Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Moisture Festival Starts Tomorrow And Your Invited

The Moisture Festival has become a exciting annual Northwest theatrical event since it's birth 5 years ago and this year's version starts tomorrow.

Many of you may wonder what the artist part of artistdogboy really represents. Well a big part of it is my involvement in vaudeville and variety theater performing. I’ve belonged to a theater troupe known as the Famille Royale DuCaniveaux for over 25 years. Members of this troupe have played key roles in the birth, growth and success of the Moisture Festival since it’s inception 5 years ago in a rented circus tent in the center of the Fremont business district.

Founding producer Ron W. Bailey, Rhonda Sable (Burlesque coordinator), and Cathy Sutherland (Burlesque and Aerial coordinator), Randy Minkler (Godfrey Daniels), and many members of the troupe, myself included, also perform (DuCaniveaux Dancing Bears) or are involved in the staging and staff jobs during the run of the festival.

The festival runs March 27th through April 13th this year. The shows take place in two different venues, Hales Brewery Palladium in the Fremont neighborhood and at ACT Theater downtown. The format is comedy-variety or what has been call “new vaudeville”. Think of it as a funky modern cross of the Ed Sullivan show with a working person's version of the Teatro Zinzanni, but with more affordable working class ticket prices. So there’s something going on during the festival that fits just about anyone’s theatrical taste.

The adult only (18 years of age and over) performances at ACT Theater feature a traditional Burlesque comedy-variety format while the shows at Hales Palladium are comedy-variety and more suitable for both adult and family audiences. You should check the schedule for Hale's Palladium and for Burlesque in the round at ACT Theater for more information about specific acts and what shows would be suitable for children.

The festival has grown and become one of the hotter tickets in town each year when it comes to town. The press raves about the festival have help build a large and enthusiastic following. So I recommend you get your tickets early and often, Hales Palladium tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets . Burlesque tickets are available at the ACT website. We all hope you will come out and enjoy the show and help support this unique local festival.

I hope to see you there!

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