Monday, September 03, 2012

'Bread Or Revolution' The Early History Of Labor Day Gatherings And Parades In Photos

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1908 New York City Labor Leader John C. O'Brien astride a horse

Chorus Girls Union, New York 1908

Theatrical Union, New York 1908

Bakers carrying float made from a loaf of bread, NY May Day early 1900's

Russian Labor Association New York Early 1900's

Child Labor Participants early 1900's New York

Suffragettes - Labor Day 1913 New York

Labor Day Parade 1910

Firemen Labor Day parade, 1929 Washington, DC

Labor Day Toronto 1916

Miners Labor Day Parade Roslyn, WA early 1900's

Labor Parade New York 1908

I.W.W. Man with hat card "Bread or Revolution" 1908

Presentation of U.S. flag Labor Day. Red Granite WI 1908

Labor Day Red Granite, WI 1908

Meat-cutters early 1900's Buffalo, NY

Labor Day Parade Buffalo, NY 1908

Ford workers Labor Day parade Detroit, MI 1944

Women carrying banners Detroit Labor Day parade 1940

Detroit, MI Marchers in the Labor Day parade 1942

Labor Day Celebration Eldora, CO 1900

Labor Day Parade Chicago 1904

Labor Day parade 1908 Chicago

Labor Day Parade Chicago 1904

Labor Day Parade 1904 Chicago

Meat Cutters with checkered overcoats Chicago 1908

Amalgamated Clothing Workers Labor Day Chicago 1915

William Jennings Bryan Labor Day Lincoln Park Chicago 1915

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