Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Battle For Texas

The opinions and observations made in this story are my own and have not been approved or sanctioned by the Obama campaign.

I'm in a motel room in Beaumount, Texas right now. My newest buddy Steve from Mississippi is sharing the room with me. If you look at Beaumount on the map you'll see I'm practically in the Gulf of Mexico or Louisiana. I'm closer to New Orleans then Dallas both in a geographically and mental sense I think. It's the way Southeast part of Texas.

Hell this feels like another country. We’ve been working in the rural counties and little towns surrounding Beaumount. We're talk'in Little Abner double wide trailer type rural here. The Campaign field organizer ask me if I'd like to come down here because it's REAL conservative and mostly red neck Republicans and poor folk, if you know what I mean. The sheriff told one of the African American canvassers who was down here last week that "he didn't want any trouble and to make sure he was gone by sundown". It's like that sixties movie "in the heat of the night". Well welcome to southeast Texas Barak HUSSEIN Obama!

I'm still wondering why the organizer thought I’d like to volunteer. I took a minute then I thought my labor organizer dad would be on heavy rotation in his grave if he thought I'd let a few rednecks scare me. But you may want to say a little pray for me anyway while I'm down here trying to lure the lost sheep back from the dark-side.

I had a rather lame conversation with one R, who was stuck, like a broken record, on why Obama doesn't wear a flag lapel pin or salute the red white and blue. Fuck the damn lapel pin BS I thought for Christ sake. People are freaking dying here. But then your realize they're still naming highways after George W. Bush down here so somehow it all makes sense to them. And by the way make sure you don't raise their damn taxes ever to pay for anything.

The battle for East Texas is in full swing and we're in a real throw down battle royal with the Clinton campaign here and of course the Republican and assorted red necks. Apparently the Clinton people are a dirty bunch of cheaters. The Clinton endgame, kitchen sink fear mongering, SNL says so strategy is in full death rattle swing here. As you probably figured out by now, the Texas two-step process involves a primary and a caucus at 7:15pm when the polls close, or after the last voter votes on Tuesday night. Two thirds of the votes are determined by the voting in the primary and one-third of the delegates are selected in the caucus process. The voters here are as confused as the voters were in Washington State about what they're suppose to be doing. We're trying to help them figure it out because we're that vaunted Obama ground game baby.

They expect a heavy turnout so it maybe a late night on Tuesday. I don't think there going to know the outcome of the caucus phase till spring. We are suppose to be monitoring the polling and also the caucuses helping to facilitate and seeing that everyone knows what to do and and how to do it. In our orientation the campaign field organizer told us that it's about trying to include every voter. No lying no cheating allowed.

It looks like it's going to be hot out today. I guess I'm being sent off to do some canvasing in the area around Silsbee, Texas.

Yes we can!

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