Friday, October 26, 2012

New York #EnemyOfTheState Teach-in Features High Profile Civil Liberties Journalists and Activists

Today protesters, journalists, activists, legal council and supporters gathered on the steps of the Public Library at Bryant Park in New York City for a teach-in about the state of affairs we find ourselves in as a nation and the ramification of that on individuals like PFC Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the defendants known as the 'Pay Pal 14'.

The teach-in speakers also addressed the work of 'anonymous' and individuals and groups throughout the world who are being persecuted by governments and law enforcement for whistle-blowing about the corruption and criminal behavior of governments.

The teach-in was facilitated by #enemyofthestate and featured Alexa O'Brien, journalist and NDAA lawsuit plaintiff, Chase Madar, author of The Passion of Bradley Manning, attorney and journalist and Stanley Cohen, Attorney and Political Activist.  Here are some highlights of the teach-in captured via live-steaming video. Please excuse the commercial interruptions.

Video features Chase Madar, Stanley Cohen and a performance by the street theater group 'Bradass47'.

Video streaming by Ustream
Video features Alexa O'Brien (Her official remarks begins at approximately 17:50)

Video streaming by Ustream

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