Friday, March 21, 2008

Screw CNN

I expect this from FOX or Rush Limbaugh because anyone with half a brain knows they’re bought and sold by the right wing religious fanatic lunatic fringe. But now I’ve had it with CNN because of this endless news narrative Pastor Wright smearing and guilt by association of Barack Obama.

Hey CNN I’m not voting for Pastor Wright. I don’t really care what Pastor Wright thinks. PASTOR WRIGHT IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Barack Obama has in no uncertain terms said he does not represent what Pastor Wright believes. I’m sick of and not interested in you framing every freaking story about the presidential campaign since this totally out of context story broke as a race or gender or Pastor Wright issue because you lame brains think it helps your ratings. I guess. Or your aim is to purposely damage Obama.

Obama has given a 40 minute detailed speech about what he thinks the state of race relations are in this country. He has rejected denounce and rejected again what Pastor Wright has said. Can we please move on to a discussion of the important and actual issues of the day and the presidential campaign?

Anderson Cooper asked an Obama spokesman today, who he was interviewing about the Obama passport file story (paraphrasing) "aren't you really glad this has come up so we aren’t talking about the Pastor Wright? What a total self-serving BS question. Why don't you nitwits use your heads for once and start reporting the actual news instead of this infotainment Jerry Springer mentality crap about Pastor Wright endlessly. Isn't there any creativity or new ideas left in that entire so called news organization? Cooper once again demonstrated he’s nothing more than a pretty looking empty headed dress shirt wearing teleprompter reading nitwit like most of the talking head hacks you pass off as news anchors at CNN.

Your endless shallow regurgitating of this Pastor Wright story cannot serve any purpose but to purposely damage the Obama campaign. The bigger problem is the major disservice you do to the public. Like your lack of a backbone when it came to being real journalists in the run up to the start of the Iraq war. You’re just a bunch of corporate controlled lackeys, influenced by the last CEO or out of touch focus group you talked to. You pretend to be impartial when your not and really don’t know jack shit about what it’s really like out here in the real world for real people.

Well we're dying out here to keep your corporate friends bank accounts full and you apparently really don't give a shit about really reporting it. Probably because your so out of touch with the truth and so compromised by your corporate mentality you wouldn't recognize the truth if it hit you between the eyes. Finally if I have to sit through one more total waste of time interview of the likes of the talentless Janet Jackson on the Larry King show I'm going to have to consider moving to Canada permanently in the hope of once again watching actual journalists reporting news on the CBC.


  1. The passport info invasion was a bad thing, but the timing of the revelation is good for Obama campaign. That wasn't an empty-headed thought, it was a reasonable observation. Obama has a team of strategists just like the other candidates and he's trying to win a race very much based on things like image, public opinion and momentum. This new story will change the focus and get government conspiracy types fired up on his behalf (as black radio guy Roland Martin noted on 360). I haven't seen any bias against Obama in CNN coverage - look at how they were playing clips of Bill Clinton's every potential faux pas and making a big deal of it not long ago. Certainly the word choices they use to describe Hillary and her campaign's reactions to new turn of events always make her sound very calculating (probably true, but it's not doing her favours to draw attention to it). If it was not your candidate involved I don't think you would have seen any problem with the coverage.

    I am Canadian. I hope the US gets a Democrat this time, but other than that I have no direct interest in this race and I'm objective. I would not say CNN is politically biased, but they are attracted to attention getting stories, which is what we see in this Obama stuff. First they're all over the negative Obama story then they're all over the pro-Obama story - both stories are ones people will get excited over. The problem is that your news channels are private, ratings driven and funded by advertisers. In Canada, like other nations such as Britain, we subsidize a national news channel with tax dollars, so our news coverage maintains a higher standard. I don't think Americans will be open to that since their so cheap about taxes, even though they pay barely anything compared to other western countries, and the taxes are always going to the war machine instead of useful social programs. Also, with the US culture and administration being what it is at present a government funded news channel would just be Fox: Phase 2.

  2. Hey tt thanks for your comment. I love the CBC news when I can get it.
    It's nice to get the truth once in a while. The closest thing we have to CBC or BBC is the news hour on PBS, our public TV network. Your points about American media are right on.