Friday, March 21, 2008

Now Even Chris Wallace At Fox Thinks The Obama Bashing Has Gone Too Far

I wish that these suddenly overly politically correct cable news talking heads and FOX, CNN and MSNBC would stop the insanity of their obsession with what Barack Obama said about his grandmother's racial attitudes. He said she was like most typical white people when it came to many racial stereotypes. For Christ sake what he said is harmless or at the worse a poor choice of words. Not the end of the freaking world like these people act like it is. Most people know Barack Obama is not a racist. Meanwhile John McCain apparently can't tell the difference between Sunni, Shiites and Al Qaeda but it doesn't seem to induce anything near the fullblown media feeding frenzy of the Obama remark.

FOX has been carrying the water on both the Reverend Wright story and this new bullshit narrative about Obama's supposed "typical white person" comment. What's funny about it is that CNN and MSNBC feel obligated to jump in to create a news echo chamber by pushing this stupid story line too.

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