Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nexus Of Restoring Our Republic | Publicly Financed Political Campaigns | Banning Corporate Contributions

It's cynical to think that most people don't give a shit. They do, but citizens has been marginalized and demoralized.

I have a basic belief in our American political institutions. Which means I VOTE and participate in the political and election process.

It's expedient for the 'politicians are all the same so my vote means nothing, don't vote' crowd to take issue with my position. I do agree with these people on many things including that our political system is probably as corrupt as it has every been at anytime in our nation's history.

But, as I indicated, I believe that the framework and institutions of our republic are still basically sound. They only need to be recaptured. It is obvious to almost everyone with common sense that it will be necessary to bring about drastic and immediate change if we are to survive much longer as a nation. The institutions of government are currently on life supports.

It is acceptable for well meaning citizens to look at the degree of present day corruption in government and to become demoralized. Which is the goal of the oligarchs. The problem as I see it is more about the corrupt and unethical people of both major political parties who now hold office. This is not about Republican or Democrats or right or left really. The point is that probably nearly all of the current politicians holding office must be replaced.

We often get bogged down in arguments about what is the most important issue of the day when it comes to reform. The integrity of our elections I believe is really what trumps everything else. The belief being that if we elect ethical people to office they will implement policies that actually reflect the will of the people.

Paramount among the actions we should take to bring about change and restore the republic are:

Amend the constitution to remove the concept of 'corporate personhood' that in effect brings billions of dollars of corporate and special interest money into the election process.
Reform election campaign finance laws so only individual citizens can contribute a set and limited amount of money.
Ban all corporate and special interest contributions, including labor unions.
Reform our elections and make them publicly funded.
Make access for candidates to the electorate through the media free or paid for by public funding and 'airtime' equal for all candidates.
Limit the length of the election 'campaign season'.
Protect and expand the right to vote to all citizens.
Protect the integrity of the voting process.
Move all elections to Sunday.

Bringing about change is about exercising political POWER not about having the best POLICY. The oligarchs understands this principle well, while liberals and progressives often believe that just proposing good policy should be enough. The best policy in the world is useless unless you have the political power to implement it.

Therefore, we must remove political power from the corrupt and return it to a new generation of ethical leaders. Good news is that many citizens are currently engaged in this daunting process.

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