Friday, November 09, 2012

Hero's Of 2012 | The 'Stay In Line' Folks | The 47% Film Person | The Occupy Wall Street Movement | The #stopNDAA Freedom 7 Lawsuit People

  • The 'stay in line' voters who became determined to not let voter suppression tactics rob them of their right to vote in the 2012 election. Fuck you to ALEC, fuck you 'prick' Secretary of State in Ohio, fuck you Governor Scott in Florida, fuck you Carl Rove and fuck you to a whole host of other assholes and idéologues who would dare to violate the voting rights of citizens. Your little plans backfired. 
  • The person who filmed the 47% video. Probably some minimum wage 'wait person' who had enough insight to see that the American people maybe really interested in what Romney really says to other 'rich pricks' behind close doors.
  • The Occupy Wall Street movement, who don't ever seem to get the love they deserve, for the way they literally changed the political narrative in this country in midstream from austerity, debt  reduction, taxes are too high and the 'takers' to equity for the middle class, the corruption of Wall Street and the corporate oligarchy's control of our political system. Even more compelling is they were willing to lay there bodies on the line for it.. and did just that. 
  • Stop NDAA, the journalists, activists, and intellectuals who are suing the President and others to stop arrest and indefinite intention provisions of the NDAA. Also known as the 'Freedom' 7', these individuals took on the risk an sacrifice in the name of the rights of all citizens by initiating this effort to stop a draconian violation of a our constitutional rights by our own government.

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