Monday, June 25, 2012

Audio: WLCentral Reporter Alexa O'Brien Harassed And Threatened With Detention At Bradley Manning Hearing

Alexa O'Brien a reporter for, an unofficial WikiLeaks resource news website , reports that she was temporarily detained and harassed by Fort Mead MP's and the base Public Information Officer in a dispute over her press credentials today.

O'Brien gained notoriety as a founder of the Occupy Wall Street movement and US Day Of Rage, an organization whose aim is campaign finance reform.  She is also one of seven plaintiffs in a lawsuit that won an injunction in Federal Court that has stopped the implementation of certain portions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) dealing with unlawful detention of American citizens.

Today's incident calls into question the impartiality of the 'public information office' at the Army base  where the hearing is being held. Specifically the treatment and access by reporters wishing to cover the Bradley Manning court proceedings. 

O'Brien was approached by MP's who claim she was being 'disruptive'. Two members of the media pool, from the Associated Press and Court House News, were asked by the officers to leave the room during the questioning of O'Brien. A request which the reporters thought was unnecessary. O'Brien had asked the reporters to stay to witness the incident. "We're interested in how the government is handling media coverage of this event". "If all your going to do is go over the rules," one of the reporters can be heard saying on the audio tape of the incident before he was interrupted by one of the MP's. 

O'Brien is certainly not one to be fooled with when it comes to her constitutional rights. Her activism in the name of protecting her and other people's rights is strong testimony to that fact.

Here's the audio of the incident recorded by O'Brien:

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  1. What is going on is truly disturbing and, whether one likes it or not, it does concern her/him, as it does concern everyone.

    Recently, in Europe, the Human Rights Court gave us all a powerful slap in the face as well by approving shameful extraditions. There is no human rights anywhere anymore... Anyone isn't safe...

    What are you gonna do about it? Do you care or have you became also inhumane?