Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Not Daily Show Interview With NSA Whistle Blower Thomas Drake That Isn't So Funny

Last night the Daily Show offered us a comical segment about the trials and tribulations of NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake.  Below is the not so funny interview version that my daughter did with Drake in July during a break in the on going Bradley Manning Court-Martial that she has been covering for WLCentral at Fort Mead, Maryland.

Drake's experiences demonstrate just how out of control the massive U.S. self perpetuating security state apparatus has become since 9/11 under both the Bush/Cheney and Obama/Holder administrations and how it is now beyond question become a major threat to everyone's constitutional rights and civil liberties.

Which is not really funny at all. 

It is ironic that the only way someone can get this type of  'news' is from a comedy show where the general tendency would be to not take it that seriously. It's also a further indication of the mainstream fourth estate's incompetence and how much they have been compromised by the powers to be working in collusion with their corporate masters.

Here's the Daily Show piece:
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