Blog or the blog that never every sleeps.... Turn on the game have a few drinks and start a bonfire in the front yard next to the barbecue. What the hell could be wrong with that? Reminds me of the time I was in Spain on Saint Joan's Day. If you don't want to blow off any M80's but would like to feel like you have just watch this video.

The Catalans pretty much all come to a central location in the nearest town, like a soccer field, start a civic bonfire and begin to set off their extensive personal stash of fireworks and small bombs and fire making related goodies. The tradition is centuries old and includes that you must also jump through the fire inorder to symbolize getting rid of the old and starting over with the new. Sounds like something we could use here in America badly.

But, in Catalonia it seems no one every gets hurt at these celebrations or has their extremities blown off. Only here in the land of the retards and the home of the not so free anymore can one blow the shit out of themselves once a year or burn down their or their neighbor's house. Here is the quote from the post at West Seattle Blog.
10:53 pm Fire crews are busy too; Engine 37 (from 35th SW) just went to an illegal burn call at California/Willow south of Morgan Junction, reportedly “guys drinking and having a bonfire in the front yard.”

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Is The Red Blue Divide Fading Away.. Are You An Equinox Voter?

Over at votemaster there was this interesting observation on a columm pollster John Zogby has written at Huffington post about his ideas on the changing make up of the electorate.

"Pollster John Zogby wrote a column about how the red/blue divide is fading away. He says the key new groups are the Spring-forward and Fall-back voters, which he names the Equinox voters. The Spring forwards are people who are doing well in the new information and service economy. They are well educated, making good money, and located in New England, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, the West Coast, and other areas. People like this used to be (Rockefeller) Republicans but now they are solidly Democratic. The Fall back-ers are blue-collar workers in the rust belt and elsewhere who have seen their manufacturing jobs vanish and their lives get worse. The old American dream of having your children do better than you seems a distant reach for them. They used to be the core of the Democratic coalition, but in recent years they are becoming more and more Republican, largely on cultural issues like abortion (due to Richard Nixon's Southern strategy and Karl Rove's genius). We are likely to see this theme a lot in the coming year".

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

John McCain's Flip Flopper 101 Video

All, or nearly all, or John McCain's flip flops are contained in this video. It hard to keep up. But we try.