Friday, March 07, 2008

Can We Really Take Four More Years Of Clinton Lies And Distortions

Check out this video I just produced about Hillary below. As you know if you read this blog. I'm totally for Barack Obama. I even went to Texas and worked as a volunteer on his primary campaign there after getting involved here in Washington prior to our caucuses. I decided to get heavily involved because I felt so strongly that the country needed systemic fundamental CHANGES as soon as possible if we are to survive.

But, as I have become more immersed in the campaign I have also come to beleive that the change I seek simply is not possible with Hillary Clinton. That's because I believe she is fundamentally flawed. Which I think many Democrats are more or less in denial about. Like the speculation of the possibility of a Obama Clinton or visa versa dream ticket. More like a bad nightmare. If you ask me it will never happen. Obama's got too much integrity to get involved with the Clintons.

I am still confident that Obama will prevail in his quest for the Democratic nomination and in a battle with John McCain for the presidency. I must admit I have become increasingly dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton as someone I may have to support in the general election. Today an Obama unpaid advisor Samantha Power resigned after calling Hillary a "Monster" in an off the record comment to a Scottish newspaper reporter that became public. Samantha Powers is writer and professor at Harvard an well respected foreign policy wonk. So I'm sure she has her reasons to characterize Clinton as she did.

Unfortunately I totally agree. I'm have become so heavily invested in Obama's success I am having a harder and harder time justifying ever voting for Clinton if for some unforeseen reason she is actually nominated. It's that bad. I also think that Democrats should wake up and smell the reality of having Hillary and Bill in the white house for 4 to 8 more years. I just can't take the same old BS politics from these people anymore. Sorry.

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