Monday, March 10, 2008

Dysfunctional Hillary Should Go Away For The Good Of The Party

One day Bill and Hillary Clinton are fawning over the possibility of a Clinton-Obama presidential ticket only to flip flop today to say that Obama isn’t ready to be Vice President. Obviously it’s because they realize that the narrative when against their previous statements that Obama doesn’t meet the commander in chief threshold. Obama said today that Clinton didn’t have standing to be picking running mates since she is running behind in delegates and popular votes. He was going easy on her.

Hillary should just go away! By staying in the race she only continues to damage the Democratic Party and it's chances of winning the White House in November.

Just another day in the do anything and say anything life of the schizophrenic Clintons.The flip-flops and contradictions now becoming too numerous to keep track of on a daily basis. There’s the tax return flip-flop. The Bill Clinton foundation financial and records lack of disclosure delays. Bill Clinton appearing on the Democrat and Hillary hating Rush Limbaugh show a day prior to the Texas Primary. This is the same democrat hating Rush Limbaugh who had called on his listeners to vote for Hillary in the Ohio and Texas primary to keep her candidacy alive because it represents the preferred match with John McCain.

Then there’s Clinton’s statements preferring McCain over Obama as meeting the commander in chief threshold. Even though it raises serious questions about her own qualifications. Today another new report that pledge delegates are not according to the Clinton camp. Another new Clinton narrative spin is that Obama is "the most liberal Senator". A right-wing talking point that the Clinton's have no scruples about using in their dysfunctional means justifies the end way of thinking. And a rather humorous report today that the Clinton campaign used a campaign worker’s credit card against her knowledge, calling into question whether they may have committed credit card fraud. The worker has apparently switch her support to Obama.

Is there nothing that the Clinton’s will NOT DO to try and win the democratic nomination? It one thing to run a tough race it’s another to run a race mostly based on lies and distortions.

One must ask the question. Do the Clintons care if they destroy the Democratic Party just to satisfies their self-centered self fulfilling prophecy?

Number one, Obama does not want to be the vice president. He is running for president. He doesn’t want to get down in the manure pile with Bill or do and say anything Hillary Clinton. It would permanently ruin his reputation. So wake up democrats there is no dream ticket going to happen. It another Clinton distortion.

Can we really take 4 to 8 more years of this, or worse, crap with the Clintons? Hillary should go away, and the sooner the better.

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