Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hey Goldy Read This I Care and I Think Clinton Is A Monster

So Harvard professor Samantha Power and I have something in common. Telling the truth.

I guess this isn’t going to be “progressive net roots” politically correct. Number one. I respect Goldy, but this time I think that he has run amuck with this recent post. I suffer from the same problem sometimes believe me. I’m sorry if the king has no clothes on. Goldy stop acting like some party hack. When the hell did the “comrades of the progressive net roots” agree to agree about anything? Sorry if I’m not following the party line here. I thought we are suppose to speak the truth, not make it up to fit some predetermined comrades of the net roots story line. This is one of the reasons both political parties and the net roots community rank with used car salesman and labor leaders in the credibility sweepstakes sometimes.

Who the hell cares? I care! And the success of the Obama campaign demonstrates that the majority of Democrats so far care like never before. They are sick of settling for the status quo mediocre run of the mill bullshit politics as practiced by the Clintons. It not about gender, it’s not about race, put simply it’s that Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate. More deeply flawed that most people want to admit. I call it the "yellow dog" Democrat in the street Clinton denial factor.

These are the Democrats that are holding out for the Obama Clinton “dream ticket” or visa versa. I think if Obama is at the top of the ticket he would never soil his good reputation by having a Vice President Hillary Clinton. The exception maybe that he is such a honorable guy he have to swallow hard and join her as a VP on the ticket if it meant saving the Democrat party.

That’s if she somehow is successful in stealing the nomination.

I’m not afraid to say it. I’m sick of the Billary and their antics. I'm sick of their divisive win at any cost pandering. I’m sick of them playing the race, gender, youthful drug use and Muslim cards and then plausibly denying it. I sick of their phony baloney triangulating personalities, and their double standards. She's a phony and he’s a phony. If you don't see it your probably a phony too. I don’t like phonies in politics or in life, be they Democrat or Republican. My interpretation of what your sayings is being a phony liar is okay as long as OUR phony liar gets elected in the end no matter what it takes.

I don't want to hear that politics is ruff and tough and not a pillow fight crap either. As a Democrat I don't want to adapt Carl Rove tactics as the model for our Party just because some lazy minded hack thinks it's what we need to do to win. We're much better then that and shouldn't have to sell our souls to get Democrats elected. As Obama has told us.

Hillary crossed the line the other day with me when she said that she and McCain “cross the commander in chief threshold” but Obama somehow doesn’t. By doing this I think she apparently is willing to destroy the Party if it means she can somehow throw Obama under the bus then argue he's unelectable and get the nomination. I’m sick of her telling me that because I participated in a caucus that somehow my vote is not as important, and that I’m a latte drinking pussy. The darn primary playing field was tipped in her direction from the beginning and now she whining about how unfair it is because she losing. She thought she be crowned queen by now. It doesn’t really sell if your paying ANY attention.

Her comments about the commander in chief threshold are going to be a great sound bite in some republican commercial this fall when Obama finally becomes the nominee. This from a woman who also has inflated her resume by arguing that sipping tea, eating cookies and palling around with the comedian Sinbad, Sheryl Crow and Chelsea in foreign countries makes her into a foreign policy expert. If your listen to this bullshit you think she single-handedly brought peace to Kosovo, Serbia and Northern Ireland. I’ve met Sinn Fein President Jerry Adams and I know she’s lying. It’s all simply more lies and distortions ala the Clinton style of politics regurgitating out there in the lemming horse race loving mainstream press.

I echo your feeling that on policy the two Democrats are very close. The main difference comes down to their personal character , personal integrity and bringing about REAL Change from Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton era of conflicting political war that we have been living in for 20 years. Hey look around it not working.

Finally she can’t win because of her built in negatives . Once her and Bill release their tax returns, if they ever do, the press and the Republicans will find enough stuff to make Tony Rezko look like a girl scout cookie seller outside your Thriftway. If your concerned about down ticket democrat success then Obama is definitely the one to bring that about. I don’t see her bringing enough democrats along on her coat tales to build sufficient majorities in Congress. Meaning more of the same gridlock. We may need Democrats in office in 2009 more then ever before but that doesn’t mean that we need to suspend reality or the truth in order to get there.

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