Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Hell With These So Called Religious Leaders

Most modern politicians feel some obligation to kiss up to organized religious figures and groups or join church congregations in order to somehow show their of sound moral character. We’re “church going folks” of good moral standing and to prove it we associate with these religious types, the narrative is suppose to be saying. I’m sure some politicians are also true believers. But, the problem with this seems to be that most of these religious figures that the politicians love to be seen with are also hypocrites and their churches are often morally degenerate, fanatically hateful, or full of bunch of sexually suppressed deviants.

I’m don’t like to bash religion or am I an atheist. I really think that some good comes from church efforts to help the poor or those in need. But I do have trouble with organized religions and their assorted fanatical congregations, given their propensity to try and ram their rigid, often stupid and questionable morality down everyone’s throats. Their propensity to look down their noses at the non-organized but nevertheless spiritual person or non-believer is blatantly hypocritical.

This is why I think that whether one believes in god or not, it is their business and a totally personal matter. No explanation or demonstration necessary please. I will judge you by your deeds, not your religious beliefs. Unfortunately, the far right and others have somehow succeeded in making one’s believe in religious dogma or lack of belief in it into the litmus test for holding political office.

It should never be necessary to meet some arbitrary religious standard in order to hold office in a country where the founding documents clearly establish the separation of church and state.

I often disagree with the atheist Christopher Hitchens but after reading his book “god is not great, how religion destroys everything”, where he makes several extremely plausible assertions and arguments that organized religion is responsible for most of the ills of the world, I tend to agree with his premise. What is done in the name of god by BOTH sides in the struggle between Muslim extremists and their Christian counterparts, like George W Bush, only proves the point.

The pretentious need for religious legitimization has done great harm to Barack Obama. His trust in the resentment filled Pastor Jeremiah Wright has turned out to be a negative. I don’t believe that Obama believes what Wright believes, but I do ask myself why was this furor even necessary. I suspect that Obama’s guilt is one of being associated with Wright. I wonder why he did not see a blip on his progressive radar when he may of heard the Pastor’s rants. There may have been a feeling by Obama that he needed to prove his Christiananity by belong to this large African American congregation in order to offset the scurrilous rumors that he was a Muslim. Who knows?

But I’m not voting for the Reverend Wright for President either. I will continue to support Obama and detest attempts by the equally extreme Christian right to make political hay out of the shortcomings of this runaway pastor.

John McCain also has shown poor judgment because of his pandering to the religious right and especially the Pastor John Hagee. This nut ball is a dead-end-timer who thinks that war with Iran is necessary to set off a bigger Middle East War that will ultimately bring about the rapture. Plus he hates Catholics and called the Pope the anti Christ. Hillary Clinton apparently belonged to a conservative bible study group known as the “fellowship” and organization that been characterized as the “knitting together (of) international networks of rightwing leaders, most of them ostensibly Christian”. Another possible fringe nut-job religious group sticking their noses where they don’t belong I suspect.

Organize religions do real harm to our nation when they involve themselves in the politics of the state. It’s time to say the heck with these people once and for all. If one is religious or spiritual that fine, but stop thinking your beliefs give you some control over the TRUTH! You can take your religious meddling and put it where the sun don't shine as far as I'm concerned. Because your destroying America and the world. It’s not your business what I believe and I could give a damn what you think or believe. I just want my country and the rest of the world back, free of your organized religious nonsense.

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