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Media Ignores Occupy Wall Street But Covers Tea Party Meet at Denny's

Anonymous Occupy Wall Street Call to Action

oh oh....... I do agree that Anonymous should post the names of NYPD officers and others who suppress peaceful occupy walls street protests. But, I do not agree that the addresses of these people and other personal information should be made public. artistdogboy

Occupy Wall Street Video: " S24 Police Riot"

The revolution grows, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.
"Just heard that the transit workers union just pledged to support the wall street protesters and they're heading over Friday 5pm. That's a union of 200,000 strong, that's right 200,000 strong. Airline, train, automobile, bus drivers and all their branches could be coming, HERE WE GO this is it guys, this is the crowd that we need. Will they deny 200,000 angry workers? This is our Tahrir square, this is our Arab spring, this is our revolution and its about to begin are you ready to take your place in history? Lets make the world proud and take down the corrupt system!"
Comment from YouTube video by Turkiloo:

The Young Turks Occupy Wall Street Protesters 'Awesome'

The tide turns in favor of protesters and further escapades of NYPD pepper spraying rogue Cop.

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Breaking: Stock Trader Tells The Truth - Governments Don't Matter Goldman Sachs Rules The World - Don't Really Care About Rescue Plans

Why should we Occupy Wall Street? Because we need to stop this exact type of self-centered callous Wall Street mindset that's says the only goal in life is to make more money. 

Cold and calculated truth from a stockbroker. Crisis, what crisis? "We don't care that much about fixing the economy or how their going to fix the whole situation, we just want to make money". Then this gem, "Governments don't rule the world Goldman Sachs rules the world. Golden Sachs doesn't care about the rescue package and nether do the big funds"

So fuck you middle class your the pawns who will lose your life savings and everything else in the coming economic collapse and Wall Street will relish in it because they'll make money off your misfortune and misery.

"That's The Bank That Took My Parent's Home" - What Wall Street Fears The Most

Robert Stevens, an Occupy Wall Street protester,  has had it. He decided to sit down in the street across from the bank that took his parents home away. There's something poignant about this video because I think he represents thousands of Americans who have also lost their homes because of Wall Street's shenanigans. After the police arrest Stevens for failing to disperse they turn their wrath on the camerawoman recording the incident. 

Occupy Wall Street Day 10 What Democracy Looks Like

From Democracy Now.

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Chris Hedges Interview (Full) From Occupy Wall Street Encampment

So you want to know what Occupy Wall Street is all about. Chris Hedges explains in length why the movement is vitally important and takes questions while visiting the #occupywallstreet encampment in New York City's Zucotti Park.

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New York's Not So Finest: Photos Video Capture NYPD Thuggery And Overreaction At Occupy Wall Street Protests

Over 80 protesters associated with the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests were arrested today in New York. Many photos of the NYPD thuggery can be found on flickr. The protesters were taking part in a non-violent march from their Zucotti Park encampment near Wall Street to Union Square Park when the police went on an arresting rampage. Independent news reports and video uploaded to YouTube indicate a number of incidents were it appears excessive force was employed on protesters by police. The grandmother pictured above was charged with disorderly conduct after she happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Rioting Police Attack Occupy Wall Street Protesters In New York

Police rioted in New York today and took their anger out on Occupy Wall Street protesters after the protest grew in numbers and began a noisy but peaceful march to Union Square Park. More on todays protests in  this report from ABC News. Reports indicate that police have made over 80 arrests today associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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Twitter Blocks Occupy Wall Street From Top Trending List

According to the independent news website AmpedStatus Report, twitter on at least two occasions blocked the #OccupyWallStreet hashtag from showing up on its top trending list. The report claims this was done on the first day of the protests on the 17th and again on Thursday September 22.

In a related event Yahoo earlier this week admitted and apologized for blocking emails pertaining to the Occupy Wall Street protests.
"On at least two occasions, Saturday September 17th and again on Thursday night, Twitter blocked #OccupyWallStreet from being featured as a top trending topic on their homepage. On both occasions, #OccupyWallStreet tweets were coming in more frequently than other top trending topics that they were featuring on their homepage. This is blatant political censorship on the part of a company that has recently received a $400 million investment from JP Morgan Chase. We demand a statement from Twitter on this act of politically motivated censorship. Will they block #OccupyWallStreet from trending again tomorrow when actions throughout the country will once again flare up?"

WikiLeaks Truck Adds To Political Theater At Occupy Wall Street

Performance Artist Clark Stoeckley is the man behind the WikiLeaks *mobile information collection unit", part of the political theater that surrounded the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations this week in New York.

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Finally Olbermann Chimes In On Occupy Wall Street

Breaking Video: 4 More Arrested Today At Occupy Wall Street Protest

From: #OccupyWallSt on YouTube September 21, 2011 1:28pm EST

"Four people have been arrested so far (as of 1:28 PM EST) on day 5 of the Occupy Wall Street protest. The first arrest took place this morning during Opening Bell March. At 10:10 AM, Isaac Wilder was taken into police custody and is being held at W. 154 St. New York, NY. One firsthand witness has informed us he was at the front of the peaceful march taking place on a public sidewalk when police demanded protesters turned left. When Isaac asserted his right to continue marching forward in public space, he was immediately arrested.

Two other arrests took place at 12:30 PM EST at Liberty Plaza. Two first-hand witnesses have confirmed the following story:

People were peacefully assembling on the sidewalk and the police told the public that they could not stand on public sidewalks. one person, was standing peacefully on the sidewalk and holding up a sign and the police swarmed him and arrested him. he peacefully went with them, without resisting in any way. People then peacefully walked with him and chanted in solidarity. And the police ran into the middle of the crowd and tackled one of the people there, and arrested him.

The following is a first hand account from Adrianna, a demonstrator who was assaulted by the police: I was picketing at Broadway and Liberty St. and heard shouts and swarms of people come down the block, so I knew it must have been an arrest. I stayed up there because I knew that's where they were going to bring the arrested people. So a huge crowd started approaching and getting louder while holding up peace signs. They pulled one guy at random and after they put him in the van, Officer Caradona and other officers rushed the crowd standing on the corner, pulled one guy from random, and started to pull him and shove him to the ground. That's when I started to try to push everyone back when somebody, it might have been Caradona, grabbed and swung me around and punched me in the face and I fell down. Luckily someone was there to pull me back up again and I know they pushed and shoved other people too. They were pushing and shoving everyone, but none of us resisted. We kept backing up, trying to get out of their way and continued holding up our peace signs."

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NYPD Begins Crackdown On Occupy Wall Street Campers VIDEO

The NYPD began cracking down on peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstrators this morning. Seven protesters were arrested. Police claim (see video who's resisting) one protester was injured when he resisted arrest. Approximately 350 protesters have been occupying a park near Wall Street and demonstrating since Saturday. The campers issued a public call for reinforcements on the adbusters website and on twitter. It appears the arrests were targeted at leaders of the occupation. Police also dismantled a makeshift communications center the protesters had set up in the park and confiscated camera and computer equipment.

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Only The Beginning - Corporate Media Attempts To Marginalize Wall Street Occupation

Via: RT Channel

Democracy Now Coverage Of Occupy Wall Street

Your Watching The Birth Of A New American Progressive Movement Whether You Realize It Or Not

 "This Is Not A One-Day Demonstration, We're Not Leaving"
We've all heard it, progressives complaining about the general state of affairs in this country.  Especially since past hopes have turned into something more like rope a dope.  But the big question remains, what action are you going to take as an individual to do something about it?

I strongly suggest you get involved with a new movement. It's called the Occupy Wall Street movement. Someone at Fox News dubbed it a "tea party for progressives", but definitely without the stupid part. I don't mean to scare you off but, it will take your actual involvement on some level if the movement is to survive and grow.

This summer a few brave internet and social media savvy philosophical progressives decided to do something about the problems this country faces instead of letting the corporate oligarchy and incompetent politicians demoralize, fracture and degrade humanity any further. The non-violent Occupy Wall Street September 17th idea was born. The movement was modeled after the Arab Spring leaderless protests. Like the uprisings in the Middle East, social media would be used to organize and disseminate information about the movement.

People behind this movement knew in their hearts that our political system, politicians and elections have become so corrupted that direct action would be necessary. They believe that both major political parties have become useless tools when it comes to dealing with the problems that face us as a nation. Additionally, the mainstream media cannot be trusted or is so compromised that it is unable to report the truth about what is really happening.

Meetings were held in New York, coalitions were formed and a General Assembly of all the participating organizations was created. These groups were comprised predominantly of ordinary citizens. The assemblies decided they were not going to be relying on traditional progressive political groups like unions and others for help. They wanted it to be a pluralistic broad based movement open to all men and women of good will. An occupation of Wall Street was planned because this US financial  center represented a symbol and nexus of the many problems that America now faces.

September 17th was chosen as the day the protest and occupation of Wall Street would begin. Meetings were held throughout the summer and a consensus was reached on a number of important issues the assembly wanted addressed.
 “The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%,” said a statement on the website Occupy Wall Street. According to statements on the website, the movement, an offshoot of on-line magazine Adbusters, is angered by what it calls the principle of “profit over and above all else,” which it says has dominated not only America’s economic policies, but also the way in which Americans view culture and humanity."
Thousands of people participated in protests in New York, Seattle,  Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other US cities yesterday. Solidarity protests also took place in Madrid, Milan, London, Barcelona and Paris. The demonstrations were organized by a group of loosely knit organizations with names like Occupy Wall Street, US Day Of Rage, US Uncut, Adbusters Magazine, We are the 99% and Anonymous.

At this moment many of the protesters are still camped out in a park near Wall Street and their intent is to stay there until their demands are realized. During the occupation the group will continue to hold assemblies. The idea from the beginning was to occupy turf where leaderless "general assemblies" would deal with keeping the occupation going and then begin honing the group's list of demands. The group also intends on having fun while camping, doing things like street yoga and creating political theater
"The police ask to speak to the leader. We told them that there is no leader. They didn't understand. "
September 17th was only the beginning of the protests. A beachhead occupation has now been established by the protesters in a park in the financial district and the protesters are intent on staying there for as long as they think it's necessary. Their hope is that other fed up citizens will be inspired to join them and participate in more protests.

Occupy Wall Street protesters need your help. The next few days will be critical to the ultimate success of the movement. What can you do? If you are in the New York area you should make plans to visit the Wall Street encampment and join in the protests for that day or you may even consider camping for a night or two. The protesters need provisions and food also. They are now located in Zucotti Park (which the protesters have renamed Liberty Plaza) near Wall Street.

If you can't go to Wall Street then you can follow news of the occupation on twitter and facebook.  Follow the hash tag #OWSNews or #occupywallstreet or #takewallstreet on twitter for updates and news reports. Tell your friends and family members about what's going on and get involved in supporting the protesters in any way you see fit. Join in an upcoming protest related to Occupy Wall Street and US Day Of Rage movement  in your area. Post videos and write stories about the movement and protests on your blog. Call main stream media outlets and ask them why they are not covering the protests. The organizers also hope to have a publicly accessible google document they are calling OWS Anti-spin machine 4000 up and running soon.

I think the Occupy Wall Street Movement offers a special opportunity. In order for it to be successful it will need broad citizen participation. 

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Fox News Coverage Of Occupy Wall Street Breaks World Record For Stereotyping Of "Unwashed Hippie Protesters"

The Fox The Five empty suit talking-head stooge who leads off the piece probably breaks the record for the use of stereotyping metaphors to describe lefty protesters in his lead-in, but in a special way the video serves as a demonstration of why occupying wall street is needed in the first place. I certainly had a good laugh. The panel's liberal counterpoint character is a refreshing break from the general palooza of shallowness.

Occupy Wall Street Video Bonanza - Why We Occupy

Videos and stories across the web on the US Day Of Rage, Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, Abusters September 17th global demonstrations.

Crooks and Liars article: (with streaming real time live feed from globalrevolution)
"This Is Not A One-Day Demonstration, We're Not Leaving"

Nation of Change article:
"While many of the conservative defenders of Wall Street may be quick to portray protests against the American financial establishment as driven by envy of its wealth or far-left ideologies, the truth is that people have a very simple reason to be angry — because Wall Street’s actions made tens of millions of people dramatically poorer through no fault of their own. In 2010, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank conducted studies of the effects of the global recession — caused largely by Wall Street financial instruments that were poorly regulated by government policies — and found that the recession threw 64 million people into extreme poverty"

CNN Money article:
"Modeled on the "Arab Spring" uprisings that swept through Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and other countries this year, Occupy Wall Street is a "leaderless resistance movement" orchestrated through Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools. The Twitter hashtags #OccupyWallStreet and #TakeWallStreet lit up Saturday with coordination messages and solidarity tweets."

The Nation article:
"A hallmark of leftist activism is the amalgam of diverse movements present at protests. Alexa O’Brien, a spokesperson for US Day of Rage, one of the groups participating in the protest, says they are focused on reinforcing the First Amendment: the rights to peaceably assemble and to free speech on public sidewalks."

CBS News article:
"I don't think anybody that anybody can look at the political and economic landscape we have now in Washington and not come to the conclusion that the system is broken, The main focus is the toxic and corrupting effect of unlimited money on the political situation, which would be called a Corporate-ocracy, not Democracy."

The New York Times article:
"Throughout the afternoon hundreds of demonstrators gathered in parks and plazas in Lower Manhattan. They held teach-ins, engaged in discussion and debate and waved signs with messages like “Democracy Not Corporatization” or Revoke Corporate Personhood.”

TPM article:
"I'm sending a message to the powers-that-be in our society that people cannot be stepped on, disregarded and treated with gross neglect as the people of this city, this state and this country have been treated for too, too long," said a man who identified himself as Beau Johnson, a Vietnam veteran from Staten Island. "It's up to all different generations to try to be here, and to share our stories, our anecdotes, our feeling and passion for life, to be a loving people filled with family and community and dedication to one another, instead of to the mighty dollar bill, which makes an enemy of all of us."

The Daily Mail article:
"People had gathered near Wall Street with backpacks and sleeping bags to search for a place to camp, but police were there to keep them away from the main financial area.
The protesters instead headed for Trinity Place, which is only around 1,000ft from Wall Street. Police put barricades around the famous bull statue on Broadway."

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jimmy Carter Calls Citizens United Stupidest Supreme Court Ruling Ever

At the 30th annual Carter Town Hall on Wednesday, former President Jimmy Carter told his audience he thought the Supreme Court decision to roll back restrictions on corporate spending in federal campaigns was "one of the stupidest rulings ever consummated or perpetrated on the American people."

The Citizens United ruling was decided 5-4 in 2010 and received criticism for allowing a flood of special interest money in politics. President Barack Obama was a major critic, saying the decision was "a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans.

Via: Huffington Post

I'm Not A Communist Glenn Beck - But Thanks For Calling Me One

Dear Glenn Beck,

The actual sentiment behind my US Day Of Rage Occupy Wall Street September 17th poster is:
"They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." 
It's an anti-war thing Glenn! Something you probably know little about since you're so busy supporting yourself and wall street corporations that profit directly from war making and death. So to sum up: [Isaiah 2:4] is "communist propaganda" and Isaiah a "radical troublemaker". In reality your rant about the poster on your show being "communist propaganda" is just more hypocritical "rightwing" getting your crazy on, and to think you were raised just 50 miles from here means something must have gone really haywire in your childhood.

Note to readers: For context please see clip of show where Gleen calls me a "commie" before they take it down or start charging you to see it. 

Holy Shit Glenn Beck Just Called Me A "Commie" On His Show

Unhinged Glenn Beck doesn't like my "swords to plowshares" US Days Of Rage Occupy Wall Street September 17th poster very much. He called it "Communist Propaganda" on his new show. I guess that makes me you know what. My life is now complete. It's like winning the Nobel prize for photoshop flyer making.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

24 Hours Of Climate Reality Al Gore's Final Hour Wrap Up Presentation - A Must Watch Video

"24 Presenters. 24 Time Zones. 13 Languages. 1 Message. 24 Hours of Reality is a worldwide event to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. It will consist of a new multimedia presentation created by Al Gore and delivered once per hour for 24 hours, representing every time zone around the globe. Each hour people living with the reality of climate change will connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the manmade pollution that is changing our climate. We will offer a round-the-clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time. The deniers may have millions of dollars to spend, but we have a powerful advantage. We have reality."

If you'd like to watch some or all of the Climate Reality 24 hours of presentations from around the world you can go to the Climate Reality website.

Video streaming by Ustream

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Who Will Occupy Wall Street On September 17?

Waging Non-Violence Blog has an excellent post on what to expect on September 17th at Occupy Wall Street - US Day Of Rage - Antibankster demonstrations.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Video: US Day Of Rage Occupy Wall Street September 17th - Movement To Overturn Citizens United

US Day Of Rage - Occupy Wall Street September 17th represents a growing coalition of  organizations whose major aim at this time is to eliminate corporate control over our political system and elected officials and to begin the process of restoring free and fair elections. USDOR is working with organizations like Move to Amend whose goal is to bring about the amendment of the US constitution that would overturn the recent Citizens United "corporations are people" Supreme Court decision.

USDOR has focused on the one issue of "corporations are people" because it believes that the unrestricted flow of corporate funds to politicians and political organizations has profoundly corrupted our elections and political processes. We must remove corporate influence over our political process and return it to individual citizens. 

We encourage citizens to take part in actions by #USDOR #Antibanks #Sept17 #OccupyWallStreet in their area next Saturday.

#TOMALABOLSA in Madrid, Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Valencia, Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Bilbao, Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Santander, in Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Las Palmas, in Spain
#OCCUPYBANKOFENGLAND, #UKUncut in London, England
#USDORSF San Francisco, CA
#USDORLosA Los Angeles, CA
@USDayofRageOR Portland, OR
#TAKETHESQUARE return to the Capitol Square in Madison, WI
#OCCUPYBAYSTREET in Toronto, Canada
Athens, Grece – Hellenic Stock Exchange
Berlin, Germany – Occupy Börse Berlin
Frankfurt, Germany – Occupy Frankfurter Börse
Stuttgart, Germany – Occupy börsenstrasse
Lisboa, Portugal – Demonstration in front of Stock-Market headquarters.
Porto, Portugal – Demonstration in front of Stock-Market headquarters. Portugal
Viena, Austria
#BEURSPLEINBEZETTING in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Other actions for 17th September

Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona Hub International Meeting. International meeting of social organizers in order to set a plan for a global rally on 15th October. (15-18th September)
Paris, France - Marches from Greece, France, Spain, Italy, etc. will arrive to Paris and there will be a big demonstration there. Read more in Road to Brussels, The marches to Brussels and Paris Reelle Democratie
Italy – Marches to Rome starts
Athens, Greece proposes to boycott the banks withdrawing money for 4 days, still not clear when do they start (decided on Syntagma assembly on September 5th)
Cambridge, UK – Workshops on the financial crisis.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Time Has Come For Citizens To Be Uncomplacent Fearless And Direct

September 17th US Day Of Rage Anti-Banks protests are less than one week away. If you agree that it is time for action and want to participate you can get more information on the Seattle protest on the 17th here.  This is a non-violent demonstration.

Our primary demand is: One citizen, One dollar, One vote. We demand the repeal of the Citizen United "corporations are people" supreme court decision and restoration of free and fair elections that are not manipulation by corrupted corporate money and political influence.

US Day Of Rage One Primary Demand

Occupy Wall Street Everywhere

Jingoistic Nationalistic Chest Thumping And Delusion Over 9/11 Continues Unabated

The truth was the first victim of 9/11.

The promulgation of lies about the causes and effects of 9/11 continues unabated ten years after the tragedy. We have resorted to a state where even little league football players are encourage to participate in the nationalistic orgy of jingoism. The NFL's special 9/11 tributes are disturbing and out of context. False hero worship and war making are praised. Flag waving and national chest thumping tributes abound.
"The flip side of nationalism is always racism, the dehumanization of the enemy and all who appear to question the cause. The plague of nationalism began almost immediately. My son, who was 11, asked me what the difference was between cars flying small American flags and cars flying large American flags. The people with the really big flags are the really big assholes, I told him"
Two brave pundits have taken up the challenge of overturning the corporate controlled mass media delusion and incompetent political leader narrative about what really happened to us that day. I commend them. Paul Krugman and Chris Hedges both offer enlightening posts about the general state of delusion that we find the nation in today stemming from the events of 9/11. I encourage everyone to take the time to read what they have to say.

War is peace!

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US Day Of Rage - Occupy Wall Street Sept 17 Poster Palooza

Only A Pawn In Their Game - Worker On Worker Action In Longview

‎"A Cowlitz County Sheriff grabs a ILWU worker by the throat as police move in on several hundred workers blocking a grain train in Longview, Wash., Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011."

Center for Media and Democracy ALEC Exposed Project Convention Video

"The Center for Media and Democracy hosted a panel at the first Democracy Convention, held in Madison, WI, in August 2011, on it's recently launched ALEC Exposed project. The project made available more than 800 "model" bills and resolutions secretly voted on by corporate and legislative members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC has become the premier institution for crafting and promoting model legislation and resolutions that largely benefit its corporate members. Graves was joined by a panel of experts who discussed the ways in which ALEC has crafted legislation that undermines our democracy, and has had devastating effects on immigrant and worker's rights."

Everyday Is Labor Day god Dammit!

Okay I admit I'm fired up.

It's unfortunate we even need to consider the idea that everyday is really a day to honor the working and middle classes. Instead we exalt bankers, sports figures, financial con-artists and anyone who's obtained wealth in general. We are often even willing to disregard their criminal behavior in obtaining the material trappings of the well to do.
"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." - John Steinbeck
Climbing over the backs of other workers or being more interested in the status and the social position your wealth may bring is not the answer. Perhaps you should contemplate the idea that you have more in common with working people than you think. Most people's lot is not really with selfish and greedy men who think it's acceptable to exploit those who make them rich in the first place. Ordinary working people everywhere are the real creators and producers of all wealth.
"And I say to my people's masters: Beware, Beware of the thing that is coming, beware of the risen people, Who shall take what ye would not give. Did ye think to conquer the people, Or that Law is stronger than life and than men's desire to be free? We will try it out with you, ye that have harried and held, Ye that have bullied and bribed, tyrants, hypocrites, liars! " From the poem The Rebel by Patrick Pearse

Video: 9 Detained In Occupy Wall Street Test Run - Financial Districts Around US On High Alert For Major Protests 9/17

"A video story of a peaceful protest test on Wall Street last Thursday Sept.1st, showing that we are living in a police state. Each of us who were detained will return there again, bringing friends. We carry our beliefs and no fears. Many more people, perhaps thousands, will be coming to Wall Street on September 17th. Meaningless nonsense charges against us will be dismissed in court, as it was with one of us, the person who was kept in jail that night and brought to the court the next day. We believe in our constitutional rights for freedom of speech and peaceful demonstrations."

 US Day Of Rage #Occupywallstreet #sept17 Simple Demand:  

One Citizen - One Dollar - One Vote
"Free and fair elections produce the kind of stewardship our nation desperately needs, because they ensure that citizens can influence their destiny, and make genuine contributions to society.
Free and fair elections remedy the myriad ills and abuses of a corrupt and illegitimate government, which preys on the resources and spirits of citizens. These abuses and ills are listed on the official US Day of Rage twitter hash tag #usdor.

For these reasons, we come together now to organize state and national non-violent protests and assemblies of people The Framers created a method for escaping from captured government—an Article V Constitutional Convention. If 34 states pass resolutions calling for convention all sides have the op to argue for changes they believe will restore democracy. Any amendment proposed must then be ratified by 38 states to become law We demand that Citizens United versus FEC which deems corporations to be people when it come to political contributions be overturned.

We demand state and federal election and campaign finance laws be reformed."

Only individual citizens should make campaign contributions.

Campaign contributions by citizens should not exceed $1 to any political candidate or party.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

October 2011 Coalition Plans To Occupy Washington DC

"We Stand With the Majority of Americans: Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed."

Information: The October 2011 Coalition

Wall Street Journal: Bankers Oligarchy Are Expecting To Spend Millions To Quash Occupy Wall Street US Day Of Rage 9/17 Protests

In Today's Wall Street Journal Market Watch commentator Paul B. Farrell points out just how seriously the powers to be are taking the planned #occupywallstreet, US Day Of Rage and Adbusters backed protests now planned for lower Manhattan and simultaneously elsewhere around the world, including here in Seattle (Bank of America 5th Ave. Plaza) on September 17th.

Fearing a "American Fall" modeled after the "Arab Spring" uprisings in middle-eastern countries, that brought down corrupt governments, the rich out of touch oligarchy fear the worst. Farrell takes a "what do you expect" point of view about the protests and mildly scolds the out of touch US bankers, politicians and authority figures for any surprise that a similar uprising is in fact taking place in the land of liberty. Given their greed, criminal behavior and attempts to destroy the middle class Ferrell offers that maybe a tipping point has been reached.

The article stands as one of the best written by a mainstream media source, with a great deal of detail on what maybe motivating the protesters and some possible outcomes.
"In short, you can expect millions will be spent to quash this revolution, much as George III tried with great armies after 1776. So get ready to see more clever ways Big Money corrupts the democratic process, the right of assembly, freedom of speech. Remember Wisconsin. They’ll do everything necessary to force Occupy Wall Street to abandon their mission, leave empty-handed." 
US Days of Rage and Occupy Wall Street are looking for local support of the demonstrations here in Seattle. Demonstrators should gather near the Bank Of America Fifth Plaza at 5th Ave and Cherry St. in downtown Seattle at 11am on September 17th. This is a non-violent peaceful demonstration, if your looking for trouble please stay home. Make a sign, bring a noise maker. We will not be camping, just marching.  More information on the Seattle protest in support of Occupy Wall Street and US Day Of Rage can be found here. You can sign up using meetup or just simply show up on the 17th.

You can follow news about the protests on twitter by searching or adding hashtags: #USDOR #sept17 #occupywallstreet to your tweets or follow @USDayofRage @OccupyWallSt

Charles Koch Calls President "Saddam Hussein" And Envisions 13 Month "Mother of All Wars" For Right Wing Causes

Also on the tape Koch jokes about special consideration for contributors who are willing to give a "billion dollars" to his slimy shadow organizations. Here's a list of million dollar individual contributors and the companies they operate compiled by Mother Jones and Think Progress reporters.
"Today, Bradblog’s Brad Friedman reports for Mother Jones about a secret meeting that the right-wing oil billionaire Koch brothers held at a Colorado resort in June with hundreds of wealthy donors who plotted to finance right-wing causes and elect conservative politicians.

Friedman reports that audio he obtained from the conference reveals that Charles Koch alarmingly referred to President Obama as “Saddam Hussein,” saying that the right had to fight the “mother of all wars.” He rallied his guests to donate millions of dollars to help defeat Obama and boost other right-wing causes.

Koch also read off a list of 32 donors who gave a million dollars or more to his efforts to build up far-right infrastructure. Mother Jones’s Gavin Aronsen notes that this list was largely corroborated by ThinkProgress research published in 2010. The list includes financiers such as Charles Schwab of the Charles Schwab Corporation and John Templeton, Jr. of the powerful John Templeton Foundation."

Via: Nation of Change

Friday, September 02, 2011


”McClatchy reported earlier this week that a recently released U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks shows evidence that U.S. troops executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians in 2006, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-month-old infant, and “then called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence.” The Iraqi government said today that it will revive the stalled investigation into the allegations. The AP also reports that “some officials said that the document was reason enough for Iraq to force the American military to leave instead of signing a deal allowing troops to stay beyond a year-end departure deadline.” “The new report about this crime will have its impact on signing any new agreement,” said Sunni lawmaker Aliya Nusayif.”

Labor Day Message #1

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bigoted "Truther" Alex Jones Says Homeland Security Attempting To Make Whites The New Al Qaeda

Alex Jones the man who popularized the "truther" movement offers us another half-backed narrative, that the Department of Homeland Security wants to make whites the new Al Qeada. I assume this is an attempt to bolster the conservative and Tea Party hyperbole that the President hates white people.
“Did I not tell you they were gonna switch it from Al Qaeda to the Tea Party? And now you’re seeing it, I told you.… They’re gonna rebrand the war on terror on the constitutionalists, I’m asking listeners out there…. What do you think of the re-branding that the terrorists aren’t Al Qaeda anymore? It’s that veteran, it’s that gun owner, it’s that farmer … it’s that white person. Whites are the new Al Qaeda.”

Via: Southern Poverty Law Center

Another Human Foot Washes Ashore In Vancouver

Yikes, on Tuesday another human foot was discovered in the water off Vancouver, BC, putting the total number of feet found since the first severed foot was located in 2007 at 8.
"All of the feet discovered so far have been in running shoes."
Via: The National Post