Friday, March 14, 2008

Write And Tell Hillary It's Time To Withdraw Here!

It's time for the HRC to wake up and smell the stale campaign mess she's creating. Based on the theory of ask and you shall receive you should click here to open email program to the Clinton Campaign site. Fill in your name, and email, select a subject, and copy and paste the following letter in the body of the email. Then hit send. Tell your friends to do the same.

Dear Senator Clinton,

For the good of the Democratic Party and the Nation we respectfully request that you withdraw from the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. We are requesting that you take this action because your campaign continues to use tactics that are doing irreparable harm to the Democratic Party and the eventual nominee. According to most of the experts, estimates, measurements and calculations your continuing efforts to win the nomination are simply not that realistic. Yet you insist on continuing in spite of the damage it may cause the Party.

Your continuing efforts to change the previously agreed to election rules in order to support your attempts to win the nomination appear to be manipulative and less than truthful. It also makes it appear that you believe that your personal goals take precedence over the Party’s goals and the will of the majority of voters who have participated in the Democratic primaries and caucuses throughout the country to date. Your continuing attempts to justify your campaign and to marginalize you’re opponent also has the effect of directly aiding the Republican Party.

It is imperative that the Democratic Party nominee be given as much time as possible to heal, unite and prepare the Democratic Party for the fall campaign. As Americans and Democrats we implore you to take this request seriously and to immediately withdraw. We hope you then will join us as we begin to focus our efforts on uniting the Democratic Party for the upcoming battle with John McCain.


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  1. Felt good to leave that under the subject of 'disability' which is what she is to this party and election