Monday, March 03, 2008

Here in East Texas It’s Hand to Hand Combat

The Obama field organizer told us we were going to be on the front lines in the battle for the nomination here in East Texas. The latest Zogby poll pretty much confirms it. This part of Texas will apparently tip the balance, and it's hand to hand combat for us volunteers.

From my prospective it hard to tell just what the big picture is at times. I spent the last two days canvassing poor black neighborhoods in Silsbee, Texas. One thing for sure it’s been both an uplifting and a reality check for me. Many of these people told me it’s never been this bad for them, and believe me things are pretty bad from the looks of things. But Obama gives them hope that he can change things . Their eyes light up once they figure out why this white guy is at their door. “I thought you was the police”, a elderly lady told me.

I think that more than 99% support Barak here in the neighborhoods I’ve been working. Not really surprising. The problem will be getting them to actually go to the polls and then hopefully come back Tuesday evening to participate in the Texas two step caucus phase of the process. It’s confusing for even the well read and more confusing for most of these common folks. I sense a certain fear of getting involved with the process because of what I think is the historic racist intimidation of black participation in voting from the past here.
"In Texas, Clinton continues to hold a big lead among the state's sizable bloc of Hispanics and has an edge in the state's heavily Hispanic south and conservative west. Obama is strong in the cities, but the two have battled back-and-forth in east Texas and now run even there. "

"It really is looking like east Texas is the place to watch in the popular vote, whoever wins there could have the edge in the state," Zogby said.
We’ll do more canvassing in Silsbee today. Then I guess we’re go north to the area of Center , Texas tomorrow for canvassing in conservative white neighborhoods. That should be real fun.

Yes we can!

The opinions and observations made in this story are my own and have not been approved or sanctioned by the Obama campaign.

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