Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The More Things Supposedly Change The More They Remain The Same

Mark Karlin , Editor of Buzzflash at Truthout gives us something to thing about.
"there is a significant segment of the US population that is so full of a self-eviscerating hate -- due to the need for feeling affirmation and empowerment from an Anglo Saxon ruling class -- that their bilious loathing may fatally wound a nation founded upon the resilience of an evolving democracy."


  1. You knew that I would have to say that "The More Things Supposedly Change The More They Remain The Same" is the reason that we need to consider radical anticapitalist and antiauthoritarian change.
    If what we have done since Only A Pawn in Their Game was written has brought us to this place of catastrophic environmental destruction and the virtually complete erosion of civil liberties, then isn't it just obviously not working?
    Join us as we prepare for the struggle of the plane's lifetime, or prepare to toil in slavery, indefinite detention, or in the fields of poison...

  2. Here is that "t" that I stiffed you in the previous comment; could you please insert it in the appropriate place?
    (I can't bear the untidiness of grammatical omissions.)